Sex Tape Eric Dane, Rebecca Gayheart & former Miss Teen USA released

S*x tape alert! The rumors are true, there is a sex tape out there of Grey’s Anatomy hottie Eric “McSteamy” Dane. And his wife, Rebecca Gayheart. And former Miss Teen USA Kari Ann Peniche. Monday evening Gawker put a short, NSFWboobs only, no sexin’” four-minute video of Eric, Rebecca and Kari Ann all hanging out naked and maybe doing drugs, it’s a weird video. I actually had problems with the video on Gawker, but You Tube has it up too (also NSFW). Fleshbot (site really, really NSFW) has already announced that they will have the complete sex tape at some point Tuesday morning, and there are some vague promises of McSteamy Wang. Here’s Gawker’s description:

“How did these people end up here?” is the implied question of every sex tape. Especially with the druggy romp Eric Dane (Grey’s Anatomy’s “Dr. McSteamy”) and his wife Rebecca Gayheart filmed with beauty-queen-turned-Hollywood-madam Kari Ann Peniche.

In the video (which we edited down from a 12-minute original), we see the apparently inebriated threesome — at one point Gayheart says she needs to lay down because she’s so high — lounging au naturel in the fallen beauty queen’s Studio City apartment, passing around the camera and, for giggles, discussing what their porn names should be. Dane settles on “Tuff Hedemen” (his favorite champion bull rider). Soon the threesome move to the bathroom where the two ladies disrobe and get into a jacuzzi tub while Dane takes over the camera duties.

The line between Hollywood success and failure is razor thin. The acting couple (the married in 2004) may not be at the pinnacle of the Hollywood talent heap, but they’re about as successful as they could have hoped in their teenage years. Oh, and they’re hoping to start a family!

Dane, 36, moved to L.A. in his teens, landing bit parts in early 1990s TV shows like Saved by the Bell and The Wonder Years, palling around the Hollywood club scene (once dated Lara Flynn Boyle!) before winning stardom in Grey’s Anatomy. Gayheart, 38, had her first big break in 1992 as the Noxema Girl, and aside from accidentally killing a teenager crossing the street, she’s made a career of film and TV roles here and there.

Peniche, 25, probably had a similar future in mind when she was crowned Miss Teen USA in 2002, but it wasn’t to be. She was stripped of her crown for posing in Playboy. Peniche tried to leverage the controversy into a career, and knocked around on the Hollywood Z-list for a while. She got engaged to Backstreet Boy Nick Aaron Carter for a minute.

There were a handful of TV and film roles, but lately, a source in Hollywood tells us, she’s ended up working as a madam, working the Hollywood club scene as “Tristan Bailey.” Her m.o.: When horny club dudes would hit on her, she’d tell them she was seeing someone…but, she could hook them up with someone who knew some smokin’ hotties-for-hire. The dudes would then be redirected back to her service, and she’d occasionally turn a trick herself.

Recently she was thrown off Dr. Drew’s Celebrity Rehab (where she was being treated for sex addiction) amidst back-and-forth accusations that she punched out a cameraman, entertained unsavory drug dealer types at the Sun Valley sober house, and stole money and personal belongings from her roommate, country singer Mindy McCready.

As of late July, the Hollywood vice squad got a hold of Peniche’s client list and the above video, which Peniche herself had been showing around to friends. The most damning part segment: Peniche lying topless in bed reading off a credit card into a phone. (Or maybe she’s just ordering out?) Here’s the evidence receipt, with the identities of the cops and the person who turned it over blurred out.

Oh, and a fun fact: This isnt’t the first time Gayheart’s been seen naked and high in a hot tub. This past June, the National Enquirer printed a 2003 photo of her in a bathtub with an unidentified woman and a crack pipe. As Dane comments while his wife gets naked with another woman again, he pays Peniche, who’s facing a criminal investigation while they are not, a back-handed compliment: “You’re, like, a good hang. I see you on the street tomorrow, you’re one of Rebecca’s friends.”

[From Gawker]

I just watched the four-minute version, and I’ve come away with several general impressions. First, Eric Dane is a pimp. He’s lounging around naked with his wife and a Miss Teen USA/maybe-Hollywood-madam, and he’s totally nonchalant about the whole thing, especially considering his wife is filming him. Secondly, Dane seems way more interested in the strange than the wife, if you catch my drift. For her part, Rebecca seems more interested in Miss Teen USA too. When all’s said in done, I think my favorite part is when Eric is filming Rebecca and Kari Ann naked, in the bathtub, and he declares to Kari Ann “You’re, like, a good hang.” Famous last words, dude.

Kari Ann Peniche is shown on 7/15/08. Rebecca Gayheart and Eric Dane are shown on 7/10/09 at LAX. Credit: Rebecca and Eric are also shown at a film festival in Italy on 7/8/09. Credit: Fame Pictures

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  1. SixxKitty says:

    This video has been removed due to terms of use violation.

