Kim Kardashian ‘is putting the blame squarely where it belongs, on Tristan’

The Kardashian clan enjoy family dinner at Nobu but there is no sign of Khloe!

What we’re seeing from the Kardashian-Jenners at the moment is a mid-course correction in PR strategy. For two weeks, the KJs were all about blaming Jordyn Woods for Khloe and Tristan Thompson’s breakup. They went after Jordyn, canceled all of her projects with the family, and Kylie kicked Jordyn out of her guest house (Jordyn is now reportedly living at her mom’s place). They were always laying it on a bit thick, especially given Tristan’s serial infidelity, but they controlled the narrative around the “cheating” and the breakup for two full weeks. Then Jordyn Woods sat down with the Red Table Talk and Jada Pinkett Smith. After that, Khloe blamed Jordyn directly, calling Jordyn “the reason” why her family broke up. And… the KJs overplayed their hand. Khloe got thoroughly dragged for her bullsh-t and now it feels like Jordyn is being protected by the Pinkett-Smiths and the community. So the KJs are mid-course correcting: of course it was ALWAYS Tristan’s fault. Of course they never tried to put this all on a 21-year-old family friend. Of course Wise Kim Kardashian always blamed Tristan entirely. From People:

Kim Kardashian is so mad: “Kim is the one who is really upset about this. She’s livid. She’s so angry, and she’s 100 percent on Khloé’s side. She’s there for Khloé, letting her vent and talk about it. They’ve been in constant contact, and Kim is totally supportive. Guys may come and go, but the bond between the girls is never going away, and they’re committed to supporting each other…”

Kim always blamed Tristan: “Kim is putting the blame squarely where it belongs, on Tristan. She is telling Khloé to move on and to focus on being the best mother she can be to True. But Kim isn’t going to talk about this much publicly. This isn’t her battle to fight in the public eye. But behind the scenes, she’s definitely making her opinion known.” The source adds that Kourtney Kardashian, 39, “also says that it’s Tristan’s fault…He’s the one who made commitments to Khloé and he’s the one who broke his promises. What Jordyn did was bad, but she didn’t have the obligations and the promises that Tristan had.”

Kanye West is the godfather?? “Kanye thinks of himself as the godfather in this family, and he has the mindset that if anyone messes with one of them, they mess with them all. So right now, Tristan and Jordyn are on his list. If he never talks to them again, it’s fine by him. He wasn’t close to them in the first place. He’s protective of the Kardashian women, all of them, and if anyone hurts them, he will always be their biggest advocate.”

[From People]

There’s another quote about how the biggest issue is that Tristan “publicly embarrassed” Khloe, like everything was sparkling new and there was never any history of shadiness before Jordyn came around. Tristan has been humiliating Khloe from the beginning. And she kept clinging to him. I still believe – as I said from the beginning – that Tristan and Khloe were basically done when the kiss happened between Jordyn and Tristan. Even the KJ-approved stories in People Magazine and Us Weekly were saying that for weeks beforehand, that Khloe was a single mom, that Tristan wasn’t around and that he didn’t care, that they were basically broken up anyway. All of this drama over a relationship that was already 80% dead anyway.

Khloe Kardashian is seen leaving church with her supporting family after her breakup

The Kardashian clan enjoy family dinner at Nobu but there is no sign of Khloe!

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  1. ReeseSmith89 says:

    Jordyn sleeps with her friend’s boyfriend but it’s not her fault at all because she’s 21?

    • Swack says:

      There is NO evidence that she slept with Tristan. She has some responsibility in this but Tristan has the most responsibility because he has been cheating from the get go.

    • janet says:

      Where does it say she slept with him?

      • Beetlejuice says:

        My best friend once slept with my ex boyfriend. We’d recently broken up and he was my first love. Of course she lied and said she only kissed him. It took ten years for the truth to come out. Just sayin…

    • Eliza says:

      They’re laying the tracks for her to be welcomed back into the fold now that this stunt got 3 of 5 sisters so much press.

