Jessica Simpson calls us a-holes, calls herself Daisy’s mom


Jessica Simpson thinks we’re a-holes. And by “we” I mean “anyone who has sympathy for her but acknowledges that her puppy isn’t coming back”. After news broke of Jessica’s puppy Daisy being taken by a coyote, she got overwhelming public sympathy. Her statements that day gave the impression of a woman mourning the loss of a beloved pet. Unfortunately, yesterday it was revealed that Jessica was still holding out hope that little Daisy would be found alive, and that Jessica was working with the organization Find Toto to send out a doggie-style Amber Alert for Daisy. Yesterday, I wrote: “Oh, this is too sad. Isn’t someone going to tell Jessica that her dog is gone? I know it hurts, I know it sucks. But why drag it out? It’s just tragic, especially considering Jessica saw the coyote with Daisy – it’s not like Daisy simply went missing. I don’t care how ‘fast’ Daisy is, that coyote is going to eat her.”

Now Jessica has called me out, and called out anyone who is all “Poor Jessica, her poor puppy is dead, and it would be better for her to acknowledge it.” Jessica tweeted to us: “Still holding out hope despite the a–holes that say is it a dumb thing to do. Daisy is my baby … why would I stop searching? I’m a mom”. Aw… damn it! Now I feel like such a bitch.

Cynics would say that a maltipoo snatched by a hungry coyote on Monday probably wouldn’t be alive on Thursday, but Jessica Simpson isn’t giving up hope of seeing her beloved Daisy again.

“Still holding out hope despite the a–holes that say is it a dumb thing to do. Daisy is my baby … why would I stop searching? I’m a mom,” she wrote on Twitter Wednesday night.

By Wednesday, a dog-finding service,, had been making calls to some 1,000 of her neighbors asking if they’d spotted any sign of the missing Daisy. She also created a sign offering a reward for her dog’s return.

On Tuesday night, however, she apparently took at least a one-hour break from searching and grieving.

“Everyone watch my beautiful sister be a creepy b—h on Melrose Place tonight!!!” she wrote on Twitter at 10:10 p.m. “Tune in! xo”

[From People]

I consider myself my puppy’s mom too – he’s my little (100 pound) fur baby, and I would be devastated if a coyote attacked him. Although my puppy would give that coyote a run for his money – he’s quite the hunter! I’m such a proud mama. Anyway, I think the situation is 95% sad and 5% funny – funny because Jessica has taken to Twitter not only to perhaps contact the coyotes who abducted her dog, but she’s also using Twitter to defend herself against us “a–holes” who are trying to gently convince her that all is lost. My heart still goes out to her. She really did love her baby. Please, Jess, don’t call me an a–hole anymore. I’ll do better.

Guess what other “a–hole” is chiming in on Jess’s lost/dead dog? Martha Stewart! Martha told Us Weekly last night that the coyote attack was “pretty sad.” Then Martha became an a–hole. She continued, “She should have watched it more closely, though. She should have been more careful.” It seems Martha met Daisy when she and Jessica worked on a commercial for Macy’s. Martha’s advice to Jessica is: “Get another dog…I think it’s very important to get another dog, someone else to love. You just have to find the dog that’s the right match for you.” Expect Jess’s Twitter reaction soon, a–holes.

Here’s Jess with Daisy in Dallas in May 2008. Images thanks to Fame Pictures .

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  1. KaiserwritingSUXX says:

    I sympathize with Jessica! If my baby went missing like that I would prolly lose it!!

  2. Firestarter says:

    I don’t blame her for holding out hope. I had a cat go missing a few years ago and to this day, I still hold out hope that she will walk into my yard one day, because thinking the alternative is just horrible.

    Also, coyote attacks, especially out west , are very swift and fast. You can be right with your pet and those things will come in the blink of an eye and snatch a poor thing up and you can do nothing. Martha should do a lot of things in her life differently too, instead of dispensing advice that is none of her business.

  3. Lindsay says:

    That is a really odd photo. Was the dog added in by Photoshop or is she holding her by her hair?

    Poor Jessica she needs to let this go, if she wants to keep looking fine and understandable but stop talking about it! If someone miraculously finds the dog they will know who to contact. She is starting to look desperate and a little delusional. Plus, she is going to turn the sympathy people had for her and the situation into a joke or risk it being seen as turning a personal tragedy into an opportunity for more publicity.

