Michelle Williams’ new boyfriend, director Phil Morrison

Surly Michelle Williams and Heath Ledger seemed like a paparazzi-hating match made in heaven, but their three year relationship was over by the end of this summer. They have a two year old daughter, Matilda, and it seems like they are sharing custody as Heath has been seen out with her since their split.

There’s been news that Heath has been trying to score all over NY, and now Michelle Williams is said to be in a new relationship with Junebug director Phil Morrison:

Michelle Williams has found comfort in the arms of Junebug director Phil Morrison. The longtime friends “are being cautious. because they know Michelle is just coming off a serious relationship – but it’s hard to take things slow when you’re having so much fun,” says a friend of the couple.

[From Star Magazine, print edition, November 5, 2007]

The NY Post reports today and Michelle is looking to move out of the brownstone in Brooklyn that she shared with Heath and their daughter. It is said to be too big for just her and the two year-old:

FAMED Brooklyn resident Michelle Williams may be leaving her outer-borough followers in the dust. Williams was recently overheard telling friends she was considering a move to Manhattan, now that her cad of an ex, Heath Ledger, the father of her daughter, Matilda, has shipped off to SoHo. “The Brooklyn brownstone is too big for just her and the baby,” our tipster said of the actress’ Cobble Hill place.

[From NYPost.com]

At least she’s not moving in with the guy already, or maybe she is and that’s why she wants to get rid of her old place.

27 year-old Williams has four movies coming out in the next year, according to IMDB. She will next appear in the thriller The Tourist with Ewan McGregor and Hugh Jackson. I was thinking that she might have hooked up with Morrison to get some choice parts, but unlike Rose McGowan’s relationship with Robert Rodriguez, their relationship might be driven more by genuine feeling rather than lusty ambition. While Williams’ career is doing well, Morrison only has a few films to his credit. His last two projects were 2005′s Junebug and Perfect Partner.

Michelle Williams is shown at the NY Film Festival on 10/4/07, thanks to PRPhotos. Picture of Phil Morrison below thanks to Jim Emerson’s blog.


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