White House party crashers plan tell all interview

White House Party Crashers Walk into State Dinner

By now you’ve probably heard about Michaele and Tareq Salahi. The now infamous couple crashed the White House State Dinner last week, embarrassing the White House and the Secret Service. How’d everyone find out about it? Michaele, who claims to be a former supermodel (along with a former Washington Redskins cheerleader – though the Redskins and several of the companies she says she’s modeled for all say Michaele has never worked for them) posted pictures all over her Facebook page. Though I should note that her page isn’t a traditional Facebook profile like most of us – with regular egos – have. It’s a fan page. That she put up at least five months ago (the oldest picture date I can find was uploaded in July), well before anyone had ever heard of her. Narcissism doesn’t even begin to describe what this chick has going on.

Supposedly Michaele wants onto the “Real Housewives of DC” – and even brought along a film crew. She’s definitely ravenous for whatever fame she can get – she and Tareq are shopping around their tell-all interview like no one’s business.

The White House gate-crashing couple is looking to cash-in on their exploits by selling the first exclusive interview for a six-figure sum. Tareq and Michaele Salahi – who got up close and personal with President Barack Obama – have pulled out of a planned interview with CNN because they want to land a big pay check for their tell-all.

Representatives for the couple have approached network chiefs asking for hundreds of thousands of dollars for the low-down on how the pair foiled the Secret Service and breached White House security. Major networks have been encouraged to get their bids in to secure the interview about the incident that sent shockwaves though Washington D.C.

Although their names were not on the official list managed by the Secret Service, the Salahis apparently had no trouble gaining entrance to the dinner honoring Indian Prime Minister Manmohan Singh. Michaele Salahai has been trying to land a spot on Bravo’s The Real Housewifes [sic] of D.C. with many people claiming the whole incident was just a huge publicity stunt by the couple.

RadarOnline.com revealed that the aspiring socialites are no strangers to controversy as they have been named, either as defendants or plaintiffs on 16 different lawsuits. One of their businesses is in bankruptcy. Tareq has even sued his own mother. Through competing lawsuits, the couple won control of Oasis Winery from Tareq’s mother in 2007 but quickly ran the Virginia establishment into financial ruin.

Oasis filed for Chapter 7 bankruptcy in February, listing the IRS and American Express among the unpaid creditors. It also owed $224,000 for “rental of FedEx Redskins Suite and related hospitality services.” Among assets they’d acquired with Oasis money — but had already been subject to repo — were a $150,000 Aston Martin and a $90,000 boat. It remains to be seen if charges are brought against the pair who have reportedly been questioned by the Secret Service following the incident that was reported worldwide.

[From Radar]

Their scandalous, duplicitous, thieving history is epic. I truly am without words, I just don’t know what to say about them. Looking over Michaele’s Facebook fan page makes me physically ill. She has this link to clips from their 2003 wedding on YouTube. When you click to go directly to YouTube, you see the spot where people can write a little summary of their video. Michaele’s (improperly spelled) short summary is 566 words long! She goes into the monotonous details of the embarrassingly over-the-top wedding, noting:

A Wedding filled with love & passion with an exciting 1,836 Guests at the Historic St. Matthews Cathedral in Washington DC followed by the spectacular reception/wedding celebration at Oasis Winery in Hume, Virginia. This Wedding featured 28 Bridesmaids, 28 Groomsmen, 8 Flower Girls, 2 boy ring bearers. Highlights included best friend and Twenty Time Grammy Award-Winner Claude McKnight performing in Cathedral & at Oasis, a live 16 piece Choir, Herald Trumpets, A Live Orchestra during pre-reception, a 36 piece Big-Band during dinner & dancing, the barrel room & tasting room turned into late night dancing, concluding with a 30 minute MegaFireworks Show! Wedding was filled with the whos who of best friends from Washington DC, Virginia and guests from the entire globe that attended this wedding that celebrated Love & Passion! Featured wedding speakers were United States Supreme Court Justice Kennedy, Governor Mark Warner, Her Excellency Ambassador Margaret Heckler of Ireland, Family Member/Uncle Eddie OMalley, former HR Director for the CIA.

[From YouTube]

I’m sorry, I just realized you probably threw up in your mouth. My bad. That’s only the first teeny little paragraph. I have never wanted to slap a bitch so badly in my life. This is one of those people that doesn’t understand “your [fill in blank] is the center of your world, not THE world.” A lot of people seem to like her for the moxy it took to pull one over on the Secret Service. I challenge any of those people to read about all the lawsuits, all the businesses she’s put out of business, all the millions of bad debt, all the forgeries and lies, and tell me there is anything to admire about this parasite.


The photos below are from Michelle Salahi’s Facebook page.

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  1. TwinkleToes says:

    You mean to tell me nobody could see this skank coming a mile away with her skanky Gwyneth Paltrow hair?

  2. diva says:

    They are two narcisstic fools, that are in serious trouble with the law. Going on the interview will just be added as evidence against them. Before long they will both be charged with felonies, they are just taking their time building their airtight case.

  3. Julie says:

    What more is there to be said about the White House incident that is worth an interview??! They took a big chance, got lucky, and were admitted. That’s it, end of story.
    The Atlanta housewives are embarrasing the hell out of all my friends in Atlanta; the same thing will happen here if these two clowns show up on the DC show. Please, producers, have more sense.

  4. Firestarter says:

    Exactly what are they planning to say that would be of any interest to the rest of us. The public has already heard the main story_ They crashed a White House Dinner. I can’t imagine that these two losers have anything else to add that I would want to hear.

    I saw that YouTube clip a few days ago and frankly, the wedding looks kind of tacky, given all the “money” they are supposed to have had. I cannot think of anything I would like less than to have 1,800 people at my wedding, and 28 bridesmaids! Doves released at the end of the ceremony HOW UNIQUE! Like that hasn’t been done for centuries!

