Lady Gaga ‘leaned on’ Jeremy Renner because Christian Carano didn’t treat her well?

91st Academy Awards (Oscars 2019)

Broke: Claiming that Lady Gaga & Bradley Cooper are secretly in love with each other and that’s why she dumped Christian Carano. Woke: Claiming that Gaga dumped Carano because she was off somewhere, quietly banging Jeremy Renner. Last week, we heard the startling gossip (well, I was startled) that Gaga and Renner have been “spending time” together. They’ve been hanging out at his place, and she’s apparently spent time with his daughter Ava. Now Us Weekly has a few more details about when this whole RenGa thing happened.

A new couple is born? Following Lady Gaga’s split from Christian Carino, the pop star has been bonding with Jeremy Renner and his 6-year-old daughter, Ava, a source reveals exclusively in the new issue of Us Weekly.

“Chris didn’t treat Gaga very well toward the end of their [two-year] relationship, and she really leaned on Jeremy in the weeks after it ended,” the source tells Us.

Gaga, 32, broke things off with her fiancé in February, less than a week before she accepted the award for Best Original Song at the 91st Academy Awards for A Star Is Born’s “Shallow.” Us broke the news of the “Bad Romance” songstress’ engagement to her talent agent in November 2017.

A second source adds that the 48-year-old Avengers star was there for Gaga when she needed support: “They’ve become super close and hang out all the time.”

[From Us Weekly]

I remember thinking and saying (at the time) that the real gossip about Lady Gaga was whatever caused her to dump Christian Carano just weeks before the Oscars. It was suspicious as hell and I doubted that it had anything to do with Bradley Cooper. Now I’m starting to wonder if Jeremy Renner was the reason? While I never really think of Gaga as someone who overlaps relationships or being the kind of person who just can’t be alone, maybe she is that person? Us Weekly’s source takes pains to say that she “leaned on Jeremy in the weeks after it ended” and that she only did that because Christian didn’t treat her well. Suspicious. Very suspicious.

The Knightfall photocall, during the MIPTV in Cannes

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  1. Valiantly Varnished says:

    I don’t think she’s an overlapper. But I do think that if things had gotten bad between her and Carano that she may have used Renner as the impetus to leave him. It happens. You are in a crap relationship that’s on its way out and you meet someone and decide to leave sooner than you maybe woukd have had the courage or desire to do if you hadn’t met that person. Now that doesnt bode well for whatever happens with her and Renner because he is essentially a jump off. I don’t think we will still be hearing about them together in six months time. But you never know. Renner isn’t exactly known for being great in a relationship so she may have just gone from one *hitty situation to another.

    • Jennifer says:

      I think this is my take as well, but then again I really never followed Gaga gossip and all I remember from Renner is his custody scuffle a few years ago. He doesn’t strike me as the type of man that she would have gone for. And now I’m wondering what they mean by not treating her well.

    • Kiera says:

      I could see how she might have met him during awards season or through Bradley Cooper and maybe realized she was not being treated well/the relationship was not good. That’s what happened to me with the guy I dated in college. I met someone else and was incredibly attracted to them. Nothing ever happened with this guy but the fact that I became so interested in him made me re-evaluate what my relationship was and that it was not what I needed. My boyfriend at the time had done nothing wrong it just was not the right fit but it took me falling for someone else to realize it and get the courage to end things.

      Said ex then become obsessive and stalked me so I felt really vindicated in ending things. He turned out to be the most extreme “nice guy” I have ever met. Fun times.

  2. Carobell says:


  3. Div says:

    Meh, US Weekly is pretty unreliable as of late. I feel like all this gossip stems from the fact that apparently he and Gaga were hanging out together at some concert and likely have some musical friends in common, and that’s it. To be fair, Gaga is rarely papped these days and seems to be trying to be way more low key so if she had something going on it’s possible she wouldn’t be photographed or a lot of gossip wouldn’t come out. And there’s always the rumors about his roommate…

    However, wasn’t her ex way older than her and technically her agent? The whole situation seemed weird.

  4. Jilly says:

    The real question for me is how did these two even meet?

