Bill Clinton’s niece, Roger’s daughter, gets by on food stamps

I find it fascinating to hear about celebrity relatives who are down on their luck. It just goes to show that there are all types in this world when some of the richest and most successful are closely related to people who end up barely scraping by or on the wrong side of the law. It also illustrates that not everyone is willing to share their wealth, and in many cases there are good reasons for that. There’s Mark Wahlberg’s sister, who spent time in jail last year for shooting at her boyfriend, Tobey Maguire’s grandfather, who relies on Social Security, and Woody Harrelson’s dad, who died in prison where he was serving two life sentences for murder.

Compared to those examples, this one is relatively mild. 18 year-old Macy Clinton*, the niece of former president Bill Clinton, is using food stamps to get by after she lost her job at Old Navy. Macy is the daughter of Bill’s troubled brother, Roger, who made headlines for a 1985 cocaine conviction. Roger hasn’t seen Macy since she was 8. He promised to attend her graduation last year but was a no-show. He’s also not giving her any support at all despite promising to set up a $20,000 trust fund for her. Ironically, Macy’s uncle may have reduced the amount of time she’s eligible for assistance by passing the welfare reform act 14 years ago. I doubt he thought that any of his relatives would ever have to rely on it.

ph2005120200580Macy was born after a 1990 romance between President Clinton’s brother and her mother, Martha Spivy, 44. DNA tests proved that Roger was her father.

They last met when she was 8, but they’ve spoken many times on the phone – the last time when he agreed to come to Gaineboro, Tenn, to see her receive her diploma at Jackson County High School.

Macy’s bitter disappointment over his no-show made the teen determined to make it on her own and work and save for cosmetology school.

“I got a job at Old Navy and an apartment of my own with a rommate,” she said. “I hoped I wouldn’t have to ask my dad for anything again.”

But after Christmas, Old Navy cut Macy’s hours back.

“I suddenly found myself with $300 in bills, plus payments for rent, car insurance and phone,” she said. “I put it off as long as I could – but by February, I had no choice but to apply for food stamps.

Macy said she called her dad, leaving a message saying she desperately needed his help.

“But he never called me back,” she said, brushing back tears.

Macy’s mom Martha said that if Roger had kept another promise, Macy would be starting out in life on solid ground.

“Years ago Roger agreed to set up a trust fund and fund it every year so that when Macy turned 18 she would have a nest egg of around $20,000,” Martha told the Enquirer.

“But since she turned 18, we’ve heard nothing about it.”

[From The National Enquirer, print edition, April 19, 2010]

This is just a case of a young person out of a job and is sadly all too common lately. It sounds like she’s trying her best and isn’t on any substances, although it’s hard to tell. Macy’s predicament sounds like an honest one and doesn’t compare to some of the massive self-inflicted problems of other celebrity relatives. There’s another Presidential niece, Jeb Bush’s daughter Noelle, who had a crack addiction and was busted for a fake prescription. There’s also Al Gore’s son, who was busted for pot and pill possession in two separate traffic violation incidents. has a list of the top deadbeat celebrity relatives and at number one is a Kennedy relation, Michael Skakel, who killed a girl when he was in his teens and then fled the country, escaping prosecution for 27 years.

Macy’s dad Roger is also on Cracked’s list. They note that Time reported that Roger, who served a year in federal prison for a 1985 cocaine conviction and was later pardoned by his brother, was once suspected of conspiring with the mafia. “According to TIME, the family of a Gambino crime family soldier handed a $50,000 check to one of Roger’s companies in 1999, just months after Roger sought leniency from the U.S. Parole Commission for the mobster, who was serving a 45-year sentence for heroin trafficking. That’s probably just a coincidence, though.” Maybe Macy is better off relying on food stamps than asking her dad for help until she can get back on her feet. She probably doesn’t have a relationship with her other famous relatives and it’s doubtful she’ll get an invite to her cousin Chelsea’s lavish wedding.

*Note: Macy’s birth year makes her at least 19, but the Enquirer says she’s 18.

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  1. bite me says:

    well, damn, i least she wants tom ake it one her own

  2. k says:

    It says Roger was going to set up the trust fund, not Bill

  3. JaisyMaisy says:

    It says she was born *after* a 1990 romance, so it could have been 1991 when she was born. I had to look at that a minute.

  4. Lara says:

    Not only was it Roger Clinton who (allegedly) promised to set up a trust fund, that whole passage you copied from NE refers to Roger Clinton, not Bill Clinton. So it was her father whom she hasn’t seen in years and do didn’t come to her graduation.
    “President Clinton’s brother Roger” and all the subsequent use of possessive pronouns refer to Roger Clinton. It’s also quite clear when you read Macy’s quotes.

