Joe Jackson says Michael hasn’t been buried, wants to move Neverland to Vegas

Despite rumors that Michael Jackson had quietly been laid to rest in an unmarked grave at Forest Lawn cemetery, the late King of Pop has not been buried yet. Michael’s creepy dad Joe spoke to E! News about the state of his son’s casket, which has yet to find a permanent home. It took over two months for James Brown to be buried due to the legal issues between his estate executors and family, and we’re looking at a similar time frame for Jackson, who passed almost seven weeks ago. (As I looked up that detail, I found this photo of Michael Jackson paying his respects to Brown when he was laid in state at the Apollo theater. The photo is disturbing, as Brown is in an open casket and Jackson is pale as a ghost as usual. It makes me uncomfortable to look at it.)

Joe, never one to miss an opportunity to meddle and cash in where possible, said he supports moving Jackson’s abandoned estate, Neverland, to Las Vegas. At first I thought this article was claiming Joe wanted Michael to be buried in Vegas, but it sounds like he doesn’t have control of that and is just suggesting that a Neverland-type venue be built there. Joe lives in Vegas and would probably hang around whatever shrine is built to Michael trying to promote his projects and pick up women with his crypt-keeper charm.

Just in case you weren’t certain, Michael Jackson is “not buried yet.”

Shooting down published reports (and backing up what we reported yesterday), father Joe Jackson tells E! News exclusively that his son has not already been laid to rest at Forest Lawn Memorial Park.

Joe declined to specify any burial plans or confirm whether his son’s body has been placed in Motown maven Berry Gordy’s crypt as some outlets have speculated.

The Jackson patriarch, who resides primarily in Las Vegas, also tells E! News he supports a proposal to move Neverland to Vegas.

“I think Vegas would be great,” says Joe. And while he doesn’t think the family would visit such a shrine to his son, Joe does believe “the fans would come.”
Asked about Michael’s ongoing death investigation, Joe says he prefers not to discuss it, only adding, “I still can’t believe he’s gone.”

[From E! Online]

I wonder if the reporter asked Joe specifically about a Vegas Neverland or if Joe came up with it on his own. My money is with good ‘old Joe. While Jermaine is planning that elaborate tribute concert in Vienna, Joe wants to take his rightful place as guardian to a chintzy Vegas shrine, his soulless eyes and lilac-colored eyebrows taking in all the money-making opportunities created by his son’s premature death.

Joe Jackson is shown at a hometown memorial held for Michael Jackson in Gary, Indiana on 7/10/09. Credit:


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11 Responses to “Joe Jackson says Michael hasn’t been buried, wants to move Neverland to Vegas”

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  1. Firestarter says:

    Move Neverland to Vegas? WTF does that even mean? This man is disgusting and I am sick of him living off of the life and death of his horribly messed up son. It is disgraceful that the man isn’t buried and all because people want to maximize the dollar the man and his eventual resting place will get. This man knows no shame.

  2. lway says:

    What an a-hole. Would even use his son in death to get what he wants. Loser

  3. Lem says:

    he’s right. fans would come. and in a few years young teens would think neverland was just a disney al la peter pan attraction in Vegas.
    MJ could be a new age version of tink.

    Joe Jackson is a sad sad sack of a man. Luckily he’s not fooling anyone

  4. Diane says:

    Perfect place for MJ. Not only Joe, but the Jackson family loves being the center of attention. I vote for Circus, Circus.

  5. Enonymous says:

    Someone needs to shut this old man up already, preferably using violence.

  6. the original kate says:

    joe always looks like a big old bullfrog, sitting on a lilypad, waiting for a bug to fly by…or in his case, some money.

  7. Nova says:

    I betcha there is vodka in that water bottle. He looks like some nasty alcoholic from the ghetto.

    I blame the entire Jackson family for how weird and disgusting MJ became. They should had kicked the “father” out of the family long long ago. He is nothing but cancer to them.

  8. Magsy says:

    Joe Jackson thinks he’s Don King. Michael is dead daddy, stop trying to promote him like a circus act. Isn’t it enough you fucked him up so bad that he had to resort to the strongest drugs to blot shit out. What’s wrong with this crazy fool?

  9. Nova says:

    I’d like to take a wax strip and rip that mustache right off of him, lol.

  10. gg says:

    Methinks his “moustache” is drawn on. He’s a loony old trout.

  11. Katie says:

    How could ANYONE do this 2 their son/daughter whoever it may be.All he cares about is BLOODY MONEY selfish PIG.I feel terribly sorry 4 Michael that poor man desserved A LOT MORE LOVE AND RESPECT THAN HE EVER GOT OUT OF LIFE.I also found something yesterday from 15th July i think it was saying he wants the Presleys 2 help him transform Neverland in2 a Graceland 4 fans and it also said that whatever Burial Michaels body ends up at he wants it exhumed and moved 2 Neverland.I honestly and truely wouldnt b surprised if this does work sick scum like him get away with things like this.Abd if this does happen i WILL PAY MY RESPECTS 2 MICHAEL EITHER WAY CAUSE HES WORTH SO MUCH 2 ME AND MES THE WORLD ME NOT 2 MAKE HIS DAD MONEY.