Jon Gosselin has “exclusive” deal with ET; kids acting out for attention

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Remember when everyone praised Jon Gosselin for shutting down production of the TLC reality show “Jon and Kate Plus 8,” saying the show was harmful to his children? Folks were suspicious of the timing of his sudden attack of parenting, since this was immediately on the heels of TLC pushing Jon out of the show. Jon insisted on “The Larry King Show” that he pulled the plug on the show because the kids’ privacy was important to him, and he didn’t want them on TV while he and Kate were divorcing.

Looks like Jon didn’t so much have a problem with the media invading his children’s lives – as long as he gets to pick which outlet. Jon seems to have struck a deal with Entertainment Tonight, beginning with that rapid-fire roundtable session earlier this week on the show, where Nancy Grace handed Jon’s genitals to him on a silver platter. But it doesn’t stop there. According to TMZ, Jon struck a deal with the TV show to film daughters’ Mady and Cara’s birthday party – including permission to send an ET film crew to the family home.

We’re told Jon has struck a deal with a TV show to allow it to film his kids’ birthday party today — this is the same Jon who doesn’t want his kids filmed on “Kate Plus 8.” To that, Kate’s lawyer, Mark Momjian, tells TMZ “I’ve never seen a greater hallmark for hypocrisy personified.”

[From TMZ]

Entertainment Tonight also posted this “exclusive” story (I used that term very loosely) about what Jon gave his twins for their birthday:

ET has exclusively learned what Jon Gosselin has given his twin girls for their ninth birthdays. Read on for details…

Sources tell only ET that Jon’s birthday gift to daughter Mady was a laptop, while he gifted daughter Cara with an ATV that will be delivered in seven days.

Check back here for the latest.

[By Entertainment Tonight]

Wow! I can sleep better tonight knowing that Jon gave his kids a laptop. I can’t wait to hear the next “exclusive” from Entertainment Tonight, revealing how the girls Googled their parents on that new laptop and promptly ran away from home.

Meanwhile, US Weekly is reporting that the 8 Gosselin children are having — surprise, surprise– some behavior problems as they get shoved to the side during their parents’ bitter divorce battle.

Jon Gosselin said he and estranged wife Kate “kept it cordial” Thursday for his twins’ 9th birthday party, but sources tell the new issue of Us Weekly that the eight Gosselin children are suffering from their parents’ public war of words.

“They are confused and distraught and are acting out all the time in an effort to get attention from their parents,” a source tells Us Weekly.

Last week, the two engaged in a heated battle, with Jon, 32, trying to halt production on their newly titled TLC show, Kate Plus 8, claiming it is hurting his kids. Kate, 34, shot back this past Monday, claiming that Jon removed $230,000 from their joint account, leaving her with bills. Jon called her claims a “total fabrication” and said that Kate has been “hiding money.” He even went as far as telling Entertainment Tonight that twins Cara and Mady’s Oct. 8 birthday party could wind up being “WWIII.”

As the bickering continue, sources tells Us Weekly neither parent seems to care how the kids — the sextuplets Hannah, Leah, Alexis, Joel, Aaden and Collin are 5-years old – are faring.

“She barely talks to them,” a Kate confidant tells Us Weekly. “The nannies are doing 95 percent of the work. Kate has a short attention span, and everything upsets her.”

As for Jon, “he can’t stay at home with them,” says a Jon source, who overheard the bad dad asking a paparazzo what time the kids were due home from school. “He gets annoyed when they interrupt him when he’s on the phone.”

[From Us Weekly]

Is there any way we can force Jon and Kate into a “Thunderdome“-style death match and let someone else raise these children? They could host it on Pay Per View and the proceeds would go toward the kids’ psychiatric care. But instead of “Two men enter, one man leaves,” it’s not over until they’re both dead. Or at least, unable to speak. That would be awesome.

Here’s Jon signing autographs outside of UPS yesterday. Images thanks to .

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  1. elvisgrace says:

    Give the kids to Aunt Jodi.

  2. LALA Land says:

    Sigh.. Those poor kids do not have a chance with those two! Sad.

  3. Anastasia says:

    I’ve been saying all along it’s better to be Team Kids than on the side of EITHER one of these immature dorksnorkler grifters.

  4. Beth says:

    I was just watching a couple of entertainment shows and Jon was holding press conferences at the busstop and at his house. I had to laugh when one of the paps said “If you wanted to spend so much time with the kids, why are you outside talking to the paps?” Jon then said he wanted everybody off of the property. Priceless. I can’t believe people think he quit the show for the kids. It was obvious that since he wasn’t on the show he wasn’t going to let Kate make money either. Not to mention he was trying to get his own reality show.

  5. cara says:

    I think that HE should just go the f%$k away and let Kate regroup and try to figure out how to live in her new role as single mom to eight under the age of nine!!!!!!! YIKES

    and who cares if she has nannies, she needs them

  6. domestic goddess says:

    Definitely Team Jodi/Kevin. Kate asking for child support? Give me a break! She asks for a divorce and is getting what she wants. She’s off galavanting all over the US doing this interview and that, yet faults Jon for doing the same. (Neither one of them are right IMO). She’s been taking credit for writing books that she never wrote (and sorry a 48pg photo album isn’t a book!)and presumably has keeping the profits from same. She’s insane. Dangerously so. Why 3 law firms? How much is that costing? They should be criminally charged for child abuse … IMO.

  7. domestic goddess says:

    Now that my laundry’s done … :) … just reading yet another article (can’t miss it on the front page of People) that she is whining that she has so many expenses now that Jon “took” the money. Um .. well if Kate was in charge of the books, let’s see now – free clothing, free trips, free holidays, (none of which Jon has participated in), limosines, clothing, spa days/manicures/pedicures/breast implants or lift … where has all your money gone Kate, when from all accounts Jon is paying his share of the support payments? I just can’t get past the fact that she asked for a divorce. She didn’t want to have a husband who stood up for himself so he said adios. His timing with Hailey is bad, granted, but then again, when a person has been abused emotionally, verbally and spiritually for as long as he was (and having been a domestic abuse counsellor, this is true of both men and women), they will often seek the wrong type of attention. He now seems to have kindness and support from Hailey, and who are we to judge him for that? I just wish they would let the kids go to Jodi and Kevin for the time being, and let Jon and Kate sort this all out. This isn’t about the money folks. It never is. This is about a woman scorned, who created this situation with her need to have children she was never meant to have, who took advantage of a man who loved her deeply, and has profitted over and over again from her children. I don’t begrudge Jon his cars. She has everything else. She runs it all. So she is right out of order for asking for support of any kind from anyone.

