Chris Brown won’t get to sing on Good Morning America after all

Chris Brown, Ben J And Legacy And The New Boyz Perform At The Avalon

Boo hoo for Chris Brown. He’s getting more hard knocks, thanks to all of us bitching ferociously about him getting to perform on Good Morning America. Especially after they’d canceled Adam Lambert’s scheduled performance for his questionable stage antics. Brown has been pulled from the morning show altogether, which is sort of good. And he won’t get to sing and dance and promote his career. The bad news is he’s been moved to 20/20, which could conceivably get him even more viewers. But it’s supposedly a serious “tell-all” interview, and Brown won’t get to plug his music and bounce around on stage like everything’s just fine and he’s a decent guy.

ABC had a change of heart over the weekend and will not let R&B singer Chris Brown sing next week on “Good Morning America.” Instead, Brown has agreed to “come clean” in a primetime interview about what happened the night he beat up former girlfriend Rhianna, according to reports,

The network was bitterly criticized last week after it canceled a performance by flamboyant “Idol” star Adam Lambert on “GMA” — following his raunchy performance on the American Music Awards show — then announced plans for Brown to promote his latest CD with a live show on the program.

When Brown appeared recently on “Larry King Live” and afternoon talk show “Wendy Williams” to apologize for the incident, he sidestepped questions about what happened last February on the night before the Grammy awards when Rhianna, battered and bruised, walked into an LA police station.

Now, he is promising to give details of the incident in an “in-depth interview” with “GMA” host Robin Roberts set to air on “20/20″ Dec. 11. His appearance follows by a month Rhianna’s shocking interview with Diane Sawyer on the same show that drew nearly 9 million viewers, unusually high for a news show.

On that show, Rhianna admitted she was “embarrassed” that she had gone back to Brown shortly after the beating and entertained the idea of a reconciliation. The interview with Brown — which is being billed as his reply to Rhianna — was taped over the weekend, according to reports. ABC did not say why it canceled its original plan to air a Brown interview and stage a short concert only on its morning show and move it to primetime — without the music.

[From the New York Post]

Well sure, obviously they couldn’t say, “We made such a bad decision that everyone freaked out so we had to do something more responsible!” Thus… no comment. I doubt this’ll be Chris Brown’s mea culpa. I doubt he has one in him. I mean the jackass has proven time and time again that he doesn’t think he did anything wrong, and he thinks it’s worthy of mockery. Oh, and let’s not forget how it’s our fault he doesn’t seem sorry. The only – only – thing that might ever make him have just a teeny, tiny sliver of doubt that maybe he wasn’t totally justified in beating the sh*t out of Rihanna are the consequences to his career. Which is why it’s so important that people continue to boycott Brown until he’s genuinely sorry. Or the end of time. Whichever comes first. Sadly, my money is on the end of time.

As much as the Post tried to make it sound like Brown will reveal some of the details of the event or actually tell the truth about what was going through his head, I don’t believe it. Once a temperamental asshole, always a temperamental asshole. It may take a long time, but I truly believe Chris Brown will eventually feel the repercussions. Even if it just means he ends up broke. At least he can sell that $300,000 “Oops!” necklace. That was a smart investment for the future.

Chris Brown, Ben J And Legacy And The New Boyz Perform At The Avalon

Chris Brown, Ben J And Legacy And The New Boyz Perform At The Avalon

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  1. Firestarter says:

    Awww darn! What a disappointment!

  2. Ophelia says:

    You can really tell just by looking at him that he thinks he’s awesome. I doubt he’ll do or say anything without giving those tired “we didn’t know how to love each other” excuses.
    I wonder if he’ll be put in that Barbara Walters soft lighting on 20/20.

  3. WTF?!? says:

    The thing that annoyed me about Lambert is they pixelated his kiss w/his bandmate, but when they showed the Britney/Madonna kiss as another example of same-sex performance activity, it was uncensored.
    Double standard anyone?
    That being said, GMA did the right thing w/Brown, but why is 20/20 giving this dolt a forum to continuously victimize Rihanna? Just shove him in a hole and fill it in.

