Duchess Kate’s ‘jealousy’ over William & Rose Hanbury’s flirtation covers In Touch

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CB and I recorded the Gossip with Celebitchy podcast yesterday (it will be out on Monday!) and we talked in depth about the Prince William-Duchess Kate-Marchioness of Cholmondeley drama. This week, the drama has been pretty quiet, which is actually a sign that there’s something there and William is using his power to silence the speculation in the British press. If there was nothing there and it was just idle, unsubstantiated gossip, the Cambridges wouldn’t care enough to shut it down. In Touch Weekly – an American tabloid, obvs – decided to put the drama on the cover (thanks to LaineyGossip). I will try to get this issue this weekend to see if there’s any interesting tea, but I suspect In Touch doesn’t have much.

Radar Online has also been trying to get in on the action. To be clear, we stopped trusting Radar years and years ago. But again, they’re one of the few outlets saying ANYTHING, so what do they have to offer? Sources say that the whole Rose-Kate beef isn’t about an affair per se, but it’s about Kate’s jealousy because Kate knows that William has always “carried a steaming torch for Rose for years,” and that William referred to Rose as “the one that got away.” Kate allegedly thinks that William just liked to flirt with Rose and Kate is “jealous and suspicious” even though William claims there was “nothing to it.” It’s true that William has known Rose for years, and they might have even dated and fooled around more than a decade ago. Would they still? You decide.

And finally, this was a weird little story which came out this week – the Cambridges spent £15,000 to add a 950-foot hedge to the back garden of Kensington Palace, so that they would have more privacy as they were coming and going, especially by helicopter.

The Duke And Duchess Of Cambridge Attend Gala Dinner To Support East Anglia's Children's Hospices' Nook Appeal

The Duke And Duchess Of Cambridge Attend Gala Dinner To Support East Anglia's Children's Hospices' Nook Appeal

Photos courtesy of WENN, Avalon Red and In Touch Weekly.

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  1. OriginalRose says:

    Is there such a thing as a 950ft hedge?! Wouldn’t that just be trees?

    • Nanny to the rescue says:

      That’s length, not height?

      • 10KTurtle says:

        Hahaa @OriginalRose that was my first thought too, followed by “is that only how high a helicopter can go? They don’t think peasant eyes can see over trees?”
        In Touch seems to be the first outlet to post a flattering picture of Mrs. Cholmondeley, though.

    • notasugarhere says:

      Yes, 950ft long hedge of 600 yew trees. They can grow to 40ft or more in height but also fill in around ground level.

    • Vanessa says:

      I laughed my dogs awake imagining a 950 foot tall hedge.

    • Va Va Kaboom says:

      I now have a vision of a Game of Thrones-like Wall of hedges to protect them. The plebs and paparazzi must be getting brutal out there at Kensington Palace lol.

    • 90sgirl says:

      Wiliam and/or Kate having Richard Kay do that over the Top DM Article was a dumb move, it just drew much more attention to the story and more questions. Now it’s front page on gossip magazines.

      I guess the Threats to sue didn’t work with the American publications.

      Way to go William, or Kate, call RKay again. Lol

  2. Megan says:

    Eh, I don’t really buy that. I think it some petty competition over EACH.

    • 90sgirl says:

      Since when did Kate care about someone working harder or on something? I don’t buy the EACH scenario for the problem.

      The stories of Kate keeping other women at arms distance where William is concerned ,go way back To the very early days of the relationship.

      There was a old story where a girl was talking about running into them at a club in the early days of the relationship. The aristo girl knew William since childhood and saw him at a nightclub, he was dating Kate,. The Aristo girl went over to say hi to William(as a childhood friend) the Aristo girl says Kate tried to block her off from William , then when she managed to get close to him to say hi, he spotted her and was quite warm , but Kate was cold and instead just gave her Nasty looks the whole time.

      Allegedly , Kate has a history of icing out women, if it involves Willliam.