  8. Jane says:

    To think of all the money they spent to have those children, all the money wasted on enabling their ‘personas’ and all the money still wasted to keep them in the major media that was Wasted.

    I need to smoke, these two kill me.

  9. OXA says:

    He did not sign a deal to film the kids, he wants them off tv. I think Kate’s PR team put out this rumour to make him look bad.

  10. bb says:

    I get annoyed when my kid interrupts me while I’m on the phone, too. I don’t see how that’s OMG BAD PARENTING. Bad parenting is putting your kids on tv and broadcasting the details of your dirty divorce to the entire world.

  11. texasmom says:

    I vote for MSat’s plan! Those poor, poor kids.

  12. amanda says:

    I am so disgusted with these two parents. I really don’t understand how the children don’t have an advocate, considering their financial stake in this entired disaster. Even more important, no one seems to be standing up for their emotional well-being. I cannot imagine the nightmare of being the Gosselin children right now. Worse still- they are stuck with those worthless, greedy, fools for parents for the rest of their lives. The lying, public opinion-playing, tabloid/talk show monopolozing, public statement making, document releasing, fake tear shedding, money wasting, child abusing couple from hell should really just stay married. They seem perfect for each other. Equally gross.

  13. GatsbyGal says:

    There are so many loving couples out there who are unable to have kids, to whom eight children would be the most amazing and cherished blessing. And Jon and Kate have squandered and ruined their chance at raising these poor youngsters.

    These kids are recieving no love from their parents, no attention, no support. They don’t get to come home from school and tell their mommy about the games they played at recess or the good grades they got. They go home and see that dad is not there (again), and mom is talking on the phone in the study and she sounds angry. Their nanny makes them a snack and then they watch tv. Then mom leaves to meet with her lawyer. Dinner comes and goes and then their nanny puts them to bed. I imagine that’s how it is every day for them.

  14. kelly says:

    I actually feel terrible for John. He is obviously easily lead. I think Kate no matter how harsh she was…which she was and she needs to work on that. John is now surrounded by people who want what they think he will be worth. They are not true friends. Kate atleast has the best interest of the children and John did before all of this. He needs real friends to help pull him back to reality. John if you are reading this…..I am praying for you because you are a good man deep inside. Get away from the celebrity side of your life and get with your true friends. Own what you have done wrong and sit down with Kate and make all of this go away. You have the power to do that.

  15. Westender says:

    Kate and Jon will be in the tabloids for years to come, we better all get used to it. Just wait until one of these two jokers remarries!!!

  16. birdie says:

    @ domestic goddess… are you from the same planet as the rest of us?

    You seem to have some personal issues regarding divorce, as in “I just can’t get past the fact that she asked for a divorce.”

    With the way this divorce has played out, I find it hard not to see Kate as the more capable, caring and aware parent. Jon is oblivious and vain, and all those things you listed that Kate got for free — what about the things Jon got? Motorcycles, hair plugs, lasik eye surgery, ATVs, etc, etc. Kate was not the only one benefitting from freebies, so why only notice or list hers? Because she asked for a divorce?

    “who took advantage of a man who loved her deeply”
    Jon has explicitly stated he “despises” Kate and loves his mistress more than he ever loved her. In my eyes that is NOT loving someone deeply.

    “She didn’t want to have a husband who stood up for himself so he said adios”… Uh she didn’t want a husband who had mistresses all over the place (Deanna Hummel, Hailey, Kate Major, Stephanie Sortoro, prostitutes in Vegas, etc ,etc) and a husband who spent money erratically like a drunken sailor. I think those gifts that he gave his 9 year olds exemplify his obliviousness and negligence. A 9 year old is way too young to be riding around on an ATV or to be surfing the internet all by themselves. They are expensive gifts, and really inappropriate for the girl’s age.

    As for his exclusive deal, he is such a hypocrite and has such bad legal counseling. I hope Kate takes him to the cleaners and back. Jon is a fool. He’s vapid and he thinks we can’t see that there is a complete disconnect between his words and his actions. As in “the show is bad for my kids” because TLC has written him out, and signing up for his own exclusive coverage with ET which supposedly isn’t bad for his kids? So he really believes that exclusive coverage on a petty gossip show will hurt his children less than their TLC show which just filmed their lives.

  17. Aspie says:

    Finally! A story that gives equally balanced coverage of both Jon and Kate’s douche-like behavior.

    I’m so sick of the “St. Kate” stories and “praise Kate, she’s raising 8 kids on her own (uh yeah, right)” comments, as if Jon is the only one doing wrong.

    They both don’t deserve to have all of the money and attention that they’re getting for being the kid of parents that they’re being right now.

    They need to focus on the basics of just being better parent to their children.

  18. BeenThere,DoneThat says:

    There is a helluva lot more going on behind the scenes than what hits the media. If Kate’s nuts, it’s because she’s living in fear that this asshole she married is going to be legally allowed to eff up everybody’s life – the court system is like that, pro-male/ anti-female. She’s smart – she’s played it cool letting SpermDonor eff up publicly over and over. This is all damaging his character. Once the divorce is finalized and the court limits SpermDonor’s ability to wreck havoc on the kids, Kate and the bank accounts, she’ll feel safer and be a more functional parent. Reality parenting is a lot different from Text Book parenting. We all react differently in these situations but at the end of the day, inside we’re all human and basically 17 years old. Without a support system to walk us through it we’re on our own trying to decide how to handle it. It’s hard to be the perfect anything when your heart is smashed in million pieces and all you have is invisible tape to try and put it back together. It’ll neveer be the same and with 8 kids, when does this chick ever have time to *process*?
    SpermDonor and Haley the Ho are drinking their faces off to the tune of $230,000. Kates there with the kids. She might not be SuperMom right now, but she’s there. Most jackasses of Spermdonor’s calibre divorce the kids with the wife; give it time – he’ll disappear …. if he’s not mistaken for a whale and harpooned on some beach.