  4. princess pea says:

    I wonder if GMA/ABC got the message, really. I mean, sure they understand that people don’t think he should sing on their program, but do they understand why? Did they read the bits about how they shouldn’t toss him a bunch of softball questions and nod encouragingly at his bullshit egotastic replies? Will any of them actually confront him about his “woe is me, i’m so misunderstood” tour? Or his youtube “haters” videos?

    I don’t hold much hope.

  5. Emily says:

    Well, at least ABC’s taking him out of morning TV. Less kiddies watching him=good in my book.

  6. JaNa'e says:

    i don’t care about the performance, the important thing is that he gets to do the interview. The music will speak for itself since his album will have dropped by then.

    People should’ve realized by now that neither him nor rihanna will go broke from this any time soon because the topic keeps them in the spotlight and even still he’s a kid: he should be able to continue his career and life. Its sad that people want to see him fall because he and rihanna have suddenly become the poster children for domestic abuse. Its as if anyone who’s ever been slapped has suddenly become a rihanna fan and the people who don’t like her have suddenly jumped on chris’ bandwagon. The argument isn’t even over them anymore, its about whether or not the public feels justified and its time to let it go.

  7. ien says:

    god i LOATHE him.
    & i agree w ophelia, he def just looks like he thinks his shit dosn’t stink.

    “i’m chris brown, girls are always gonna be there”

    yeah they’ll always be there for you to take your anger out on them.

    I seriously wish a guy would beat the shit out of him the way he did rihanna…and it’s not even the fact that he did that to her that makes the situation so awful (even though what he did to her IS awful), it’s the fact that he has shown NO remorse at all, and has taken NO responsibility or claim for what he did to her.

    i bet that if he would have (sincerely, genuinely) apologized to rihanna, to his fans etc. he would have had a MUCH easier time getting his career back on track.

    such a douchebag. i hate him.

    sorry for this rant lol.

  8. Firestarter says:

    Easy for everyone to gloss over the fact that he beat a woman. Yes, let’s just let it go. That is what thousands of women are saying from their graves who have been the victims of abuse and also the victims of people saying “Oh he made a mistake, time to move on, just let it go”.


  9. GatsbyGal says:

    JaNae – We want to see him fail because he’s a miserable, terrible excuse for a human being. I don’t even understand the points you’re trying to make. You’re actually defending him? “It’s time to let it go”…are you fucking kidding me with that? And NO, he’s not a kid, he is a man in the eyes of the law.

    I really just wish all Chris Brown sympathizers were herded into a blimp and then flown into a mountain. Oh, and Chris Brown should be on it too. I have to imagine the world would be better for it.

  10. elisa says:

    Just wanted to weigh in on a pet peeve – I HATE it when mainstream media (or blogs) misspell Rihanna’s name. Jeez Louise, it’s not like she’s not famous. Sure, it’s not the “main” spelling, but it’s HER NAME, the one her parents gave her. I hate that the NY Post misspelled it
    Rhianna. Whenever a media source does it (and it’s not just a one-time typo), I lose a little respect for them. They can’t even spell her name right. It would be like calling Britney “Brittany” because that’s another main alternate spelling. I just think it’s disrespectful and/or lazy.

  11. Bec says:

    JaNa’e: All other issues aside, I wonder why anyone would defend someone who beats up women. How is this justifiable? I hear excuses like “He’s young” and “It was a mistake.” Yes…and? I can only hope that his defenders, particularly women, never find themselves in a violent situation like this. Stumbling into a police station bloodied and black & blue after some man punched, choked and bit them.

    Can you imagine if the first thing the desk officer asked was “Well, is he sorry?”

  12. Lita says:

    When the interview/performance was announced I wondered if GMA had wanted to book the interview (for ratings) and the performance was Chris Brown’s condition of agreement, he’ll do the interview so long as they let him sing to remind us all how ::super-sweet and talented:: he is.
    He seems to think we all should have got over and forgotten (in his words) “the incident” by now and pretty angry that we haven’t. I buy he’s delusional enough to believe that if he could only get everyone to listen to the songs again that we’d forget the past and be wooed .. so, chat about brutalising someone and then sell some albums .. shudder. Sociopathic behaviour, if so. Of course I completely made that whole scenario up, but IMO it rings true as a possibility.