      • Beach Dreams says:

        I seriously don’t get the comments that have been insisting that this is over EACH or just about ‘queen bee’ nonsense. If it were so simple then the Cambridges wouldn’t have come out with guns blazing to deny it. The initial story (which I may repeat, had virtually *nothing* in it) wasn’t even gaining much traction and would’ve disappeared quickly.

      • 90sgirl says:

        Well put..
        Beach Dreams.

      • Becks1 says:

        all Rose did was host that EACH fundraiser, right? I started following her on IG (lol) and she seems to host lots of fundraisers and fancy dinners. I feel like if Kate were like “back off, EACH is mine” Rose would shrug and host another dinner for another charity.

      • L84Tea says:

        @Becks1…what’s her IG name?

      • 90sgirl says:

        The name of her Estate.

      • Gina says:

        I wonder why Rose looks so unhappy/tense and Kate like the cat that got the cream in that 3rd pic?

  3. Chef Grace says:

    Thorny hedge to keep Rose out.

  4. guest says:

    Lol. I know its in touch but lol. Its hit us tabs. Lainey had a write up about it yesterday. I still believe the story maybe not so much but imo I think big will has been up to something.

  5. Katashae says:

    I saw that article about the hedge and nowhere did it say the Cambridges spent that or asked for it. It sounded more like a general addition to the rear of all the KP residences for privacy. And since the Sussexes are still there right now and about to welcome their baby it could be that privacy and security are being improved in the back, and or general garden addition for privacy for all of the various royals who live at and come and go from KP.

    Also, I don’t believe that Rose story for a second. They gave themselves away by calling her the one that got away. We all know Cressida’s sister was that one lol.

    • Mego says:

      I think William has several “one’s that got away” including Jecca and Isabella. Rose may be on that list as well. Far as I’m concerned they are fortunate to have done so. 🙄

      • jan90067 says:

        Except for Kate, NO ONE WANTED TO STAY! lol.

        Eh… I don’t mean to be mean; I *like* Kate (though I wouldn’t be in her shoes for all the tiaras in the world). I can’t imagine the level of scrutiny, watching my every move, assigning emotions to my every look, and just plain old making up stuff about me, possibly causing problems in my family.

        I do believe she really loves Wandering Willy. And you know… while I do believe he flirts, in his constipated way, I do think he loves her. I just don’t get that he’s “passionate”, in any form, for anyone/thing. I also don’t think he’d want to cause the pain to his kids that he endured due to his parents’ drama. I’m not sure he’d go full on cheating, at least while the kids are young; perhaps as they are older teens, he and Kate might do the “aristo thing” and get discrete lovers…?

        I could be totally wrong, of course. 😄

      • Becks1 says:

        Okay, they’re all up there dying over the 950 ft tall hedge comment, but I’m dying over the “flirting in his constipated way.” That just seems to describe him so well.

      • jan90067 says:

        @Becks1 🤗 👍🏻

      • AryasMum says:

        Harry has a couple of got aways as well. No one wanted either job except Kate and Meghan. I can understand why. No amount of wealth or privilege would be worth going through all of this to me. Everything that Fergie and Diana went through was easily researched.

      • GreenTurtle says:

        @Becks1, why not both? (Insert GIF of little girl from taco shell commercial) 😆

      • Seraphina says:

        Puts a whole knew ring on the phrase. I picture a bunch of females running for freedom now.

      • Becks1 says:

        @Greenturtle – it IS Friday, after all! We deserve all the laughs!

      • dawnchild says:

        OMG…”he flirts, in his constipated way” — I’m dead!

      • Mego says:

        @Jan I think you have captured the esssence of William’s flirting technique and demeanor in general.

      • PrincessK says:

        @jan90067….your comments are so funny.

