Katherine Schwarzenegger gets ‘overwhelmed’ with how time-consuming one dog is

Imax's "Superpower Dogs" World Premiere Presented By Mars Pet Care

Here are some photos of Katherine Schwarzenegger at this past weekend’s premiere of Imax’s Superpower Dogs. She was apparently there because she’s a brand ambassador for Pedigree, the dog food company. Such is the life of a well-connected second-generation Hollywood type, I suppose. I’m not suggesting that Katherine is a lazy trust-funder, but I am saying that her “jobs” seem to be very niche – “brand ambassador” for a dog food company and “author” of a few books which… were they successful? All of which to say, most people know her as Chris Pratt’s fiancee. And that’s fine too. As it turns out, Katherine does have one other job: talking about dogs and how she was a foster dog-mom.

“I have one love of my life right now, in the dog area, which is my little Maverick,” Katherine Schwarzenegger, 29, told Us on Saturday, March 9. “So, he’s my one dog, but we have a family dog named Champ as well.”

As for how her passion for pups came about, Schwarzenegger explained that it goes way back to when she was little. “I’ve grown up around dogs and loved dogs my whole life,” she told Us before touching on her work with Pedigree, whom she is a brand ambassador for.

“It’s really exciting for me to be able to work with a brand like [that] who does such great work, continuing to spread awareness about animal rescue and dog adoption. It’s something I’m really passionate about ever since I got Maverick and adopted him.”

However, just because Schwarzenegger is mom to just one single pooch at the moment, the California native was once a foster to seven dogs at one time — and was nice enough to share her knowledge with Us about how to manage multiple pets at once.

“Oh my gosh, I mean, I only have my dog Maverick and I get overwhelmed by how much time that takes sometimes,” she explained. “So, I think, again, just time management, making sure you do thorough research before you make the decision to get a dog because it is such a big commitment and changes your life… You should foster first and kind of get your toes wet. But, I mean, I go on walks with Maverick, I take him on hikes, I try to be really active with him.”

[From Us Weekly]

I think this is good advice? I mean, obviously, you should foster a dog or get to know a dog before you jump right in. You should understand the time commitment and the effort you’re going to put into a dog. That was one of the reasons why I got a kitten after my dog died a few years back. I thought a kitten would be easier, and in some ways, cats ARE easier, but hand to God, I’m shocked by how much personality this little panther kitten has. I thought I was getting a sleepy little housecat. What I got was a tiny, fur-covered terrorist who stalks me all day long, cries for no reason and likes sleep with me, with his little head on the pillow. My point? You never really know with animals. That’s the fun of it. But yes, be prepared!

As for Katherine and Chris Pratt… she also told Us Weekly that she’s getting “everything done” on the wedding planning and that “we’re pretty good with time management so it works out really well.” Chris recently told media outlets that he “barely” has time to contribute anything towards the wedding planning though. I get the feeling that’s the dynamic between them though – he expects her to plan her dream wedding and he’s just going to show up.

Imax's "Superpower Dogs" World Premiere Presented By Mars Pet Care

Photos courtesy of WENN.

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  1. BeanieBean says:

    Is that a denim pantsuit with white topstitching and white shoes?! My high school Spanish teacher wore one of those, complete with a white belt. Back in the ’70s!

  2. PlainJane says:

    I wonder if they are planning on having kids.

  3. Svea says:

    And she insists that she wants a bunch of children. LOL

  4. Anothersarah says:

    In the first paragraph, “Pedigree, the god food company,” is making me giggle. Please leave it 😆

  5. huckle says:

    I think most people know her as the daughter of Maria Shriver and The Governator. It would be nice if she were known because of something she did herself but, really, because of Chris Pratt?

    • Lolly says:

      I thinks it’s fair, in this case. I think people know Maria and Arnold have kids, but would they be able to pick this girl out if a line up? She’s really on the fame map now that she is with Chris. Maybe she should do something more productive than being a dog food ambassador if she doesn’t like being known for her relationship.