    • NotHeidisGirl says:

      Trolls gonna troll…

    • Ifeoma says:

      She didn’t sleep with him, he kissed her. He wasn’t her friend’s boyfriend, he was a baby daddy. Anything else?

    • Wow says:

      If it wasn’t her, it would be 5 other girls. I would expect my best friend to not sleep with my sister’s significant other at ALL ages.

      I think Tristan wanted to find someone to cheat with that would be so heart breaking to Khloe she would stop trying to “work” on their relationship and be free. He didn’t care who else he hurt. Jordyns career trajectory has blown up, possibly for good. She’s a pariah, will lose relationships and opportunities.

      She’ll bounce back and be fine, but nothing will ever be as it was or be as big as it could have been for her. 21 or not she shouldn’t have blown up her life for some community pass around dick thats attached to the man with your best friends sister is with.

      Tristan made her a target to get out of a relationship and she should have been smart enough even at 21 to rebuke his advances and distance herself from him.

      She didn’t cause him to cheat or break up a family. Tristan did that. Blowing up her personal and professional life in a way that will permanently damage it is 100% on her. 21 is not a child. She consented to participation thus has to accept the consequences. They are both at fault for different reasons, in my opinion.

      • Zip says:

        Tristan probably would have to start “cheating” on Kloé with a penguin at the South Pole to stop her from “working” on their “relationship”.

      • Lady D says:

        You think her life is permanently damaged by this? Isn’t that giving the K’s way more power than they have?

      • Bubble bee says:

        @wow I really don’t think she’s blown up her career opportunities. She’s gained the support of the black community as they view her as yet another black woman victim of the Kardashian’s. She’s shown that she has powerful, well liked, and influential people in her corner, she’s also gained over a million ig followers in about a week from what I can see. The other things aren’t assurances that she’ll have a career, but your amount of ig followers are a direct correlation to how much money you can make on the platform. Jordyn has been thrust into the spotlight where as before she was literally and figuratively blocked by the Kardashian’s. I think if anything her career possibilities have expanded. She’s just about a household name now.

    • shocked-and-appalled says:

      Watch the Red Table Talk or read the transcript. Jordyn admitted to sitting on a chair with her legs draped over Tristan, a very flirtatious, hurtful move to do to a friend, even if they were broken up. And, that he kissed her on the mouth when she left. But, that’s it. So, I wouldn’t be impressed with her, but it wasn’t the worst thing in the world. That dude, however, is SHADY. He’s been cheating for ages, with tons of women, and he clearly doesn’t have the guts to man up and break up with Khloe. He continues to escalate his behaviour, obviously hoping she’ll do it for him.

      • emerson says:

        Karma is a beast. Khloe began “dating” Tristan while his gf was in her third trimester. He cheated the ENTIRE time she was pregnant. Desperate for a storyline PMK & crew?

        BTW Kim needs to sit down and shut up b/c everytime a baby is on the way ( including a surrogate) Kanye is MIA

      • Otaku fairy... says:

        This. Tristan initiated, and she walked away. People were saying that Jordyn and her underage sister were actually getting abuse and death threats online by Kardashian stans.

  2. Anastasia says:

    LOL, those jeans! They make her hips look even weirder than they already do.

    As for the drama, no one can tell me they aren’t lapping this up. Great for ratings, etc.

  3. Miss M says:

    They have to dialed back this scandal because the Smiths came on full support for Jordyn.

  4. Karen2 says:

    No one is at fault. They are all adults. Khloe got with him while his former gf was expecting. Tristan didn’t hide the fact that he had a pregnant gf. Jordyn really shouldn’t be living with Kylie. Its messy but so what.

    Also 6 week married to a ball player Kim shouldn’t be judging anyone. What the kids need to know is that everyone still loves & respect each other. imo

  5. L says:

    Kim’s denim outfit is disturbing!

  6. minx says:

    What is she wearing lol?!