      • Salvation says:

        @ARAYSMUM, first I do understand folks that this is a William thread but I just wanted to comment re: Harry. So I don’t get when people say “Harry has a lot of them that got away too” when there’s absolutely no evidence of Harry showing any desire/interest to get married or settle down before Meghan. Yes 2 girlfriends stated they left him, but they explicitly said they left him because they couldn’t cope with the media scrutiny and with having strangers judge them. Maybe if they hadn’t been relentlessly hounded by the media or have just plain nasty people that made rude and nasty comments about them maybe they would have happily married Harry, we don’t know. But there have also been rumors that they both left him because he would not propose and they got tired of waiting for him to make up his mind, we really don’t know. But there’s no history of Harry ever proposing to anyone and been turned down. There’s an article that I read soon after the Sussexes announced their engagement that stated that by mid 2017, Harry’s friends could see that he was in love with Meg and they were telling him that if he continued to drag his feet, this girl too would slip through his fingers, again all rumors so we don’t know. But unlike William who left Kate several times and proposed to someone else but that someone was not ready to settle down when William was, Harry’s girlfriends can’t be really classified as “ones that got away” because he never cast any nets. At least that my opinion.

      • Gina says:

        Not sure if Kate really loves William but she sure loves the title and the clothes and the jewelry and everybody bowing to her and the helicopters and the being waited on hand and foot.

        She is the typical ambitious middle class girl who tries to rise up in society. Interestingly she didn’t try to do it by merit but by marriage.

        She is very tactic and strategic about it. “Right clothes” not too expensive not so cheap. Royal babies. Royal helicopter. Not too much work. Doesn’t want to be seen using helicopter nor on holidays.

        Remember that Kate Middleton back then would always check her makeup before she left that Mahiki place.

    • Digital Unicorn says:

      They did ask for it, the original story dates back a year or so ago when planning permission was sought by KP officials to the local council. It was part of the agreement to get them to live full time in London. Big willy doesn’t want the plebs to see him use a taxpayer funded heli on personal jaunts.

      • Svea says:

        Telephoto lenses. They already had their run in with those.

      • Mego says:

        They want to keep their helicopter as taxi usage hidden from the public. Those bothersome media reports about their spending pop up otherwise.

      • Olenna says:

        Ah, yes. The helicopter; the one the fans never want to talk about because it’s not a privately owned, non-taxpayer funded form of transportation that should shame both its owners and owners’ friends for using because of its carbon footprint and the fuel cost that aren’t being donated to the NHS and British charities. That helicopter.

    • notasugarhere says:

      Royals have lived in KP for decades but only after W&K moved there was the hedge demanded for privacy. They requested this one, like they did with the 20,000 one two years ago.

  6. Becks1 says:

    I read the comments on the Mail for this article just now (the article about the hedges, I mean) – inadvertently, the comments usually don’t pop up for me but there they were lol – and I was surprised because overall they seemed reasonable. A little meanspirited, but reasonable. One commented on how constantly using the helicopter seems a little out of touch with the climate change narrative, and there were lots of comments about how if they don’t want the public to see them, they shouldn’t live on public funds.

    I think its an interesting argument….like, I do think the royal family is entitled to privacy. I don’t think the public is entitled to every aspect of their lives on a daily basis. (I’m not British, so maybe the British posters on here feel differently.) But something about the constant building of hedges, bringing trees for privacy, etc seems off to me.

    • Ellie says:

      @Becks1 – I am not British either, but I do feel celebrities, royals included, have no idea what life is like for the general public. We do not have a surplus of privacy either! If my skirt accidentally rides up on the subway, people will probably take photos, post them, and oh well; if a high school student falls off the stage in a play, it is all over Instagram in seconds. Plus using public transportation leaves you little privacy indeed. Then there’s revenge porn and spyware and on and on. Most of a royal’s life seems private to me compared to everyone else.

    • notasugarhere says:

      It is a taxpayer-funded helicopter. A couple years ago, either LAK or bluhare discovered an important tidbit in the royal funding documents. After all the protests of W&K using the helicopter for their private travel? The rules were changed to make all of their travel by helo, whether for business or personal travel, paid by taxpayers. The hedge is another way of hiding how much W&K use that helo for personal travel.

      • Becks1 says:

        @nota – that is interesting. So before, did the taxpayers only cover the cost if it was for work? Or was it always taxpayer funded, but the expectation was that it wasn’t used for personal travel unless absolutely necessary?

        I don’t know why I always thought they drove back and forth between Norfolk and London. whoops.