  4. Susette says:

    I don’t know if she was really calling all nay-sayers a-holes, or just the ones that were actually being a-holes. Not all of the comments on the web were gentle. Some of them were mocking and pretty mean from the beginning.

    Anger and denial are early stages of grief. I’m sure that’s what she’s going through right now.

  5. Just a Poster says:

    Ahh poor thing. I am not a dog person, but understand the heartbreak.

  6. melissa says:

    poor Daisy. but on the other hand since when can a small dog outrun/outsmart a wild coyote? hmm never. she needs to just move on.

  7. Bodhi says:

    I would be psychotic is something like that happened to my fur babies. I feel so bad for her

  8. Jo 'Mama' Besser says:

    You’re not a bitch or an asshole, period. If she’s hurling pejoratives such as this, she’s being a petulant child who doesn’t have the grace or maturity to recognize and acknowledge a genuine outpouring of sympathy.

    People love their pets and can get pissy when that sort of anxiety is visited on them. But, come on. Did people laugh at her for this? Did they say that she had it coming? Did they say any of the myriad (MYRIAD) tasteless jokes that could be spouted so obviously for sport at her expense? No.

    Okay, then. Let it be known that the world is so saaahh-weee for feeling concern, and promises to never have any sympathy for her again. That’s the deal, right? This current leg of her career is as the hard-done-by-lonely-girl-who-hawks-wigs?

    I have allergies, not pets, so I feely admit that I have never understood the ferocious maternal relationship that so many people have with their own pets. So while I wasn’t able to empathize, I was able to sympathize.

    When positive and genuine outpourings come your way, see them in the sprit in which they are given. If she wants to keep searching, fine. More power to her, it’s her prerogative, I hope that she does find it. This stuff hurts and the timing is very much ‘when it rains, it pours.’ But some perspective, please.

  9. Guest says:

    no one could ever replace Daisy!

  10. Katyusha says:

    She created a reward sign for her missing dog?!?!

    Jessica, coyotes can’t read.
    Poor girl.

  11. HEB says:

    I still sympathize with her 100%.

    Getting another dog will help though.

  12. sacra says:

    Well, you could say she is only calling a-holes the people who say she is “dumb” for still looking, which you did not do. She is most probably referring to the animal person (I don’t know what her title is) US Mag interviewed who questioned Jessica’s tweet and joked that coyotes don’t have Twitter.

  13. wow says:

    I’m still more on the lines of what Martha Stewart said. Yes, this is a sad thing to have happen to her dog. But I still feel that she is part responsible for the outcome. Just as she is carrying around Daisey in the opening picture and other pictures, she could have done the same thing knowing coyotes were around. It’s a hard way to learn a lesson but you protect your pet the best you can at all times.

    Also, if she SAW the coyotes take her dog why didn’t she go after them. If she loved her pet as a child, then wouldn’t a mother’s instinct come out? I read an article yesterday about how a mountain lion attacked this couple’s child and the Mother of the child fought like hell to get the M.Lion to release her child. Hitting it in the head and what have you. They got away, bloody and scared, but they got away.

    I’m not saying Jessica should go after wild animals, but I just think there is some type of mothering instinct that would kick in, especially if you thought of your pet like a child. I don’t think a person claiming being a “mother” would just watch as something like this happened in front of her eyes. Unless Jessica’s real name is Susan Smith.

  14. vale says:

    First denial, then anger, what’s the next step?

  15. kathy says:

    I don’t think the dog is really gone. It’s funny that as the dog was being taken by the “coyote” she was texting about it. Who even thinks to text if they really loved their pet and it is being carried away by a predator??? If she really loved the dog and if it was really taken, she would have been running after it, trying to save it, not standing there texting about it. I think this is a sham to get public sympathy.
    This girl is pathetic. She has to have constant attention and since Nick is getting back with his chic, Jess needed to get herself back in the news somehow.
    so sad to be so desperate…

  16. Tamara K says:

    I don’t blame Jessica. I would be the same way. I have a little Corgie named Daisy and the thought of seeing her carried away by a coyote would be horrible! I probably would still be looking for her even though in my heart I knew she was gone. But I would like to know I did everything possible to find her. This breaks my heart. :(

  17. clare says:

    Poor Jess. Martha Stewart could have been more sympathetic.
    I don’t think this is a ploy to get media attention! That’s cold.
    But, I would have taken off after the coyote to get my dog back! We don’t have all the details, though, so maybe Jess is feeling guilty that she didn’t try to do more at the time she watched it happen.

