True Blood’s Eric’s hot shower scene; Evan Rachel Wood to play vampire queen


First of all, how did I miss this naked shower scene with True Blood’s hot viking vampire, Eric? This clip of 33 year-old Swedish actor Alex Sarsgård in the 2002 film Hundtricket came out a while ago and you may have already seen it but it’s new to me. If you’ve already seen it, it’s well worth revisiting. The clip is safe for work because the camera unfortunately doesn’t pan down at all, but if you’re at work you may need some time to recover. Skarsgård’s character on “True Blood” is not the most likable vampire, but he’s the most swoon-worthy. His character would make an awful boyfriend, and he’s even worse in the show than in the books, but you can’t help but pray that he gets naked occasionally. That’s accomplished creatively in the show, and I won’t get into the details due to potential spoilers but it’s clear that producers are trying to appease the female audience. Skarsgård is the ripped guy in the center of this scene in case you’re not familiar with him. He definitely doesn’t mind showing off his hot body, and said in an interview with, “I’m a Scandinavian guy, we love to be naked… nudity is great.” *fanning self*

Evan Rachel Wood
Mild spoilers for past episodes follow, but this is relatively safe to read if you still want to watch the show
I’m finally caught up with “True Blood” after many late nights, and in the last episode Sookie’s boyfriend Bill (Stephen Moyer) was visiting the mansion of the as-of-yet unrevealed vampire Queen of Louisiana to ask her help in eliminating a pesky supernatural creature terrorizing his small town of Bon Temps. (Without saying too much, I hope that the person that he’s trying to kill is swiftly eliminated in the coming episode because I find that actress, and her character, incredibly annoying. This part of the plot is a departure from the book and I’m not a fan of the direction that they’re taking with it.)

I’m pleased to learn that the Vampire Queen will be played by gothtastic redhead Evan Rachel Wood, who has a new interview with E! about her role. Wood says she’s a fan of the show and approached creator Alan Ball (Six Feet Under, American Beauty) about finding a part for her. She also appreciates the fine male eye candy that True Blood has to offer and says she’s team Alex – she means team Eric. It sounds like she’s basing her allegiance purely on his physicality, which is definitely an advantage he has over shorter Bill. She also gives Bill some props for being gorgeous too, though. (This interview doesn’t contain any real spoilers. There is one minor spoiler in the source article that I’ve left out here.)

I want to know who you are going to have sex with. Are you more Eric or Bill, and what kind of drama is Queen Sophie-Ann starting?
I figured that those would be the questions! Who do I have sex with? Well, I don’t know if I am having sex with anyone yet, but I certainly have a steamy scene with someone that I don’t think you’d really expect. So it will be a little fun.

So no Eric or Bill? Because I think that is what everyone is assuming.
Um, I’m not saying anything. I can’t say either way.

How did you end up on the show?
I watched the first season and loved the show, so I got in touch with [series creator] Alan Ball and said, “Keep an eye out for anything that might pop up.” I thought it was a long shot, but then later on I got a call saying they needed a queen.

Did you know anything about the queen beforehand?
I didn’t. I said yes, even before I read the script. I didn’t really care.

This past Sunday’s episode was so crazy. I was just watching it and going, “What the f–k!”
That’s pretty much how I feel after every episode. [Laughs] Just wait until the last episodes! There’s a lot that is going to happen. It’s going to be insane. Those were the only scripts that I read, and I was just thinking to myself (a) how are they going to film this, (b) how are they going to get away with this, and (c) just what the hell is going on?

Did you have to get naked yet, because everyone on the show gets naked?
I can’t say I do just yet. But they are bringing me back next season, so it’s always a possibility. It’s kind of inevitable.

So are you Team Eric or Team Bill?
I would say, Team Alex—Eric! Whoops. [Laughs]

Have you seen the clip of Alex’s shower scene in Hundtricket?
I am not going to lie. Yes I have.

He is just stunning.
I have to agree with you. [Laughs] That’s another great thing about my job—all of my scenes are with Bill and Eric! I was surrounded by beautiful people constantly.

Now, I do want to ask you about the Spider-Man musical. What’s the latest?
I don’t know a lot, but as far as I know, it’s still on.

Any truth to reports that you told producers you were backing out so you could be free to do some movies?
No! I didn’t say that! It’s going to be great! Whatever happens, it’s going to be great!

