Angelina Jolie’s kids ‘are her life,’ she basically invented single motherhood

Film Premiere of Dumbo

I was super-suspicious about this curiously nice story about Angelina Jolie until I remembered something important: Maleficent: Mistress of Evil comes out this fall. Angelina has been maligned as a villainess for so many years, but now that she’s a Disney villainess/heroine, the Disney machine is going to have a big hand in Angelina’s image. Something similar happened with the first Maleficent film came out too: there was an influx of stories about Brad and Angelina’s happiness and stability. The Disney way is the “happy family” way. And Disney is fine with their leading lady being a single mom too – Disney can work with that!

Mother knows best! Angelina Jolie is “always coming up with fun things to do” with her six kids, a source reveals exclusively in the new issue of Us Weekly.

“Her kids are her life,” the source adds, noting that “every day is a new adventure.”

The 43-year-old actress shares Maddox, 17, Pax, 15, Zahara, 14, Shiloh, 12, and 10-year-old twins Knox and Vivienne with ex-husband Brad Pitt. The twosome, who called it quits in 2016, settled their custody battle in November 2018.

“[Jolie] really likes the life lessons and new ideas that come from trying all different things,” the source tells Us of their family outings. “The sky’s the limit for her.”

Jolie’s activities with her kids include everything from going to a Buddhist temple to spending time with influential thinkers and artists such as Loung Ung, the author of First They Killed My Father or PraCh Ly, the Cambodian rapper and filmmaker, a second source adds. Most recently, the Maleficent: Mistress of Evil star brought her four youngest children to the premiere of Dumbo. “The kids seemed really polite and well-mannered and happy to be together, just talking quietly among themselves and finishing up their food,” an eyewitness told Us of the March 11 pre-party at the Dolby Ballroom in Los Angeles.

[From Us Weekly]

These kinds of sweet, cloying gossip stories are written about many female celebrities, but it’s unusual to see it for Angelina. That being said, I still believe she “won” the PR battle of the divorce. I have my Stan Goggles on though. But didn’t it feel like Angelina made lemonade with the divorce lemons she was given? She’s been in LA almost entirely for the past two years. She gets pap’d with the kids all the time now, and the kids always look happy and well-adjusted and like they adore their mom. Angelina invented single motherhood, that’s what I’m saying. LOL.

Angelina Jolie gets some holiday shopping done at The Grove with her kids

Angelina Jolie brings the kids on a sushi date in Los Angeles and the kids seem really excited!

Angelina Jolie takes the girls for some retail therapy at Kitson

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  1. dota says:

    A rich, famous woman with the help of probably a dozen or more nannies raised some kids and gets praise for it?! Jeez.

    • hrh says:

      What’s wrong with getting help if you can afford it? She seems like a very hands on mum to me.

      • smcollins says:

        I’m sure she is very hands-on but let’s be real. She’s far from a “typical mother” as another commenter posted. She has a full staff of nannies and assistants which, hey, I’d totally have too if I could. For all the talk we do about celebs acknowledging their privilege why is it so hard to acknowledge hers and call it a day? I’m sure she still faces some challenges (how could she not with the differing ages and personalities of 6 kids?), but she only makes being a single mom of 6 look “easy” because of all the help she has.

    • JByrdKU says:

      I was thinking something similar. I agree that she’s probably a great mom, and it’s wonderful she tries to be such a great mother, but let’s not get crazy. Praise single moms and point to her as a standard, but don’t get all “She invented single motherhood LOL”.

    • Ronaldinhio says:

      She seems to enjoy spending time with her children.
      Mine have daycare, a nanny and I have a cleaner.
      I am not less or more of a mom. Stop with the pissing contest it drags us down

    • velourazure says:

      She’s not typical of course, she’s got a ton of assets and resources. But I think she honestly is an excellent mother, not all rich privileged people are.

  2. ME says:

    She seems like a typical mother with typical kids. I am sure they have many good times and also some fights, etc. Completely normal. Her kids seem well adjusted and don’t seem to want fame.

  3. lucy2 says:

    I’m glad they’re all doing well and all, but I hope Angelina and/or Disney doesn’t use her kids to promote this film. That never sits right with me, no matter who the celebrity is. And these kids have been through a lot and deserve privacy.

    • Greta says:

      This isn’t from Angelina or Disney though, it’s a typical tabloid fluff piece using pictures and logic as “sources”. The bit about visiting a Buddhist temple and Prach Ly, they got from Instagram pictures from November 2017, the trying different things is from pap pictures and from her own words from interviews. The day after they published this inane story they had an equally asanine story about how close she and her daughter Vivienne are, with ” quotes from sources”, again easy to surmise from pictures and what she’s said in the past about her being her shadow & parents usually are close to their children, news at 6.