  19. Faedra says:

    Jon Gosselin is a habitual liar. He changes his song and dace to the tune at the time. He’s on tape in interviews stating 1) I don’t want my kids on television during the divorce, YET he is accepting $$$ from Entertainment Tonight (enablers!) to film the kids at home for the twins birthday party. 2) He stated they (all 10 of them total) EARNED $1,000,000.00 last year OF WHICH they NETTED $500,000. Jon is on record as having bought his mistress Haily Glassman a $70,000 SUV, he has bought himself a) BMW + b) Mercedes + c) Custom Harley Davidson motorcycle + d) trip to Italy with Hailey for two weeks + many gifts to his “other” g/f. How much of the $500,000 do you think went to the joint bank account that required BOTH to agree to draw money to keep the home and kids going? out of which Jon withdrew over a six week period $177,000 that he admits to? Jon only pulled the plug on the TLC show Jon & Kat Plus 8 when it became Kate Plus 8 about a suddenly single mom of 8 kids ages 9 and under trying to support them by WORKING (ya hearing this Jon who hasn’t worked in over five years?) Jon also admitted on televisioned interview that TLC does NOT pay the mortgage on either of the two homes they are paying on, nor do they buy food, clothes, etc. They are paid a salary. Kate handles the money much better than Jon who was throwing fits about “money Kate has stashed away”…yea, Kate “stashed away” $80,000 in a TRUST FUND for the 8 kids…geesh Jon, your 8 kids share slightly more than the total you spent on your mistress’ SUV…what a dad. Go Kate! You are a strong woman with morals and responsibility…Good Luck!

  20. Yae says:

    The whole explosion would be of small issue if they just simply chose to not have so many children.
    People really need to think of stability when they decide to reproduce.

    I had ONE child and it has been a constant struggle since my husband left us. **I got sterilized to avoid another human having to endure my struggle.**

    People THINK before you have a child (gawd or multiples).

    Just raging reproductive stupidity.

  21. domestic goddess says:

    Birdie: Why attack me personally?

    I watched this series from the start. She’s abusive plain and simple. I never said I agree with how Jon is handling or not handling things. I am saying that for 10 years until this all came to light, Jon was a good father. I think aside from all this crap he still is. His kids will tell him off worse than any of us could. As for Kate, she’s a parasite. Pleading poverty while living in a million dollar house? Give it a break. There’s a pattern here – anytime anyone, including family and friends, stand up to Kate, she gets rid of them. Jon is the latest. And yes I do have an issue with parents who can’t keep their kids out of the fray, and use the kids against a parent, which is what Kate probably has done – if that is having an issue with divorce, so be it. And Jon was working – like Kate the show is the job! Good grief, the past several months do not wipe out that Jon has been there for the kids for the past 10 years though I’m sure Kate would love to take all the credit for that as well. Kate is not honest, and that is more than evident. She just knows how to play people. Jon isn’t crafty enough and thank god for that! The custom Harley was given to him but then taken away by TLC because he wasn’t doing what he was told …
    Until both of them get out of the media /gravy train they are both as bad as each other. What gets me is how everyone that is so pro Kate, can say her abusive ways have been ok? Well if I was Mady, and I heard the things Kate has said about me, as a child, on national tv, I’d be biding my time til the book came out. Kate is vile. Jon is just f….d up.

  22. gg says:

    I’m kinda with Kelly on this – John has no idea what he’s doing and is being led by the nose by people who don’t have his family’s best interests at heart, and never have.

    But I think these kids should never have been force-fed into the family all at once like this.

  23. domestic goddess says:

    I am still curious as to why Kate needs three different law firms? Sounds like overkill (read bullying tactics) to me. And where is that money coming from?
    I’d love to see proof that there is enough money in trust for the kids as Kate as stated. If that is the case, and the kids’ funds are safe, then let Kate and Jon duke it out, while Jodi and Kevin look after the kids. At least then the kids will have two people who want to focus on THEM.

  24. domestic goddess says:

    Re:the “freebies”. Lol … didn’t realise I had to defend myself here. Jon got hairplugs – big deal. He didn’t get the motorcycle after all. He apologised for what he said about Kate. He’s allowed to do that. I just wish he would do it in privacy, with Kate and get on with life. As for Kate, sorry but I don’t know many “single” mums that can afford all that she has – when I started seeing that Kate was more concerned about she was looking (prior to their “fake” renewal ceremony), I had a feeling things were changing, and not for the better. When he stated that he didn’t want to continue with the show (the final episode of 4), it probably had alot to do with Kate not being home alot, and him looking after the kids. Why is he different than women who complain that their husbands are never home, and they never get a break from the kids? Kate got a taste of fame, and she’s riding it for whatever she can get, no matter who she steps on. It has nothing to do with the children. I will never believe that. Since not one of us here, have ever had to live with Kate, or do business with her, and given that Jon is the only one who does know her, I believe him when he says there’s alot more to this than meets the eye. Kate wraps everything in a pretty bow. She’s all about punishing Jon for “disobeying” her. And though the skit she did had an element of humour, I think it was also a scary insight into Kate’s nature. She’s just evil.
    No one has to agree with, like I don’t have to agree with others. I don’t attack my fellow posters, and I would appreciate the same respect.

  25. kim says:

    Also ET ordered the Bday cake.The lady at the bakery said ET called to order the cake and asked if they could film picking up the cake . The lady from ET mispelled Mady’s name also John thought he was going to pickup cupcakes. On ET Mary Hart made it a point to say Jon paid for cake with his credit card.As for Kate at least she hasn’t publicly dated Like John with the school teacher,tabloid writer, Hailey etc

  26. domestic goddess says:

    When both of them stay out of the media forever, then I will believe them when they say “we care about our children”. I include myself when I say, we have all contributed to this mess. Somehow we have all allowed TLC in letting these people to think they are “celebrities, and normal parents, led Kate to believe she’s a talk show host/writer/star, and oh so “mother teresaish”, and that Jon is a clothing designer. All along the way people are taking advantage of them, except that Kate is cunning enough to know how to manipulate it all, where Jon just doesn’t. I didn’t personally say ok, do all that, but I did watch the show like so many others, and I guess in that contributed to the downfall of this family. I guess we’ll hear more drivel on Tuesday when the judge makes his decision.