[From E! Online]

Do you think that Evan and tall drink of water Alex have something going on or is she just appreciating his supernatural good looks like the rest of us? From what little I could find out, the guy is single and has dated women in the past, so he could be interested. I get the feeling that he’s not one to settle down like his co-star and buddy Stephen, but maybe I’m just confusing him with his character. After making that assumption, I watched this super gracious, thoughtful interview with Skarsgård (link leads to video) and realized that there’s much more to learn about him. We’ll be covering him more in the future for sure.

I can’t wait to watch “True Blood” this Sunday and see what happens. Evan seems a natural choice to play a vampire and I would bet she does it with flair. Hopefully her character will both kill that pesky dark-haired beast and have a hot makeout scene. Maybe the two incidents will be connected somehow, you never know.

Here are a bunch of photos of Alex Skarsgård, just because. He’s shown at events throughout late 2008 and 2009, and at Comic-Con with a flashy man bag on 7/25/09. He’s shown with True Blood costars Sam Trammel and Kristin Bauer at a cast party on 5/2/09, and with co-stars Patrick Gallagher and again Kristin Bauer in a promotional still. Credit: Evan Rachel Wood is shown at an event on 6/25/09. Credit: PRPhotos

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  1. adleisia says:

    I am so hopelessly in love with Eric Northman. I’m Team Eric/Alex all the way. Edward can suck it. Eric Northman is the hottest vampire in my book.

  2. LuLu says:

    I love this show!!!

  3. Firestarter says:

    I like Michelle Forbes and her character on the show is somewhat interesting. It’s Bill and Sookie who annoy me.

  4. Celebitchy says:

    @Firestarter – oh that Michelle person is awful. I just can’t wait until they kill off her character.

  5. Bodhi says:

    Michelle Forbes? I don’t have HBO (le sigh); she wasn’t in the books, was she?

  6. anna says:

    The character of MaryAnn is HILARIOUS– I don’t think anyone (aside from Lafayette & Pam) top her bitchiness.

  7. Celebitchy says:

    Bodhi she is the Maenid, but they changed her role around and instead of breaking up the orgies she’s organizing them and driving the town insane, getting people to fight and have wild parties. I really don’t know how it’s going to turn out because it’s not the same as the book at all.

  8. stepmama says:

    I agree that story line with Michelle is on my nerves-

  9. Firestarter says:

    Well I think we can all agree that Vampire Eric is hot!

    : )

  10. Celebitchy says:

    haha true Firestarter!

  11. Jess says:

    I’m team Eric as well. I want more nudity in his scenes!!

  12. gblinda says:

    Well, they’re going to veer into Sookie’s cousin territory eventually with Sophie-Anne because they have even mentioned her on the show. I love Eric in the books, he’s only “evil” in the first couple of books and then he’s quite … lovable. I hate how the storyline right now is veering off too much into Marianne territory…I hope the season will end with the comeuppance of Marianne, finally…

  13. gblinda says:

    And can I add, I miss Pam…bring her back too! She is amazing on the show and her character is great…

  14. Rosalee says:

    Having read the books and a rabid viewer of HBO’s True Blood, I am squarely in Eric’s corner, Bill just doesn’t do anything for me, boring and bland…”Sookie is mine” can only be said so many times before it becomes nauseating. Eric is a more interesting and sexy character – I am anxiously waiting for the next installment of the – Sookie Sagas in book form, unfortunately it is not being released until May 2010.

  15. Rose says:

    Oh Pam’s fabulous, and her outfits are to die for.

  16. Persistent Cat says:

    I didn’t read the spoilers nor the comments in case of spoilers but did you really have to use that title? The last episode ended with Bill going to see the Queen and seeing a bloody leg. I don’t read the books. Thanks for spoiling that.

    I will add, I find it funny (odd??) that Sookie has way more chemistry with Erik (he’s so hot) than with Bill, considering the real life relationship.

  17. Melissa says:

    OMG am I obsessed with Eric. The only way being a vampire would be cool is if I could look at him forever.

  18. Jesse says:

    Yes, more Alexander posts please! I can’t get enough of him.

