Brie Larson is getting a lot of support after the success of Captain Marvel


Brie Larson is the It Girl of the moment, and deservedly so. She’s the face of a big-budget superhero film and she’s been dazzling on the red carpet, meeting and greeting all the young Captain Marvels that are clamoring to see her. Most of her Marvel co-stars gave her props for the film and its success. I’m sure they are strongly ‘encouraged’ to do this, but I always love to see the Marvel lovefest when their films come out. What can I say, I’m a sucker.

But the love for Brie was not limited to Marvel. DC stars wanted to get in on the Brie love as well. Last Monday, Brie posted this Instagram:

Replying to the post was none other than Catwoman herself, Anne Hathaway who said:

You know what U loved most about @captainmarvelofficial (among all the things I loved about Captain Marvel?) Seeing YOU up there. So impressed and proud, sis. You did it! Now go get Thanos!

Not going to lie, I got all smiley when I read this. I’d love someone to say this about me. Not just Congrats! Much success, w00t! But I am so glad this is happening to you. You earned this. It’s great and I love that Anne said this in a reply instead of its own post, keeping it all about Brie.

In addition to Anne, Wonder Woman, Gal Gadot, used a great bit of fan art by a 17-year old artist in her Instagram story with the caption

@brielarson I’m so happy for you sister! Congrats

Gal’s comments are especially poignant because she knows what this moment feels like for Brie.

WW director, Patty Jenkins gave a shout out to the whole Captain Marvel Team:

If you get a chance, scroll through the comments on Patty’s tweet, there’s a bunch of great artwork in them. I like Brie because she’s pretty consistent in her messages and uses her platform well. Without much to go on, she seems like a nice person. I want this for her, too. I hope she gets a moment to really soak this all in.

I saw Captain Marvel over the weekend (wearing my Wonder Woman shirt). I enjoyed the hell out of it. I know others who didn’t – some were disappointed, others dissected the whole thing to tell me what was wrong with it. I never followed the Ms./Captain Marvel comic, so this is my first introduction to her as a character. I don’t want to get into spoilers so I can’t really tell what I found fun but even things that dragged it down for me mostly righted themselves as it went on. I will say that I was happy that the female characters were allowed to be women and not women written as men. It was nice to see, if I may borrow from Goop, such feminine energy, especially in the relationships. And the fact that Captain Marvel took up space. And when that amount of space wasn’t enough she took up even more. That had me pumping my fist, plausibility be damned.




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  1. Mitzy says:

    I didn’t enjoy the film at all. It seemed really dated, like nobody could be bothered making a big effort. 1 out of 5, very weak. It was Meh out of 10.

    • Erinn says:

      I hope you’re not complaining about a movie set in the 90′s being dated because of that setting.

      • Mitzy says:

        No, not at all. I am a massive 90′s fan. The music was great. Movie just really didn’t do it for me at all Erin. x

      • Erinn says:

        That makes sense, Mitzy! I read that pre-coffee this morning and was like, wait? what?

        It’s never going to be everything for everyone, but I think it might have had so many expectations that they felt they had to meet that maybe they didn’t go as full-tilt as they could have. I think they were in a tough spot that way – it’s fine to make a mediocre male led movie, but there was a lot more pressure on this one that the other marvel films (other than BP) haven’t really had.

    • Nanny to the rescue says:

      I didn’t think the movie was especially good either.

      I have the same problem with half of Marvel films, including the celebrated Iron Man, Black Panther, Thor 1, Guardians 1 and much less celebrated Ant-Man 1 & 2 – I find them very forgettable.

      I get why some of them, including CM, are important for society, but as movies, they’re meh. Same with CM. I’m happy it’s doing well after all ridiculous backlash (which wasn’t because of movie’s quality but because somebody took Brie’s words in a wrong way), but it’s not a film I’d be dying to re-watch.

    • Mox says:

      I didn’t like it much either. I didn’t connect with her at all, and I was confused by much of what was going on. I’ve loved every other Marvel movie, so I was super disappointed to not love this one.

  2. Erinn says:

    I genuinely adore her. Like total girl crush, and I don’t feel that way often about celebrities. I think she’s just fantastic – and seeing little girls looking up to someone like her it’s just so heart warming.

    • Oliphant says:

      Totally agree! And I loved the movie, loved the message- she’s had limitations placed on her power/potential for as long as she can remember and NO MORE! Haha I saw it on Saturday and been thinking about it ever since. Quite excited for avengers endgame now :)

      • Erinn says:

        Ugh me tooo. I kind of wanted to go back on Sunday and I RARELY go to the movies haha.

        And you know what? I’m almost 29 – and I still looked at her in the same kind of way that little girls are. And I left that theater declaring “I’m getting back into working out”. I need to order a tire for my mountain bike and toss it on the bike trainer so I don’t wear down my normal tires.

        My husbands friend who has some real moments of idiocy/sexism (which we call out as they happen) actually said he loved the movie too. His one thing was that he didn’t get where they get “avengers” from because they hadn’t been calling her that, so it seemed out of the blue to him. But he’d missed the call sign on her plane in the photo Fury was looking at while writing the report. Which I explained and he then had no complaints haha.

      • Oliphant says:

        Aww I’m 39 and I came out thinking I WANT TO BE CAPTAIN MARVEL :)

        There was a little girl dressed up watching it and it really warmed my heart that there’s some amazing female role models on screen. For me growing up it was all about Ripley so I had a good one too :)

    • Skyscraper says:

      I’m catching this this weekend and Brie has definitely grown on me esp after I watched Room. She was fantastic in it. Didn’t get the hype about her before.