      • notasugarhere says:

        Yes, before the taxpayers only paid for work-related travel. This new set-up only exists for Queen and Philip, Charles and Camilla, and now William and Kate. It means Kate can use the helo to fly to see her mummy, go shopping at Bicester Village, and fly home all on taxpayer money. And put in one amalgamated cost per year, not broken out by trips in the annual report.

        With the new yew hedge, seeing how often she does that, William goes off on a skiing or hunting trip without his family, or they all go on vacation? It will be hidden.

      • Becks1 says:

        Ahhhhh okay. I get it. So now seeing the comings-and-goings could be more important, if someone wanted to get an idea of how often it was being used for personal vs business, since there’s no separate accounting/tracking. So this seems to go beyond wanting basic privacy of their daily lives and more towards wanting to shield the public from comparing work vs pleasure trips.

  7. Lulu says:


  8. Becks1 says:

    Oh, and for the Rose story – I cant see Kate being jealous over Rose if the truth was as simple as “William carried a torch for her 15 years ago.” I think if that was the case they never would have developed a friendship (i.e. if Kate was jealous of Rose because William had a crush on her, why would they have been friends in the first place, years after said crush?)

    funny though that it has taken a week or two to trickle to the US tabloids. I kind of appreciate how In Touch is just going all in with the ‘cheating’ theory – they are not beating around the bush at all, are they.

    • Iknow says:

      Or maybe she didn’t know there was a thing. Or worse yet, if there was an affair, it happened after they became friends.

    • 90sgirl says:

      William and Kate made it worse by having Richard Kay the DM writing that over the top a article, it made a lot of people say why such a drastic move if the story has no credence?

      • Becks1 says:

        @90s girl – 100% agreed. Had that Richard Kay not written that piece, I think this would have blown over by now.

      • MargaritasForBreakfast says:

        Except there are people all over social media saying that Meghan’s “PR team” planted the story to get the heat off her and harry. That’s why Richard Kay got involved. To cast aspersions on Meg and Harry as the source of the rumors. I’ve seen this on twitter and youtube at least 500 times. People seem certain this came from Evil Meg.

  9. Rapunzel says:

    My take: Will and Rose had a fling years ago when he and Kate were last split (2007). Kate found out around the time she got pregnant with Louis. Having Louis and cutting out Rose was how William repaired things with Kate, who was super pissed he didn’t tell her about Rose. The vague turnip toffs story made Kate mad, as she didn’t want anyone knowing about this. Will thus retaliated with Kay’s story, and it made things worse.

    • Becks1 says:

      I think this is reasonable. It would also fit in with the body language at the EACH fundraiser, where despite the above pictures, lol, Kate and Rose seemed very comfortable and friendly with each other. Someone speculated something similar on another post (that the affair was in the past and Kate just found out about it), but still after they were married. I can see this theory being true too, especially if Kate had said something to will after they got back together, like “I want to know who you were with so that I’m not embarrassed in the future by not knowing” or something, and Will lied to her about it.

      • 90sgirl says:

        I’m glad his PR efforts and threats of lawsuits, didn’t shut down the story across the shores, the American media is still searching for answers and reporting the story.

    • PrincessK says:

      I believe the ‘affair’ started a while ago, and the stories about Kate having a ‘rival’ amongst the turnip toffs in terms of the size of the property and assets etc, was just a veiled cover for the real point, the ‘rivalry’ was more in between the bedsheets.

      The truth of why everything has come to a head now and Kate seeming to put her foot down may not become known for many years. After all the secret of Phil’s long long love affair with his wife’s first cousin was known by many since the 1950s/60s but the story is only seeping out slowly now.

    • Gina says:

      It doesn’t exactly support positive ideas about Kate’s sanity that she got mad that William had a fling BEFORE he married her and WHILE he and Kate were on a split and more than A DECADE ago.

  10. Erinn says:

    950ft of hedge isn’t going to do much to hide a helicopter but I’m really enjoying the visual of them just riding the helicopter about 3 feet off of the ground.

