Sources: Sienna Miller is still bangin’ Balthazar Getty & Slinky Wizard


This morning, I read a little item in Page Six about Sienna Miller reuniting with her alleged ex, Slinky Wizard (George Barker). It was an innocuous little report about the two of them shopping for vintage lingerie together, and how it looked like Sienna and Slinky were still together, despite the reports that they had split.

That was fast! Just days after Sienna Miller reportedly gave DJ Slinky Wizard the kiss-off, the PDA-friendly couple was shopping for vintage (but never worn) underwear in SoHo. Our spies caught the Broadway beauty and the Brit disc-spinner (real name, George Barker) snapping up the old-style undies, a “Heart Print” crop top and other items at Only Hearts on Mott Street yesterday.

“They seemed very much a couple,” said our snitch. “George was talking about how he was excited about their plans for the night.”

Last weekend, reports out of London had Miller dumping the Slink-man because she wasn’t up for a transatlantic romance.

“That didn’t look to be the case,” our spy said. And, despite seeming to be a bit behind schedule, Miller “was very pleasant and kind,” said our witness. “She left some pieces in the dressing room when she left and apologized to the staff for not bringing them back out to put on the selling floor.”

[From Page Six]

She tried on underwear and then left it on the floor of the dressing room? God, Sienna is so gross. Anyway, when I talked about Sienna’s alleged Slinky split earlier this week, I even noted that I thought there was a possibility that Sienna and Balthazar Getty could be secretly dating still. Now the Blathy has hit the fan! Michael K at Dlisted pointed out that Gawker has a source who claims that Sienna was actually with Balthy at Only Hearts, not Slinky. Gawker claims: “We don’t know who’s right, but our snitch says she also saw Sienna shopping at the Only Hearts store in SoHo, but she wasn’t with Nobody Beats the Wiz, but with Balthazar Getty. We don’t know who is right, and actually it is kinda hard to tell them apart.” Michael K even pulled a report from Pop Sugar (photos here)from earlier this week – where Balthy and Sienna were getting manicures together! Son of a…

Sienna Miller was in a shaggy coat to walk her dog Bess in NYC yesterday, but her company this afternoon was a little more unexpected — she was spotted getting manicures and massages alongside none other than Balthazar Getty.

The duo tried to go incognito and looked a little shaken up when they realized they’d been spotted. Sienna took off with Bess for another stroll, leaving Balthazar to head elsewhere in his Dodgers cap.

It was recently rumored that Sienna has officially parted ways from her Summer fling, George “Slinky Wizard” Barker, and Jude Law’s reps shot down whispers of their reconciliation. Sienna’s love life is never dull, but it looks like Balthazar’s back in the picture even if George and Jude aren’t.

[From Pop Sugar]

I totally believe that Balthy and Sienna are still together. I think they’ve always been together, and they’ve just been keeping their affair on the downlow because of all of the horrible press they both got. I think Sienna may have briefly dated Slinky Wizard, but her heart wasn’t in it, probably because there was too little drama. I can’t wait for Sienna’s next round of “f-ck off, I was naïve about Balthy” interviews. There’s probably even a topless vacation with Balthy in her future!

Here’s Sienna taking her dog for a walk in New York City this morning. Images thanks to BauerGriffinOnline.

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  1. Firestarter says:

    I think she is just hangin’ with Slinky Wizard because she likes his “cool” name. Her heart belongs to Balthy!

  2. Sumodo says:

    Hey, everybody, speaking of sluts, a fat (preggers?) Mariah Cary just walked onstage on “Ellen” in a barely long enough sweater dress and black stockings held up by visible garters!!!
    The crowd went nuts, and I think she flashed her cooch to Ellen. No shizz, my peeps, this was the tackiest MooMoo ever!

  3. Pole says:

    I think she’s still with Balthy too. I doubt they were ever apart.

  4. Iggles says:

    Ok, MC has nothing to do with this post.

    Anyway, Sienna and Balthy are so gross. They deserve each other.

  5. Sumodo says:

    @Iggles Back to Sluttyenna, if Balthy can’t help himself, it’s his mess. I wonder if Mrs. Getty can make bank??? Maybe the longer this plays out in public, the more she can get. CA law is nuts, and if he is indeed an heir to the Getty fortune, (and does not have a ‘nup) cha-CHING!

  6. Lindsay says:

    Sumodo – He doesn’t have his inheritance yet… once he sees that money his wife is going to become less forgiving very quickly. The fact all of this has played out so publicly can’t hurt her case.

  7. Sister Mary Francis says:

    oh who cares what this nobody does with her mud flaps! Shes nothing

  8. Teri says:

    I’ll bet his wife didn’t know he’d stepped out to get a booty call.

    She’s prolly banging them both. What a ho breath loser!!!

    I wonder if Slinky know he was only there to buy her underwear.

  9. birdie says:

    @ Sumodo… I looked into this out of curiousity. In terms of their divorce settlement, the divorce would be based on the day of separation, not the legal end of the marriage. There are several high profile cases where the dissolution of marriage date was disputed due to monetary compensation. Anyway, Balthazar does not have a huge trust fund, his side of the family doesn’t have access to the Getty fortune. So, I can’t for the life of me figure out why Balthazar’s wife refuses to divorce him. Maybe she simply does not want the father of her children to bring a step-mother into the picture.

  10. Trashaddict says:

    Back with that punk B.G.? No wonder she looks depressed lately.