  13. Alex says:

    @JaNae – actually I’d like to see his album fail because he’s an overmanufactured, synthasized, talentless, rangeless semi-decent singer who has been packaged, hyped and can be easily replaced by the next semi-decent young singer. It has nothing to do with his beat-down on Rihanna and everything to do with me not wanting to listen to his crap music on the radio (thankfully they don’t play it much on Jack).

  14. diva says:

    I think GMA just does these “interviews” and then cancels them for ratings and attention. They are owned by Disney and a convicted woman beater on prime time promoting his album is not kid friendly. ABC is just playing games and trying to boost its ratings for 20/20 and it succedeed with Rhianna to get 9 million to tune in so they are looking for the same number. It is really quite a cheap and obvious ploy.

  15. ViktoryGin says:

    @princess pea:

    The only message that ABC hears is that we are willing to exploit morality and common f*ucking decency when it best suits our sensibiliies and our ratings because the money will always be the bottom line until enough people call us on our BS.

  16. Anak says:

    Have you already read how the attack was made to Rihanna? This guy should be thrown out of the art world. In fact he should be in jail!

  17. la chica says:

    everyone should listen to Rihanna’s song on her new CD titled “Stupid in Love”. the song says it all. Chris Brown is a lying manipulative wiener who was cheating on her with a size 10 woman, and then beat the crap out of her when she confronted him on it. what ever happened to those rumors about him and his female manager?

  18. lucy2 says:

    I want to see him fail because I think it’s sick that he’s going to ride this little wave of infamy to more fame and fortune. If he hadn’t done what he did, no one would be lining up to interview him and talking about his next performance. He’s benefiting from a crime, and for that reason I want him to fail.

  19. jaundicemachine says:

    I just don’t understand people who defend Chris Brown and his ilk.

    But then again, I could never understand why battered women would chose to stay with their abusers – until I found myself in an abusive relationship.

    I guess there’s a learning curve.

    As for Chris Brown – Kick rocks. Dig yourself a hole and suck dirt – it’s good enough for ya.

  20. marg says:

    Nobody’s defending Chris Brown actions. Domestic violence is not a joke. People are acting like Chris Brown invented domestic abuse. people wake up, Rihanna is not a victim. She sure not acting like one. I have no sympathy for her. I was a victim of domestic violence, I no how hard it is to move on.looking at my scars, feeling anger, hate, toward my abuser.

  21. marg says:

    people are saying she is a victim. I believed she was a victim till I heard she was going on 20/20 two weeks before her album drops. then i saw parts of the interview, it made me so mad she lied to much on there.all the sympathy I had for her was gone. shes making domestic violence seem like a joke.

  22. marg says:

    she says she want to be a voice out there for us who has being abused. what has she done to helps us. NOTHING.she has the means to go speak for domestic violence. people who are so busy defending Rihanna needs to realize she doesnt care about you. she cares about her empire..if she has to make a mockery of domestic violence shes going to do it for money.

  23. marg says:

    and for the record both of them was being abusing toward each other, in the end shes the one who got her ass kick. instead of helping young women who are being abuse, shes walking aroung half naked, talking about sex, please how is she a victim?

  24. marg says:

    people on here talking about hows hes not soory for his action, please hes going to pay for it for the rest of his life.people make mistakes’
    And rihanna goin to ride the sympathy card for a while.

  25. Zarah says:

    @marg, since she was the one who got her face punched in and was strangled unconcious, I’d say she’s the bloody victim! And good for her that she’s not in a dark room somwhere, rocking back and forth, scared of anything and everything because of what that pyschotic bully did to her. She’s not going to allow him to dominate any aspect of her life ever again. And I feel sorry for those of you who think that an abused woman carrying on with her life and living it large is NOT a good thing.

    You folks are the reason why CB truly doesn’t think he did anything out of the ordinary.

  26. Jag says:

    @ marg ~ Yes, there have been people posting about this subject who blatantly defend Chris Brown. I say he isn’t sorry because he hasn’t acted sorry, and even has gone so far as to say that the public is why he’s not sorry. As for both of them being abusers, if that’s true, then Rihanna should be held to the same standard; show me a photograph and police report of what she’s done to him, please. She is a victim, and one look at the photograph and report proves it.

    As for what she’s done or not regarding domestic violence, she has brought it to the limelight once again because she’s famous. She doesn’t have to do more than that, but of course, it would be fabulous if she’d donate to, or open, a battered woman’s shelter. (I’ve missed it if she has.) But honestly, if she did that publicly, you’d perhaps be criticizing her for trying to milk what happened to her.

