Pink’s new motorcycle from Carey: he ‘won’t give me another baby, so he built me one’


Pink announced the other day that she would no longer share her family with the world because the reaction is usually so unkind. Not only is that her right, I think it’s good idea, both for her kids’ sake and her sanity. Many of you suggested that Pink courts controversy in her IG posts by intentionally posting something that would tick off the Mom Shaming Squad. I hadn’t considered that, but I can see the argument. Which begs the question, will she actually stop posting lightening rod posts? So far, the answer has been yes. However, Pink still found a way to allow us access to her family. On Tuesday, she introduced the newest family member:

I don’t know anything about motorcycles but that bike is beautiful. I’ll bet Carey Hart, Pink’s ‘❤️’, makes a great bike. I can only imagine how fast that thing is. This is, of course, the second motorcycle Pink has received in as many years. Carey customized a bike for her as a push present for Jameson in 2017. The reason I mention your theories about inciting controversy is because of her caption about Carey not giving her another baby. When I read this the first time, I thought it was just a cute way to imply how important the bike was to her, that she’s seeing it as a third child. But I could see someone kicking up dust about the implication that Carey is denying her another human child. The reference to children also prompted many of the commenters to respond to Pink’s decision not to post her kids’ pics anymore, so maybe she was looking to stir the pot. At the very least, I think it’s Pink’s way of giving the people that drove her kids off her IG the middle finger.

The most important part of the caption, though is the hashtag #whatshouldwenameher. We take names very seriously at Hecate Temple. We name rooms, sections of the backyard, household items, and most definitely our vehicles. So I am all about getting this gorgeous motorcycle named properly. One commenter on the post suggested Betty and I could see that. But I think she looks like a Laverne. Maybe Florence and goes by Flo. What are your thoughts?




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  1. egot says:

    Mildred, Millie

  2. Monicack says:

    Flo because the lady from the Progressive commercials is amazeballs.

    • anniefannie says:

      My 10 year old went as Flo on Halloween. I wasn’t sure about it but she was commited and was a huge hit! I couldn’t believe how many people stopped her and asked to take her pic….

  3. Snowslow says:

    Why is she giving me Julie Andrews vibes?

  4. ByTheSea says:


    We name our vehicles in my family, too. My car has the letters H, A and P int he plate, so I call her Happy. But she’s gray, so my son calls her Gloria (from Madagascar).

  5. Renee2 says:

    Speaking of names, the model of the bike is called Indian Scout??? SMH…

  6. Mabs A'Mabbin says:

    Cop’her’ lmao

  7. Case says:

    My car’s name is Betty!

    I’d go with Hazel for the bike.

  8. Moco says:

    My sister in law has a pool she calls her 2nd baby – she and her husband decided to build it instead of pay for another round of IVF!

  9. KidV says:

    Stella. Although, I do like Betty.

    That is a gorgeous bike. I’ve always wanted an Indian or a Harley, but I’m too chicken to ride around the city.

    ETA: My grandmother named her cars Shasta because sh’asta have gas, sh’asta have oil, etc.

  10. Surly Gale says:

    My First gas powered vehicle was a motorcycle: called Green Hornet
    First car Ford Falcon (red) called Red Rover
    2nd car Volkswagen 411 called Betty BlueBird
    3rd car Honda Civic called Oglethorpe
    4th car Toyota Tercel 4WD wagon called Eeyore
    5th car Ford Escort she was purple, artistic, so her name was Emily Car
    6th car Ford Focus wagon called Glori-arggh because she was so frustrating in the beginning of our relationship. Now, she’s Glori-ah because she’s (literally) irreplaceable (they don’t make station wagons anymore dammit).
    Pink can name that beautiful (I want it) bike anything ….. tho’ I rather like Betty :)

  11. Skwinkee says:

    My car is Myrtle and our other car is Emerson

    Fun fact: I realllly want(ed) Emerson as a boys name and my husband doesn’t like it/has bad associations so he named the car Emerson and totally cock-blocked my name.

    I’d be mad if I wasn’t impressed with his slyness 😂😂

  12. Lulu says:

    I find the way she always says he won’t let her have another baby gross. I’ve gone off her since I saw her in concert last year (when she tried to ruin a local bar’s reputation because she’s a spoilt brat) and she mentioned it at least 3 times during the show.

    I used to love her but her personality has gone from enjoyable to off-putting and for the first time ever in her career I’m not buying her new album.