Sienna Miller’s got a new unmarried boyfriend named ‘Slinky Wizard’

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Sienna Miller has a new boyfriend, and from what I can tell, he isn’t married. The guy is 27-year-old George Baker, also known as Slinky Wizard. He’s a deejay! Allegedly, they met last month, and have been meeting secretly since. When I tried to google him, all I could find was pictures of this old dude named George Baker, references to The Mentalist’s Simon Baker, and stuff about Slinkys. So, congratulations, Slinky Wizard! You have arrived.

HER love life is highly-publicised. But Sienna Miller’s latest relationship is set to make headlines for a totally different reason.

The G.I. Joe beauty, who has been on a worldwide promotional tour for the new movie, is reportedly dating a man known as Slinky Wizard.

The 27-year-old starlet has been seen enjoying intimate dates with George Barker, a “psychedelic trance” DJ, who insists his friends call him by the name of his alter-ego.

She is said to have met him earlier this year and took him to the Secret Garden Party music festival last month. Since then, the pair have reportedly been meeting in secret and are considering taking a holiday together.

A source revealed: “Sienna and George is still a pretty casual, low-rent thing but they’re both really happy. George is a good, all-round guy and they have friends in common. He’s not famous and isn’t interested in fame.”

“They’ve talked about a holiday together and Ibiza has been discussed.”

[From OK! Magazine UK]

I actually don’t buy this for a minute. I think Sienna and Balthazar Getty are just taking a little break while she promotes G.I. Joe around the world. My guess is that as soon as the publicity tour is over, she and Balthy will be on another topless vacation. Sienna recently talked about the situation with Balthy in her GQ UK cover interview. She admitted that the year-long affair “probably looked awful” but she also claims that she’s been single for a year. Perhaps Sienna is a wee bit of a liar? Or perhaps she just thinks we’re that stupid. She also admitted: “I probably seem like not a particularly nice person, not a girl’s girl. I do think sometimes people get morally superior without understanding situations… And the situation I got into was not ideal, but it happened and if I could go back and be more responsible, I would.” Sienna claims she’s “always kind of done exactly what my instincts said. I have a good brain on me, but I’ve never really used it when it came to making decisions about love, which has been a blessing and a curse.” Who thinks that Sienna’s whole life is a blessing and a curse? Ten bucks says she’ll be topless with Balthy within a month.

Here’s Sienna Miller at the Los Angeles Screening of ‘G.I.JOE: The Rise of Cobra’ on August 6th. Images thanks to .

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15 Responses to “Sienna Miller’s got a new unmarried boyfriend named ‘Slinky Wizard’”

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  1. Nebraska says:

    Slinky Wizard sounds like a sex toy.

  2. gg says:


    I guess that’s better than a Sleazy Weasel …

  3. kai says:

    man, she’s gorgeous. if she just had a bit of a brain and talent, she could be such a star.

  4. sunseeker says:

    well written, her PR’s are giving information to the MIRROR who are stupid enough to print it. It was not long ago Miller and Getty were seen in Italy. and Yes KAISER Miller is a liar and I agree soon there will be another reunion. I think they are holed up in her cottage in STROUD, and having a good laugh at all the publicity.

  5. Kaiser says:

    Damn, she looks SO MUCH like Elizabeth Banks in these photos.

  6. Susette says:

    Just have to correct this article: His name is actually George BARKER, not Baker. If you google the right name, most hits are Sienna related, but he actually does seem to be a real DJ.

  7. DD says:

    meh he’s probably a cover for her to avoid scrutiny with the married man. That headline picture of her is awful.

  8. y says:

    Her name is lier, homewrecker, maneater. how many lies she tooks, can’t count herself i thnk. After a few days she mentioned about new boyfriend, she met Balth, everytime she mentioned about new boyfriends, she met Balth, on father’s which Balth can spent with his four children. she and her mother Jo wanted to met Balth. All she mentioned about new boyfriends everytime it’s a lie. pretending boyfriend. Balth who is her lober, can’t refuse any wish from her. Good control. when i thought he must be a good father, I interested in his come back to his family, and also interested about sienna. Though recently I think he can’t help from evil anymore, I lost interesting about Balth, and Sienna. People soon will be no interesting about lier, and easy controlled man.

  9. gg says:

    Balth is unsuitable lober.

  10. fern says:

    So now the public is supposed to believe that she is not sleeping with the married man because she supposedly has a boyfriend who isn’t attached to another woman? Why does this sound familiar? Because she did the same thing last year and this year, but instead of JH it is this man. Just like JH, this man is merely a cover for her affair with the married man. SM is a creature of habit and these stories about her dating other people/being single are usually followed by photo-ops with the married man.

    If she could take it back then she would? Right, that’s why immediately after declaring that she made mistakes because she was naive and in love in the Vogue interview that she showed up with the married man in Italy. That’s why she will be back to flaunting her affair with the married man and whining about how she is being unfairly treated and that she doesn’t have privacy of course.

    I just don’t understand how here PR team could be so incompetent. Wasn’t she just saying that she wants to be like JD? Well the first step to being like JD is to keep one’s private life private. Putting out stories about how she is dating a man who isn’t married isn’t keeping one’s private life private. If she would just do the right thing(lay low, shut up, don’t stage any photo-ops/leak stories about her adventures with him until the married man has filed for a divorce, don’t tip off the paps, don’t cry wolf when she doesn’t get her way, stop playing the victim, and stop trying to upstage a mother and her 4 kids), then she wouldn’t have to go through these measures to whitewash her image.

  11. fern says:

    Wasn’t she just whining about how the paps won’t leave her alone and then she annouces that she is planning on holidaying in Ibzia with the married man, opps I mean her “new boyfriend”? So just as expected, the paps always know how to find SM because she tells them. So what this means is that SM is either in Ibiza with BG right now (by which she will flaunt by leaking photos of the married man arriving at LAX from a very long weekend) or she is planning on showing up with him in Ibiza within a week or so.

  12. Laura says:

    Another ten bucks says she’ll be suing the magazine that published those topless pictures of her with Balthy that come out in a month.

  13. gg says:

    She’s been reaping what she’s been sowing and she will continue to do so until she learns what this life is to teach her. So, as long as she sleazes around and does stuff this way, she’ll stay miserably alone at the end of the day. Sooner or later, you have to grow to have a REAL trusting, adult relationship.

    Because this stuff she’s been doing is teenager puppydog crap.

  14. noma says:

    Who? DJ Stinky Lizard?

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