    How she makes her living has nothing to do with whether she’s a victim or not. The last time I checked, talking about sex and being half naked aren’t prerequisites for being beaten, bitten, and strangled. It really surprises me you put the two together. Do you do the same with rape survivors, in that if they were wearing short skirts or showing a lot of skin, they deserved it? That’s really wrong. No one deserves to be attacked like Chris attacked Rihanna, ever. He could have walked away, just like Tiger Woods did after his wife allegedly attacked him.

  27. Lita says:

    @marg: your comments are so badly organised and confused in (apparent) intent, they mostly leave me bewildered (but still definitely with a general feeling of disagreement).

  28. Firestarter says:

    @Marg- Are you serious with the question of “How is she the victim”?

    She’s the victim because SHE WAS BEATEN, BITTEN AND CHOKED BY A MAN! So since you seem so clueless to the obvious, I have now pointed that out to you.

    Like Zarah said, it is people like YOU who not only allow CB to walk around thinking that what he did is ok, but you are also the reason why soooooo many women do not leave or report their abusers.

    Also, does it need to be said again, that it matters not what went on (according to the apologists) prior to him beating her, the fact of the matter is HE BEAT HER SAVAGELY! Where were the marks on him? Where was the part in the police report that he did those things in order to protect himself from her?

    People need to get a reality check. Make excuses for these men that beat women all you want, but your constant effort to try to force feed the rest of us the bullshit that Rihanna is not the victim falls on deaf ears around here. People like you also are the ones who run around saying that if a woman dresses provocatively she is asking and deserving of being raped.

    I may not agree with some of the things she does personally, but that is my opinion. The fact that Rihanna is young and shows off her body in no way lessens the severity of what that rotten excuse for a human being, Chris Brown did to her.

    Oh yeah, people change, but not often. Men are like animals when they get a taste of blood, once they start beating a woman and get away with it, they do it again and again and again. CB won’t be so careless next time he beats a woman, he will hide it much better and do it to a woman who’s not a high profile person like himself. We shall see in a few years who has changed and who is SOWWY for what he did.

    It is really sad to see that women are so blind to the realities of abuse, especially when it comes to celebrity. If CB were not an R&B singer (if you can even call him that) no one would give a flying eff about him, but since it is someone who women fawn all over, then it is okay that he BEAT a woman in the face and head, BIT a woman and CHOKED a woman until she passed out. Oh yeah, she dresses like a whore now, so she is not the victim!

    Wake up, because with that line of thinking, you send the wrong message to young women and women alike that abuse is their fault and not the abusers.

  29. marg says:

    @ zarah……did you see the 20/20 interview, she told diane sawyer she didnt lose conciousness.nobody’s saying she should be in a dark room somewhere.. people heal different ways.. but at the same time you cant accept people to see you as a victim if you parading yourself half naked everyday. talking about how you dont care what kind of personality a man has, as long he has a big d’ck that all that matters.

  30. marg says:

    @ zarah… did you know rihanna broke a bottle over her brother”s head for no reason,,, yea she said it…so you mean to tell me that somebody’s wo breaks bottles over thier own brother. is just going to sit there and take a beating…NO
    if you read the police report she admitted she started to hit Chris Brown first…..she did not deserve to get beat that way, but shes not a victim..
    so people need to get over that victim crap

  31. marg says:

    and people need to stop with the double standards. same people on here wos ready to burn chris brown at the stake, talking about tiger’s wife had a reason to get violent on him.. if it was tiger who beat her, people would call him a women beatter.
    Am not defending chris brown actions, why should I defend rihanna’s actions.
    even Neyo said rihanna was violent toward chris..

  32. shadowd says:

    @marg. As a person who have been abused, you should know the lengths people go to avoid looking like they are hurting and carrying on like nothing happened? Hiding the bruises and shame of what they are going through, doing anything they can to appear normal.

