Is it weirdly notable that Priyanka Chopra has NOT visited Duchess Meg & Archie?

Nick Jonas reunites with wife Priyanka Chopra at 72nd Cannes Film Festival

Priyanka Chopra and Nick Jonas took their First Year of Marriage Love Tour to Europe over the past few weeks. They were in Cannes for the film festival, and they walked a few of the red carpets together. Then they went to London, where they were photographed a few times out and about. I’m including some Cannes photos and London photos in this post. Priyanka and Nick were seen out with his brothers, and beyond that, I have no idea why they’re in London right now. No one else knows why either, which might be why the Sun did a story about how Priyanka and Nick stopped by Frogmore Cottage to visit the Duchess of Sussex and Baby Archie. The Sun’s story was weirdly specific:

Priyanka Chopra and her husband Nick Jonas were the latest to visit Windsor to coo over baby Archie. And they didn’t go empty handed – the generous pair picked out a number of baby gifts from posh jewellers Tiffany.

A pal said: “They thought baby Archie was just adorable and Meg is loving her new life. She looked fantastic and has taken to life as a mum swimmingly.”

Priyanka is said to have picked out a number of baby gifts from posh jewellers Tiffany to give to Archie. One of the items from the shop’s infant collection is this £235 bubble blower.

[From The Sun]

This was supposed to be a “see, they’re fine!” story, especially since the “Meghan and Priyanka fell out” story got so much attention a few months ago. The claim was that Priyanka was mad that Meghan didn’t attend any of Pri’s twenty billion weddings, and Pri was sort of mad that Meghan is super-famous now. Priyanka lied about having a ton of work to do in LA during Meghan’s New York baby shower too. But sources later said that Priyanka and Meghan are fine, and Priyanka has even denied the feud story directly. So… is it weird that she also directly denied the “she visited Meghan and Archie” story?

She has every right to deny a story which isn’t true. But… now I’m wondering… why didn’t Priyanka visit Meghan and the baby? And why does she want us to know that she didn’t visit? If Priyanka and Meghan are still close and Priyanka was in London, she couldn’t find a couple of hours in her schedule to visit Archie? Really? Then again, I always thought there was some truth to the “they had a falling out” story in the first place.

Jonas Brothers and Priyanka Chopra at The Ritz Club

Photos courtesy of WENN and Backgrid.

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  1. Mumbles says:

    Given how many weddings this lady had, each of them heavily publicized, methinks she is quite thirsty, and Meghan is wisely keeping her at bay?

    • Jane says:

      Yes, thirsty. Girl has filmed in over 200 films in India, was one of the first Bollywood stars to actually break out in American TV industry, had billboards of her show Quantico hanging up in Times Square, was part of the 2013 Super Bowl , and had a couple of wedding paid with her OWN money but yeah let’s call her thirsty. How quick we are to gaslight POC when they are not American!

      • Arya says:

        I appreciate the sentiment but actually, even Indian people think she is thirsty.

      • ME says:

        I know right? How many times do we have to tell you that Indians are BIG on weddings. We have A LOT of ceremonies. Deal with it!!!

        @ Arya
        Please don’t speak for all Indians.

      • Jane says:

        Iam Indian and don’t think she’s thirsty. Indian people also tend to be very sexist towards women who dare to step out of line. They were also very racist toward her when she first came out because how dare a husky girl fight for her place in an industry that only wants Aishwarya Rai looking women

      • Indian says:

        Idk if the other posters claiming to be Indian actually live in this country but hey… I do. And I can say for certain that this girl is one of the most hated celebrities in the country because she is seen as an attention seeker. Her affairs with married a listers got her the reputation of a fame hungry starlet. Her fake marriage to nick and the publicity surrounding it kinda cemented it. Nobody buys the “global star” crap that her pr keeps selling to the press. She’s now being called the Hollywood Rakhi Sawant. And yeah, to say that pc had a billion public weddings because… Indian culture… Is a massive over-simplification. Remember the country is diverse. And people don’t have the patience to splurge money on unnecessary ceremonies in most parts of the country. And lavish celeb weddings always get backlash on social media. But the one that got the most heat was not here but that of the Ambani daughter

