Hilary Swank felt ‘no spark’ with then-married boyfriend, despite affair

I hope I’m not alone, but I have very mixed feelings about Hilary Swank. On one side, I really like her. She’s a gifted actress with a hard-scrabble background, who has worked her ass off in an industry that rewards people like Gwyneth Paltrow. Swank has received the Best Actress Oscar not once, but twice… which shows she has a significant fan base within Hollywood. People who work with her always talk about her great work ethic, and her lack of affectation.

On the other hand, I tend to think Hilary is a little over-rated. While she is a gifted dramatic actress, I think she sucks when she does anything else, like comedy or thriller or action. And then there’s everything with Hilary’s personal life – the 9-year marriage to Chad Lowe, the struggle with his addiction, and her 2006 post-split Vanity Fair interview in which she called out Chad’s addictions as the sole reason for their split. While I think Hilary was being honest, the whole thing seemed cheap and without class, in my opinion.

Soon after Hilary and Chad split, she was spotted going out on dates with her agent, John Campisi, who was married at the time. I actually didn’t know that before today – CB just schooled me. I always though John was just some nice, normal, average-looking guy, but it seems he and Hilary totally had some kind of affair. His wife filed for divorce soon after pictures of John and Hilary were taken while they were on some kind of romantic holiday during the summer of 2006. They’ve been dating quietly for more than three years now – and Hilary is opening up about the relationship in a new interview:

After her 9-year marriage to Chad Lowe ended in 2006, a bummed Hilary Swank needed someone to lean on for support, and that person just happened to be her agent.

Although initially there was “no spark” between the 35-year-old Oscar winnter and John Campisi, in time it became clear there was something there. “What’s interesting is, there was never anything, it wasn’t until we were well into the dissipation of our respective relationships — going through something so difficult at the same time, we became very good friends.”

After they began dating, they opted to nix their professional relationship.

“We became closer and closer. It was so unexpected. We both recognized that if we were going to take the relationship to the next step, we could no longer work together.”

In the few years since they’ve been quietly dating, Swank has grown close to Campisi’s son, Sam, and now is itching to have some of her own.

“I’d most definitely like children of my own. It’s something I’d like to do someday. And when that timing is right I’ll hopefully know it.”

[From Popeater]

Of all of the actresses who seem to put their careers ahead of everything and everyone else (no judgment, just be honest about it), I tend to think Hilary is the most likely to actually stop working for a few years and actually start a family. Campisi’s son – whom Hilary references – is from his marriage that ended when his affair became public. The child was a toddler when Hilary swooped in, so the kid’s probably five or six years now. If John and Hilary get married, she’ll be a step-mom – and I’ve got wonder if John’s ex-wife likes Hilary talking about her child. I also wonder why they haven’t gotten married yet? Do you think Hilary is gun-shy after Chad Lowe? Or is Campisi the one holding up the works?

The blurry pictures are of Hilary Swank and John Campisi at a party at the Ischia Film Festival on 7/11/07. I hope that fool is drunk. Credit: Fame Pictures. The header and 1 other picture is of Hilary and John at LAX on 4/12/09. Credit: Bauergriffinonline

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  1. bros says:

    she got married really young to chad, and I remember from her interview in vanity fair a few years ago that she said she got married way too young and hadnt had a chance to figure out who she was yet at all, since she had just come out of her really rough living situations and he was basically the first kind face she met in hollywood. he sounded like selfish weakling anyway and she stuck around for longer than she should have.

    where are the people who constantly bash angie for being a husband stealer? why arent they here crying bitch! whore! husband stealing succubus! seems a more clear-cut case to me!?! :)

  2. Enonymous says:

    I like Hilary Swank and the reason why she is most likely to stop working for a few years and start a family is because she already has achieved recognition and respect from the movie industry and has two Oscars under her belt and now she can choose when to work or how often if she wishes, unlike some of the other actresses out there who strive to be in the same position as Swank but have not achieved it yet.

  3. DeeDee says:

    I’ll say it again!

    Callling all women, all over the land…

    If he cheat WITH you, he’ll sure as sheet cheat ON you, you are NOT THAT SPECIAL.

    women who shtup married men should rot!!!

  4. elisabetta says:

    Does anyone else think they look a lot alike? I mean really, John and Hilary look like they could be siblings.

  5. maddie says:

    Hilary Skank is what her name should be.