    The feelings of being helpless and not knowing what to do or how to even tell another person what is really going on because you are afraid of what would happen, would they look down on you, would he find out and hurt you more, even if you can get away, where will you go, and if you did leave what if he found you, because he told you in no uncertain terms what he will do to you if you ever tried to leave him, and you believe that he will do it. The shame of having to admit that you ended one of those girls, but you hide the bruises and pretend everything if fine, because you are sure it is your fault, if you did not nag him, bother him, he would not become the “Monster”, he would be the man you fell in love with, the one who is so sweet and loving, if only you could learn to keep quiet, and be submissive, if only you would think before you say anything he will not hurt you, why are you so dumb, how many times have he corrected you when you said something stupid, how many time has he laughed at some dumb comment you made, everyone already believes you are a failure, and you always knew deep down you were not smart, not like him, why are you such a failure? He is right, he is the best you could ever get, you just have to try and not piss him off.

    So do you recognize any of the feeling from above @Marg? Do you remember what it was like to live in shame avoiding having to tell people what you were going through? So now another person is trying to find her way out, why would you get so mad at her?

  33. Firestarter says:

    @Marg- Oh well, if Neyo says it, it has to be true!

    Grow up! You have a lot to learn about the real world. I will chalk your posts up to being young and never having been around an adult situation in real life.

    If you read through the Tiger Woods posts, the majority of posters have condemned Elin Woods for her acts of agression towards Tiger, the same as they have your precious CB. If you look at the Anthony Michael Hall post, the same goes for him.

    The difference, at the moment, is that there is no police report or photographs from the Tiger Woods case to support that she did anything to him, and as long as Tiger decides he is going to cover up for his wife and her violence towards him, well then the general public has nothing concrete to go on. With the Chris Brown case there was a very detailed police report and statements given by BOTH CB and Rihanna, in addition to some rather graphic photos of the damage, that he admitted to doing. At the moment, there is none of that in the Tiger Woods case, and that is the fault of him for covering up the abuse. I do have to say that a few scratches on the face, although wrong, is no where near the damage that CB inflicted upon Rihanna. I do not condone violence in any form, and if the story comes out, then she needs to be punished the same as CB, with a slap on the wrist. What he did to Rihanna would have landed a non-celeb in jail, but since he is CB, mediocre singer/dancer, he got off with probation, community service and domestic violence classes. Hardly a punishment that fit his crime. I do hope, that in the event Elin Woods is guilty of domestic abuse, that she too gets the sweet deal that CB got. That will be fine by me.

    How old are you CB supporters anyway? 15-21? I cannot imagine that you are much older, because if you are, it is a very sad commentary on our society and it’s morals and values.

  34. marg says:

    please explain to me how am condoning chris bown’s actions, please i would like to know..for the record its not just neyo who came out and said rihanna is abusive,do your research before you come and bash me for telling the truth.
    am 22 yrs old being on my own since i was 16 so i pretty much have an idea how to be an adult.
    you people on here are so quick to bash me because i said both rihanna and chris brown was wrong.its a known fact look at the police report youll see she admit to starting the fight..
    as a victim of domestic violence i cant support somebody who puts their hands on people.

  35. Firestarter says:

    @Marg- I am shocked and horrified to read that you were the victim of domestic violence yourself and yet still feel compelled to defend an abuser.

    I do not know you, but I find it hard to imagine that you went through an abusive situation given what you have posted on this thread. How can you defend CB, and say the things about Rihanna and her attitude that you have? You sound like you need to seek some therapy to recognize that women, including yourself, do not ask to be beaten. Do you defend the man who abused you and say “Well, I did this and I did that, so I deserved what I got” because if that is how you feel, your abuser brainwashed you! No matter what a woman does, a REAL MAN, does not beat a woman, even in the event she starts the fight or hits him. A great example of this is how Tiger Woods handled his situation. Hie wife allegedly scratched his face and he LEFT THE HOME instead of striking her back. Do you think he thought that “Hey, she hit me, so now I am going to defend myself by hitting her back”? He chose the path that a normal, thinking, civilized man chooses and he walked out, leaving her to be the aggressor. CB had that same choice and he chose to be an ignorant woman beating swine, who let his fists do the talking.

    Please take a step back and look at what you have posted and who you have come to the defense of. You cannot say that you do not condone domestic violence yet post things about how Rihanna is not a victim. ANYONE WHO GETS BEATEN BY A MAN OR A WOMAN IS THE VICTIM. You show me where CB was bloddied and bruised and full of lumps on his head and maybe I will come around to your way of thinking. Sadly fo you and other apologists for him, there is no evidence of any kind that she hurt him, other than his ego.