  27. Nebraska says:

    Domestic Goddess I have really enjoyed reading your postings about this subject – they are insightful and well written.

  28. BeenThere,DoneThat says:

    I have a big problem with people complaining about the number of kids. Which one should Jon and Kate go up to and tell them they really shouldn’t be here? Who the hell is anybody to make a judgement? The Duggars as well – which kids should be singled out and deemed not *deserving* enough to exist? This isn’t about procreating, it’s about a two adults, one of whom needs to be Peter Pan because he’s not getting all of the attention he needs? Once anybody has kids – accidental or not – the kids become the priority and THAT’S the reality Jon can’t handle. He’s a childish moron and the kids are better without his jackass example around. Kate will find a better guy to exemplify how men should treat women and be a better role model for those kids. Women have raised larger families on their own with less money than Kate; this is nothing new in history, it just happens to be in the media.

  29. bros says:

    Im with domestic goddess. khate is a manipulative wench. nobody needs 3 law firms. she is a poser famewhore who wants to get even with jon for not going along with her grand master plan of pimping the kids out indefinitely in order to collect outrageous amounts of money.

  30. GOMO1313 says:

    Woe just when I think things are going to start to head in the right direction..another stupid thing comes up. Hope it is not true but if it is then I’m gonna change teams and put all my good thoughts and wishes to just TEAM KIDS…and maybe they should have the kids removed temporarily until these 2 parents straighten out. It is obvious that J & K are only thinking about themselves and not being reasonable at all. Jon should just stay away and out of the limelight and away from the paps…they are not his new friends. How stupid…an then going on a show where Nancy Grace interrogates him…dah. He’s just coming off as a bimbo. Then buying the girls ATV’s and laptops!!! Not too smart Jon and then spending $95 on a cake…if he keeps this up I will have to agree with Kate (which I don’t want to do)that he must have been picked up by aliens! Please Jon….lay low and keep your mouth shut until things slow down some.

  31. betty says:

    Stop with the pity party for Jon Gosselin. He is a weak and spineless man. I personally know women with children that have taken a lot of physical and emotional abuse from their husbands in relationships and never whimpered and whine the way Jon does. His past behavior is disgraceful. If he couldn’t take the heat he should have gotten out of the kitchen. Those women didn’t have the luxury of partying and chasing men. They left the abusers and went out and supported their kids living on a lot less then what the Gosselin’s are receiving. They both agreed about being on the show and now since Jon is getting kicked off he crying foul and whining again. Now they can’t seem to agree on anything. Regardless of others opinion of her,Kate is the glue that is holding that family together. Jon it takes more than being a good father to the kids they also needs stability something you are lacking. It appears they both have gotten a taste of fame and now they think They are media stars.

  32. Feebee says:

    I think there’s only one kid acting out for attention at this point. And he isn’t aged under 10.

  33. the original kate says:

    kate is a controlling harpy and jon is a whiny baby-man. they chose to have 8 children (why, i have no idea… you’d think 2 would have been enough!) and it doesn’t matter what else is going on in their sad, pathetic, famewhoring lives, they need to think of those kids. in other words, stop trashing each other publicly, kate needs to stop being so controlling, jon needs to keep his whores away from his kids and they all need to stop filming. they are both so repulsive i can’t believe anyone on this board would stick up for either one of these two selfish beasts.

  34. domestic goddess says:

    Why should Jon sit back and allow Kate to continue to profit of something that was about all of them? No one is saying Jon was right in his behavior. I do however have a tad more sympathy for a man who has been living with a shrew for 10 years. I think he did try to work it out, I do think he tried to get through to Kate, and he did state that he didn’t want to continue the show … for the seventh time! Watch the last episode of Season 4. There was clearly disagreement about going into Season 5. I suspect TLC and Kate badgered him, teased him with a new bike, and whatever else they could coerce him with. I think he just had had enough of it all. I don’t care to be honest. The show is stopped. YAY!
    As for the negativity towards Kate, she earned it. You can fool some of the people some of the time, but you can’t fool all of the people all of the time. :)

  35. Shay says:

    I’m done with them. I hope that the court appoints the kids their own lawyer or atleast an advocate so they can be protected. Where is Gloria Allred? I would have thought she’d be all over this.

  36. domestic goddess says:

    As for abused women, they often remain the home because they feel shame. Do you think it’s any different for a man? It isn’t, in fact it’s worse. Men who cry abuse are stigmatized worse than women. I think Jon took it far longer than most men I know. I am glad he left her, I am glad he doesn’t want her back, and I’m glad he’s finally figuring it out. He is going to make mistakes, especially since his pseudo mother finally doesn’t have her claws into him. (Kate). I don’t doubt that his children will in the end, forgive him and love him. As for Kate, I think she is going to be one very lonely person once the children grow up.

  37. Westender says:

    What is sad these are the people those eight children call “Mom and Dad”. The way Jon and Kate are acting their children are going to have some major issues when they grow up. A good example of what happens when you have two disfunctional parents raising children would be Lindsay Lohan.

  38. JaundiceMachine says:

    Ya’ll ever see the movie Idiocracy?

  39. Maritza says:

    Kate used to tell Jon what to do, now Haily and his lawyer are the ones who are on control.It’s obvious Jon just doesn’t want TLC to film the kids but he is willing to accept any offer from another channel. His main interest is the money and not his kids. Jon & Kate got used to the easy money, no way will they want to work again like normal people do.

  40. betty says:

    @ domestic goddess Why do you keep defending Jon? He is a weak and immature man. Only weak men allow themselves to be abused by women. He didn’t leave her she told him she was done and filed for divorce. Then he sought counseling. What makes you think you have so much insight in these peoples lives? Kate admitted she is controlling and Jon admitted he is passive. Both have character flaws like most of us. But when both character flaws are combined, someone is going to give orders and someone is going to take orders. The stronger personality always wins. Their basic problem now is they both think they are right. They need third party intervention , both need to sit down ,shut up,try to work things out and listen to voices of reason. There is way too much drama in this saga.

