Star Jones escorted by security off set of Insider after screaming match

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Star Jones’ career has only gone downhill since she alienated everyone on The View by lying about her gastric bypass surgery and securing freebies for her 2004 wedding by mentioning sponsors on the air. She had a talk show on Court Tv/TruTv in 2007, but it was canceled within a year. Now Jones has been fired from her latest job, a six week guest spot on The Insider, after a shouting match with a producer in which security had to be called to escort her off set. Star insisted that the program topics were beneath her and again managed to alienate another employer with her demanding diva attitude:

[Star] landed a six week gig as a panelist on the showbiz program, but security guards escorted her off the set after she engaged in a screaming match with a producer, a show source told The Enquirer.

“At first, Star got along with the producers just fine,” the source divulged. “But as she got more comfortable, she started complaining about the topics they wanted her to discuss. She said they were too trashy and ‘Star doesn’t do trash!”

Star – who famously locked horns with Barbara Walters on “The View” – also sent an e-mail to the show’s host Lara Spencer blasting fellow celebrity panelist Niecy Nash, said the source.

“Star said she couldn’t understand why Niecy was a regular on the show, while she, Star, was not,” said the source.

“Lara was upset by the e-mail, but instead of answering Star, she sent it to Niecy!”

Before Niecy could respond, 47-year-old Star and a producer faced off right before the holiday break, said the source.

“Star had made it clear that she didn’t like what was scheduled for the show that day – what she called ‘young Hollywood bimbos and reality show wannabes,” said the source.

“Star reminded the producers that she was an attorney and could offer intelligent insight on the legal issues of the day, instead of wondering if Jon Gosselin had a new girlfriend!”

“Star said she wanted to add some class to the program, to discuss things that made a difference and not dumb down the show.

“The argument got heated, and then it turned into a shouting match. Star obviously wasn’t going to back down, so the producer asked her to leave, adding they wouldn’t ‘bother’ her anymore with their trivial show.

“Star exploded! She started yelling insults. Finally, the producer called security to escort her off the set and off the studio lot.”

[From The National Enquirer, print edition, February 1, 2010]

Oh that Star, she just “adds class” to everything she’s involved with. I checked Star’s Twitter account to see if she addressed this at all, but she’s mostly tweeting about her faith and politics. She wants universal health care and it’s looking bleaker now that Massachusetts’ went to a Republican. Now that I read Star’s tweets she’s growing on me a little. Her big smiling mug as the background is kind of annoying, but she’s tweeting about being grateful and happy and her Twitter account isn’t as famewh*rish as a lot of other celebrities. Maybe she had a legitimate reason to get all up in someone’s face. After all, Star can’t be expected to talk about Jon Gosselin’s girlfriend. She has to focus on herself and all the swag she can score.

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  1. nAynAy says:

    Maybe it’s just that when you give some people a little bit of power and/or stardom, they start abusing it. I don’t think she’s all that anyway. So, good for her!

  2. GatsbyGal says:

    She’s a disgusting person, inside and out. It’s a little sad, but funny, that she was more attractive as heavy woman than she ever will be thin.

  3. Jane Q. Doe says:

    I’ll take Niecy Nash any day over Star.

  4. Dorothy says:

    I totally believe this, have you watched the Insider? I can’t even sit through a whole show it is so stupid the way they try to make everything so dramatic!!!

    The music and the serious looks on the “reporters” faces are priceless!!!!

    That being said, she probably needs the job, it is not like she had never seen the show before so do what you are hired to do and don’t bring your inner diva to work.

  5. bros says:

    she doesnt need the JOB. she could go get a real JOB as an ATTORNEY. what is wrong with this woman. if she is so smart and professional and classy, why doesnt she leave smarmy showbiz in the dust and go be a practicing attorney?!?! she doesnt have to talk about gosselin then, does she?

  6. kermit says:

    If Star wants to do as she states it can’t be on the Insider. She needs to appear on a different type of show. Niecy’s personality and humor better fits the show.

  7. Maritza says:

    If she is an attorney the best thing she could do is open an office and do what Gloria Albright does.

  8. MSat says:

    This reminds me of that SNL sketch where Tracy Morgan impersonated Star: “I am a LAWyer!”

  9. QB says:

    Why is the producer forwarding personal emails of another coworker?! Hollywood seems like a great place to work for.

  10. Sudini says:

    This show sounds super trashy. What a bunch of gross people.

  11. Popcorny says:

    While Star Jones annoys me to death, I have to say “good for her” for being above (and fighting against) the moronic and low-brow bits that “the Insider” insists upon.
    Lara Spencer is the real 6th grade douche-bag here.

  12. wow says:

    Star needs to calm down. Gossip and reality starlet’s are what The Insider is all about. If serious journalism is what she’s after then she should go to CNN or try to get a gig with Anderson Cooper.

    I like Lara Spencer (and her flirty banter with Clooney on red carpets) but if she infact forwarded that letter, then she was acting very junior high.

    Star Jones on a show like The Insider is just not a good fit. But in saying that, this does NOT make her a disgusting person inside and out. That’s extreme.

  13. lucy2 says:

    If you don’t want to deal in trash, don’t go on the Insider! Everyone knows it’s garbage.
    That’s like being hired as a waitress and then getting upset that you’re expected to bring food to people’s tables. The job is what it is.

    She should become a celeb attorney, but you know she never will because she’s gotten the taste of the spotlight, and won’t give it up.

  14. lauriem says:

    Don’t sign on to join a tabloid show like the Insider and 1) complain its trashy AND 2) expect to change it. Star knew it was a tabloid talk show when she signed the contract – what did she expect, the show to bend to her every idea? Good riddance!