  36. marg says:

    i never said rihanna deserved to get beat, at the same time she needs to come clean. so you all can bash me all day long for telling the thruth.
    if rihanna such a victim why is her album not selling huh. if shes a victim why i havent seen her helping other victims? yea i forgot shes still healing.
    me on the other hand whos a nobody have been to shelters and donate money to dv victims.

  37. marg says:

    because we dont feel rihanna is a victim that means we support chris..get the eff out of here..
    oh please with the people need to see pics to verify that tigers wood wife is a men beater. that people are condoning his wife too, please have you read the comments on here, tmz, the bossip, anywhere, the majority of the females are high fiving the wife..sayin he shouldnt have cheated..
    yea i guess because i dont accept bullsit makes me a chris brown
    am not a chris brown nor a rihanna fan, they not paying my bills, couldnt care less.
    but t the same time i’m tire of people putting all the blame on him ..yes he was wrong no doubt about it but read the facts first then come at me

  38. marg says:

    @ firestarter.. where does it say am defending chris where does it say that rihanna deserve to get her ass beat..where did i write that? nowhere…
    why should i condoned rihanna when shes also an abuser, oh how about you read her interview in complex magazine and see why i think shes not a victim.
    i no what a victim is ive been there seen them..again am not a chris or rihanna best friend got killed because her boyfriend beat her everyday, every effing day, till one day he decide to stab her to she was a victim.
    you think am on here defending chris because am not putting all the blame on him.

  39. Firestarter says:

    Sorry but I do not troll the internet all day, so I could care less what is said on other sites.That is why I post primarily on here, because people are intelligent and polite to one another.

    FOR THE FINAL TIME: A woman who gets beaten by a MAN like CB did to Rihanna, IS A VICTIM!

    Her album isn’t selling because both her and Chris Brown’s music sucks! It has nothing to do with the whole domestic violence issue. Both are overarrated one or two hit wonders. How long did either of them think they could ride the “Run It” and “Umbrella” wave of fame?

    And Marg- Preach on about CB and the injustices of his case. Preach on about Elin Woods, but I am done with this nonsense, because you make no sense and it is not worth another 20-30 posts trying to tell you otherwise.

    Have a good day!

  40. c error says:

    @ marj..
    tell me y u mad son? anyway u forget that her pic was the one that got release so shes gonna win on the domestic violence thing..people feel more sympathy for her because of the pic, and because cris brown a man
    ur not gonna win on this marj, even though u made some valid points. some people are just to simple minded, they just ffocus on one thing.
    she is a victim but shes not acting like one, i think thats what you meant

  41. c error says:

    for the record not a cris brown fan, so the white lady who said he’s a 1 hit wonder needs to shove it. he can sing , he can dance so that one hit wonder crap dont fly.remember you said their music has nothing to do with domestic violence.he can sing circles around most artist out there.

  42. marg says:

    tell me firestarter how are you being polite to me? yes this is your website and people have the right to thier own soory that am not kissing your ass. m sorry am not kissing rihanna’s ass either. you cant sit here and judge me and you never been in my position or rihanna’s position, so until you get your ass kick then calm the eff down.
    I see you have a one track mind , you can say am defending chris all you want, in the end your opinion is not gonna eff up his career or rihanna’s career.

  43. Lita says:

    @marg, not sure if english is not your native tongue (well done, if it isn’t, especially being on your own since 16) but you’re not expressing yourself clearly. I found your posts generally confusing but you said Rihanna is a “liar,” needs to “come clean” (about what!!??). It did come across that you think she is not a victim because she doesn’t act like a victim. That can only be *your* version of what a victim should act like, which isn’t fair. No matter what else happened, CB beat her to hell, that by definition makes her a victim of a brutal beating and nothing else that happened makes that okay. I sort of think you (maybe?) agree with that part, but then you go off on other tangents like how can she be a ‘victim’ since her album isn’t selling well, since she dresses a particular way and enjoys (err) ‘larger’ men. None of that, nor the fact that you didn’t receive (the ‘benefit’ of) worldwide publicity when you were a victim of violence, makes any difference.