      As for the kids, It’s inevitable she’ll talk about them ( bring them on red carpets) when she starts promo, I hope I’m wrong but it’s what she’s always done, whether that consititues using her kids for promo that’s entirely up to each individual person. My response to that is always if her talking about her kids bugs you , you have the option of ignoring her promo interviews it’s that simple. That’s not me being snarky btw, I’m an AJ stan & I wish she wouldn’t talk about her kids for the most part , but I’ve accepted she will and that’s her prerogative. Not my kids. I also understand that part of the reason she likely does Disney films in the first place ( other than it’s the biggest studio, the money etc), is because of her kids, she said she decided to do the one and only Ivan because it was one of her kids favourite books. So why wouldn’t she share these moments with her kids? Like many are saying in this post, Angelina enjoys many privileges and one of them is she has a job that allows her children to be a part of it in many ways, whether that’s a good or bad thing isn’t my call.

      It’s also interesting to me who gets a pass for talking about their kids in interviews/ pap pics all the damn time and who gets side eyed. I don’t know if Reese Witherspoon talks about her kids a lot in interviews? But I do know she gets papped quite often, as does Natalie Portman as does Charlize Theron (who talks about being a parent quite a bit too from the little I’ve seen). Some of this isn’t directed at you specifically @Lucy, just general comments.

  4. Michael says:

    She did not invent single motherhood. Goof griefe. Millions of women have been single mothers and without fame, fortune or gossip sites claiming they are the greatest thing that ever lived

  5. Michelle says:

    Why mad at Angelina? These are not her quotes or anything from her camp. Us weekly have made a story based on photos, nothing else!
    If anything, Angelina has always spoken how lucky she is with help, otherwise she wouldn’t be able to do everything she gets to do. Every divorce is very stressful no matter how much help you have. This one involved child services, endless therapy sessions & an conniving Alcoholic Ex. I hope she & the children are in a much better place & once it’s all finalised they can all move on in a healthy way.

  6. Erinn says:

    I think she’s absolutely a dedicated mother who puts their kids first. That goes without question.

    But when you have a flexible schedule and incredibly wealthy lifestyle it’s a lot easier to kill it at the single parent game. Kudos to her for giving her kids access to many experiences and to meet people from all walks of life. But let’s not pretend that’s something that just ANYONE can provide. She grew up wealthy with access, and has made her own fortune.

    This is not the average single parent. There’s so many people out there pulling double shifts and working multiple jobs to keep food in their kids stomach and a roof over their head – who I’m sure would love for their kids to have such an amazing, worldly life. I’m sure they’d love to have nannies and cooks and housekeepers to help give them more time to spend with their children. And most people with 6 kids are not going to have even close to the kind of lifestyle that she’s able to provide.

    Is she doing what’s best for her kids and providing an amazing life for them? Yes. Is she somehow better than the moms out there who have to work themselves to the bone to just make ends meet most of the time? No.

  7. Christina says:

    She’s in the Disney machine now, so they are trying to modernize because they can’t use the happy couple crap anymore. There are plenty of wealthy, middle class, and poor single moms who don’t know their kids (Lori Loughlin, anyone), and plenty who do, like Angelina. You can’t always tell by how they look when they walk around with mom.

    These kids seems to like their mom to me, and that is nice. The kids don’t appear stressed out, but they have to be because of the divorce. Angelina Jolie isn’t perfect, but the Disney machine is about to promote her because they haven’t promoted single parenthood in the past, and they are playing moneyball. They could give a crap about what kind of parent she is.

  8. Hmmm says:

    She won because she won custody of her kids and daddydearest gets visits whenever he gets visits. She got her divorce and is free because she doesn’t have to deal with him very often if ever. Meanwhile deadbeat daddy has to pretend that he has a hand in why those kids are thriving.

    I think most of those quotes are from Jon voight.. he’s always giving Aj updates to usweekly. I wouldn’t be surprised if Disney does do something else tho soon.

    Hopefully the divorce means she can start traveling the way she wants to again. She is set to film a movie soon – it’s set in Montana and her stunt coordinator just signed on so she’s obviously doing it and then Marvel movie in London come sept.


    When they were going through the divorce he still had her under his thumb because she couldn’t leave the state with her kids without asking the judge for permission. She’s FINALLY free.

  9. Um says:

    I know when I was 13 going to a temple or hanging out with influential thinkers was at the top of my fun list. Wouldn’t she seem more relatable if they said playing soccer or movie nights or cooking together?

  10. Texas says:

    I was a single mom without all the money and help. Millions of mom’s do this daily without all the privilege that money can buy. Good for her but it is not exactly mind blowing.