  6. Tiffany says:

    I don’t mind her advice, as she has the time and means to commit to it.

    I am out of my house 10 hours a day (commute and work) and it is so draining that the weekend it filled with doing everything that I ignored during the work week, that I know that I would not be able to give a cat or dog the time, attention and health it deserves.

    So it there is someone out there with the free time and money to do it, praise be and keep on keeping on.

  7. Nicole says:

    Looks like she’s settling into the patriarchy smoothly. But, girl, your outfit is seriously FUG. Go get yourself a stylist. You live in LA. You’re better than this.

  8. GreenTurtle says:

    Lol, Kaiser, kittens ARE tiny terrorists! They are cute, but working through those kitten bad habits requires a lot of time and patience. We’re looking to adopt and will be getting an older cat. I can’t deal with pouncing little claws sinking into me at any moment.

    • lucy2 says:

      I got 2 tiny kittens after having one cat for 18 years. O.M.G. I love them so much, but O.M.G. They’re over a year now and are still crazy, just large.

      Getting 2 was the best decision ever, they take out so much energy on each other and have fun playing. But there are also lots of cats who prefer to be the only cat/only pet, so hopefully you find the right one for you!

    • Erinn says:

      I swear our Cricket is the worst kitten I’ve ever had haha. But she’s also somehow the best. It’s weird. She was a little demon (she still is) but the problem is she’s a genius. I watched her pull out a drawer, step onto it, and use it as a boost to reach what she wanted. She’s just over 6 months now. She went through a face biting phase which was SO MUCH FUN. She now will VERY gently nibble on my fingers, nothing to break skin or even hurt – just a gentle “hey, I’d like to eat, please”.

      She literally will hop on the couch and if the dog comes over to her she’ll pet the dogs head. She’s just so strange and amazing.

      • Liz version 700 says:

        I adopted my cat when she was just out of the kitten phase, but still nice and fiesta. I woke up one night to her hanging from the drapes right above my head. I screamed….chaos ensued. Now she is too lazy to scale the wall on curtains. I like cats who are a bit past the kitten phase.

  9. lucy2 says:

    I’m going to applaud anyone who fosters and adopts animals and works to encourage that…but she might want to talk to her fiance about his habit of abandoning/giving away pets and not following the rules he agreed to upon adoption.

    • Jennifer Romans says:

      Thank you! Chris Pratt is a terrible person. He admits to enjoying killing animals and appears to lack all empathy and care concerning his own pets.
      My advice to her is to run run run run away, you can tell alot about a person by how he/she treats animals.

  10. Case says:

    I have two 4-month-old kittens. They are a TON of work, especially when they’re this young. We’re currently trying to work through some dietary issues, one with an eye infection, and one that, err…steps in the wrong places in his litter box. It’s exhausting. They feel like toddlers. But they’re SO sweet and SO much fun that it’s worth it.

  11. Kate says:

    omg i’m dying “with his little head on the pillow”

    We recently lost our 2 cats several months apart and I signed up to foster kittens. They said how many do you want at one time, I said gimme a litter. Just got done a 1-week stint with 3 kittens and holy crap i forgot how time consuming kitten-care is – especially when they need medication! 3 meals a day and they ate soo much and pooped soo much. And having to give them all eye drops and various upper respiratory meds and then play with them to socialize them. Let’s say it satisfied my kitten itch for a while. (I’ll totally keep fostering tho and I’m relieved I didn’t get too attached)

  12. KatieBo says:

    There’s nothing compelling about this woman, right?!

  13. JadedBrit says:

    Older cats are just as difficult as kittens; I don’t think they ever grow out of the toddler stage… I’m dealing with a really unfun bout of dysentery at present and my cat – after sitting up with me half the night, bless his furry heart – then woke me four times to… Make sure that I was okay? Demand head scratches and nuzzles? Separation anxiety? Being a general bloody nuisance?
    A pillow was deployed on the fourth occasion, but he’d cleverly positioned himself just inside the door and dodged it. And don’t get me started on the middle-of-the-night sabotage: black cat lies on dark oak floorboards right in bathroom doorway, or drapes himself over the top stair….
    Wouldn’t be parted from him for anything, though.