    I agree with you that – assuming it’s true – TigerW’s wife is very wrong for physically damaging him and I personally found the “good on ya Elin” comments distasteful and hypocritical. But the severity in no way compares and that is important when you consider people’s reactions. Same as *if* Rihanna hit CB first or ever – she just didn’t do much damage. So you cannot say that makes any difference to how CB should be judged. If the allegations against the two women are true I would sentence them both to anger management classes. I would sentence CB to jail. And Tiger would go to taste school to learn what ‘taste’ is.

    Bottom line, you (seem) to be saying since Rihanna’s record isn’t selling well and other irrelevancies that CB should not be punished anymore by ‘we the people’. That is how it comes across. And that is nonsense, so if that is not correct, you need to work on forming a coherent argument.

  44. Lita says:

    Hmm long post, that one. My thumbs are tired ;o)

  45. marg says:

    firestarter were you in the car with them that night no, so dont give me crap how he beat the shit out of her. read the facts, police report was only filled by rihanna, she Admit they were physically fighting in the car with each other…she lost thats what happen she didnt get her ass kick she lost the fight period.
    and goes on 20/20 and lied through her teeth about what happend, thats why i dont feel sympathy for her. she should have told the truth.
    you feel beause am a victim I should automatically feel sympathy for her..Wrong…

  46. Firestarter says:

    Marg- I am making one final post to you and then I am done.

    For starters, this is NOT MY web site, and I have no idea what you even meant when you said that.

    Second- I HAVE been polite to you. I have not called you names, I have not done anything to you other than point out the errors in your argument. You feel attacked by me? Well that is in your own mind, because I am not the only one who has found your postion on this to be flawed.

    Third, I don’t want or expect anyone on this site to ‘kiss my ass”, and if you are speaking of politeness, that comment was not exactly polite to me. I could give a darn less about who agrees with me and who doesn’t and no one said you couldn’t express your views, but if you are going to at least read what you have posted and understand that the comments you have made have not been anything other than justifying the reason CB beat Rihanna and insulting her for her manner of dress, her album not selling, and comments she has made. NONE of those things matter in the least when it comes to what CB did to her. A woman can speak freely about her sexual preferences, dress as provocatively as she wants and it not have anything to do with her getting beaten by a weak willed ignorant man.

    No, in the end my SINGLE opinion does not matter to either of them, BUT collectively, along with the majority of teh public it will matter, because neither one is burning up the charts right now, nor is CB able to sell out venues for his shows. No, I do not matter to them, but domestic violence and the people who are abused do matter to me.

    Again, have a nice day!

    And to the poster that told the “White woman to shove it” back at ya! I am entitled to my opinion of his music, and I think he is a talentless hack. My opinion and I am entitled to it, just as you and his fans are to yours!

    Marg, that poster is an example of a rude and disrespectful poster. Someone who makes snide comments at people who disagree with their views. Not once have I named called or been rude to you. Because I disagree with you, does not mean I am rude.

  47. marg says:

    @ lita lol at your post. maybe if you understood english you would realized am not taking any side. I said BOTH of them were wrong not just rihanna or chris brown BOTH of them. I brought up the rihanna isnt selling record, because she went on 20/20 to get sympathy sells bottom line. so my point is people not falling for the victim card either thats why shes not selling.
    she didnt go on 20/20 to tell her story, she went so people can feel sorry for her, thats why I stop sympatizing for her.
    shes not a victim any way you guys want to put it..SHES NOT A VICTIM

  48. GatsbyGal says:

    Hey Marg, why was Rhianna in the wrong as well as Chris Brown? You keep saying she was, but why do you think that?

  49. Lita says:

    @marg I genuinly thought that english wasn’t your first language or I wouldn’t have written that .. I guess you are saying it is – dear me. Your inability to grasp the inconsistencies within your own posts is at best amusing. I guess I must be having a pointless endeavours theme night so I will explain again the big point you are missing. Hitting (and biting, choking, kicking, etc) is bad (sad face). This is the first part you have to focus on: if someone is hit, by anyone, they are called a “victim” of being hit (sad face). That is a (extrapolated) dictionary definition, not an opinion. Focus again: if someone hits and it leaves little or no damage then it is not as bad as beating someone so that they are unrecognisable – that means they look so different you can not see any part of their normal face due to wounds (another sad face). That is a legal (like the police and judges!) and a moral (from ‘society’ – that’s you and me and everyone!) law.