    She is hideously ugly as is her fame whoring, pathetic excuse of a husband. I cannot tell you how much I hate fools like this. Don’t they realize that they are being made a mockery of now and that real society people do not behave as such?

  5. kelly says:

    I live in DC, and right about now, we’d gladly trade these two media sluts for the Gosselins.

  6. Ron says:

    I truly hope that no one pays for this interview. They are party crashers for god’s sake. Who cares.

  7. Bodhi says:

    Ditto firestarter! These people are total trash & any interviews, etc they do will just be another nail in their coffin

  8. hatsumomo says:

    Oh where do I start?

    First, the gate crashing. Did these fools realize once they got in without clearance or an invite, and expose the security flaws, how many deranged fools will attempt the exact same thing? Only instead of using a photo of the President to fluff their egos, these idiots let the world know how easy it is to get close enough to try and kill him? This President, though many will argue, is one of the most threatened presidents we have ever had. And thses nitwits thought it was cute!

    Second, how far will everyday people go to gain their idea of ‘fame’? Will it ever end? This isnt being famous, its infamy, which in their deluded mind is far more precious. And dangerous.

    Third, the twat. And I thought Speidi was the worst of over inflated egos! Who could have ever thought someone could out do them! And does this ho bag ever stop to think all her claims wouldnt be cross checked? Does she have no shame in being outed as a raving manic and liar? A supermodel and a pro cheerleader? Srsly?!? Only in her mind and even then it doesnt make it so.

    Most of all, I just cant believe someone could go so low as to put another person in danger for the sake of 15 mins of ‘fame’ and their egos. I hope the book is thrown at these twats and it hits them hard. And if there isn’t a law for exploiting the president in such a way, there should be.

  9. Karin says:

    Am rather astonished ‘Love & Passion’ had any space at the wedding, what with over 1’800 guests ‘from the entire globe’, all those big names and about 50 desperate-for-home doves as well as fireworks!

  10. Hoax says:

    The radio station i listen to in the morning offered them $100. bucks for the interview.

  11. CandyKay says:

    I don’t think there’s a lot of interest in this interview.

    What I’m hoping is that the incident scares the stuffing out of the Secret Service, and makes them raise their game.

    I just read a good book about the Secret Service (by Ron Kessler, the guy who is now being interviewed on every network) and he said standards had really dropped in recent years, due to overwork and budget cuts.

  12. Emily says:

    Oh god, unless you’re writing a couple of hundred Years Ago, there is no Need to capitalize Random Words like that. Urgh. Love & Passion? Bitch please.

  13. Keilojr says:

    Fame-Whoring should be a capital offense punishable by death in todays world coz im simply just fed up with the low life-trailer trashing-good for nothing-untalented-infamous degenerates making millions off their disfunctional lives while hard working human beings with their degrees and qualifications are making capital “SHIT” compared to these assholes. God save us all….2012 for the win…its about time!!!!

  14. Mairead says:

    I’m appalled that they managed to gatecrash. Complete paranoia is second nature to the Secret Service as far as I can tell.

    And looks like Dina Lohan has some competition – another dancer who doesn’t show up on the records of the troup she apparently performed with. The shock! :roll:

    Oh and it’s the FORMER Ambassador TO Ireland, you twat – OF suggests that she was the Irish Ambassador TO the US, which is wrong. Twat. (I don’t remember her name at all strangely – apparently she was there during the Regan administration to 1989. Odd).

  15. Cinderella says:

    These fakes say their interests include polo? Ha, they don’t even have the stature to shovel polo horse shit.

  16. Bete says:

    This is the beauty about America. Every piece of advice a parent gives to their child about hard work, study, etc, may as well be pointless when the entire establishment aims to promote either the greedy parasite (like these gatecrashers) or the moronic members of the community.
    It doesn’t do anything for motivation when people see idiots get five seconds of fame along with a big pay check.

  17. Persistent Cat says:

    So don’t write about them if they are that appalling. You won’t lose hits to your site and the world will keep turning tomorrow if they are ignored. It’s by creating a post about them that keeps them in the “news.”

  18. Sister Mary Francis says:

    I like how much like Joe Biden looks like Jimmy Buffett in these pictures! LMAO!

  19. crazymary says:

    @ Hoax – were u listening to Elliot? Lol! He has had them on before and ripped them to shreds this morning.

    A couple of things – first they don’t live in DC. For god’s sake – they don’t even live in No.VA – they live in Front Royal. Not even close. How could she be on that stupid show anyway?

    Secondly – my 14 year old daughter asked me why she didn’t get her hair done if she was going to meet the Pres! Then we saw her “stylist” being interviewed on the local news and found out that skank had spent 7 hours @ the salon. At that point my daughter looked at me and said “Wow, she should get her money back. I could have done a better job on her hair. Yuck!” Lol!
    Kids – wise beyond their years.

  20. Lita says:

    I am surprised she got in let alone wasn’t shot, seeing’s how she’s wearing that Ann Coulter mask ;o)

    I guess William Shatner, on the left, thought he could bolding seek out some new life there.

    On a serious note, I’m sure the US/Washington has an ‘anti profit from crime’ law .. convict them of something and it ought to be impossible for them to keep a cent – ??

  21. Jag says:

    I have no interest in these people, but I’m happy that their level of ego caused them to crash the party. Now the U.S. President will be safer because of it. Every time I see that picture of her shaking Obama’s hand, I cringe, thinking that she could’ve somehow been a suicide bomber or some such thing. The Secret Service needs to step up, and fast. As for their interview, I absolutely will not be watching.

  22. I have no interest in these people, but I’m happy that their level of ego caused them to crash the party.