        Also this poster called Jane above either has the memory of a gold fish, gets her info from the internet or likes to make stuff up on the internet. Pc was a miss world. She has never ever been seen as an ugly woman. All her life, she was the pretty one. In fact, she had to struggle for meaty roles until the movie fashion because she was put into the pretty girl who can’t act box. It’s always amusing to come to this site and watch people lie about India all the time…

        The actresses who did get hate for not being pretty enough though. Anushka, kriti, Kangana.. Google these women. They’re all lighter than priyanka

  2. GenericUserName123 says:

    I think it is possible she put in the denial because of the expensive gifts listed. She knows Meghan gets blowback anytime her celebrity friends spend any sort of money on her.

  3. jen says:

    Yea kinda strange that she would go out of her way to deny she saw them. What is she really trying to say? She could have stayed silent and carried on with all her pap strolls and no one would have thought twice of it all.

    • Peg says:

      Why, the media writes all these lies, because they think no one is going to deny them, good for Priyanka telling the truth.

  4. Becks1 says:

    I think the denial was more of a clapback to Emily Andrews, who has gotten a lot of heat for writing false stories (remember the baby shower fiasco?) I’ve noticed Jessica Mulroney has also responded to some false stories on twitter and IG. It makes me wonder if there has been discussion about how they can fight back against the RRs making up crap, since Meghan really can’t.

    But, if she didn’t see Meghan at all, I would find it kind of weird. Maybe there really was a falling out? Maybe she literally didn’t have time? IDK. But EA’s story was weirdly specific and then the denial was pretty strong, so I don’t know what’s going on there.

    • Peg says:

      Priyanka did an interview with the weekend Sun, calling out the British media for their racist treatment of the Duchess.
      Of course the British Media is not going to run with that story, but will run with baby presents from Tiffany’s.

  5. Lucy2 says:

    Maybe I’m just feeling conspiracy theory-ish, but I feel like she planted the original story so she could issue the denial.

    Something is definitely weird. If they were still close friends, wouldn’t she say something like that’s not true, but hoping to see him soon? And why wouldn’t she go while she’s in the area?

    • Peg says:

      No one plants stories with Emily Andrews, she is a professional liar, Meghan’s baby shower a day before it happened, this lie with Priyanka, home birth, and the list goes on with that woman.
      Katie Nicholl is also a bold face liar, gender neutral baby and other BS.
      Priyanka did a story with the Sun, weekend edition, where she spoked about how racist the British Media is to Meghan.

      • Lucy2 says:

        I don’t really follow the British media, but that does make sense if there’s a history of flat out lies with those particular reporters.

    • hunter says:

      The strange thing is, I saw this story and it is a promotional article for Tiffany baby gifts. Certainly Tiffany must have paid for it, no? In collaboration with Meghan’s office otherwise they could not afford to mention her name due to her being a royal.

      The photos made it an unmistakable product placement, just like the one for Bugaboo strollers.

      • Sam says:

        Meghans office? You mean Meghan AND Harry office and you actually really think Meghan is working with the british press on what articles they write about her?
        The press are doing guess games,they dont know anything and “Meghan” office are certainly not working with tiffany,bugaboo or the Sun. Utter nonsense blaming this on Meghan.

      • Hyacinth Bucket says:

        Tabloid journos namedrop expensive products all the time, often without the brand even knowing about it. I know the Mail Online writers have explicit instructions to cram in brand names because it sounds glamorous and gets hits, often the brands are furious because they don’t want to be associated with the Mail, but you don’t need anyone’s permission to write someone’s name in an article. Same goes for celebs – tinhats always claim celebs are “merching” whenever the Mail namedrops what brand they’re wearing, but in reality it’s 50:50 whether they get that info from the celeb/a publicist/a designer, or just decide to include it themselves. The Mail Online literally has researchers whose job is to scour fashion websites to ID what designers celebs are wearing.