    We saw ‘that photo’ of Rihanna and also saw footage of Chris Brown after “the incident” – can you guess who was the ‘big hitter’ and who was the ‘little hitter’? ‘Little hitters’ are bad too and hitting is never a smart. But the ‘big hitter’ is so much worse because what they did was so very very bad (very sad face).

    It’s okay; don’t strain yourself. I am pretty sure that you will never understand this PoV – anyone that says “she didnt get her ass kick she lost the fight period” like it was a reasonable match up in a boxing club or something is beyond forum-counselling!

  50. Stella says:

    your grammar and spelling is atrocious. it is very difficult to follow any of your arguments and you regularly contradict yourself. it’s time for you to stop posting until you can organize your thoughts and learn how to make a coherent argument.

  51. Stella says:

    …”the comments you have made have not been anything other than justifying the reason CB beat Rihanna and insulting her for her manner of dress, her album not selling, and comments she has made. NONE of those things matter in the least when it comes to what CB did to her. A woman can speak freely about her sexual preferences, dress as provocatively as she wants and it not have anything to do with her getting beaten by a weak willed ignorant man.”

    Thank you Firestarter. I think this is the most important point here.

    @marg- just b/c I agreed with Firestarter doesn’t mean that I’m “kissing her ass”… she just makes good points and arguments that, in this case, are easy to agree with.

  52. marg says:

    get eff out of here with the You must not understand english crap..I have a college education ok, am sure the majority of you on here dont..
    this is not an english class so get the eff out of here with that crap. How am i contradicting my self? by saying that both parties are wrong..that both were violent toward each other.
    its pitiful that all of you act like you dont make mistakes. I never said rihanna deserved to get her ass beat, so get off that..What said was shes not a victim. both of them were fighting in the car Rihanna said it dont act like shes innocent. she lost in the fight thats what happen.
    there are real victim out there getting there ass beat everyday, and all you focused on that I cant comprehend wow ok

  53. mz big boobs says:

    first of all shut the hell up about chris thats my man im a true fan who is goin to stand by him through it all
    next about that “oops” chain he got that a good 2 years ago it was ment to be like “dang thats a big chain” “oops” but yall dont care all yall want 2 do is destroy another singers caeree yall dont say a thing about the fack that lil wayne a drug addit but he sold 1 mill cds in a week
    so u sayin dont defend ur self but i can do crack weed and cough syurp and thats ok what about what she did i dont know 2 many people who aint gon get a little mad if u tellin some BROAD to get out yo car and she screamin and yellin and hittin me she should have got the hell out of the car and i think that he is a gentalmen for not talkin about it while her ass tryin to get as much pudlicty off of it he doin his time and sayin fuck yall and i know that when his cd comes out im gon be the first bitch in line sayin FUCK YALL

  54. Erica says:

    I’m sick of BOTH of them.

    There’s no reason for everyone to jump on the Rihanna bandwagon, just because she was a victim of domestic abuse. True, no one deserves that, period. But on the other hand, the girl is certainly no saint, and the attempts of many to put her in that role have failed miserably. The interview she did was a huge opportunity for her, and yet all she did was gloss over the subject. She came off extremely inarticulate, cold, a bit manipulative, and frankly very insincere.

    If you say you’re going to be an advocate for domestic violence victims, then you need to FOLLOW THAT UP. It really seems as though she’s truly just looking for publicity, seeing as she hasn’t done s**t for anyone but herself. I was a victim of domestic abuse for 16 years, so yes, I speak from a place of knowing. There are a lot of things about her that seem off…she is not the typical victim, and though I firmly believe no one deserves to be abused, she has even said herself that she exacerbated the situation. Everyone needs to stop treating her like a poor little girl who needs to be coddled.

    And for the record, Chris Brown is a disgusting, talentless, egotistical boy who needs to grow the f*** up and take some responsibility. I truly hope someone gives him a big dose of humility. He and Rihanna both need reality checks.

  55. Firestarter says:

    Hahahahahahaha! OMG! That last post was the best laugh I have had today.

    Keep the comedy coming!

  56. Firestarter says:

    Actually I was referring to post #54.