Dina Lohan’s online boyfriend – whom she’s never met in person – dumped her

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A few months ago, Dina Lohan revealed something very strange: she had been dating a man for five years and they had never met in person. Their entire relationship was online, through social media, texts, emails and whatever. Dina claimed the thing started as a casual online friendship and then it developed online to a romantic relationship. She claimed that the guy, Jesse Nadler, lives in San Francisco and he’s his mother’s caretaker, and that’s why he can’t travel to New York to meet her. She never really explained why she couldn’t make the commitment to fly to San Francisco to see him though, which led me to wonder if she had been low-key under house arrest. Everything is always so shady with the Lohan family, so anything is possible. Anyway, the whole story was completely bizarre. And now their relationship is over?

Dina Lohan’s not gonna be meeting her online boyfriend anytime soon — ’cause he dumped her right before they were set to finally see each other face-to-face … TMZ has confirmed. Jesse Nadler tells TMZ … he recently broke up with Dina after they got into a blowout argument over a book he promoted on his Facebook, which Dina thought was about another woman. She flipped out on him, even though he denied it … but it was too late. Jesse says Dina tried apologizing to him, but he was over it … telling her they’re through.

That sucks, ’cause the long-distance couple of 5 years were supposed to actually meet in person for the first time pretty soon. They’ve been online dating since 2014. We’ve talked to Jesse before, and he assured us that his relationship with Dina was a natural progression that started as platonic but moved into romantic … even though they’d never actually met. As for whether there’s any chance Jesse and Dina can patch things up … he tells us he doesn’t see them getting back together.

[From TMZ]

Why am I so obsessed with this stupid story? I don’t know, it’s just so bizarre to me. Obviously, I know tons of people get catfished every day, and I know that online-relationships happen quite frequently too. I think I’m obsessed with this story because I don’t really think this situation is either of those things – Dina wasn’t being catfished, but I don’t think she was really in a romantic online relationship with this guy either. I think they sometimes chatted online and that was it, and as soon as TMZ tracked him down, he was like “Dina is going to ruin my life, this bitch cray.” And he would be right: Dina IS cray. So cray that I think she just completely scared off a half-fake boyfriend whom she had never met.

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  1. Birdix says:

    He called a SF radio station a month or so ago during the morning Sara and Vinnie show and seemed surprisingly normal, like they had both been there for each other through some rough times. I didn’t catch the whole thing but it seemed more like an unexpected friendship.

  2. lucy2 says:

    She either made the whole thing up or got catfished. Given that they “broke up” before they were supposed to meet, I’m guessing catfished.
    Couldn’t happen to a nicer grifter.

  3. Ellie says:

    I’d be so embarrassed to have this story out to the public. This screams desperation and stupidity all in one

  4. Annika says:

    …… This trick is still alive?!?

  5. Digital Unicorn says:

    Dear god that dye job is horrendous, the colour is just awful on her.

  6. Snazzy says:

    I know she’s crazy but I kind of feel sorry for her. Must be terribly lonely to be so desperate

  7. Keira says:

    She was a guest on Patti Stanger’s dating show. Dina was one of the lousiest guests/daters on the whole show! Insecure, scattered, late, could not commit to the process. Hmmmm, sounds like someone.

  8. Ange says:

    If you haven’t met in person he/she’s not your partner, kids.