Joe Jackson says Michael’s worth more dead than alive


Joe Jackson has a unique ability to put his foot in his mouth. Well more than that really, because putting your foot in your mouth implies it was unintentional or you at least take a normal level of care about what you say. Joe does not. He says whatever he feels like, regardless of how it’ll likely come across to others. That’s how we get to today’s example. Joe says his deceased son Michael is worth more dead than alive. How thoughtful.

Joe Jackson says that Michael is making a bigger impact than ever since his June death from an apparent drug overdose.

“He’s worth more dead than when he was alive,” Joe, 80, tells “Extra” in an interview that airs Thursday night. “I’d rather have him alive.”

As Michael’s movie “This Is It” rakes in $2.2 million in the box office, Joe adds, “When he was living, they didn’t show this.” Joe admits he wasn’t on board with the flick at first, which documents Michael rehearsing for his comeback tour of the same name.

“I didn’t know what ‘This Is It’ meant,” says Joe, who spoke to “Extra” in Las Vegas at the unveiling of a celebrity star honoring him and his famous family. But the movie allows him to remember Michael “as I knew him best: performing and dancing on stage. Entertaining people,” he says.

Hearing Michael’s songs make Joe “very emotional,” he admits. He sometimes sheds tears “when I’m off to myself and I start thinking about things that we went through,” he says. “No one will ever see me, though.” He has harsher feelings for his son’s doctor, Conrad Murray, who is currently under investigation on manslaughter charges.

Joe says if he saw Murray, he’d “knock him out.”

[From Extra]

You know Joe has never seen his children as anything other than dollar signs. And he’s not going to bother to clarify what he meant, which I think was that Michael has received a huge amount of renewed interest since his death. Joe chose to phrase it as cruelly as possible of course. But it’s true that Michael has gotten more public sympathy and people have been much more curious about him since he passed away.

But really, all Joe Jackson cares about is how much money he can make off Michael. And I’m sure he’s getting a lot more now that Michael is dead than when Michael was alive. I’d like to say that maybe Joe isn’t in full possession of his faculties anymore, but he’s always been this way, by most accounts. Michael’s memory deserves to be honored, instead of Joe plundering it.

Here’s Joe Jackson being “honored” with a Brenden Celebrity Star at the Brenden Theatres at the Palms Resort Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas last night. Sickening. Images thanks to .

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  1. Anna says:

    What a classless, tactless, horrible thing to say. Seing as it’s Joe the Tyrant though, I’m sadly not surprised.

  2. flo says:

    Well he is to Joe.

  3. snowball says:

    He gives pigs a bad name.

    I’m glad the kids were given to Katherine, with explicit instructions that Joe was not allowed to even try to parent any of them.

  4. Anastasia says:

    Yuck, what a horrible, vile man.

  5. audrey says:

    WOW – those green eyes and painted over eyebrows and mustache make him look so sinister. How can he not be aware (or care) about how he sounds?

  6. Sumodo1 says:

    If his grandkids hear this, they will hate him forever.

  7. Isn’t “This Is It” the rehearsals for MJ’s planned London shows? If he was alive, why would you watch this movie if you could see him live?

  8. Trillion says:

    He looks like a shrunken apple being blasted with a hot blowdryer.

  9. flo says:

    Hairdryers do have uses!

  10. Cheyenne says:

    Will somebody PLEASE cut this sack of shit’s tongue out — preferably with a pair of very dull scissors — and shove it up his ass?

  11. Vermithrax says:

    Of course he says that. He’s a piece of $#@!!

  12. Cheyenne says:

    @ snowball: I don’t trust Katherine around a glass corner. She didn’t protect her own children from that pig and she won’t protect her grandchildren. The children should be with Rebbie. She will see Joe Jackson in hell before she lets him get within a mile of the kids.

  13. nAynAy says:

    He’s really proving what a low-life P.O.S. he is!

  14. Westender says:

    I read once that the reason Michael Jackson had so much plastic surgery was to avoid looking like his father when he got older. After seeing this picture I can understand why! This man is a horrible excuse for a father! I hope Katherine has made provisions for Rebbie Jackson to care for Michael’s children if something should happen to her. Joseph should not have any influence over those children

  15. Juice In LA says:

    I purposefully never read or open a joe jackson link- until today. This headline infuriates me. I did not read the “story”, I just scrolled to the comments in order to beg you- and everyone else in the media and the blogoshpere (oh yes, I used that word…) to stop reporting anything this man says or does.

    Its the only way to make him go away.

    I’d rather -on a daily basis- hear about how Pappa Lohan, Jon Goesslin and Joe Francis are forming a joint venture to produce Phat Pappas Gone Wild, narrated by Ed Hardy – and be force to watch uneditted film clips from their live footage than ever be reminded of Joe Jackson’s existence again.

    ps: I am aware that “Ed Hardy” doesn’t exist- I just don’t care to learn how to spell Awesome Auger’s name.