  15. Annabelle says:

    Are u kidding me by saying you like her tweets? Sick. Who would bother- who actually cares what this nobody has to say, especially fake stuff about bring humble which she clearly is not

  16. chevjuls says:

    star jones should be ashame of her self every she go she want to take over, she is at the view, court tv, and now the insider. woman you are a lawyer go get a job as a lawyer and get off the GOSSIP SHOW act like a respected lawyer and stop acting like a SPOIL BRAT.if you want to do some good hop on a flight and go to haiti and lend a helping hand. god bless you.

  17. C-DUB says:

    What the hell did Star expect?? She was doing a guest spot on the Insider not “Meet the Press.” Come on Star. Really?

    Niecy Nash should have escorted her off the set. THAT would have been good TV.

  18. Heywood J. Bloemee says:

    when -o- when will this woman put lipstick on her bottom lip? (seriously. WHEN?)

  19. Cinderella says:

    If she wants to be taken more seriously, get off the Hollywood track and run for public office or something.

    As far as Miss Niecy, you know she could put that old lawyer in her place.

    She is the only reason I watch Clean House.

  20. Sakota says:

    Pity they didn’t jab her with a cattle prod.

  21. chevjuls says:

    Oh Miss Cinderella, I love to see miss Nash put Star Jones in her place right where she belong. Star Jones should go and open a law a firm and help people who need a good lawyer, and be the good lawyer she is. and get off the tabloid show. why a decent lawyer want to be on a tabloid journalism show.

  22. Sincerity says:

    I’m sorry to hear that Star Jones was fired from The Insider.

    Star is a very professional, intelligent woman; however, she was only a “guest” on this show and should have respected the wishes of the cast and producer. If she would have played her cards right, she may have been offered an extended contract in which she could have negotiated more favorable terms.

    The producer essentially has the last word and you have to roll with the punches; otherwise, develop your own show and find your own sponsors.

  23. moo says:

    “Lara was upset by the e-mail, but instead of answering Star, she sent it to Niecy!”

    I am not a fan of Star Jones, but this was complete BULLSHIT on Lara’s part!! Dumb backstabbing bitch… I hate people like this!!

  24. Shay says:

    I hate that show I don’t watch gossip mags to see them argue over silly stuff. I like Neicy on Clean House and Reno 911 but I can only take her loud mouth too much. Star doesn’t bother me on screen but she does seem a little too self righteous. She should be glad she has any work at all.

  25. scandoll says:

    Ewwwww! She get’s on my last gag reflex…is that a scar underneath her armpit?
    Which brings to mind, the equally disgusting formally fat Octomom…these former fatties require plastic surgery, because honestly, if they think we believe fat old soggy skin just sucks back to the former pre-fat body,give me a break, or a double vodka…the latter will suffice

  26. Lia says:

    Niecy Nash is so much more fun to watch than Star could ever hope to be. If they replaced Niecy with Star they’d lose a lot of viewers. Not all of the viewers are stupid people who need to keep up on celebrity gossip. Some just like the “uselless information-yet entertaining” aspect of it all.

  27. deniro says:

    She IS a turtle!

  28. L.A. Goodsense says:

    Lara Spencer and Star Jones are polar opposites. Lara has beauty, charm, and class. Self-absorbed Star — snooty, smarm, and crass.

  29. leslie says:

    this country is “stuck on stupid” . why all the drama with ms. star jones . Ms. bloom ( court tv) was also on the insider,i agree with star. I felt they (insider) were treating star like a “step-child”and bloom with a lot more respect.Star is a educated,confident attorney and host. Maybe that was the problem.,Star’s presence magnified the lack of talent sitting at the table and beyond………things that make you go hmmmmm. Peace.

  30. Joy Rudolph says:

    It never fails. It goes back to slavery. Lara had to send that email to Niecy, they (white people) like to play blacks aganist one another. I just hope Niecy doesn’t fall for that old “Master, Uncle Tom trick.”
    Niecy better watch her back.

  31. Dee Dee Willis says:

    First, Lara Spencer needs to go back to PBS on the Antique Road Show, and look at old furniture. Star Jones should have read the job description before signing on. Niecy Nash, has to stop talking with the stereo type drawl. It is fake and tired. The yelling and screaming is so old. Is this Amos and Andy 2010 – Law and Order is always on some channel, turn.

  32. JOHN says:


  33. sophiezach says:

    I really don’t watch Insider but I happen to be scrolling through the channel and notice Star Jone…I said to my self,”what the heck is Star Jones doing on such a trashy show ? I am so happy to hear that she took issue with the show.

  34. Richard Wilson says:

    I respect Star Jones for not wanting to waste her celebrity by discussing petty gossip that does little more than prey on peoples pain. She should be given props for wishing in this day and age to speak of topics that are informative, that allows her to utilize her legal expertise that in essence lifts up individuals within our society in lieu of putting people down. We have become addicted to selling and digesting hate on television…someone needed to take a stand and I thank my AKA soror for doing just that!

  35. paul says:

    can anyone tell me why she is such a control freak on clebrity apprentence…..right now she is an abslolute nothing……and she should get off her high horse and just be real…..she is such a bi…..

  36. SickofUdumbasses says:

    i think most of you are shallow and dumb asses – NONE of you know this lady and dare you judge here character off bull crap you read and hear! THis is our world .. all of you need to get a life and quit hating on Starr – you know absolutely nothing about none of them .. Of course a strong educated Black woman has to be some kind of problem PLEASE u all make me gag!