        I didn’t see the article, but it’s far more likely a tabloid made it up, than the Sussex office making deals.

  6. Goldie says:

    I don’t get why the media keeps making a big deal about their friendship. As far as I know Priyanka and Meghan never claimed to be BFFs. I get the sense that they are friendly, but not super close. I mean, it’s one thing to be invited to a wedding with 600+ guests. This doesn’t mean that Priyanka would be invited to an intimate baby shower or visit Meghan at home just a few weeks after the birth of her child. Perhaps, they didn’t have a falling out, but rather, they just weren’t that close to begin with.

    • Beach Dreams says:

      I agree. Never got the sense that Priyanka was as close to her as Jessica or Benita for instance.

  7. Sorella says:

    It is just me who STILL finds Nick and Priyanka an odd, odd match?!!! Yes they are BOTH thirsty so in that respect they are a good match. ButI still wonder about them as a couple, they don’t look connected ever. She looks like his much older sister, holding her little brother’s hand – I see no love chemistry between them. I find when I see her with the sister-in-laws and family, Priyanka has SO MUCH TRY happening, like “see, I’m hip, I’m young” but she looks so out of place to me. WTH do they even talk about – Nick always that macho-grumpy-I-think-I-am-so hot-but-I’m too macho-to-smile face happening but brains wise, he looks empty to me and immature and like he is more conscious of how he looks than having a brain. But maybe it’s just me lol!!

    • Amelie says:

      Hahaha no I agree with everything you say! They are such an odd couple and well Priyanka is gorgeous and she knows it. It’s not hard for her to look sexy. Nick is not unattractive I guess but he still looks teenager cute and not man cute so I can’t see him as some handsome heartthrob.

      And I do think there was a falling out. Ok Priyanka is Indian and she had a million weddings per Indian tradition. But she has always been extra with Nick even if you take away all the weddings. Meghan didn’t come to any of them but she was also pregnant at the time. I don’t know if Meghan disapproves of her choice of Nick or how the whole thing was sensationalized. My guess is after Priyanka went to her wedding, she shortly took up with Nick and was super in our faces and Meghan probably didn’t want to be associated with it. She already gets criticized for having celeb friends and she only kept those who she knew could be loyal and discreet. Priyanka has a huge ego and she probably can’t stand that Meghan is now just as famous as her. It could definitely be a rivalry thing. But my hunch is they are no longer friends.

    • hunter says:

      Nick looks like he is being held hostage.

    • Audrey says:

      It’s a contract marriage.

    • kerwood says:

      You’re not the only one who thinks that way. Every photo I’ve seen of them, she’s smiling so hard it looks like it hurts and he just looks dazed, like he doesn’t know what happened.

  8. Sorella says:

    I also think that the Meghan friendship has been overhyped. They were likely friends as two actresses, but it is not that strong a friendship today as it once was is my feel (and I don’t think they were ever BFFs, just probably regular work friends).

  9. Elena says:

    Archie’s still very young. I was in no rush for my friends to visit my brand new infant. Nothing against them but I don’t think I had anyone over except family for at least two months

    • crogirl says:

      “Archie’s still very young. I was in no rush for my friends to visit my brand new infant. Nothing against them but I don’t think I had anyone over except family for at least two months”
      Exactly, or maybe Meghan was the one who couldn’t find the time… does stupid rags need to make a story about every little thing

  10. Mego says:

    I agree with the shading Emily Andrews for publishing made up stories. I think calling out the lies is a move in the right direction which will hopefully make the more racist ones less credible. Emily Andrews and Katie Nicholls are beyond contempt and Meghan’s friends don’t have to obey the never complain/explain BP playbook.