    I actually like the dress Kate is wearing in these photos. It’s different, but in a good way, I think.

    “carried a steaming torch for Rose for years,”
    I really can’t imagine Will carrying a ‘steaming’ (that part made me actually laugh) torch for anyone. I really don’t know what to think about the stories. Part of me wonders if Andrew IS just hitting at both the brothers. Because a lot of the stories about W/K and H/M really just seem so off the wall. There’s so many weird angles from them. But even the ones where Harry and Meghan are getting smeared… they don’t exactly make W/K look good either. Some of the spin of course is a little more positive… but anyone reading it critically sees how badly they come off in them as well.

    So I don’t know. Could Andrew be in wounded animal mode because of the Epstein stuff… I think it’s possible. It’s just as sane as any other theory at this point. Nothing would really surprise me.

    • Becks1 says:

      That’s a Jenny Packham. She wore it shortly after their wedding to an ARK Gala and it really did not look as good as it did here. The styling for this event was SO MUCH BETTER. In her first wearing of it, you couldn’t even see the pretty shoulder details or anything.

    • Becks1 says:

      Oh and I think some of these stories could be Andrew, but honestly the fact that not all the anti-Meghan stories paint Will and Kate completely positive is what makes me think it IS will and Kate, lol. William has a reputation for trying to control the narrative and thinking he’s this PR genius, and he’s usually not. So I can see him completely missing the fact that some of these stories make him look petty.

      • Mac says:

        The royal reporters are racist AF. Meghan doesn’t fit with their view of what the BRF should be and they are determined to tear her down. Fortunately, Meghan gets the last laugh because no matter how much they dump on her, she is still royalty.

      • Erinn says:

        Very possible, as well. I mean I don’t think any of them are particularly intellectual. But I also think that in a lot of ways they’re really behind the times when it comes to self-promotion and marketing. I don’t think they were aware of how fast the landscape changed in that regard, and how much it’s CONSTANTLY shifting. Old tricks just don’t work.

        I could also see a handful of people involved being kind of paranoid about who’s leaking what, and leaking their own gossip to combat a perceived threat.

    • Mac says:

      I don’t think Andrew is smart enough to orchestrate a plan like that. I think the press is writing fan fiction because it gets a lot of clicks and they can get away with it. I think the Kay story was William’s way of letting the press know that he will punch back.

      • Erinn says:

        I think maybe a combination. Probably some minor leaks lead to a literal crap ton of rehashed stories. I’m almost always about fiction writing – I say that with most famous people. It’s easy to know exactly what kind of stories will rile people up, and how to keep them general enough to avoid lawsuits when that’s what your job is about.

    • notasugarhere says:

      It will hide who gets into the helicopter and whether they’re dressed for work. Or if they’re loading suitcases to go off on another vacation.

      I can’t see Andrew worrying. HM made the Epstein stuff disappear before, she’ll do it again.

      • Erinn says:

        Ah – fair point on hiding who’s getting in and out. There can be speculation, but no definitive answer if you don’t see them entering/exiting.

        Now that said… I’m super into having trees/shrubs in my yard. I hate being out in the yard and feeling like my neighbors are on top of me. Even if I had a larger property – we have about 2.4 acres or something, but mostly woods – I’d still want a hedge or fence or something for privacy. I don’t know if it’s a weird paranoia thing, or if it’s just because I grew up not being able to see my neighbors so it’s become a preference. I’d definitely want SOMETHING if I was famous.

    • GreenTurtle says:

      Riding the helicopter three feet off the ground. 😂 OMG, everyone is killing it in the comments section today!

  11. Enn says:

    I read through the monster comment thread yesterday and I’m falling on the side of a lot of this info coming from Handy Andy. Don’t get me wrong, I think William is a dick, but this is making everyone look bad. Wouldn’t stirring sh*t be a way to stick it to H&M for what he sees as stealing Eugenie’s wedding thunder plus causing grief for Chuck in general? There’s no love lost there. I also would believe that he wants to give the middle finger to William because W has probably always been a pompous ass with regards to place in the family.

