Jamie Spears filed legal papers to extend Britney’s conservatorship to three states

Britney Spears shops at Camarillo Premium outlets

Britney Spears’ conservatorship is up for a thorough review at the moment, after Britney went into court two weeks ago and asked the judge to lift some of the rules she lives under. Britney actually told the court that her conservator-father Jamie Spears had her committed to a mental health facility against her will, and that he authorized her medications against her will too. Britney wants her mom to be more involved in her treatment and conservatorship. It’s also believed that Britney might want to end the daily-personal-management part of the conservatorship now, that she’s fine with her dad making business decisions, but she wants to be able to drive and decide which medications to use and who to date and all of that. As I said, the judge ordered a thorough review of the existing conservatorship. But until that review is completed, it looks like Jamie Spears still wants to exert as much control as possible:

Britney Spears’ dad is taking no chances … he’s just filed legal docs stating his intention to make his conservatorship over his daughter valid in 3 key states. According to the docs, obtained by TMZ, Jamie Spears is giving notice to the California judge who has been handling Britney’s 11-year-plus conservatorship that he intends to file the docs declaring him conservator in Florida, Louisiana and Hawaii.

We’re told Britney has no plans to visit the 3 states in the immediate future, but our sources say Jamie knows what’s up and believes there are people out there in social media pulling the strings in the “Free Britney” movement who might attempt to wrestle her away if she leaves California. Our sources say in the next 2 hours Jamie will file his conservatorship docs in the 3 states. We’re told these are the 3 states that Britney likes to visit.

[From TMZ]

According to the Blast, Britney (or someone in the Spears family) owns property in Louisiana and Florida, and Britney likes to go on vacation in Hawaii every summer. Sources tell the Blast that “Florida, Louisiana and Hawaii are the three states Britney travels to the most, and [Jamie] most likely wants to make sure she is well cared for wherever she goes.” But the Blast also points out that “If someone were to contest the conservatorship in another state, or perhaps file a new one, the court in that state would be forced to acknowledge California’s order.” Ahhh, that’s interesting. But who would file for a conservatorship for Britney in another state? Lynne?? Lynne lives in Louisiana, I think, and considering Lynne and Britney’s seeming recent reconciliation, it’s possible Jamie is trying to head off his ex-wife’s attempt to get control of Britney.

Britney Spears shops at Camarillo Premium outlets

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  1. MrsDeAndre says:

    Y’alI I don’t know these folks and this seems like a sad and strained situation for all involved. Mental illness is always a multifaceted monster and I hope that everyone has Britney’s best interest at heart here. But just remembering back even to the MMC days Lynne always came across as…a stage mom who could’ve sold her little girl and looked the other way, if you get my drift. I have always thought her father was protecting her by getting Lynne out of her life for the most part. Sad all ‘round.

  2. Sassbr says:

    We already know that even under a conservator, it’s illegal to commit her to a mental heath facility and force her to take medication against her will. If she said that in court, I would be very alarmed. Is that true or just her perception?

    • SamC says:

      If I had to hazard a guess (not completely uneducated as my BFF is bi-polar), her meds need to be recalibrated and even if they have been takes time for them to be effective or they still need adjusting, which is why she still seems off. It is also entirely feasible that she decided to go off her meds because she was feeling “normal” for a long stretch of time. Sometimes the safest place to get meds back on track is from a hospital environment (again, speak from some experience).

    • theplott says:

      “Forced” probably means no contact with her kids (KFed is remarkably firm on that), no driving, no independent money sources, unless Britney has her meds adjusted and actually takes them.

  3. Digital Unicorn says:

    Do I think Lynne would pull a stunt like taking Brit to another state and filing to a conservatorship under her control – yes I do and the fact that Jamie has done this says that he believe’s that Lynne is planning to.

    I’ve said on here before, Lynne and the other vultures are now circling given Jamie’s health and Brit’s current mental state. Lynne is only concerned with getting her hands on Brit’s money. For Lynne its always been about the money and fame she used to get for being Brit’s mother. Lynne has never had Brit’s interests in heart.

    • Eleonor says:

      Lynne wrote a book on her daughter public meltdown “Through the storm” correct me if I am wrong. This is enough for me to keep her as far away as possible.