    • Valiantly Varnished says:

      It’s Hollywood. It’s a small town.

      • Jellybean says:

        Renner has lots of friends in the music industry and he was with some of them at Gaga’s Vegas opening before Christmas. He also officially a Nevada resident.

  5. Michael says:

    Jeremy Renner? C’mon Gaga

  6. Latoya says:

    Gaga jumped in with Carino because she was absolutely heartbroken after splitting with Taylor Kinney, who she was with for 5 years and engaged to. I think Christian is actually a nice guy and really loved her… She is all over his IG. But what do I know about the reality. Maybe as her agent as well he was smothering her

    She doesn’t seem at all upset after the split, in fact she hasn’t seemed happier. I think she’s a woman in her early 30s who has been in serious relationships most of her adult life and needs a year or 2 of freedom. She is gearing up to release her 6th album and that is gonna be huge so it’s a good time to be single.

    Renner has been a friend for quite a while, so I don’t think there is anything to it, unless it’s a comfort thing, and she is allowed to do what she wants as a single woman. Fun fact, both Gaga and Renner’s daughter share the same birthday – today!! So if they are dating its gonna be a costly day lol

  7. chlo says:

    Isn’t Renner kind of a jerk? Is that the gossip on him?

    • kosmos says:

      I can’t remember anything specifically, but Renner was somehow shown in a bad way some time ago, just don’t know what it was though.

  8. Usedtobe says:

    I am totally all-in for this pairing.

  9. Um says:

    Hasn’t she been engaged like three times? That’s usually an indicator that she’s the type of person that doesn’t want to be alone.

    • Pandy says:

      That and didn’t some assistant sue her in the past for unpaid overtime … and part of it was being forced to share her bed on tour?? Or was that someone else.

      • Div says:

        Yes, I think that was back in 2012 ish…but no one came off well in that mess. Some rich white girl who complained that being Gaga’s assistant was indentured servitude or slavery because she had to cook for Gaga and I think Gaga accused her of stealing money from her. I remember because one of the blogs dragged both of them, Gaga and the assistant, for it. I think they settled for a relatively small sum, and the blog was like “y’all should have just resolved this privately instead of being so messy in public, especially as the settlement was so small.”

        I can believe Gaga was a sh*tty boss (and I like her), especially as that whole case was at least several years old and she used to have a serious drug problem back then. Cokeheads can be difficult. But I never bought the whole being forced to sleep in her bed bit, since it seemed like Gaga and the assistant were both lying and exaggerating about each other.

        Gaga having multiple fiances is another matter, tho, and signifies not wanting to be alone.

  10. What fresh hell says:

    Darling, I was making an effort to be discreet, as no one else had stated the obvious flaw in this manufactured romance. I’m frankly delighted that you have a gay nephew. Thrilled. Some of my best nephews are gay.

  11. Div says:

    Saw a theory on Jezebel about these two. Gaga and Jeremy, even though neither seem to be the type, might be using each other as a mild PR stunt in addition to being friends. The Avengers are ending, and even though he’s a character actor he still might want to remind people that he runs with A listers/has been in other films. Gaga is very likely annoyed at the press trying to create some triangle with her, Irina, and Bradley Cooper even if the gossip has mostly died down. So it could be a scratchy my back I’ll scratch yours. He gets a little PR now that his main gig is ending; she gets to rid herself of an unwanted narrative tying her to BCoop.

    That said, they’d probably be papped together if it was a PR stunt.

    • Jellybean says:

      Renner seems to think of himself as retired. The director of Wind River said he had to work really hard to get Renner to even read the script and he only did Arrival because Amy Adams asked him to do it. I think he will do films if he feels like it, but I can’t see him following a career path or doing anything that would keep him away from his family. He also seems obsessed with keeping his romantic life private, so I don’t see this as a PR move.

  12. Audrey says:

    Some people can’t see the beard right in front of their face!

  13. Nacho_friend says:

    Lol you mean she leaned on him bc beards be going wild right? It was just a contract and he kept seeing other women while he was in a contract for her. Hilarious