    Just something I’ve been turning over in my mind since yesterday.

  12. Cherie says:

    So hard to decide which narrative to follow. On one hand, for years, the party line is that William is so awful no woman on the planet would have him so he slunk back to Kate who so desperately waited for the ring… on the other he is an international playboy that has been cheating with various women the entirety of his marriage.

    • Becks1 says:

      Well, I think it’s kind of always been assumed that he slept around, just no one else would MARRY him (or should I say, no British aristocratic woman would marry him.) I don’t think anyone here has ever speculated that no one woman would sleep with him.

      • Cherie says:

        That’s where it loses me. We are speculating that he is desirable enough for many women to want to occupy his bed, but none of them were willing to enter the BRF to be his wife.
        It has long been a knock on William (and Kate that she’s the only one that wanted damaged goods). Yet we are also supposed to believe women are beating down his door to be the side piece.
        I guess my point is I think it’s all BS.
        The biggest story of the year is Polo Baby and folks are just making crap up while we all wait for the real news!

      • BayTampaBay says:

        It is easy to forget that William was at one time extremely good looking. I have no problem believing that daughters (and granddaughters) of the Titled British Aristocracy were willing and/or wanting to sleep with Bill Cambridge but had no desire whatsoever to marry into BRF. Can one imagine having your life documented daily in the Daily Fail with posters of the commentariat commenting on every move you make. Daughters of the Titled British Aristocracy do not need the money and/or status; Just ask Isabella Branson.

      • Erinn says:

        My husband has a cousin – who is married – who sleeps around. He’s absolutely vile looking and I compare him to a buoy – he genuinely makes Will look like a god among men just in comparison. And he still somehow finds willing participants. I don’t feel sorry for his wife really, because she was part of the affair behind the back of a previous gf who I really liked, and because she’s an absolute snot of a person. But we also don’t associate with these people unless forced. So I mean – anyone can find a participant if they look hard enough.

      • Beach Dreams says:

        Cherie, many of the women Will slept with were aristocrats. These women already have all the perks they could want- wealth, privilege, ‘noble’ heritage- without any of the intense scrutiny and restrictions attached to being a royal. And frankly, many aristocrats already look down on the royals for not having the ‘esteemed’ lineage that they do. Marrying a royal would have far more cons than pros to them. Being a fling or side piece would give them bragging rights about screwing the future King while maintaining their relatively private and luxe lifestyles.

      • 90sgirl says:

        There was “allegedly” a point during the dating years, when Kate allegedly told someone, that it just comes with the territory and that’s just the way these guys are.

      • Carolind says:

        Beach Dreams – Actually the RF have the most “esteemed lineage”. They are the heads of the aristocracy.

      • Salvation says:

        @CAROLIND, if that was the case, Charles Prince of Wales, wouldn’t have been said to have “married up” when he married aristo Lady Diana. And the then Lady Diana (who later married Charles Prince of Wales to become Diana Princess of Wales), wouldn’t have been said to have “married down”

      • Hyacinth Bucket says:

        The RF are absolutely not the “heads” of the aristocracy.

        Here in England aristocracy is generally gauged by the age of your family. Many aristocratic families date back to Medieval times (for example my direct ancestor was given his title by William the Conqueror’s son nearly a thousand years ago, though the title and lands all passed out of my own family line centuries ago). WoC’s descendants ruled England for hundreds of years.

        In 1707, after Queen Anne died childless, the line of succession was interrupted due to legislation banning Catholics from taking the throne. Over 50 royals were “bumped” from the line of succession and some random second cousin was shipped in from Germany to be crowned King. The modern royals are his descendants, and in British historical terms 312 years is nothing.

        Many of the old aristocratic families look down their noses at the current RF as being German arrivistes. There are many many Brits who are directly descended from Medieval royalty (mainly due to John of Gaunt having so many kids), and of course descendants of the 50+ royals who were bumped off the succession list due to being the wrong religion.

