Hailey Baldwin steps out in some looks during Paris Fashion Week: cute or blah?

Hailey Baldwin is seen leaving the Crillon Hotel during Paris Fashion Week

Hailey Baldwin is in Paris for fashion week, and these are some photos of her out and about and attending events from the past few days. Before she married Justin Bieber, I never considered Hailey to be much of an in-demand model. She got a few magazine covers and she worked some fashion week runways, but let’s be real: marrying Justin was the best thing that ever happened to her modeling career. Within a matter of months, Hailey had new endorsements, beauty contracts and job offers than ever before. I don’t blame her for taking the work either, or from profiting from her connection to Justin now. I want her to get paid. I want her to get work. I think it’s a good thing for her, to have something other than Justin to anchor her.

Anyway, I have to say… I think Hailey looks really beautiful in these photos. I always thought she was kind of a nothingburger as a model, but being in an ill-advised marriage suits her. I especially like her black leather ensemble, she really pulls it off. Meanwhile, I don’t think that Justin made the trip to Paris with Hailey, but I could be wrong. I think it’s just a work trip for her and Justin is possibly home in LA. Could Justin be getting up to something?

Whatever it takes! Justin Bieber is keeping his distance from ex-girlfriend Selena Gomez in order to keep his wife, Hailey Baldwin, happy.

“Justin has stayed away from Selena to be loyal to Hailey,” a source exclusively tells Us Weekly, adding that the “Sorry” crooner, 24, and the Disney Channel alum, 26, “haven’t talked recently.”

Bieber and Gomez had a high-profile, on-again, off-again relationship, which started in 2011. They briefly gave their romance one final shot in November 2017, but split in March 2018. Weeks later, a source confirmed to Us that the “Never Say Never” singer and Baldwin, 22, were hooking up again. (Bieber and Baldwin had previously dated from 2015 to 2016.)

[From Us Weekly]

I mean, I don’t know these people and I fundamentally believe they’ve all got profound issues. But I also think Selena and Justin’s story isn’t done. And that makes me feel sorry for Hailey.

Hailey Baldwin leaves the "Americans in Paris" party organized by Anna Wintour during Paris Fashion Week

Hailey Baldwin Bieber leaves her hotel during Paris Fashion Week

Photos courtesy of Backgrid.

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  1. me says:

    I think she is so pretty.

    Are her lips natural though?

    • fifee says:

      IMO she enhances her top lip. When you look back at childhood photos she has a wide mouth with a plump lower lip and a thinner top lip. This is just my opinion based on photos.

    • SilentStar says:

      I agree. Still so many people here dislike her, but I think she’s gorgeous and unique looking. Prefer her looks to the standard Hollywood Barbie. I like that she doesn’t do the obvious and bleach her hair platinum. I like that she goes out with no makeup sometimes. She’s also got incredible legs. And although she likes to be seen, I don’t hear her saying or doing a lot of dumb shit. I think she’s growing up. Hoping she’ll do well.

  2. brutalethyl says:

    Just like her marriage to the Biebs – blah and try hard

  3. BchyYogi says:

    The pleather dress in spring looks asphyxiating, but the other looks are light & airy, plus both artistic & flattering for her figure.

    • SK says:

      Spring in Paris is pretty cold though, no? I mean, it’s never been a hot city.

      • Katherine says:

        Spring came early this year. I agree Paris is usually freezing, but I was there about a week or so ago and it was SO NICE. The weather. Perfect. It was really surprising.

  4. TheOriginalTania says:

    I don’t think you should feel sorry for her. She’ll wipe her tears with hundreds of millions of dollars when they divorce. Also, he propelled her career. I think he has profound issues and if I heard next week that he committed suicide I would not be surprised. I think there is a lot going on with these two, and none of it is good. I don’t think any of these kids are really “well”.

  5. Christy J says:

    I think she is really beautiful and her figure is just amazing. Good for her!

  6. jules says:

    Cashing in on her five minutes of fame.

  7. KLO says:

    She looks good, I like all the outfits.