  11. Casey20 says:

    I agree there is something odd about Priyanka. It’s as if she wants attention from Meghan. IMO, she was upset with Meghan about not attending her wedding. So she didn’t attend the baby shower. Meghan probably reached out to her but realized she would be a high maintenance friend. I wouldn’t be surprised if she leaked the information so that she could refute…she’s thirsty and looking for attention, IMO. She married a Jonas and Meghan married a Prince…did she think it was the same???

    • Peg says:

      She maybe thirsty but I don’t think she leaked this story, if it was from any other 😳 Royal Report not named Emily Andrews or Katie Nicholl, shoot this list could go on forever, Rob Robson, Ingrid Steward, damn I’ve to throw in the towel, the whole lot of them make up crap.

    • Jane says:

      She’s probably upset that her friend couldn’t attend her wedding ceremony that she held in London-Meghan’s own city and then acted like it’s no big deal when she could fly overseas for a baby shower. 🙄But no she doesn’t need to look for attention. She was a bigger star in the non-Western world than Meghan ever was and had a leading show in the US. She didn’t have to marry a man for the world to know she existed

      • morelikeit says:

        Agreee @jane. people on here are acting like Priyanka is famous because of Meghan or something. When i come to success in American showbiz ,, She has more success in those term then Meghan could ever dream of. If it was not for her marriage, she will be in Toronto right now getting ready to be a full time blogger with Suits ending. Who gets invited to the Hollywood best parties and even Cannes film festival.. Can’t find one pictures of Meghan in those type of events. Even her Magazine cover She has to be with Harry to get that and when she did it was all about him on the cover. So like your fave but don’t make it like everyone is famous now because of Meghan that’s Jessica’s tittle.

      • Casey20 says:

        I wouldn’t know who she was it it wasn’t for Meghan and married a Jonas brother….enough said! She made all of this up

      • morelikeit says:

        C’ant find one article on this cite for Meghan before 2016 but will find for Priyanka…. enough said!

      • Casey20 says:

        Yet she is the most relevant person on this site today…and Priyanka is still on the fringes…come on do you really want to compare Meghan to Priyanka…they’re not in the same league!!!

      • Lady D says:

        “When i come to success in American showbiz ,, She has more success in those term then Meghan could ever dream of. ”
        Meghan spent 7 years on a successful TV show compared to Priyanka’s 2-3 seasons on Quantico. Meghan has also had other TV appearances. How is Priyanka’s TV career far more successful than Meghan’s?

      • Anon says:

        @Lady D Priyanka is an extremely famous Indian actress who has been in countless movies (and tv shows) since the age of 20. There is really no comparison to Meghan’s handful of lifetime straight-to-tv films or even her single run on cable tv. There are other movie and tv markets out there other than the US…

  12. SV says:

    Priyanka has over 40 million Instagram followers. The Prime Minister of India attended her wedding reception. Everything she does gets covered in the media. She doesn’t need Meghan for attention. The reason for the denial is she gave that interview a few weeks ago in New York where Priyanka said racisim was a factor to the Sunday Times, but the Times decided to print it after Priyanka had been in London. The denial that she had met Meghan was to stop the tabloids from fudging the timeline and implying that Priyanka went to see Meghan and then directly gave an interview where she called out the British press for racisim.

    • crogirl says:

      Exactly, she’s famous on her own not because of who she is married to.

      • Jane says:

        Seriously all these looking for attention comments reeks of xenophobia. People here love to forget that’s Meghan didn’t even have a single article on celebitchy before she was linked to Harry. Priyanka made her own mark on the world. These two- one married into the right family, while the other was born to the right family. In a couple of years if the monarchy is abolished, these two will be like princess of Greece, whose name I don’t know because that’s how irrelevant she is

    • hunter says:

      yeah that doesn’t really make sense?

      • Sigh. She has over 50+ Bollywood movies. Lead on Quantico. She was on Baywatch, Isn’t it Romantic. Countless awards, magazine covers, tv show appearances. I’m sure I’m missing a lot.