  14. Lulu says:

    She looks so like Anna Kendrick… just me?

  15. Nicegirl says:

    I absolutely love it when you share about your ‘a—hole kitten’ Kaiser, it’s so funny. My son rescued a cat that I thought was just fat (I grew up with dogs and did not know!) but you know she wasn’t- hello!! 7 kittens 🐱 we kept one which has been our little teenaged terror also but she’s such a doll I cannot imagine life without her! I swear I will become an old cat lady now and I’m not even resigned to it, I’m actively planning. Oh what a tangled web these kittens weave, 😂🐱🖖🏽

  16. Canber says:

    I have four dogs. Taking care of one is nothing. And yeah, if you want to shorten your dog’s life span, give them Pedigree.

    • JennyJenny says:

      I have 5 rescue dogs and love every minute of it.
      But they’d never, ever be fed Pedigree.

      • pottymouth pup says:

        add me to the list of folks who agree with you. I lost one of my 3 so I only have 2 right now (and am taking a break from fostering for a bit since my younger pup recently had surgery). I woudn’t feed my dogs (or fosters) Pedigree or Beneful if you paid me

  17. Zip says:

    Always get at least two cats unless they are allowed to roam outside! Most cats are super social and a human can’t replace a feline partner. We adopted four older cats and they became very close. By having company at all times they also don’t get bored and destroy things or stalk us. They still love to cuddle, sleep in our bed (yes, all of them) and “talk” to us a lot.

    • AnnaKist says:

      I love when this happens. It’s 3:15am here, and I’m up watching a rerun of an old show called Harry’s Practice, which all the Aussies will remember. One of the vets just did a segment on introducing a new pet into a family that already has pets. She’s just finished her advice on introducing felines to one another. I wish I’d seen this three years ago cuz it was an uphill battle. It’s ok though. The four cats are tolerant, and sometimes even quite loving with each other! 🐱 🐈

    • Ange says:

      Ehhh that’s a bit one sized fits all advice when it isn’t always the case. I have two cats because I thought they’d be friends and entertain each other, turns out my older one REALLY liked being an only cat and barely tolerates the interloper. I’ll never get rid of either of them but I do feel a bit bad that it’s worked out the way it has.

  18. Darla says:

    Yes, she looks that type.

  19. raincoaster says:

    My side hustle is pet-sitting, so this is in my wheelhouse. Some dogs take a lot of time, and some don’t. Chihuahuas are way more demanding than, for instance, Great Danes.

    There used to be a Canadian tv show called Money Moron that’s on YouTube now, and one guy did a time budget and allotted 4 hours per day to spend with his dogs “Because I’m a responsible dog owner” and one hour to spend with his baby. He’s the only person from that show that I think is actually in prison now. Life choices.

  20. Flying Fish says:


  21. Carol Savesky says:

    If she’s such a big animal lover, why is she marrying a guy whose dog ended up emaciated & homeless, and gave away his ancient, incontinent cat via twitter?


  22. Janey says:

    the dog’s face on that top photo! “who the hell are you and why am I being subjected to this?”

  23. Christa K says:

    This person and I need a support group because I’ve had cats all my life and then I also got a tiny terrorist who just follows me around the house and glares at me if I don’t cuddle him enough. THATS WHY I GOT A CAT! I NEED PERSONAL SPACE! But nope, he sleeps right nexts to my head and greets me at the door and cries if he can’t find me when I’m doing laundry in the basement. He’s even a lot for my other cat who’s like “leave me alone I don’t want to CUDDLE!”. He’s lucky he’s the cutest fluffiest kitty.