  8. Lynnie says:

    She’s basic and the clothes are wearing her. Fun fact in one of my classes my teacher used her as an example of nepotism at work and I honestly could not stop laughing the rest of the period 😂😂😂

  9. maria s says:

    Hailey looks gorgeous in the black leather outfit, The bright yellow dress really doesn’t look good on her. The beige outfit I would totally wear. As for Hailey and Justin, I was surprised tbh I thought Justin would have gone for Selena.

  10. Cindy says:

    Is that Duckie Thot in the second picture in the back?

  11. tuille says:

    She has great legs.

  12. Lizzie says:

    she has a spectacular figure – but those lips are tragic and she is looking particularly dead eyed.

  13. MeghanNotMarkle says:

    Better than her everyday look but that’s not saying much. *shrug*

  14. Mox says:

    I always thought she was kind of average looking for a model, especially compared to her cousin Ireland, but she has a great figure and pretty eyes and anything not streetwear is an upgrade for her. As for Justin, I just feel for him. He seems so lost. I know Hailey probably really loves him, but for all that’s out there about his paranoia of people using him, it always seemed to me like she’s using him too. She changed her professional name right away (like, why? Your family’s name literally made you) she has all these deals and endorsements thanks to him, and there’s no prenup, which he’s reportedly freaking out about. By all accounts she’s a lovely, Christian girl but man, red flags.

    • me says:

      i think he treated her as a side chick to selena for so many years and she is really in love with him to put up with that.

      Personally, I think she is in love with him for real and is happy to make everything legit and changing her last name to his is because she is a newlywed in love

      • Mox says:

        Agree about the side chick status.

        Granted she could do whatever she wants, it’s not uncommon for newlywed celebrity women to change their legal name to their husband’s name (ie Jennifer Aniston legally was Jennifer Pitt while married to Brad) but retain the professional name (she worked and remained known as Jennifer Aniston.) So I did think it was off for her to change her professional name to Hailey Bieber, especially given she that she already has a famous family name she started making a career with. However, Justin’s name is internationally recognizable; she would only do that to elevate and monetize her professional name. And granted she is his wife, but all of Justin’s interviews lately have been about his depression, his inability to trust people, and his fear of being used. Can’t say I’m surprised to hear a few weeks later that Justin’s freaking out about not having a prenup—they hadn’t even been married for 6 months before she started using his last name to get work.

  15. Valiantly Varnished says:

    I love her outfit. I think she’s definitely had a glow up but that could be just as much due to growing up as marrying Justin.

  16. Kimma1216 says:

    I think she is really beautiful and I didn’t really know her before the marriage. She has a very defined Jawline and face and she is tall and has beautiful long legs. I think she is more supermodel than Jenner/Crawford or the other Family Propelled models..

    • sash says:

      She’s 171cm. That’s not all that tall. She’s got great proportions that make her look taller, though.

  17. Veronica S. says:

    I like the neon yellow and leather look. Normally, her fashion is awful, but these are good outfits.

  18. april says:

    If it’s true he’s freaking out about no pre-nup, I don’t feel sorry for him. He’s old enough to know what he is doing. I hope Selena never takes Justin back after her dealing with severe depression and health issues. Going back to Justin would almost literally be suicide for Selena.

  19. BLOCKED CAUSE I AM says:

    she always looks a little intimidated/unsure in photos. The fact they rushed the marriage so they could “have sex” is very telling. I hope it works out. I fear it won’t. JB is a mess.

  20. Glor says:

    Jeepers……I don’t see the raving beauty here. ‘Ms High Street Generic’ . But I’m way out of touch, and she seems pretty harmless (And not all young moddles strike me that way) .
    But the thing that genuinely confuses me is….her roots. Is this an actual look? I know Madonna sometimes has hers dyed dark (which is a flipping pointless attempt at an age con) but what’s Hailey at? Seriously….if this is in vogue, then I’ll stop feeling guilty about my own three inch neglected roots!
    (And on the hair theme still……wow that’s one low-brow hairline. Once noticed, it really jumps out at you.)
    They do seem such a *mournful* young couple.
    (*Edit* ah……I didn’t know there were possibly some problems afflicting both of them. How awful to be living so publicly; good luck to them 😟)