Nick Hogan gets in another (small) car accident


Nick Hogan is at it again. Okay, probably not. Nick got in another car crash on Saturday night. Now this was nothing like the epic car crash that nearly killed his best friend John Graziano, and certainly deprived John of a normal life for the rest of his days. This accident was so minor that when police arrived at the scene, they didn’t even file a report. Still, this is Nick Hogan so it’s hard not to assume anything but the absolute worst.

The 19 year old, who appeared alongside his wrestling champ dad on reality TV series Hogan Knows Best, was uninjured after the collision in Los Angeles on Saturday.

Police were called to the scene but didn’t write up an official report, according to

Ironically, the teen was driving home from a fundraising event for Keep It On The Track, a charity that encourages safe driving.

It’s not Hogan’s first road mishap – in 2007, he wrecked his sports car in a devastating crash that left his passenger, John Graziano, seriously injured. He’s also notched up several tickets for speeding.

[From Yahoo UK via Gossip Rocks]

I checked out every report I could, and there’s no mention of speeding. To me, that’s Nick’s serious problem – I’d call it an addiction really. Speeding can obviously lead to serious car wrecks, but my feeling is that Nick’s got a serious issue with racing, versus trying to make his car do insane stunts or something of that nature. I want to get all up in arms about this, but it doesn’t seem like there’s any reason to as of yet. We don’t even know who was at fault or what kind of accident it was. The irony of Hogan coming back from a function for his vague and non-specific safe on the roads charity is hard to ignore though.

Nick Hogan is pictured taking in the scene at the Sundance Film Festival in January 2009. Credits: Fame.

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21 Responses to “Nick Hogan gets in another (small) car accident”

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  1. Tess says:

    No words.

    Except his license should be revoked. He’s dangerous.

  2. Tia C says:

    This guy still has a license? Really? It didn’t even get suspended? Wow.

  3. Firestarter says:

    PARDON ME???? How in the eff does he have a license?

    I know that in many states an accident like that and you have your license revoked for 5 yrs.

    Amazing! Celeb justice at work yet again!

  4. original kate says:

    i can’t believe this douche even HAD a license. glad he doesn’t live in my city.

  5. Relli says:

    Why does he insist on dressing like this? Doesn’t he have mirrors? He just looks so silly and ridiculous.

  6. Praise St. Angie! says:

    I’m too blinded by that horrible outfit to read the story.

    ugly, and typical Hogan wear.

  7. Karin says:

    Hulk’s baby number 2 was quite a sight
    dressed like a clown, a horrific fright!
    coming home from Keep it on the Track
    he went off the rails, didn’t look back`?
    Please Hulk senior, have mercy on us
    confiscate the car, buy him tickets for the bus!

  8. Firestarter says:


  9. Green Is Good says:

    WHAT? I thought this spoiled little shit had his license revoked! Unbelievable.

  10. lucy2 says:

    He totally shouldn’t have a license anymore.

  11. Eileen Yover says:

    I’m confused…is he trying to be “gangsta” now? This guy is just screaming for someone to kick his ass already.

  12. nanster says:

    Apparently, Nick’s license is supposed to be suspended until 2011 – but that may only be in Florida. He was in California at the time of this accident and has a California driver’s license. That outfit he’s pictured in is atrocious. He’s obviously an idiot with too much money to spend.

  13. annie says:

    The shape of his head always reminds me of an egg,and always with a stupid look on his face. What a piece of shit this guy is.

  14. GatsbyGal says:

    …the fuck is he wearing? It’s like the tiled floor of a 50′s diner threw up all over him.

    I hope there comes a day when I’m in a position to significantly damage Nick Hogan.

  15. snowball says:

    That whole family is weird. They all have a whiff of batsh!t crazy about them.

    And after what happened with his first accident, I can’t believe that kid still has a license either. And someone had to supply him with a car.

    Since Brooke is trying to emulate Anna Nicole lately, I guess Nick thinks he’s a low-cost version of Eminem.

  16. Firestarter says:

    Sorry, but how on earth is he allowed to have driver’s licenses in different states?

    That is news to me that you can have multiple drivers licenses from various states.

  17. nanster says:

    @ firestarter – read “Nick Hogan Drives Again” at

  18. Jag says:

    I don’t trust this, and think it was something, but they swept it under the rug. They have it on film, three officers catching Nick for speeding on the same day, and only the last one doing anything to him. I don’t know what he’s got over the PD, but it’s insane to me how often they let him off completely, or with just a warning – even in different states.

    He still has a California license? That’s unreal. Here in NC, I think if you do something to get your license revoked elsewhere, it applies here, too, but I might be wrong. All states should care whether someone almost killed their passenger by racing, so should hold the person to the same standard in their own state.

  19. SolitaryAngel says:

    Too bad he didn’t end up a vegetable—now THAT would be karma.

    The 50′s diner threw up on him? LOLOLOL

  20. GeminiGirl says:

    I believe his license was suspended, but he is allowed to drive to and from work and/or in this case “Charity Events”

    Still a Douche. I want to know who caused this accident. Why didn’t they give details??

  21. Well at least nothing devastating happened. Things could have been much much worse.

    No one was injured and there wasn’t even a police report.

    A simple mistake.