    • Nancy says:

      You literally took the words out of my mouth. WTH. As for the story, it’s bs. I highly doubt she has much sympathy for Khloe. In fact, she’s probably none too happy that in this particular controversy, her family was getting dragged….a lot. Thank you Will and especially Jada.

    • Spicecake38 says:

      I think this whole cheating non story is just made up,and I can’t think of anything except Kim’s denim monstrosity now so…

  7. Babadook says:

    It’s fascinating watching them try to course correct and sail the turning tides of this whole drama. Mama Kris is working over time.

    • Nancy says:

      Isn’t it? I’ve never seen them squirm before. Khloe’s backpedaling on twitter was the best. Maybe (doubtfully) it will be a lesson learned. Sometimes it’s better to think before speaking.

  8. Ginnygingin says:

    I don’t know about you guys, but I felt really uncomfortable watching Jordyn’s talk with Jada. When she kept apologizing saying that she shouldn’t have been where she was, it just reminded me of so many other women who were somehow to blame for being kissed, touched, or harassed, because they were at the wrong place.

    If her story is to be believed, and I do believe her for now, he kissed her. She even said at the start that when she found out the party was moving to his house, she felt safer. She trusted the guy not to be an asshole. She thought he knew better. She thought she was going to someone she knew like a part of the family. He then does this shitty thing to her, and her world comes crashing down. Somehow she’s to blame. What for? For trusting this guy who was supposed to be in a relationship with someone whom she regarded as a sister?

    He hasn’t even said a word. He didn’t even bother with an explanation. Even if Jordyn “seduced” him or whatever, it’s really not that hard to say no and respect your girlfriend who just had his baby not that long ago. He is a cheating scumbag and Khloe is just blinded by God knows what.

    • Zip says:

      “When she kept apologizing saying that she shouldn’t have been where she was, it just reminded me of so many other women who were somehow to blame for being kissed, touched, or harassed, because they were at the wrong place.”

      ITA. Her apologising also made me feel uncomfortable. At no point she did something wrong. if he used her like this she should actually be mad at him for doing this to her, and also be mad at the Ks for even blaming her. They know who he is!

    • DP says:

      I see your point, but I took Jordyn’s comments as her taking responsibility for betraying a friend by even being at Tristan’s house and then not being totally honest about it.
      Jordyn should not have been at her friend’s baby daddy’s house until the sun came up. She should not have sat with her legs across his. She should have told the truth that he kissed her.
      I appreciate that Jordyn recognizes she made bad choices that night that put her in a bad situation. I think it’s mature that she is owning her part. I think that is due to Jada’s advice!
      I think Khloé has every right to be mad at Jordyn for being there and not being honest. I would be so pissed if my friend went and partied at my cheating ex’s house!
      But with that said, it is so wrong that Khloé attacked and blamed Jordyn for everything while seemingly making excuses for Tristan. So gross and unfair. He is the cheater who tried to kiss her friend!

      • Ginnygingin says:

        I understand your point, but since Jordyn sees khloe as a sister, I just saw a young girl thinking that she’s just going to a house that belongs to someone she possibly considers family. The fact that he kissed her probably made her panic not really knowing what do with that. It’s like, if your good friend’s husband suddenly kissed you, just because you were near him, how do you even start that convo? Especially since she probably already knew their relationship was on the brink of breaking, she probably didn’t want to acknowledge that he made a move on her.

        If anything, the one thing jordyn probably should have done was to slap the hell out of the scumbag when he kissed her.

        I can understand khloe being angry with jordyn because it’s an upsetting situation, but she should’ve blamed the guy for breaking up whatever family was left.

    • me says:

      This is probably an unpopular opinion but I don’t believe her story. She was flirting with him and putting it out there when she threw her legs over him in his lap and they kissed at the end of the night. I don’t believe it started nor ended there. Tristan doesn’t just kiss girls, he sleeps with them.