  5. Celebitchy says:

    I screwed up the intro to this story by confusing Bill and Roger’s names. (I blame the molasses slow Internet I’ve been forced to use, which screws up my productivity and accuracy in all sorts of ways.) I’m sorry for that and have fixed it! Thanks for pointing that out.

  6. Mel says:

    Hmmm….kinda says something about the Clinton’s that we already know….creeps! Nice of the former prez to be so helpful to his niece! What a swell guy!

  7. Red Folder says:

    I didn’t go to yet, but Reese Witherspoons brother has been arrested several times I believe. For burglary or robbery or soemthing like that. . .

  8. Annabelle says:

    Food stamps are not intended for teens. Why can’t her mom help her? Why can’t she pick up shifts at a fast food place? She could even go to cosmetology school or community college or university and take our extra in loans for living expenses. My point is, we’ve all been young and broke, and we need to save the welfare for the truly needy and take responsibility for ourselves.

  9. Annabelle says:

    Btw, typical of liberals. So generous with our money, but do stingy with theirs. Billy wouldn’t give her any loans or handouts, but I’m sure he supports giving out our money

  10. Green Is Good says:

    It’s not Bill Clinton’s responsibility to take care of his brother’s kid. Sorry, that’s her father’s job.

  11. scorpiogal says:

    Surely her mother can help out enough so that she doesn’t need food stamps! Or Macy could move back in with her mother until she got back on her feet. There are many alternatives to relying on social assistance. Been there, done that, dealt with it WITHOUT using the social assistance net. Being young and starting out can be rough, but she’s certainly not the first to do so.

  12. Lola says:

    All I will say is that:
    It dosn’t matter why and how she has been living…
    Bill Clinton is HELPING so many people
    Mel Gibson is HELPING and Tiger Woods etc….
    BUT they don’t HELP their OWN people they HELP OTHERS to get ACKNOWLEDGMENT…..wau
    they don’t want their own- to prosper….
    IT’s ALL for SHOW people
    They have Millions and don’t want to REACH out and make life easier for THEIR OWN relatives.
    Ha how craze is that?

  13. e. says:

    Haha, I love this:

    “It also illustrates that not everyone is willing to share their wealth, and in many cases there are good reasons for that.”

    “It’s not Bill Clinton’s responsibility to take care of his brother’s kid. Sorry, that’s her father’s job.”

    Taxpayers have been saying that for years, and we still get taxed to pay for babies that aren’t ours and help “the children”. Why can’t the Clintons pony up some dough to help the girl out? Why is Obama’s aunt poor in Boston? Because they’re interested in buying poor people’s votes with promises of government handouts.

  14. hatsumomo says:

    Uh, been there done that.

    I was once in her shoes, but I have too much pride to ever stoop to such levels as food stamps. When I first moved out of my mother’s house I was still in the 11th grade and had only $1,500 to my name. Literally, that was all the money i had in the world and I still made it. I went to high school during the day and worked two jobs at night and during the weekends and pulled in fifteen grand on my own yearly. It may not sound like a lot, but for a 16 year old its a fucking King’s Ransom. Plus it helped I didnt have kids, my rent was all bills included, when I met my boyfriend I let him live with me. Presto! So I dont really want to hear some twat complain how hard life is for her because she has rich relatives who should be taking care of her. And by the way, I worked at a sandwich shop for minimum wage and the other job was a waitress at a steakhouse. Its where the big bucks came from.

  15. stinabelle says:

    Uh, how do we know her mother has the money to help her? Jobs aren’t exactly plentiful right now, not even at McDonald’s. If she doesn’t have a car, she might not be able to get to school. What if she just wants some time off school? Maybe she doesn’t WANT anyone else’s charity. Maybe she’s just trying to make it on her own.

    My boyfriend and I use food stamps. There’s no shame in it. He lost his job and it’s hard to make rent let alone buy food. So we get the help. And not everyone is you. Just because you did it doesn’t mean everyone else has the means.

  16. Jeri says:

    My step-father’s child support was deducted from his SS checks. His kids were adults by then by their Mom had supported them.

    If you have an order in effect, that doesn’t go away (unless you don’t press the matter & they don’t stumble on it).

  17. Beth says:

    Considering Roger barely has contact with her I don’t know why Bill and Hilary should know anything about Macy’s life. Do they even talk to Roger? I thought they stopped talking sometime during his presidency. I also don’t think that a celebrity should have to take care of relatives financially especially when they barely know them for whatever reason.

  18. Jo 'Mama' Besser says:

    But not too ‘proud’ to ‘stoop’ to calling someone a ‘twat’?

  19. snowball says:

    Social Service programs can kick in when you’re legally are not exactly someone’s first choice. She was working, right?

    Nice that “twat” is what you can come up with after all of your experience. Good for you!

  20. Maximo says:

    Oh, right. It Takes A Village, huh Hillary? Just not in your own backyard. And Bill goes to Haiti
    What hypocrites.