        Meghan on the hand was neither lead, co lead or even 3rd lead on Suits. Got the Vanity Fair cover bc of Harry. And some lifetime movies?
        Come now, you can commend Meghan for how far she’s come w/o trashing women associated w her.

    • Casey20 says:

      Lets be clear….Priyanka isn’t in the same league as Meghan. It doesn’t matter how many twitter followers she has…..the Kardashians have more than her…I rest my case!!!…not to mention she married a Jonas Brother….I mean really a Jonas Brother!

      • Casey20: You are def right. The only difference between them is that Priyanka worked her *** off to be where she is, and Meghan, well, Meghan just .. married. They’re definitely not in the same league.

      • Casey20 says:

        She worked her ass off to be what??? All I know she is a “friend” of DoS and married a little boy Jonas…that’s all! Is she a Michelle Obama? Oprah? Gayle? HRC, Melinda Gates? Who is she????

      • Your dislike for Priyanka doesn’t erase the fact that she has had more success than Meghan in the industry. Meghan’s more popular now only bc of who she married. It’s okay to admit that.

      • Casey20 says:

        I’m waiting for the long list of accolades. You have given me nothing! I don’t dislike her because I don’t know anything about her except that she was a “friend” of DoS and married a little JoBro….. Educate me on this woman you dare to compare to Dos!

      • Otaku fairy... says:

        Priyanka was definitely more famous as an actress before 2016. I don’t think it’s something either of them are competing with each other over, though.

  13. ChiaMom says:

    She’s too busy with her 1000 weddings to her fetus husboynd

  14. celialarson12 says:

    As somebody previously wrote, she looks like she is holding hands with her much younger brother. However I am amazed at the similarities of their facial features.

  15. Karen2 says:

    @Jane. Is that really true. That ppl are prejudiced against Chopra v Rai. Because srsly thats one of the most astounding things I’ve read for ages.

  16. Max says:

    What about Megan and Paula Patton? They were said to be close once. I think Priyanka is a little jealous of all this attention Megan got by marrying Prince Harry.

  17. Mitch says:

    This is just an odd fact but I always found it weird that Priyanka named her dog “Princess Diana” after Meghan was already dating Prince Harry. Just a thought that maybe their falling out this goes back farther…seems pretty inconsiderate considering….

  18. Snazzy says:

    I love the white dress with the strange seat belt belt.

  19. Casey20 says:

    I despise the Sun and Emily Andrews however, Priyanka set this thing up! Looking for attention from Meghan and getting crickets…. I think she ghost you, talk to P. Morgan and Thomas Markle about that!

  20. Ginnygingin says:

    Meh, everyone is different. Since I married into a different country, I had my wedding in my new “home country”. My best friend didn’t attend because she has a toddler, and she isn’t too fond of the place I’ve moved to. Last month, when I went home we didn’t meet up because she is pregnant and not feeling like socializing. We still talk a lot online, though. Neither of us is really fussed about it. Maybe that’s just how they are too. Not fussed about appearing close.

  21. Zazu says:

    WHAT IS WRONG WITH PRIYANKA LOOKING OLDER THAN HER HUSBAND? I guess it’s only appropriate for the husband to look 10 years older but not the wife because… misogyny? Get a grip people!

    If you’re famous in a 1 billion person market then you’re huge and you don’t need to get a leading role on a US show to be labelled so. Just because you are in North America and never heard of Priyanka doesn’t negate her success.

    Oh right and she has a foundation doing solid philanthropy, she’s branching out into business like being an investor in bumble India, and talks intelligently on racism.

    That being said, I don’t like her social media approach — ‘my life is a fairytale’. It’s just so stage managed and OTT. She talks too much about Meghan. It seems geared towards publicity. But just because I don’t like her personality DOESN’T mean I’m going to attack the relationship age gap or dispute her fame and success!