Sienna Miller probably split with drama-less, unmarried DJ boyfriend

It may be over for Sienna Miller and her utterly drama-less unmarried boyfriend, DJ Slinky Wizard, also known as George Barker. After spending some time making out and humping in front of photographers and various media types for a few months over the summer, Slinky seems to be out of sight and out of mind. I think this report originated in the British tabloids – Starpulse claims it’s source as the Sunday Mirror, but I can’t find the original report. Even though the sourcing is iffy, I’ve been thinking for about a month now that Sienna and Slinky are likely kaput. He hasn’t been in New York at all for her Broadway show, they haven’t been photographed together in a while, and Sienna can’t live without drama:

Sienna Miller has reportedly ended her relationship with British DJ Slinky Wizard – because of her work commitments in the U.S. The actress had been dating the beatmaker – real name George Barker – since July but recently moved over to New York for her turn in Broadway production After Miss Julie.

And it seems the pair was unable to maintain their romance with the distance of the Atlantic between them, according to Britain’s Sunday Mirror newspaper.

A source tells the publication, “We had all hoped Sienna and George would be a long-term relationship. They always looked so happy together. But they realized it wasn’t going to last the distance with Sienna being out in New York with the play for the foreseeable future, so they agreed to part ways.”

“Long-distance love isn’t something they were prepared to do and it was a mutual thing that they decided to part. They’ll remain pals and who knows what the future will bring?”

[From Starpulse]

There are several interesting aspects of this report – mainly because Sienna never stays single for long, and because of who she’s been hanging out with while in New York. While I had fears that she would get her claws into a very married Jonny Lee Miller, it’s now looking like Sienna has been trying to get back with Jude Law, her one-time fiancée. Reports have been surfacing that Jude and Sienna have been spending time together in New York (where Jude is also doing a play). And Sienna The Drama Queen is returning to weep energetically in front of the paparazzi. What does it all mean?

The pressure of acting on Broadway a block away from ex Jude Law is apparently getting to Sienna Miller. The beauty got teary on the street when the paparazzi asked her about Law as she walked her dog in the West Village Thursday morning.

A spy said, “Just before she got home, she had an outburst, told the photographers to [bleep] off and burst into tears.”

Law’s rep has denied reports he and Miller were rekindling their romance. They broke up in 2006 when Law’s affair with his children’s nanny was revealed.

[From Page Six]

You know who has been left unmentioned? Balthazar Getty. I still think Balthy and Sienna are at the very least still in contact, still loosely “dating”, but that’s just my theory. Balthy gave a quote to OK! Magazine recently where he was asked about Sienna. Balthy said: “It’s very difficult when you read about your own love life. It’s hard to have to share that with the world.” Sounds awfully… current, doesn’t it? So, if I was putting money on this, I’d say there’s another topless vacation with Balthy happening at some point, but there’s also a possibility of a drama-filled reunion with Jude.

Sienna Miller is shown taking her dog for a walk in NY on 10/3009 (black purse; Credit: Pacific Coast News, and on 10/29/09 (red purse; Credit: Fame Pictures

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  1. sunseeker says:


    Spot on, I have always thought that Balti and Miller are still together, just keeping a low profile. Slinky was just a smoke screen while on Broadway and of course no drama. If you look back on photo’s of them together you can see the body language, Miller definitely not interested sexually or otherwise.
    Sorry about last post, false nails got in the way.

  2. Green Is Good says:

    Of course Skankienna and DJ whatever broke up. He wasn’t married. She loves a challenge. It feeds her gargantuan ego when she hooks a married guy.

  3. Jazz says:

    Of course they broke up. If he doesn’t have a wedding ring she’s not interested.

  4. Pole says:

    Another of course from me. If there’s no drama she’s not interested. I think she’s still with Balty too. No way is Jude getting back with her. He usually never comments on his private life so it’s quite saying that he’s choosing to comment of the rumour IMO.

  5. Julia says:

    I don’t quite get why everybody seems to have such a hate-on for Sienna. Yes, she hooked up with married men, but why is nobody coming down on the married men in question? They were complicit in the activities, they were hardly dragged, kicking and screaming, from the marital bower. THEY are the cheaters and the skanks, to me. Sienna is single, and thus not committed. No, having affairs with married men is not particularly admirable or moral, but Sienna or anybody would have no power over a married man who did not choose to be “led astray”. Cast the blame where the blame is due.

  6. danielle says:

    I think the guys are definitly to blame, but I do think some women (and some men) try to go after attached people as a challenge/ego trip. And I think you’re right, it’s not admirable or moral, and if Sienna’s getting flack for her actions, she’s a big girl.

  7. RR Fields says:

    She is too hot for any man to resist.

  8. Pole says:

    @Julia: She wasn’t single when she got together with Balty. She was with Rhys Ifans. Just like she dumped a boy friend she had been living with awfully quick right before she got together with Jude. There seems to be a pattern with her.

    Besides – it’s totally obvious that Balty is an ass. It hardly needs to be mentioned. He is however not all over the scene talking about how evil people are for calling him a cheater. Sienna always plays a victim and never owns her mistakes. That makes her worth quite a bit of flack IMO.

  9. Ashley says:

    I agree with Julia and while you’re right she is in the public eye and should be used to the flak I think sometimes it goes to far (like spraypainting slut or whore across her front door?). When it comes to the BG affair though I definitely blame Getty. The man had no respect for his wife and 4(!) children. And his wife doesn’t seem to care he cheated because there were pictures a few days ago of them together.

  10. Teri says:

    Face it, if he ain’t married, she ain’t interested. I bet her and Getty are still together, and reuniting around Chistmas.

  11. Celestial says:

    What I don’t get is that she and many other actors claim they have no privacy and are constantly hounded by paps, but then somehow(by this report) her and Jude managed to see each other again in New York without getting photographed by one single pap?
    Either this report is false or actors lie.

  12. jj says:

    Breaking news, SM and BG spotted together in NYC; it appears the Wizard “romance” was just a cover to save the movie and play. The GI Joe and Broadway producers must have insisted the Getty affair be buried. Well silly us, both are just as disgusting as ever. Balty’s career has been over for a while, still looks like an addict. After this play closes, her’s will be also. Nothing lined up, both waiting for his inheritance. Wish them both a miserable life.

  13. Cirque says:

    Stupid trying hard actress was recently seen with Getty during a pedicure/manicure in New York. He was apparently shaken for being spotted with her. Enough of the lying and hiding from the public and just do what Cibrian and Rimes had done. These two pairs (Getty & Sienna, Leann and Eddie) deserve to crash together.Good luck to these two miserable pair and hopefully his wife will ask for her just dues soon from him.