  3. Carobell says:

    I loved it! For me the twists weren’t obvious so I was surprised, everyone had good chemistry together, I liked the 90s setting and the message of friendship was nice. It was 2 hours where I could relax.

  4. grabbyhands says:

    I love it when this happens and I particularly love it when the ladies stick together and show each other the love.

  5. Michael says:

    That fan art is really good. I also think Brie is a really nice person who seems to really be enjoying this moment after all her indie movie time. Hopefully she is prepared to be in the next 10 Marvel movies like her contract likely stipulates

  6. manda says:

    I read Ms. Marvel, which is about a teenage Muslim girl in New Jersey who has gained super powers, and occasionally Captain Marvel comes to help her out. I wish they would make a Ms. Marvel movie because it is a really great series!

    • Lightpurple says:

      They ARE making a Ms Marvel movie. They haven’t announced the actress yet but Kevin Feige has said the film is on his schedule and they are considering whom to cast.

  7. LoonyTunes says:

    I’m happy she was wearing clothes. While it sounds anti-feminist, it irks my soul when male superheroes are covered up against bullets and the elements, while female superheroes are wearing heels with their asses out.

    • Victoria says:

      Same. And with perfectly coiffed hair!!

    • LivePlantsCleanAir says:

      Oh, this is one of the things that makes me NUTS in movies. My poor son is sick of me asking: why is the woman wearing barely nothing and the man is in undershirt, shirt, tie and jacket? Why are they not equally dressed or undressed? Then again, the Netflix show #Onedayatatime kind of answered it for me: Schneider, gesturing towards his genitals “no one wants to see this” then gesturing to cleavage “Everyone wants to see this”. Funny line with quite a bit of truth in it, leads me to ask BUT WHY?? If only we didn’t makes such a big deal about boobs, it would matter. And @LooneyTunes, I don’t think it makes anyone sound anti-feminist when we notice and are irked. I think it’s exactly what feminism is about…..the inequality, be it clothes, salary, or the number of times a male interrupts a female, it’s not balanced, it’s not equal, thus, it’s not right

    • dj says:

      God! Right? I saw it in my Wonder Woman shirt as well! I liked it & you totally nailed it when you stated it was a woman written by a woman. That’s what felt different for me than Wonder Woman. She was a real honest to God woman that you might know before crap happens to her. I am a 58 year old and I wanted to be her too! My husband really liked it too (he’s even older than me). I think it is a movie that I will want to watch over & over in the future. Not as much with WW. JMO.

  8. deadnotsleeping says:

    I loved it. I thought it was really well done. My 12 year old can’t wait to see it again. It took a little bit to get used to SLJ’s de-aging, but it wasn’t enough to take me out of the movie.

    I enjoyed Wonder Woman, but I remember there was one shot that was shot from behind her, with the action framed between her thighs. That bothered me at the time and I was glad that Captain Marvel was a badass without being sexualized.

  9. Mar says:

    Her nose job is really distracting me. All of a sudden she has a tiny button nose and she looks like a cute puppy now

  10. ReeseSmith89 says:

    Military propaganda is so inspiring. But hopefully she confronts Marvel on why it took so long for a female solo movie, considering she’s such an outspoken badass,

    • MCV says:

      MTE. I mean, almost all superhero movies (specially Disney ones) are military propaganda but this one was like the most obvious one.

    • Skyscraper says:

      Wonder Woman certainly was propagandistic as well, and had the good Americans coming to save the day.

  11. Lucy says:

    YAY. I’m so happy she’s CM.

  12. Jess says:

    I loved the movie, my 12 yo daughter and 15 yo son loved it, my 40 yo brother loved it, and so did my dad. And we rarely all agree on movies so I consider this movie a bit of a miracle! And I really love how intentional Brie has been in using her new power.

  13. jammypants says:

    I found out Brie used to be a pop star. Wild!

  14. salmah says:

    Hollywood loves a success story. I’m interested to see how she navigates this wave once the crest starts to subside, because that’s when things get tricky for actresses (that plus moving from ingenue to thirty-something).

  15. Alice says:

    I don’t get why people have been trolling Brie and the movie. She is amazing as CM and the movie is awesome too. Why the hate?!

  16. Alyse says:

    Women supporting women, love it!

  17. LoriC says:

    Glad Marvel did her right! She was so bad ass at the end. I love that all of her clothing all through the movie made sense and wasn’t just put on her to please the male fans. I love that she didn’t have a male love interest who ended up saving the world instead of her (Yes, I’m pointing at you WW). I love that whole sequence where you see all her past failures and how she picked herself up time and time again. That was so awesome! Powerful message for young girls.

    I’ve yet to talk to anyone who didn’t enjoy the movie including several guys who went in planning to hate it. All of them said it was very well done. Was it their all time favorite comic book movie, no. The Dark Knight and Infinity War are pretty tough to beat. But they did all enjoy it and were really impressed at how much they ended up liking it.

    I’ve got to say I left the theater in such a great mood. I can’t really say I enjoyed Infinity War myself. The ending was so depressing. I doubt I’ll leave Endgame any less depressed. But I would sit through this movie again in a heartbeat! It left me on the same high that Black Panther or the original Avendgers left me with.

  18. Elisa says:

    I saw it today and loved it. And she rocks as CM!