  18. n says:

    so sad to hear this story.
    i wish her well.

  19. JaundiceMachine says:

    Coyotes are predators.

    Mr. Jaundice has a beautiful, 90-pound German Shepherd/Red Healer “baby” from a previous relationship. She’s smart as a whip, and one of the few doggies I’ve met that is actually voice-trained.

    When we hike and climb with her on the weekend, we never have her on leash – there’s no reason to. But when we take “baby girl” camping with us overnight, we always leash her up by 11pm, and she gets to snuggle with us in our tent. Why? Because there are coyotes in Colorado. And when they start yippin, they can entice even the smartest, most physically agile canines.

    I feel bad for Jessica, and this time not out of pity. It’s tough losing a furry “baby”, and I can see her lashing out as a sign of a deep and sincere grief. But if a 90-pound German Shepherd is no match against a couple of coyotes. . .

    It’d be easier on her if she put down the twitter, had a couple of days to mourn, and then visited her local shelter to see if connects with a new buddy.

    (Ps. This is the exact reason why our two “big boys” are indoor cats – Colorado wildlife. That, and they have a tendency to jump from our 3rd floor apartment onto concrete. My cats are aholes.)

  20. l says:

    does anyone know if Daisy was on a leash? Just wondering…

  21. Joe says:

    Sorry Jessica but we weren’t being “assholes” we’re just being REALISTIC! When a wild, hungry coyote is seen running with another animal (or child) in it’s mouth it’s not for a playdate! I think it’s called COMMON SENSE?

  22. Mandy says:

    Why wasn’t Daisy on a leash? Even if the dog is well-trained, I don’t think it’s worth the risk. I have a “cocktese” (cocker spaniel/maltese. Greatest mixed breed name ever!) named Caligula who is about Daisy’s size, and he’s the laziest puppy ever, so I usually have to carry him back home after a walk, but even then, I still keep the leash wrapped around my hand so I can pull him back if he gets excited over something he sees and jumps for it. The only place I let him run free is the backyard. Dogs shouldn’t be carried in your arms without a leash, or stuffed in a handbag, but half of these celebs don’t even seem to put collars on their pets!

  23. Jaded says:

    You can’t leave pets outside, period. Walk your dog on a leash, then bring it inside. Don’t let your cat wander. I’ve seen cats killed by dogs, taken by cougars, the small dog of a friend of mine was snatched by a coyote. In every case the animals were outside unattended. PLEASE people, practice safe pet ownership!!

  24. Sudini says:

    I don’t blame Jessica one bit. I think anyone who judges her for holding out even a little hope IS an asshole. Let her come to terms with this in her own time.

    I’m sure she must have been overwhelmed with feelings of powerlessness from the moment she saw her precious friend so visciously taken from her. And I’m sure she feels guilty as well. So she probably needs to feel as though she’s doing everything she can to bring closure to this situation. And if that means holding out hope while she sorts through a her own personal grieving process, then so be it.

  25. Catherine says:

    Awww, her puppy looks just like my maltipoo. Such sweet and smart dogs so I totally feel for her. I would do whatever was possible to bring back the pup but if a coyote got to it, then there is no hope. Such a horrible situation for anyone losing a pup.

  26. jule says:

    Mr. Jaundice I agree with you, I have two Rhodesian Ridgebacks and live in a suburb of Vancouver BC with bears and coyotes. There is a supposed coyote den in our area, and so my beasts are on leash, and we often see the lone coyote prancing around, and our youngest fur baby always wants to run after it! Which means it wants to lead her to the pack…..I would be devestated if we lost one of our many furry friends. Our cats are indoor too!!!

  27. Rain says:

    Poor Jess, I really feel for her. She’s had a tough year, but for any animal lover, losing a pet is far worse than breakups and career troubles. Last year, I had to put my dog down because of a tumor that flooded her lungs with fluid. I was absolutely devastated, and I can only imagine how Jessica is feeling right now.

