Scarlett Johansson and Ryan Reynolds to move in together?

Scarlett Johansson recently gave Ryan Reynolds the ultimate gift – one of her wisdom teeth covered in gold. She had her teeth taken out right before Ryan’s birthday, and JayBird speculates that she must have been pretty high on dental surgery drugs when she came up with the idea to save one and give it to him.

Scarlett met Ryan’s family on a recent trip to Canada, and now there’s news that the genetically blessed couple is going to take their low-profile relationship to the next level by cohabitating. Scarlett is remodeling the new home she just bought in LA and since Ryan has been adding his input to the process, In Touch has a source that says they’re “ready to move in together.”

Scarlett, 22, bought a house in the Los Feliz area of LA and is having it remodeled so it’s just the way she wants it. According to a friend, Ryan, 31, is overseeing the project, giving out orders and adding his personal touches to the decor “He likes her a lot and they are ready to move in together,” says an insider. The couple, who has been together for six months, are “totally smitten and love spending every minute together,” the insider adds

[From In Touch, print edition, November 5, 2007]

I bet all they know is that Ryan went to Scarlett’s home at one ppint, but it could be true. In Touch adds the detail that “‘Ryan was seen going to Scarlett’s new house in Los Feliz on October 10 to supervise construction,’ says a witness” *cough* paparazzo that didn’t get a clear picture *cough* Since Ryan went to Scarlett’s house and it’s getting remodeled that must mean they’re moving in together, right?

Scarlett Johansson is shown on the set of Midnight in Barcelona on 7/9/07. Ryan Reynolds is shown at the Smoking Aces premiere on 1/18/07, thanks to PR Photos.

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