  41. BeenThere,DoneThat says:

    He’s not abused, he’s a BabyHughey that couldn’t handle it when he wasn’t the centre of attention anymore. He’s doing everything – like a spoiled brat of a kid – to get attention; nobody every taught him the difference between positive and negative attention. Kate’s been putting up with his lazy-ass b.s. a lot longer than this show has been on. He opted out of the marriage, the family and the show. He should get squat and let Hailey support him with her shining brilliance. Tips as a professional hooker should be good for her from others as well as from Jon. TLC’s had his number for awhile. Playing the “POOR ME” did more harm than good; I’m glad his lawyer got the boot. Can’t wait for Kate to move on with an incredible, stable, MAN in her life. She deserves it.

  42. Shay says:

    @domestic goddess

    Do you really think his “abuse” was that bad to condone him acting like an 18 year old frat boy while he has 8 kids at home? He made those choices.

    You’re entitled to your opinion but I don’t understand why you seem to be so focused on one and not both.

  43. domestic goddess says:

    Knock off the personal comments. I am entitled to my OPINION. As this site states, harassment isn’t tolerated. You are free to disagree, but don’t make it a personal issue with me.

    Having watched the show, been a fan, and now feeling rather pee’od that TLC has been misrepresenting the situation, along with what would appear to be Kate’s blessing, yep damn straight I have an opinion. I have never condoned Jon’s behavior yet I also give him room to screw up. Unless you’ve lived with an abusive person, then you don’t know just how deep the damage can go.
    I have also clearly stated that the kids should be in the care of Jodi and Kevin (or another suitable parental unit) until these two get it together. Kate is no victim, she’s an abuser and she’s nasty. That isn’t supposition – that is fact. I’ve watched her behavior towards other people on the show, people who are there with more freebies – she is absolutely ignorant and rude. She is just another woman scorned, revengeful and vindictive.
    Jon doesn’t want to be her patsy and she’s freaking out. IMO.

  44. betty says:

    We all have opinions that’s why we are commenting on this site. Yours is just one of many. If you feel disagreement is harrasement. TOO BAD!!! Jon wasn’t complaining when he was collecting those checks and spending money on his bimbos now his gravy train is running out.Kate is now suing him for child and spousal support. Since he claims he has so many business ventures in the works he better start launching some of them he is going to need the money . He has a lot,of mouths to feed. He’s now talking the talk,let’s see if he can walk the walk. MONEY TALKS AND BS WALKS. It’s a difference between having a personal opinion and having personal knowledge.

  45. Sudini says:

    @Domestic Goddess: Why do you give Jon “room to screw up” but not Kate? You sound like you adopt the mentality of “boys will be boys”. Jon is a raging idiot and ill equipped to be a husband and father of 8 children. Kate’s controlling behavior towards him is a DIRECT result of his lack of responsibility. I don’t understand why you’re so adamant about letting Jon off the hook. It takes two people. He’s just as culpable for their marriage not working, and in the aftermath of said break-up, he’s proven to be so incredibly inept, immature, hypocritical, selfish and disrespectful that it boggles my mind how anyone could over look that and go so far as to excuse him in favor of berating Kate.

  46. thedomesticgoddess says:

    I don’t attack people or disallow them their opinion. I comment on what I see and hear, and conclude. Just like everyone else here. I am not the issue of the topic.

    We all draw our own conclusions based on our experience, values and insight.

    I enjoy debate. This is a passionate topic without a doubt. That said, it is not necessary to have a go at any one individual because they don’t happen to see things the way you think they should. I wasn’t aware that any of us are here to censor or criticize each other, and yes, when you attack someone personally for their opinion, whilst espousing yours, and it is asked respectfully that you stop and you continue, hmm .. yep that’s harassment.

    There are two sides to every story. We haven’t heard the truth from either one of them I fear. I am sure we will all hear about the court outcome on Tuesday.

    Anyway it’s Thanksgiving here in Canada so I’m off to enjoy some dinner.

  47. thedomesticgoddess says:

    Getting back to the topic at hand, I am just going to sit back and wait for Mady’s book :)

  48. Carol says:

    The onlny reson Jon and Kate are faced with everyday “witch hunts” of their selves, their marriage (soon to be broken marriage) is because 1. they are celebrities, 2. tons of paps around, 3. their problems are magnified due to their constant limelight. Dang, when didn’t you ever fight, argue with spouse? During divorces, people act stupid, demanding, arrogant, spiteful, deciving, etc.. just to justify their own means. So, these people sell magagines, the spot light on tv, and you all read and watch them. That is were the issues are. Just think, if Jon and Kate were a regular family, worked everyday regular jobs, unkonwn to the public, you would not hear a think.

  49. Nanamurphy says:

    What most viewers fail to remember is that Jon and Kate’s Divorce is NOT like normal Divorces. Both have many millions of dollars that belong to BOTH of them, as well as Custody of all the kids. What Kate is doing now is filing for Alimony AND Child Support which will be a battle of who has Primary Custody (Kate?). Once this is established, it will be Kate who has the legal power to determine if the kids will go back on TV. Once Jon has to officially pay child support for 8 kids, he will have to start using his own money to pay and have very little left over to spend on his bimbos!

  50. Judy says:

    And how is it fair that Jon has “to use his own money” when Kate does not and has never had to? That woman is a total fraud, liar, and master manipulator.

  51. trish73 says:

    I have read a lot of these letters, posted, and not one has spoken of the money issue, concerning the kids. Back in the 30′s, I believe, the young star, Jackie Coogan made a fortune, in his films. Som way or another, when he grew to be an adult, he was flat broke. As for the Gosselins, that money that was made, belong to the children, under the Coogan’s Law. Without them, there wouldn’t be any reality show. If both Kate, and Jon are blowing the money, on themselves, and so-called “friends,” it is only money they are given by the federal government, to raise those 8 children, until they are of age, to take care of the income they have made, while children. So, with K & J spending it onn themselves, and “friend,” the children will grow up, to sue those two so-called parents, for child support. Then those children need to turn their backs on those two that couldn’t stay out of each others pants,until they had the sextuplets, and decided to cash in on them. Believe me, they will turn around, and bite those two donors in the a$$. The kids are being protected by the U.S. Government, (we hope)

  52. sunnysouth says:

    Jon is so desperate for attention…I see a future porn star in the making.