  2. gg says:

    I only got a little audio, but it was still EW. “hi girls — ‘hi boyhhh’ … “

  3. blaugrau says:

    I disagree, I don’t think Dane is more interested in Peniche than in his wife, I would almost say that Rebecca looks like the head behind the plot. I don’t have anything against it, but filming it was just a bad idea.

  4. Kevin says:

    Uhhhh, put me down for 1, the director’s cut please.

  5. barneslr says:

    I have no sympathy whatsoever for any embarrassment this causes them. We all know very well that these sex tapes get out all the time. In fact, I have to wonder if they wanted it to get out, to boost their careers. After all, Gayheart is best known for killing that teenager…I can’t remember a single movie or TV show she was on. The other girl is probably also trying to boost her career.

    This marriage will fail soon. Introducing a third party into your sex life is the death knell. I just hope that it isn’t true that they are trying to get pregnant, since they will undoubtedly be divorcing sometime in the near future.

  6. YT says:


  7. Victoria says:

    I dont think R Gayheart deserves a boost to her career after killing that boy. F her! All the other cars before her stopped and were patiently wait for that boy to cross the street when her coked up ass sped around all those cars to hit and kill the boy! She should be in jail not making sex tapes.

  8. Firestarter says:

    Nice that Gayheart is saying how high she is in the video. Real nice, given that she gets to enjoy herself, while a guy lies in his grave because of her!

    I agree with the poster who said Gayheart looks like she is the leader of this pack. She is twisted. Nothing wrong with sexual experimentation, if that is what you are into, but there is something wrong with celebs who are dumb enough to video or photograph themselves doing it and then getting all up in arms over it. There is something even dumber when they allow a third party to walk away with said video.

    Barnesir- The only thing I know her from is 90210, when she played Dylan McKay’s wife who was killed. Sad that I remember that!

  9. wow says:

    I’m glad people haven’t forgotten about her killing the child.

    Eric Dane is hot, but I believe they are fine with this tape being out and have to act all indignant (in the same way Paris Hilton was) to save face. I’m sure they were part of it coming to light in the same way I feel all of these sex tape celebrities are part of it.

    Update: Now I see this girl has given an interview to TMZ about this, so now I’m convinced she leaked it. She claims it was stored on her computer’s hard drive. Ha! She totally leaked it.

  10. boomchakaboom says:

    I watched this video yesterday and it is THE most boring “sex tape” ever recorded, unless the action picks up somewhere later. Snooze fest.

  11. Ursula says:

    This is all sick, I hope they split, they are not good for each other.

  12. daniel says:

    I am also relived to know people haven’t forgotten about the little boy Gayheart killed. I still can’t believe this women got 3 years prohibition for murdering a 9 year old.

  13. Howie says:

    I’ve always felt bad for her about the accident where the little boy was killed. I have a feeling that’s why she turns to drugs- to numb the pain.

  14. Iggles says:

    She owes it to the boy and his family to live a good life and atone. She is not doing this, as clearly she is turning to drugs and views herself as a victim.

    She needs to take responsibility for her life. She also needs to take responsibility for the life she took.

  15. Cinderella says:

    What a sad life. RG won’t live a long at this rate.

  16. Bob Lawblaw says:

    “I still can’t believe this women got 3 years prohibition for murdering a 9 year old.”

    did you mean probation, or can she also not drink for three years?

    p.s. you’re a good hang? whatever the hell that even means.

  17. Colleen says:

    She was never Miss Teen USA. Check her bio.

  18. jeannified says:

    They are all so gross!

  19. Miss Wanderlust says:

    @ Howie….you shouldn’t feel bad for her, feel bad for the parents that have lost a child who will never come back !!! Can you imagine how it feels for them to be confronted with her behaviour now trough the media while his peers who are probably round the age of 17 are graduated, going to college/university, falling in love & experiencing live….SAD !!!

    If she had problems dealing with her past she could have gone to a psychiatrist ?
    It’s not that she hasn’t got the money to pay for some proffesional help ? Numbing the pain…at least she can say she feels something because the boy can’t anymore !
    It’s her business if she wants to make some shady sextape but she was clearly as high as a kite !!!
    Everybody makes mistakes in their lives but she owed it to the boy & his parents to make something of hers ?
    If it was somebody else(non famous)she would probably serve a ten year sentence in jail wearing a orange jumpsuit….she got lucky and now she’s blowing it, hope she gets the help she needs, KARMA IS A BITCH !!!

  20. birdgherl says:

    wow. i am nearly speechless. how do they recover from this? game. over.

  21. VirtualVice says:

    This couple, like any couple, defines acceptable behavior within the context of their relationship. It’s not determined by outside interests, unless the behavior is unlawful. Arguably, some of this may have crossed that line: alleged drug use and solicitation. I underscore alleged. No one except the tabloids seem interested in announcing “indictments”.

  22. Albert Einstein says:

    I’m so over these stupid celebrities!

    Our soldiers are losing their lives on foreign soil, people are losing their homes and jobs. Yet, they want to get high and have three-somes. Such losers!