    • Digital Unicorn says:

      There will always been women who throw themselves at men in positions of power and wealth regardless of what they look like or how they behave. William is no different. Look at Dump, Melania would never have deigned to look at him if he wasn’t famous, had money and is connected even thou he’s ugly inside and out and has a history of violence toward women.

      I recall reading that his pickup technique consisted of basically asking a girl outright if she wanted to have sex with him. He had no idea how to chat to women and was considered a massively rude boor but that won’t stop a certain type of woman from seeking him out for the kudos of shagging the future King of England.

      • Chaine says:

        If it’s true I don’t hate his pickup technique. Is it romantic No but he is refreshingly upfront about his intention and makes sure there is consent.

      • notasugarhere says:

        He also used his friends to get girls to turn around so he could see their faces. If he thought they were pretty, he’d have his friends chat the girl up and bring her over.

      • BayTampaBay says:

        I think Melania married a green card with a bag of cash and a private plane.

      • AryasMum says:

        I guess that’s a step up from a hand to the crotch.

      • 90sgirl says:

        Yep, there is a story that even though They (he and Kate) were friends already , he even allegedly sent one of his friends to ask around about Kate, during Uni, to find out if Kate was cool and wouldn’t talk, because he’d like to have a go.
        The friend allegedly came back and said yes, she’s cool, she won’t talk.

    • Audrey says:

      Both can be true. Maybe no woman on the planet wants him long term as a partner, but love the idea of shagging a prince.

  13. jules says:

    Steaming torch! Dying laughing over here.

  14. Silas Marner says:

    Steaming torch.


  15. Casey02 says:

    Kate is jealous of any female that comes near William. William is a complete A-hole to Kate. Why, because he kept her waiting for 7 years. Seeing others on the side and breaking up with her to pursue others. Kate just took it! William is just continuing the relationship that he and Kate have had for years. As far as the trees…The British (some) are just fickle! They want to control the every move and Pence the Royals make and spend. In the same breath they don’t hold them accountable for meaningful work..ie Kate showing up for 15 min. photo ops. Maybe Kate has had enough and is finally getting a spine, Time will tell!

    • Linda says:


      Fan fiction at its finest 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

    • Red Snapper says:

      Hey! Leave Mike Pence out of this!

    • Lady D says:

      William doesn’t need to change, Kate will take him back every time. He knows, she knows it, everyone related to them knows it.

      • 90sgirl says:

        Her behavior during the dating site years showed how much of a doormat she was. He dumped her not once but three times ,but the one dump in 07 is the one that got the most press, because he went running through nightclubs,mdrinking and yelling I’m Free, I’m Free, but if you read through old articles on the relationship there were two other times he dumped her and enjoyed his Summer lets just say and then she went right back when he called again.

  16. tuille says:

    Rose has no chin.

    • BayTampaBay says:

      In the fashion spread she did for Tatler some years back, she is absolutely gorgeous.

      • Agenbiter says:

        Wow – and she actually looks a bit like William as well.

      • 90sgirl says:

        I think she is quite pretty.
        She does have a Jecca vibe in some photos too. IMO

        When it comes to attraction though, it’s not about who is the most beautiful on the exterior though.

    • Agenbiter says:

      Someone pointed out that Rose looks like a young version of William’s beloved nanny. The heart wants what the heart wants …

  17. Lucia says:

    Sorry I think this story is so fake.

    I do think Kate cut Rose out of her life and they had a falling out. I don’t think there is any real reason behind it other than 2 people had a falling out.

    • 90sgirl says:

      I remember the days when everyone thought Tiger Woods was a faithful husband. Just saying.
      I remember the days when the British press denied , denied, denied for Years and years, that there was any truth to the Rumours in the US tabloids that The Wales were having marriage problems.

      No one knows what goes on in marriages behind the doors.
      The stories may be false , or might not be, it may be somewhere in the middle, no one really knows.

      It’s just odd that this story was threatened with lawsuits. Why did it cause such a issue in Cambridge world to threaten lawsuits?

      • Lucia says:

        I agree something is odd, I just think people are overcomplicating the situation. Sometimes the easiest answer is the one closest to the truth.