    I remember how she threw her ex Chad Lowe under the bus by revealing his struggles with drugs, I think she is truly over rated and her and the agent are a bunch of cheating dingle berries.

    And Yeah they do look alike so the kid they might have will come out looking like LeAnn Rimes

  6. Really? says:

    Do these people stay in bad marriages, just waiting until something/-one “better” comes along?

    And as for her acting: I agree. She is out-of-her-element as “Jane Everyday,” so while she’s Oscar-worthy, the roles that calls for her to dial it down a notch, she is stilted and awkward.

  7. Ally says:

    If she married too young and didn’t get a chance to figure out who she was, then she didn’t give herself the chance to learn much by jumping into the next relationship as soon as she was out of the first one.

  8. Firestarter says:

    This couple is like oatmeal.

  9. Mairead says:

    I’d no opinion on her one way or another. But I didn’t know about the Vanity Fair interview either. Chucking your ex under a bus with regard to their addiction in such a public manner, even if you think you can justify it as forcing them to deal with their problems, is pretty classless.

    And herself and her new fella DO look alike.

    @Firestarter – you mean they’re wholesome, healthy and good for your heart and digestive system? Or bland unless doused in Golden Syrup…. mmmmm Golden Syrup….. *gets queasy at the thoughts of either of these two ruining a perfectly good tin of Golden Syrup*

    (only messing with you ;) )

  10. gg says:

    YES I think they look very much alike – it’s the first thing I thought when I saw the photos.

  11. environ says:

    At least Brad and Jen didn’t have kids when they divorced. I like Hilary in movies but have lost all respect for her knowing that she had no problems stealing a man from his wife and child. That is the definition of a home wrecker.

  12. Iggles says:

    LOL Firestarter!!!

  13. Orangejulius says:

    The whole ‘homewrecker’ thing gets on my nerves. Sh*t happens, deal with it,

  14. karen says:

    I do think she’s a good actress in the right role. I just saw her promo for Amelia Earhart movie. It looks like she nailed the part. As for her personal life, it looks like those 2 Oscars went to her head. So, she chucks the ex and picks the man she really wants. She’s low-key so she gets away w/it, unlike the infamous, famewhore triangle we’ve been talking about for 6 yrs.

  15. ! says:

    I hate that homewrecker garbage too. It implies that everything was just dandy fine before said Homewrecker shows up. Riiiight, a perfectly happy man can be lured away by a succubus in Armani. I don’t buy it.

  16. Ally says:

    Narcissists fall in love with people who look like them. And in this case, double whammy, people who look like them whose job it was to do their bidding.

  17. DeeDee says:

    Well, then the “homewreckers” need to settle their butts down until the men set their lives srtaight. Don’t have sex with married men until they are not married anymore! Period! End of story!

  18. Zoe says:

    Having worked in the entertainment business for five years and having seen or met just about everyone, I conclude that Hilary Swank is not only one of the most talented actresses in the industry, but one of the most real genuine individuals in the business today. If you want to talk about someone lacking class, don’t talk Hilary. She has to be the most impressive person out there, so humble and open. Her talent really does match the greatness of her heart and personality.

  19. stellapurdy says:

    seems to me that the guy was the homewrecker here, couldn’t keep the peen in the pants.

    Like DeeDee said, if they do it with you they’ll be doing it to you

  20. DeeDee says:


    Really? Would her ex-husband say that? How about the wife of the man she was having an affair with?

    Being a class act with a good heart doesn’t sound quite right.

  21. Roma says:

    Did you guys actually read the Vanity Fair article? Yes, she does confirm his substance abuse but there had been rumours for a long time before. Maybe it wasn’t the best move, but he had been clean for 3 years already at the time of the article. Secondly, she doesn’t blame his addiction as being the sole reason that she left, she just said it “blew things open” for her. She stayed with him for the first 2 years of his sobriety and then they split because she wanted to take care of herself. As someone who married too young also and divorced, I can understand.

    Zoe, I’ve heard what you expressed many times. She seems to be so respected, especially by the crew members of her movies. That says a lot when people making 30k a year adore you and not just the directors.

    And I think we’ve all seen in our personal lives; men don’t walk away from marriages that are fulfilling and happy.

  22. DeeDee says:


    What a load of crap. Men walk away from wives and marriages because dumb broads like Hillary welcome them despite their inhumane actions. The wives always suffer more in situations like this. They are both moraless, cruel, and despicable.