  19. Jessica says:

    Team Eric all the way too! It’s not only his looks- its the way he stares at a person like he can see through them. Nevermind the shoulders and everything else…

    I agree the Maryanne storyline has got to go..time to move the plot along. Other than Eric my faves are Lafayette and Pam. Even Tara gets on my nerves!

  20. Tia C says:

    Love True Blood, but I’ve never been a Bill fan. I don’t find him the slightest bit attractive, and for a vampire, he’s pretty dull. I didn’t like Eric at first either, but Skarsgård is such a good actor that he has won me over. I don’t really find him attractive, per se, either, but he definitely has tons of charisma – when he’s on the screen, you’re watching what he does. I may have to check out that shower scene, though, lol.

    I guess I’m in the minority, but I’ve been enjoying the Maryann story. It’s been stirring up everyone in town, making all the characters more interesting. Weird, but interesting. Eggs is getting on my nerves, but other than that, I don’t mind that story line so much.

  21. Texas Gal says:

    Where have you been? I know I’ve mentioned it a few times but I know others were also trying to let the word out on Alexander Skarsgard! He’s delicious!

  22. Katyusha says:

    Please don’t let the sex scenes be with Eric. Please don’t let the sex scenes with Eric.

    That pic of him when he had the long hair reminds me of when he was at the mall and was walking around with those foils in his hair.

  23. V says:

    about time “celebitchy” jumped on (the) alex skarsgard wagon …
    i so wanna jump on him !!!

  24. Squirtle says:


  25. H says:

    He was also in the HBO miniseries Generation Kill, he was one of the leads that’s were I first saw him.He was really good in that miniseries. I was very excited when I heard he was going to play Eric.

  26. jsan says:

    I hope that Eric gets more scenes of gratuitous nudity like everyone else has so far! Love this show!!

  27. telesma says:

    @Rosalee – the next installment in the SVM series may not be scheduled until May 2010, but there is a collection of Sookie short stories scheduled for release October 6, 2009. The title is “A Touch of Dead”.

    Also, there are SVM shorts in I think 10 different anthologies, so if you haven’t read them, check Charlaine Harris’ website for the list. A few of them are brilliant (loved the most recent, in PN Elrod’s Strange Brew anthology), and they tie in with the books and some of them explain or conclude things that are left out of the books.

    In the meantime, there are some other great series a SVM/TB fan might like. I suggest Kim Harrison’s Rachel Morgan (Dead Witch Walking) series, Patricia Briggs’ Mercy Thompson series, and Keri Arthur’s Nikki & Michael, Damask Circle, and Riley Jensen Guardian series. There are more, but I don’t want to take up too much more space. :)

    I’m on Team Eric, too. I agree that he is a far more interesting character than Bill. ;)

  28. ebgirl says:

    LOVE HIM. I watch the show obsessively now just because of him, although it is a really good show. Thanks for the Alex post!

  29. Jenna says:


    I’ll be honest. I watch that clip numerous of times. It’s too hot not to watch. I demand nudity. I demand that he proves he is not afraid of nudity. I will petition this. Oh I will.

    I seriously hope Manson’s ex and Alexander do not end up hooking up. For some reason I have this whole idea that he’s a bit too good for him? Eh, maybe it’s just me but I personally can’t stand her. It all started with that movie “Thirteen”.


  30. dewhit says:

    Thank you, Jenna! Like she admitted, it was pretty apparent that she did NO research on her character. Her version of the queen seems like a (boring) gratuitous attention-whore, not the regal Sophie-Anne that the Sookie Stackhouse readers are familiar with. I’m not surprised she dated Marilyn Manson – twice. They are both total posers and are conceited with no cause to be so.

    Makes me sad that she’s reportedly got her meat hooks into Alexander. He seems so genuine and down-to-earth, and intelligent and deep, while she seems exactly the opposite. sigh.

  31. Courtney says:

    TEAM ERIC!!!!! Stephen can have anna but pleeeeze let Eric have Sookie!!!!

  32. The TV serial True Blood is very nice and a must watch TV serial for those who likes to watch Vampire based TV shows.

  33. tony barker says:

    I personally like the character Eric. HBO did good picking Sweden’s sexiest man Alex Sarsgård for the part. I know the ladies love him too.

  34. Meve says:

    No mortal can have a chest like that. OMG. It’s is just perfect.
    Personally, I think that Eric is much more likable than Bill both in True Blood and the books.