  21. yae says:

    The liberals and the republicans all play ball together.

    Meditate on that.

    However, I agree. Welfare is just a short term survival crutch. One shouldn’t steal from one’s neighbor.

  22. Wresa says:

    She is 18 and can take care of herself. Not everyone has $20,000 waiting for them when they are 18. You have to work to take care of yourself like everyone else. A lot of people are struggling right now and have a lot more to lose, so cut the melodrama, please.

    That said, she probably just did the interview to make some cash, so actually…good on ya, making that dough! THAT’S taking care of yourself!

  23. nj says:

    Okay, she may sound a little whiny, but I will cut her some slack. Her father has never done right by her. Her mother is probably not the brightest bulb, considering she had the poor judgement to have sex with Roger. I refuse to play high and mighty to someone who really got dealt a crappy hand. At times my younger years were hardscrabble too, but I had a father and mother who were responsible, hard-working, and took care of us the way children should be taken care of. We always came first. I myself am that kind of parent today, and I owe it to their example. This girl has not had much of an example to follow.
    That said, if I had the Clinton’s money, no relative of mine would be on food stamps. Family is family.

    One thing I have learned in this life is that wealthy people are often wealthy because they are stingy.

  24. Buckey says:

    Roger was a groupie selling tee shirts for George Jones at the 1989 county fair, she was conceived from a one night stand, the mother lost custody of Macy to her husband’s family and they raised her until she was 7, then the mother set out to get money since the father was the President’s brother and got custody back and sued Roger for child support. Her bday is April 18, 1990 and she will be 19. She is spoiled and has learned from her mother how to use and abuse people to get what she wants.

  25. Woah says:

    by the way. she doesn’t need food stamps. the girl lives in NICE apartment and she didnt lose her job at Old Navy. She is currently in cosmetology school and drives a NICE car. Her mother and step father take care of her fine. They are just fame-seekers. Why else would her mother sleep with Roger? Duh people. and that picture of her looking pitiful in the Enquirer? Her mother had professionals made of her. Yeah, they must be really hurting if they can afford that.

  26. nosy says:

    The one night stand was in 1990 and it was during the day at Roger’s apartment in Old Hickory TN….at the same time that Macy’s mother and her previous husband were building a house. Macy was born April 18, 1991.

  27. Buckey says:

    The stepdad is no better than Roger Clinton from what I know, he is stupid for letting them make a fool out of him and making it look like he can’t provide for a girl that he has raised. Bill was not President until 1992, so she was not seeking fame, she was just a slut, wasn’t she married? Who picks up a one night stand at a county fair?

  28. disgusted says:

    I’ve known Macy and Martha for almost my entire life. Roger has NEVER done right by Macy. I don’t give a crap what you people think, but it shouldn’t have to be anyone else’s place besides Roger’s and Martha’s to raise their child. If you ask me, Martha did a dang good job, especially seeing and knowing for a FACT that Roger has never done anything but promise Macy the world then back out of everything he’s ever told the girl. She wanted a RELATIONSHIP WITH HER FATHER is that so much to ask? No, its not. And he wasn’t even man enough to step up to the plate and go to her graduation! Macy has done alot on her own, and I commend Martha for raising such a talented, sweet young woman. Yes, Roger should have to pay up all his child support, etc, because legally, Macy is entitled to it, and with the economy being what it has become, yes it would greatly help her get back on her feet. Martha helps as much as she can, but she’s not wonderwoman, she can’t do everything on her own, either.

  29. Mike (San Antonio Texas) says:

    Give the Girl a break…
    Its hard enough growing up without a father figure. I remember being 18 and going from job to job and I also was on food stamps because minimum wage just doesn’t pay all the bills. Food assistance is not welfare, members of our armed forces receive food subsidies becuse sometimes people just don’t make enough money to live month to month. Yah Rogers a JERK and Uncle BILL could do more to help, but the ultimate responsibilty lies with Macy. She is an adult now.

  30. shelly says:

    I have NO respect for any of the clintons after reading this NONE. How dare they treat a niece, a cousin like this. What a bunch of losers!

  31. Travis says:

    I lost my job, get food stamps, and am $2000 in debt. Im trying to make it on my own. Can someone wright an article about me? Srsly though. Is roger famous? No. His brother was a president at one time. Big deal. Do you know how many people are poor around here? Talking about everybody as a whole having it hard these days is a good article. One girl whining about making it on her own is a very sorry thing to do. Shes what? 18 -19? Thats what you are suppose to do when you reach the age of adulthood. Her dad is the brother of a former president. How is that more important then an 18 year old mother of 5 without a job trying to get by? It isn’t. We all have problems. It’s hard for all of us. Stop whining and go to school or something. Don’t wait on somebody else to keep you up. Now if he was keeping you up then thats different. Your just waiting on a shooting star.