  53. Gina says:

    I am married and had/have my share of troubles.It was very hard to stay grounded and not take advantage of opportunities that came my way but I did it. I vented about my troubles/husband to a therapist.I stayed being a mother, nothing less. Sometimes therapy was twice a week plus phone calls but I did it. Therapy,therapy,therapy!!! Good Luck…

  54. m.m.thomas says:

    why does kate need a bunch of nannies? what happened years ago when people had big families and not enough to get by on yet alone hire nannies, they surrvied. i think they are both money gurbbers and do care for their children, but very little caring unless money is involved. do the duggers have nannies?

  55. Lindy says:

    Divorce is never pretty and the kids always suffer. Kate is trying to keep things on the down low but Jon is padding his pockets with all of his interviews and rants. The more controversy he creates the more money for himself. Kate may have been a “shrew” to him but he may just have deserved it as he acted more like a child than a father.
    I believe Kate has three different lawyers because one is for the divorce, one is for the TLC legalities and one is for protection she may need as a public figure. Lawyers specialize..
    Kate has watched out for the welfare of this family from the beginning where Jon has watched out for the welfare of Jon..I don’t believe a word he says.

  56. KayK says:

    I’m with DomesticGoddess on this….
    Jon hasn’t always done the right thing, but Kate has been a shrew from season 2. What I want to know is WHY hasn’t protective services stepped in on this? There is enough evidence to warrant those kids being removed from that house! These are children who are suffering and THAT is what protective services is there to prohibit. They shouldn’t get a pass on that just because they are TLC’s biggest blunder EVER! I’m glad the show is cancelled..Those kids have been extorted from the get go and even the families of these two nut jobs, have nothing to do with them. It’s all hired help. And it’s KATE who’s caused the problems. Jon was her personal “boy” and once he saw that people were pointing that out, he rebelled and Kate freaked out that the whipping boy was no longer willing to take it…..Again, he’s NO SAINT…but he was PUSHED to his personal limit. As parents, they both suck and they do NOT deserve those kids. CPS…..step it up and take those kids OUT of that house and away from the fight. They don’t deserve this!

  57. Lynne C. says:

    Where are all of Kate’s family? That alone should tell you who she really is……

  58. Grace says:

    domestic goddess I agree with you. No one’s actions are correct 100% of the time, people make mistakes and sometimes they are HUGE! I think Jon was smart to get out of the abusive relationship to show his kids that it’s not okay to stay in one. I grew up in a house where my parents fought all of the time. They should have been divorced by the time I was 10 years old, 10 years before it ended. Want to know the reason my mom didn’t leave? She thought I would stay with my dad. She put up with verbal abuse so she wouldn’t lose me. What a shame that she wasted her time when she could have had a better life. (I must admit she was right, at the time I would have wanted to go with my dad.) Jon hasn’t been that smart in some of his comments or actions since the divorce was announced but I still support him for his strength to leave. I won’t even get into my opinion of Kate…

  59. Susi says:

    Kate is a vile, horrific excuse for a human. Poor John is living a nightmare. I think I know why he is trying to stall the divorce : the only thing worse than having Kate for a wife is having her as an ex-wife! …shudders….

  60. flshirl says:

    Yes, we hear poor Kate, the teary eyed victim whose only concern is for her eight children. Don’t get me wrong, I’m sure she is concerned for her children but I think her bigger concern is for the money that has afforded her the life style that she has become accustomed to. I also think she thrives on the attention of being a celebrity and I think she will do whatever she has to do to ensure that it continues, including hiring not one but three high priced lawyers to go after Jon. Now with teary eyes Kate claims to not be able to pay her bills and worries about feeding her kids. She plays on everyone’s sympathy (and does it very well) while making it very clear that this is all Jon’s doing. In the meantime, her money worries have not stopped her from keeping up with her spa treatments, manicures, pedicures, personal trainers, professional organizers, etc.

    Now we move on to Jon, the abused husband. Yes, I do believe that he was emotionally abused. While watching the show I always felt sad for Jon as Kate was so mean to him and treated him with so little respect. This was not the makings of a good marriage or a good example to set for your children. I think what may have happened was that Jon was influenced by others to speak up to Kate but when he did it was not very well received. Then, when Jon was apprehensive about continuing the show it just pushed Kate over the top and she was determined that the show would go on with or without him. I think this was the beginning of the end and the rest is history. After the split between J&K, Jon went crazy, acting like a kid with his first taste of freedom. He ate up the attention, acted very irresponsibly and apparently never stopped to think about how his behavior would affect his children. Now Jon also seems to be all about the money and fame as well.

    As far as Jon & Kate go, I think they both need to grow up and get their priorities straight. The only innocent parties in this whole drama are those 8 beautiful children. Although I do believe that both parents love their children, I also believe that due to each of their quests to get the better of one another, both Jon & Kate have lost sight of their children’s emotional well being. Shame on both of these parents. It’s heartbreaking to think of what these children have been through and will continue to go through as this bitter divorce plays out. When all is said and done, it’s the children that are the true victims.

  61. krzyk says:

    I just want to say, what ever happened to innocent till proven guilty? So many people have already judged and condemed both John and Kate, mostly by what they have heard or read on television , the internet, or in magazines. Unless you lived with them, you really don’t know who did what. No one has the right to judge people, especially saying it was wrong for them to have so many children. They did not choose for Kate to be pregnant with 6 babies, it just happened. She carried them ,which was not easy, gave birth to them, and is raising them the best she can. Of course they took advantage of being on television, why shouldn’t they. It’s difficult enough to raise a family, let alone multiples. I would have loved to have so many opportunities for my children when they were younger. It was hard enough trying to pay for birthday’s and Christmas, never mind doing all the things with them that those children have had the privalage to experience. Just keep in mind that a lot of what you read or hear, is hearsay, not fact people.