    On another note, I don’t blame her for holding out hope. There’s still a slight chance that the dog might’ve gotten away, and you’d feel terrible if you gave up the search when it was still out there, alive, hurt and scared. I hope this has a happy ending for her and Daisy. -from a fellow dog lover

  28. fizXgirl314 says:

    I have a maltichon (bichin maltese mix) and we love her to death… I would hate to know she was eaten by a coyote :(

    I am with simpson for holding out hope. Maybe that coyote changed its mind when it got a mouthful of tons of fur… who knows… anything is possible :(

  29. Kevin says:

    The only way Daisy has a chance is if that was Wiley Coyote. Other than that,,,guess I’m an a-hole.

  30. Lantana says:

    Where was she when the coyote grabbed the dog? Was it right next to her or was she 50 yards away or what? It seems bizarre to me that someone as public as Jessica Simpson could have this happen. Doesn’t she need to have a bodyguard? And aren’t there hangers-on? Could no one do anything? I don’t understand the logistics of how this happened. Does anyone know of a repoprt detailing the …uh, abduction?

  31. Rio says:

    I lost two of my cats to coyotes– yes, it sucks, but you get over it. The coyote wasn’t acting out of maliciousness or hatred– it’s a predator. It was hungry. A maltipoo is an easy catch.
    I gotta say, I love my animals, but if I read “fur baby” one more time…there’s something about that phrase that really irks me. Dogs and cats don’t consider us parents, so it’s just bizarre to equate them with human offspring.

  32. Kathie says:

    She called you out for being an A-hole because you were acting like one! It is up to the person who has the loss to decide when to give up hope and move on not for people who have their beloved pets safe and sound. She is paying for any expenses in locating her dog and it is HER PET! Some say people’s kids should be left out of public discourse I say leave the pets out of it! Until you walk a mile in a distraught pet owner’s shoes you know NOTHING! As for the comments that she should have tried to go after the coyote these are the same people who say Jaycee should have fought her way to freedom..ridiculous! Also that headline that she considers herself Daisy’s Mom sounded snarky if you do not love your pet enough to refer to yourself as their parent then you don’t need a pet. Will nothing stop the public beating of Jessica Simpson? Even the loss of a pet?

  33. Felicia says:

    When it comes to furbabies, you’re thinking comes from your emotional center. Period. My furbaby died suddenly in June from a snakebite. I did not see his body myself because I was just too heartbroken to do it. Unfortunately, even today I have to ask my husband (who found him) and dad (who buried him) if they were sure he was really ‘gone’ (since I still can’t use the D-word). I still sometimes find myself checking my closet, where he liked to sleep, for him. It is in no way realistic or rational and I know this. He was my furbaby long before I had my real baby and accepting him as ‘gone’ is probably going to take a long time! I think this is the purpose of viewings and funerals to help you accept a passing, something Jessica probably won’t benefit from herself. So I hope people really give her a break and don’t push her to just hurry up and accept it already. It isn’t that easy.

  34. Sudini says:

    Oh, Felicia I’m so sorry to hear that. You just brought tears to my eyes. I’m glad you’re allowing yourself plenty of time to heal and come to terms with your loss.

  35. Emily says:

    Uh, Kathie, she’s NOT paying for her pet to be found, the Find Toto people are searching on her behalf for free, while she sits on her arse twittering.

  36. Judy says:

    If that coyote had that dog in its mouth that dog is not coming homel. Why is she letting that small dog out without a leash so she could protect it?
    She knows there is danger put here from coyotes becauuse we have taken away where they live and hunt.

  37. orion70 says:

    I have to say that if something like this happened to my dog, and all I was hearing was “oh get over it, he/she’s dead already” and “pffft…get a new one to replace her” before the body was even cold……. I probably wouldn’t react too positively either. I kinda don’t blame her.

  38. Shadow says:

    I have to agree with Orion70, she loved the dog, so at least let her have her hope for a few more days before you bash her.

    As for the comments about chasing after the Coyote or protecting the dog somehow, then you have not seen a coyote strike, they are predators, they creep up on their prey, hiding in what ever is close by, then when they strike they come fast and disappear quickly, by the time your brain comprehends what just happened, the coyote with his prey is already speeding away. Normally they will not strike if your pet is next to you, but once your pet is a certain distance away, consider it coyote food after that.

    Leash your pets, or keep them in your fenced in backyard.