      • Digital Unicorn says:

        She also asked Dr Phil to stage an intervention with Brit when she was hospitalised the 2nd time. Brit apparently cut her mother out when she found out that Lynne was going behind her back to help Kevin get full custody of the kids during the divorce – so much for Lynne supporting her daughter.

        There are reason Brit cut her mother off for years. Britney herself said Lynne is a poisonous person who can’t be trusted.

      • blinkers says:

        good thread, I was curious about what Lynne did previously… shady!

      • Kebbie says:

        Her mom completely sold her out, but I don’t begrudge her helping Kevin get full custody. Britney was completely unstable.

      • SamC says:

        Wasn’t Lynne Spears also a big fan of Sam Lufti, maybe is even the one who brought him into the Spears circle?

      • Digital Unicorn says:

        @Samc: I don’t know about that, I think they met at a party IIRC. It was rumoured that Lynne was cozying up to Sam to get back into Brit’s inner circle as she’d been cut off at this point then when it all went pear shaped she claimed he was stalking her and tried to get a restraining order on him. He sued her but I can’t remember the outcome.

  4. Eliza says:

    If she’s really off her meds or trying out new combinations this is not the best time for asking for more freedom from a strategy perspective. Her symptoms are probably more pervasive and she could be more unstable. Get on a good cocktail, then ask for additional evaluation. I wish her freedoms but most important to be in good mental shape for her boys.

  5. Winnie Cooper’s Mom says:

    I live in south Louisiana, and yes, Lynn lives here, as do her sister Jamie Lynn and her family. I saw Lynn arrive at the New Orleans airport, about 3 years ago, in a limo. The woman is definitely all about living a certain lifestyle. New Orleans is a very non-pretentious place, so showing up in a limo there definitely screams high-maintenance.

    • SamC says:

      I don’t get the big deal about that. If she showed up at the grocery store in a limo, sure, but the airport? Have seen lots of limos when I’ve flown in/out of NOLA.

  6. Liz says:

    Free Britney. She needs to step off the stage for good. It’s getting too weird.

    • AnnaKist says:

      Yes, i agree with you, Liz. It’s weird and sad. It’s as if Britney is doing all the work; the horse pulling the fully-laden cart of hangers-on.

  7. AnnaKist says:

    This is very sad. Her dad would be getting on in years, and as Digital Unicorn mentions, his health is not the best. What is likely to happen to Britney if her dad’s health was to deteriorate and render him unable to continue in his role as her guardian? If it’s already known that her mother does not have Britney’s best interests at heart, who else could take over? Her siblings? The State? Who can be trusted?

    • Kebbie says:

      I hope her dad has made some kind of recommendation to the court about who could take over if he’s incapacitated, unable, etc. I’m not sure how any of that works, but there could be a lot of bad actors trying to take control if he’s not in the picture.

    • SamC says:

      Hasn’t her brother also been somewhat engaged in the conservatorship? I wonder if that is who the dad recommends taking on his role st some point.

      • theplott says:

        I forgot Brit has a brother, yeah, maybe he’s laying low and ready to step up. Or maybe he too has inherited some form of mental illness himself. We hear nothing about him at all.

  8. Erinn says:

    Even ignoring the conservatorship for a moment – this woman shouldn’t be driving. She’s driven with the kids on her lap. She texts while driving. She’s merged onto highway while fiddling around with a phone.

    She shouldn’t be behind the wheel, and I do genuinely think she could be a danger to herself and others in that aspect. She’s currently only allowed to drive with approved people in the passenger seat. How much worse would she be if she stopped receiving treatment?

  9. blinkers says:

    I wonder if those are also the states where she owns property. So he’s making sure she can’t go to one of her homes and have more autonomy there.

    • MellyMel says:

      Possibly. I believe she owns a home in Louisiana and I know she had a home in FL years ago, so maybe she still does.

  10. Purplehazeforever says:

    I’ve tried to refrain from commenting on this as much as possible because it involves someone who’s mentally ill. These posts seem to be slanted against Jamie Spears, who saved his daughter’s life. Anytime I hear Lynne’s involved, I’m suspect & these recent photos of Britney? Honestly, I’m scared for her again. I have to point out some things. The judge denied Britney Spears’ request for more freedom under the conservatorship. So at the hearing the judge was concerned enough to keep the controls in place while an independent evaluation takes place. Britney left that hearing barefoot and looking quite unwell. The only thing the judge ordered that appears to be new is that Lynne Spears be informed of the medication Britney takes. Every conservatorship is reviewed under the law. That’s how it works. It doesn’t go unchecked. This is only getting attention because of Jamie’s health scare, Britney’s entering a mental health facility & her medication not working. Lynne is a vulture.