  62. flshirl says:

    In all fairness, I think that many of us that have commented on this topic have based our opinions on what we have observed watching their show as well as listening to them each on talk shows, etc. That was not hearsay, it was the individual in the flesh speaking for (his) or (her) self. That is fact.

    Personally I don’t see the number of children in the family as an issue. However I do see the children’s emotional well being as a huge issue.

  63. Ursann says:

    Instead of all of the words and pictures, we should all thank God that we are not walking in their shoes. Kate has forgotton the caring attitude she showed during the first year, after the six babies were born. John has been ridden hard and put away wet every week for over 4 years. The pain that can be seen on his face during the couch sessions with Kate is heart breaking. Long before the first word about divorce was ever spoken I could tell by his face that he was at the breaking place. Kate has been just plain disrespectful of John, the father of her eight kids. Lesson learned when two people are not allowe3d to stay in their own roles of life then they stray from the focus point: marriage and children. We all need to pray for all 10 of them. Pray that they return tothe basic reason for love and children: respect for each other that is great enough to include all the children. Its the only way this group will have a chance for happiness.

  64. thedomesticgoddess says:

    After having read an article where a child psychologist was asked if, by being on a television program, would the children be damaged by same. Her response is that no, they would not be, given that this all they have known. The same may not be said for Mady and Cara, who are made to be rather an addendum to the sextuplets. She stated that Mady has a healthy way of dealing with it all in that she speaks her mind. Cara may not fare as well as she keeps much to herself. That all said, she says that the challenge now will be to educate the children as to what a “normal” life would be. I don’t know if I agree with her statements however I think it’s true that Mady and Cara seem to be on the outskirts of the storyline. Much of the attention has been on the sextuplets, and that is what I would think is going to cause problems now that the show has been “cancelled”. Not from Mady and Cara, but from the sextuplets. There again, it is up to the parent to guide them responsibly from one phase of life to another, and frankly, given Kate’s statements about this is the only way she can make a living (coughcough), I wouldn’t trust her to be able to think of the childrens’ welfare. Don’t quite know what to say about Jon. Out of the two I think he would be more honest with them (given what I’ve seen/heard/read). However, given that he is struggling to find his place, I think the kids need an unbiased source of assistance to help them through all of this muck and mire.
    I hope that they will all come out of this healthy, and wealthy and wise. (the children).

  65. Nancy says:

    I think the show is really over…NO ONE, not Kate and not Jon…is thinking about those kids…they’re just thinking of the money…END IT!! I wont watch it again if it is ever on. At this point its exploiting the children.

  66. momstaronstar says:

    All the negativity in the world, toward Jon and Kate, will not alter the fact that these eight kids are currently dysfunctional. The two older ones, Mady and Cara, seem to be distancing themselves from the rest of the rat pack. The other six are so love starved, that they cling to any and all male counterparts, i.e., filming crew, carpenters, and etc. You never see them playing like normal kids. They are constantly hitting each other, screaming, and being ignored by their supposedly “adoring mother”. I think they can be killing each other, and she would care less. The kids will surely all need mental counseling.

  67. OrigamiB says:

    Hmm. Jon seems to believe that he has a career in television awaiting him after his children are removed from television. Funny, isn’t it? Can you imagine ANYONE wanted to look at Jon Gosselin on television without his children being on camera too? Nope. Me either. Kate may be able to transition to a career on a talk show, or whatever–but Jon-boy? No way. He’s toast.

  68. Pedro says:

    I will admit, I used to take Jon’s side a lot. But it is increasingly clear that both of these two let the fame and money go to their heads and now we are dealing with a double diva (diva/divo?) meltdown. They are both all about their own thing and the kids are an afterthought.

    I really feel for those poor kids – the older two are mature enough to know things are going to suck for a year or two and then get better (not great, but better). The little ones must just be totally overwhelmed by all of this.

  69. Waycross48 says:

    Like one commenter states, Jon changes his opinion every other day – with the wind. He despises Kate, he LOVES Hailey and she’s his “soul mate” – he doesn’t want his kids on TV, the next day it’s OK for them to be on TV. Jon wants whatever makes him the most money. Not to say that Kate’s not out for her share, but at least KATE is not running around with men all over this country and Europe. I see her changing as she assumes more responsibility for the kids – allowing them to actually get DIRTY and play and do things she would NEVER have allowed them to do. But, Jon does NOT have their best interest at heart – that’s obvious. The minute his name was taken off the show – he wants to stop the family’s source of income. His kids – thanks to him and Kate, have become accustomed to the large home they now live in and the way of life they now live. I’m not so sure that the “show” is responsible for causing harm to the children – what’s harmed them is the destruction of their parent’s marriage. I also not sure the show caused this either – I think it eventually would have happened anyway. Kate was getting far too out of control in the way she treated Jon and Jon was bound to rebel at some point – it just, sadly, had to happen before millions of tv viewers. I’ve carefully watched the children and they seem to really have fun with the camera people. They seem close to them and friendly with the crew with whom they have been filming for such a long time now. I really don’t think it’s harming them. It’s the parents who are doing a good job of that!!! The whole thing is so sad, but the kid’s emotional problems seem to stem from Jon not being around like he used to be. The little girls are always hugging him and saying “we miss you Daddy”. How, can this NOT affect them. The boys seem more out of control. But, Kate seems to be spending a lot of time getting to know the kids better – spending time with smaller groups of them and not the entire “herd” at one time. And the children seem to thrive on this special time with her. But, Kate is gone quite often – she has to continue to make a living for her family since Jon is doing NOTHING BUT SPENDING MONEY. Much of what Kate does is free for her and the children. So, neither of them is faultless and I couldn’t stand Kate and the way she treated Jon. But, after seeing the true “Jon” – I think he may have deserved what he got. You can’t be a pushover for years and then suddenly just walk away from your 8 children and start living the life of a college kid – dating young girls, buying cars, etc. He just did not want the responsibility of a family any longer – at least not HIS family. I just wish they would give full custody of the kids to Kate and allow her to make the rules about when and how Jon is allowed to visit them and get the divorce over with!!!! Then they can start to put their lives back together. The kids need Jon, but he’s not making the best decisions for himself or for them lately so he does NOT need any control over their lives.