  16. cakes says:

    @ dead pirate cuervo: The movie was made in tribute to his death. They are clips from rehersals that were probably going to end up on the concerts DVD had he stayed alive.
    He looks like the kind of guy that hangs around the adult video shops and hits on girls that are way too young for him. This guy is what I call a Creepy McCreeperton.

  17. temeneos says:


    ok, well how much money is enough?

    Hasn’t bought you an ounce of class…

  18. Firestarter says:

    He is such a disgrace! There is nothing else to say.

    ITA Cheyenne.

  19. GatsbyGal says:

    Holy shit, I’ve never in my life seen a scarier-looking man.

  20. masquedance says:

    @ Juice in LA – you said it all! I’d rather read 100 posts about those other douches than read even 1 more about Joe Jackson. I wish I hadn’t even clicked on it; just when I think it’s not possible to hate him more he proves me wrong!!

  21. Jo 'Mama' Besser says:

    @Cheyenne: I agree entirely. Obviously, I don’t know any of these people from Adam, and I understand that things were tougher then, and likely, he had some sick hold on her as well to keep her in silence. But it isn’t as if she didn’t have resources. Her children toured the world and had a bloody variety show.

    What was the reason? Was she afraid of controversy? Well, good thing they’ve never courted it. Was it money? I think that the only accurate way to calculate what they spend on rhinoplasty would to be ask NASA. And what about any of the people in the entertainment industry for that matter? Are you honestly going to tell me that not one single freaking person alive knew anything about the abuse? I know that parents have become more lenient and less beholden to corporal punishment. Black parents tend to employ corporal punishment more often, but there is a gaping difference between a spanking and rendering your kid sterile. I guess everyone was too interested in following the money to actually give a hooping funt about the horrifying abuse that those kids endured. I just hate, hate, hate it when mothers are so demure and deferential about the king of the castle and how he rules the roots, ugh, it’s bull-cakes. You are not a character in DAVID COPPERFIELD, there HAS to have been another way, somewhere!

    I suffered abuse in my childhood, and every night I would ache for someone to pay attention to what was so clearly evident and just go ‘swoop!’. That’s all you can do when you’re so little and so afraid, and that’s why adults have to take charge. So, you know what? I’m never, ever going to get on the Katherine Jackson Love Bus. Joe beat them, and Katherine let him. She had a say, too. One part of me keeps saying, ‘don’t judge, you don’t have the facts and you don’t have the right’, but the other side wonders where the advocates for these kids whose home was turned into a Dickensian workhouse?

    Did some of the members of that family–one becoming adults– make some bad decisions? You tell me, Jermajesty. Should they have taken initiative to try and sort themselves out? To the extent that they could in the distorted Hall of Mirrors of their lives? Mmm-hmm. That doesn’ mean that I don’t think ‘screw you’ whenever I see either of their faces. Sorry.

    Does he not have the most malevolent eyes this side of David Miscavige? Those two would make Rasputin quake.

  22. Rio says:

    Y’know, I never could quite figure out what Joe Jackson looks like until I saw the header/link picture…perhaps this has been burned into my memory, being an impressionable Wee Child in the late ’80s and early ’90s, but remember the California Raisins?
    Dead. Ringer.

  23. I Choose Me says:

    @Cheyenne – the scissors or his tongue?

  24. IFeelSorryForTheKids says:

    I agree with Westender that MJ had all that surgery to not look like his father, however, the harder he tried the more MJ looked like Joe. Sad how grown children end up doing exactly what they are trying to avoid or get away from. The whole family has issues!!! Which brings me to my main point…I personally WOULD NOT let this family buy a pet from me!!! Those children HAD and WILL HAVE very scary lives!!!

  25. I’m sorry but his face looks like its melting. I also think that he is a jerk.

  26. xxzeon says:

    Total piece of garbage

  27. Jazz says:

    I read an interview with director John Landis recently where he said “Joe Jackson is a pig, and you can quote me”.

  28. barneslr says:

    The wrong Jackson died.

  29. Victoria says:

    He’s so creepy looking it’s not even funny. I think the media shoud give us a break and NOT put his photo with post about him. Dude just exudes creepiness. Dude doesnt need a Halloween costume! Oh man what a great costume idea! Dress up as Joe Jackson! You’d need a black suit and a sharpie! haha

  30. Firestarter says:

    Heck Joe, why not get the man out of his crypt and put him on display like King Tut!

  31. Cheyenne says:

    @ Choose me: Both.

  32. joe son says:

    Look at his face, he looks exactly like a pitbull

  33. Sigh. says:

    Hey Joe, let’s run some life v death numbers on you…see how that goes.

  34. network says:

    i also think he is some part look nice. Huh?