    • stephanie says:

      she left the hearing barefoot?! yikes

    • Kebbie says:

      It drives me crazy when people bag on her dad. Do they not remember what she was like ten years ago? She dated a paparazzo and was constantly photographed crying in public. And now she’s back to being photographed regularly and walking around in public barefoot…and she’s apparently unwilling to take medication if she’s claiming he’s forcing her to take it. And this is just what we know. It’s not good.

      • stephanie says:

        I agree. She was completely off the rails back then and lately, she is starting to look and act like she did when she was at her worst in his illness. Maybe she is going through a relapse.

        I think Jamie came in and cleaned house and has done a good job. Britney is wealthy and low functioning – a prime target for abuse and exploitation. The sharks aka the “save britney” extremists are circling because they smell blood in the water. These hardcore stalker fans and leeches like Sam Lufti are haunting the periphery waiting for the opportunity to weasle their way in and get access to Britney for personal and/or financial gain. And Jamie knows it.

  11. Abby says:

    Lynne is a snake. I can totally see her preying on Britney’s confusion or desperation and trying to get the upper hand from Jamie. She has sold out her daughter repeatedly. Whatever her involvement, I would not trust her intentions at all. Lynne looks out for Lynne, not Britney.

  12. Lisa says:

    Yeah. This seems like a move to head off a mess. I do not trust Lynne at all.

  13. What's Inside says:

    I think Britney wants to marry Sam and is seeking more autonomy to be able to do that. She also has said that she wants more children and any pregnancy for her could be risky with a certain medications.

    • Frances says:

      Ooh, interesting theory! Yes, she has said before that she wants to try for a girl. Sam seems nice, although with the age difference it means that he was just five years old when ‘…Baby One More Time’ came out, which is a bit weird…

    • Kebbie says:

      Omg I thought y’all were talking about Sam Lutfi at first, and I was like “WTF?!”

  14. Sam the Pink says:

    I see one of two things:

    1.) The conservatorship wants to have their cake and eat it too, which I dislike. If Britney is truly so mentally ill that she needs her life micromanaged to the degree they claim, I can believe that. But she’s not so ill that she can be trotted out for performances or to record albums? I don’t believe that. IF she’s as sick as they say, she can only benefit from retirement. She is certainly rich enough. She’s been consistently working for over 20 years now! Let her go into a peaceful, happy retirement, where she can enjoy her kids, family, and do whatever the hell she wants. And before anybody comes with the “What if she LIKES to perform?” – do you really think a Las Vegas style residency or massive tour is good for a such an ill person? She could still perform, make music – on her time, in venues that are appropriate.

    2.) I don’t believe anybody is truly just looking out for Britney. I would favor a disinterested, third party to serve as the guardian. Britney’s dad gets paid for doing what he does – hence, he has a vested interest in it continuing (even if he is primarily motivated by good intentions). If Britney needs to remain under this thing, the people looking after her should not stand to make money off her (third party guardians are paid by the court). I’d take them a lot more seriously if they were willing to consent to a neutral third party running the show.

    • Purplehazeforever says:

      The conservatorship was run by both Jamie & a lawyer. Most conservatorships are run by third parties, like lawyers, with input from family members, so yes, I understand what you’re saying. But Jamie did save her life.
      She held her kids hostage in 2007 and wouldn’t return them. She had to be placed on a psychiatric hold & then her father came back into her life. He kicked out every vulture feeding off her, got her the help she needed & a conservatorship was put into place. The question does need to be asked? Should she be performing? She’s indicated she wants to perform, that she wants to do the Las Vegas residency but wants more control of her personal decisions. However, at the hearing the judge turned down that request & ordered an independent evaluation of the conservatorship and Britney. She left the hearing barefoot. That should tell you a lot about Britney’s judgment. So, yes I think she truly enjoys performing but what is best for her?

  15. stephanie says:

    Who are these “free britney” extremists?

    They stood outside the courtroom with hand made signs. They need to get a mental health evaluation themselves and get a life. ….they seem like scary fans a la Yolanda Saldivar in the Selena situation