  70. Lilliam says:

    I really do not know if you all have been watching the same tv program as me, but It does not take a degree to see when a person is being abused and degraded to the max. This is the case of Kate with Jon. Every time these two where sitting down for the interviews at the end of the program, when Kate finally let Jon speak, she will always correct his grammar! When on outings, she was forever waiting for or screaming at the top of her lungs for Jon (embarasing Jon no less!) to take care of the children. I was like Jon could never so anything right! However, it was Jon who got up early every morning to dress the kids and even brewed and take a cup of coffee to her Majesty Kate in bed, because she liked to sleep late! It seems she was very tired from taking care of the house and the kids,even thou she had plenty of free help from neighbors, friends and volunteers that did the laundry folding, ironing, cleaning, etc for her.
    In all the times I watched the show, I never saw her prepare a “good lunch” for the kids, it might have been “organic” but very little food in their plates for growing kids!
    Also remember that it was Jon who bathed the kids every night and fully dressed the kids after she had told him what outfits she had chosen for the day, everytime they were going out to any of their outings. I never saw Kate do it once. Then to top it all, after they moved to the “mansion” (and away from Kate’s life saver “Aunt Jody”, Jon became the official “Poop Collector” after they got the dogs.
    Also, when Kate decided that she was a “star” author and speaker, it was Jon who had to quit his job (yes he had a job before!) to stay at home with the kids.
    I’m not defending Jon,he has made his share of big mistakes lately, but look back and see that Kate is not the saint that she is trying to portrait now.

  71. Shell says:

    I think that Kate and Jon both need to stop making their business so public. Settle it and move on. However, i do wonder how the kids will be financially taken care of without the show. Grant it they don’t need to be on tv. Also, it’s strange that after being fired Jon now doesn’t want the kids doing the show anymore. He seems to be so selfish. And no matter how Kate may come off to people she is a good mother. She puts them FIRST. She’s not out sewing wild oats that should have been sewed before 8 kids came along. I commend Kate! Things have to be very difficult for her and embarrassing as well. She is a strong woman who has proven that she can handle her 8 kids. GOOD LUCK KATE AND KIDS!

  72. Bev says:

    He is the biggest slimeball!!! He was supposed to be spending one evening with the kids. (well, he and his new pal Michael Lowham) PLEASE Jon spent half the evening coming to the fence to sign autographs!! WHO would want it??

  73. dmc says:

    ok maybe it is time for the state to step in and someone to look out for those babies. Or grandma or aunt and uncle. Katie and JOn need to back up and look at what they are doing.

  74. shawn says:

    i seen this train wreck cumn a long long time ago. i told my gf after tha 2nd season that it would b only a matter uv time b4 jon wouldnt take her abuse anymore. i do not know whut these two r thinkn, if either is thinkn at all. u do not talk to a person like kate wuz doin w/jon for tha world to see. but hey, people know who they can du this kinda stuff with.

    now princess kate is hollerin about bein a single parent….BOO WHOO WHOO. “kate, ur not that 1st single parent, and u sure wont b tha last…” b glad u hav the help that u do hav. i know a few women who dont hav half tha number uv children u hav and do not hav 5% uv tha freedom u hav nor du they hav anywhere near the amount uv help u hav. so quit cryin and du ur job.

    if i were jon, u know tha las thing i wouldve done? went out and gotten a new gf, my dr’s. daughter at that. never in a million years. cum on jon, ur a few years younger than me, and i know u didnt hav much time to get as loose as u might hav wantd b4 hookn up w/kate…. but thats tha decision u made and when 8 kids cum n2 to play, its time to tightn up tha laces in ur boots. and u know tha las thing, she wouldve gotten frum me? a feakn $70k suv. w/this economy, and tha legal bills ur gonna b facin when yall hit tha courts, ur gonna want that suv back….hope tha title’s n ur name…

    im actually shocked that any woman would even wanna get involved w/jon w/this circus goin on btween he and kate…and i saw where sumone mentioned kate findn sumone…idk too many men who r gooin to TRUELLY COMMITT to a woman w/that many kids. honestly, i wish they could put their personal differences aside for tha kids sake. i actually wish they would get back together. but bein a man, i know that if jon goes back, hes goin to lay down sum rules and put kate n her place…

    i wanna c how these kids r 12-13 years frum now…im hopn that theyre nogonna hav any emotional problems bcuz uv this…

  75. thedomesticgoddess says:

    Well it just gets better and better. I had to laugh when I saw that ET has posted their vid cameras outside the courthouse, only to then take them away. So now J&K have been ordered to settle this or they will appear again in court, in a public hearing. Not sure why the judge did that, but I can only surmise that if the two of them want it to be public, then let’s go for it and show the world who you two really are. It would also appear that all of a sudden, Jon has no comment. Yay! Just keep going with that Jon.

  76. notbornyesterday says:

    It’s funny, all this talk from Kate about not being able to feed her children, and having her children’s interests so much at heart… has anyone forgotten how she denied Mady some water and selfishly drank water right in her face without giving her any? All this while her other kids asked for food, something to drink… while waiting to be interviewed on TV. See the video on YouTube (you can find it under the title “Kate Gosselin denies Mady water” at

    Being a mother myself, it seems to me that having your kid’s best interests at heart begins with making sure they don’t go hungry and thirsty, for real, not just for poor-me interviews. It also seems to me that if you turn all the mikes off, Kate worries a lot more about how she looks and how the world sees her than about her kids.

    Where is all the motherly love?

    Now, about Jon… enough said.

  77. notbornyesterday says:

    These beautiful kids need a Katherine Jackson in their life who will look after them, hold them and love them. Someone who will put them first and ground them.

    How about putting together a team of specialists to teach their parents some good parenting skills? Now, that would be one awesome, priceless freebie for everyone involved… Put Super Nanny and Dr. Phil on the case.

  78. Merridith says:

    I am not watching ANY show with that pig Jon Gosselin in it.

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  82. chris says:

    It’s all about money for these people. Wonder what trauma all this is causing the kids?

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