Jennifer Garner works ‘very hard’ not to read comments or articles about herself

People Magazine is releasing more from their “Most Beautiful” article with 2019 honoree Jennifer Garner. So far there’s nothing about her relationship with John Miller, which makes me wonder if they’re still together or if she’s making it a point not to talk about him for whatever reason. In this new excerpt she said the most frequent compliment she gets is that she’s prettier in person. She also talked about the Internet and said that she doesn’t read any comments or articles about herself. That doesn’t surprise me about her honestly. It takes a thick skin to do that and you have to be on the Internet-savvy level of say, Chrissy Teigen, Patton Oswalt or Yvette Nicole Brown, to be able to put that in perspective. Busy Philipps has also said that she reads the comments and they don’t bother her. No shade to the celebrities who don’t look at comments regularly. Here’s more.

“They tell me I’m prettier in person than I am on screen,” the actress, 47, tells PEOPLE good-naturedly in this week’s cover story. “You might as well see it for the compliment that they mean it to be. That happens, if I’m out and about, every day at some point. I don’t know what it is, but that is by far what I hear the most.”

Garner insists she feels “really lucky” because the fans she typically meets “tend to feel like I’m the girl they grew up next to or an old friend, and they want to continue a conversation that I didn’t know we were having,” she says, laughing.

As for the Internet, the actress never pays attention to anything about herself in the media. “Zero. Not only do I not read comments, I work very hard to not see the pictures, to not read articles or to know what’s out there at all,” she says. “And it’s not that I don’t care, it’s that I care too much. Instagram is a different story because I don’t get a lot of people being mean.”

“I want to just keep doing what I’m doing,” Garner says. “I mean my bucket list is really to see in the next presidential debates—to have them talk about poor kids in America and have that be part of the conversation. I would be beside myself. If we are talking about how to make life better for kids in our country, who are struggling the most? That’d be good stuff.”

[From People]

I don’t know about Instagram being nicer. People aren’t mean on the personal posts I make, but there are some crazy anti-Meghan Markle people who have been inundating the Celebitchy Instagram whom I’ve had to block. Some people claim she has a surrogate and one person only makes puking emoji comments on her posts. I can’t blame Garner for not reading comments or articles. I can only imagine what the celebrities must face every day. I like Jimmy Kimmel’s feature, where celebrities read mean tweets about them, as it helps show how ridiculous it can get. A lot of celebrities are realizing this too and retweeting and responding to negative comments, but I get why most of them just ignore it. It’s too much work and they don’t want to acknowledge the negativity.

Ooh and as for what she said about the Presidential debates, Garner is not apolitical. She’s not calling out Trump directly and has expressed a desire to talk policy with him but she did campaign for Hillary.

Here’s another article about her.


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  1. Becks1 says:

    Honestly, I don’t blame celebs who avoid reading comments about themselves. People are super mean on some of those sites.

    the anti-MM people on IG are nutso. I used to enjoy reading Gary Janetti’s IG, even though its problematic, but he used to pick on everyone – he made fun of Kate, Will, Meghan, etc. Now its become a forum for the anti MM brigade to gather and its REALLY bad. So I stopped following.

  2. Renee2 says:

    Ugh. She bothers me. But I will give her a gold star for showering.

    • manda says:

      Yeah, she bugs me too. I remember reading a thing once about how she only wears thongs, even with jeans, and that annoyed me because you really don’t need a thong with jeans and I felt like she just wanted to tell the world she only wears thongs. Annoying

      • Renee2 says:


        When I try to parse why I don’t like her in the first things that comes to mind is her telling a story about her daughter telling her that she was getting so fat that her underwear didn’t fit and she explained to her that she was wearing a thong!! I don’t want to know about her underwear habits!!! 😂

  3. Carolnr says:

    I do not blame her for not wanting to read comments/ articles about herself. Social media is a double-edge sword. Celebrities use it to get close with their fans, promote their brand, film, etc., but anyone can also troll them on these sites as well!
    Jen had said on Kimmel that she never wanted to be called high maintenance. Her words were ” I am not a high maintenance chick.”

  4. Heather says:

    I feel that shower comment. I’m proud if I shower even every other day.

    I was reading yesterday’s post and am surprised only 3 black women are featured??? Would love to see Viola Davis on the cover for this issue.

  5. manda says:

    The meanness on the internet is so real and scary, and it makes me so sad. I don’t understand why so many people are so angry / take so much delight in being horrible.

    • NYC_Girl says:

      I think the web and social media have allowed people to finally run their mouth off, anonymously. They can say whatever they want, in detail, without worrying about someone punching them in the face. I think it’s horrible, and really out of control. On the other hand, I have learned to keep my private life off FB and IG. If someone is going to share a picture of their kid, they unfortunately need to be prepared for crappy comments. Celebrities have to be especially careful of this. Not sure why they post so much and share photos – especially photos of their home.

  6. Cay says:

    I understand what people are saying about mean commentators on social media sites; however, there is a real problem when celebrities (and politicians and other public figures) can say whatever they like and promote themselves in whatever (true or not) fashion they want. When they are called out for something, they cry bully or haters. If a person wants to self-promote and wants to post their thoughts to social media, why shouldn’t people be allowed (and even expected) to respond? If they don’t want someone’s opinions about their beauty line, who they choose to sponsor or promote, their parenting style, their movies, their political views, then don’t put it on social media. It is quite possible to live without social media, i.e. your article on Amy Poehler. Those who choose to live a public life in social media should expect that it is a 2-way communication.

    • Kate says:

      Meh – I wouldn’t look at comments or articles about me either. I’m very sensitive to criticism and it would hurt my mental health. I imagine those celebrities who don’t do that are the same way. That said, I’d probably have a devoted person checking things out to see if there was anything “real” I needed to address (like if I accidentally offended a group or had a bad hot take). I agree the use of the term “bullying” by celebrities who are responding to real criticism is too far though.

  7. Valerie says:

    Craig Ferguson just blocks, lol. I like that approach, but I’m not sure I could take it all the time.

  8. JoJo says:

    As for whether she’s still with John Miller, my guess is no. We have’t heard seen or heard a peep about him for a long time. If Jen/John were still together, I think she would have made sure to schedule some kind of PR outing with John after it went public that Ben and Lindsey broke up (even if just a coming in/out of a restaurant without him type of thing.) But that never happened. Instead, she and Ben went to Turks and Caicos, where they got married, for spring break. Only x17 got photos of them coming off the private plane. Typically, we’d get the usual barrage of coverage from E!, ET, US, etc. about what they did on vaca, how they’re happily co-parenting, their accommodations and whether they all stayed together, etc. But, nope. Their PR camps obviously put the kabosh on it.

  9. Gia Mia says:

    Sure she does read articles or comments about herself. Analyzing media stuff is part of the job for any Hollywood actress who earns decent money.

  10. Lena says:

    I believe she doesn’t look at comments on here and other places. She said during her vanity fair interview Ben (who I think reads everything) said she must not care but she said as in this article it’s that she cares too much to reAd any of it. I believe it’s not really a celebrity’s job -it is their publicists’ job to keep track of anything out there that is untrue or is a fiasco in the making to stop it from getting worse. I think she also is doing the opposite of Ben and keeping her love life completely private. Miller’s ex Caroline Campbell alluded to Jen’s instagram just last week as a “much more talented celebrity chef in my little bubble of life” so it’s sounds as though they are still together in their low key way.