        I doubt William is faithful in the slightest or William and Catherine have that “perfect marriage.” I also think Kate 100% knows what William is up to and doesn’t care provided he’s discreet. I think it’s a matter of Rose is a trashy big mouth and Kate caught wind that Rose is a trashy big mouth and William is stuck trying to be a friend to Rose and her family and making Kate happy. This isn’t the first time William has gotten heavy handed when it came to a friend.

      • Deedee says:

        Or Kate is leaking the news, which makes her the “big mouth.” Is Rose “trashy” if Kate and Will have an agreement that he can have side pieces, like almost every Prince of Wales before him? If we don’t know what goes on in these marriages, who are we to judge?

      • Lucia says:

        I agree Deedee. I don’t think anything is outside BRF norms here. It just seems like a silly and petty thing to be obsessed about.

  18. LivePlantsCleanAir says:

    Maybe Rose, who has 3 kids, criticized something about one of the Cambridges’ kids? Cause that can make any Mama crazy!

  19. 90sgirl says:

    No one truly knows what goes on behind close doors in a marriage, but you can bet, things will eventually come to light if there Are actual problems, because people can’t help it, they talk eventually.

    Maybe it’s just made up, but maybe Not,, only time will tell.

  20. Jaded says:

    I think the truth lies somewhere in between; maybe someone overheard Willnot and Rosebud having an inappropriately racy conversation and relayed it back to Kate, maybe Rosebud said something cutting about Kate to someone else and it got back to her. Who knows…just because people are rich, entitled aristos doesn’t make them nice people, in fact quite the opposite.

    • A says:

      Racy comments and conversations are the norm for these folks though? I’m convinced at this point that the whole Turnip Toff set are basically just a group of swingers, but with a premium on discretion so that word of their exploits doesn’t get leaked out too much. We all know Will and Kate like having a good time, and it’s not as if the Cholmondeley’s have a reputation for being the bastion of middle-class morality.

      I’m thinking that the only sticking point for W&K is that Rose started to talk about the affair, and eventually word spread around until everyone knew about it, and then the Sun picked it up. I can see Kate as someone who takes an entirely “out of sight, out of mind” sort of attitude to affairs, but the moment someone stops being discreet is where she draws the line. And that clearly has happened here.

      • Salvation says:

        It could also be a orgy between both couples or even with other people and then one part of the other couple started talking about the foursome or threesome or whatever. But it was serious enough to have William threaten a lawsuit. I just don’t think gossip etc would warrant any lawsuit threats.

  21. Lowrider says:

    The cheating story was shut down just like the Andrew/Epstein story. There is something there and the RF don’t want people talking about it….

  22. A says:

    How is it, that spending 15,000 pounds on a privacy hedge for Kensington Palace is not written about as a wasteful expenditure, with all of its optics dissected in order to determine the worst way this could reflect on Kate specifically?

    People who keep asking how the press employs double standards against Meghan–this is a good example. Ask yourselves what sort of news story it would have been if H&M had decided to spend that much money to build a privacy hedge to stop people from seeing their fancy helicopter, and what people would have said about the optics of that. Why is one person dragged through the mud for spending too much money, but these two spending all of this money on renovations for privacy gets no comment from the tabloids at all?

    • TheOriginalMia says:

      Exactly! This story isn’t getting the play it should, but the umpteenth story bashing Meghan for breathing gets massive play. This hedge protects the Cambridges and their image and no one else. This was a wasteful expenditure to keep their comings and goings private.

    • Olenna says:

      Well said.

    • Nic919 says:

      If Meghan hadn’t literally moved out to Frogmore in the past few days the press would be spinning the hedge as being her fault. Complete silence on how it will hide wasteful use of the helicopter though.

      • anon says:

        Someone upthread already did that, bringing the Sussex baby up as an excuse…

      • guest says:

        I saw the hedge story on dm, and surprisingly there were some negative comments about will and kate. It just goes to show is meghan is not there as a buffer will and kate have nothing else. Their work ethic hasn’t changed just now there is someone there to take the heat.

  23. Jaded says:

    Stop spamming this website.