      I watched the interview and I thought she was defending and minimizing her behavior – not taking responsibility. Like most 21 year olds, I don’t think she took responsibility for what REALLY happened.

      One of my guy friends tried to kiss me last weekend and I was drunk and was still able to bob and weave FAST out of the way so I don’t believe this BS about him kissing her goodbye and she had no part in it.

      I think Jordyn was previously overweight as a child and is insecure. Tristan is a D-O-G and started showing her attention and she believed he was into her. He went after the most insecure girl in the group because he felt like it that night or that month.

      Khloe hopefully realizes that if it wasn’t Jordyn that night, it would have been another girl. Jordyn is a crappy friend and I wouldnt trust her around my man if I were her friends but she shouldnt be blamed for the break up of a family that never existed. Khloe needs to get a grip.

      • Shan says:

        Oh, good, you were able to avoid a kiss so I guess all other women are lying? wtf

      • me says:

        Where in my post did I say that? My point is, I think Jordyn is full of it. It takes two to tango.

      • Snowflake says:

        I dont believe her either. She slept w him. Idc that she did.

      • Shan says:

        @me I mean, you literally said “One of my guy friends tried to kiss me last weekend and I was drunk and was still able to bob and weave FAST out of the way so I don’t believe this BS about him kissing her goodbye and she had no part in it.”

      • wow says:

        @me you are victim blaming. if this is the same ‘me’ that responded she is breaking up with a narcissistic abuser, then it’s possible you have internalized some of the crap they told you. if your friend tried to kiss you, and it was unwanted, that’s on your FRIEND to stop it, to have asked for your consent, not you to bob and weave.

        Your comment is one step away from ‘she didn’t scream hard enough’ or ‘why didn’t she kick him in the balls.’ please, think about what you’re saying.

    • ikki says:

      ginny, your comment is 100% on point.

  9. Nancypants says:

    Tristan doesn’t care.
    Tristan has never cared and he’s never going to care.
    There ya go.

    He’s all about, “me,me,me”.

    Sometimes, you just have to look it in the face and own it and the sooner the better.
    Tristan DOESN’T CARE about anyone but himself.

    But you know…I’ve heard a lot of wives and girlfriends and baby mamas (stupid term) of these rich, famous celebrity people say that as long as he doesn’t, “disrespect me and it’s not in my face”, then it’s okay if he’s bangin’ other people. I don’t know. I think it’s gross but some women are all about the money and name.

  10. Vanessa says:

    Let’s called this for what is the back pedaling Khloe and her sister thought that they won the war of social media they bullied Jordan. This young woman and her family were getting death threats khloe fans were sending death threats to Jordan 12 year old sister. If Jordan didn’t have the smiths the attacks would have continued she was able to speak her truth not the pr lies khloe and her family were peddling for weeks .

    • sid says:

      They are used to being able to steamroll over the Black women they come into contact with. I always said it was a matter of time until they tried it with the wrong one and would get their butts handed to them. Jordyn was lucky to have powerful, REAL A-listers in her corner who see her as family.

      I hope that finally people will open their eyes and see just how racist these Kardashians are with regard to their interactions with Black women. And please don’t tell me that they have Black SOs so therefore they can’t be racist or have racist attitudes. There are plenty of white people who are racist but will happily date their preferred gender of the group they hate while simultaneously treating the other gender(s) of that group horribly. There are also plenty of white people who will have racist attitudes toward a group as a whole, but see their particular friend or SO as an exception and spout nonsense like “you’re not like those other Black people.”

      • Lynnie says:

        👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾 Exactlyyyyyyyy. They fetishize and appropriate all the parts they like while thinking that because they’re white they are the better version. It’s clear as day in all their interactions and dynamics.

      • sid says:

        Lynnie I really hope this whole fiasco is a turning point. They’ve been getting away with this nonsense for too long.

      • ikki says:

        so true. honestly, I don’t seen how the kardashians are relevant to pop culture at the moment. they just come across as socially tone-deaf women that lucked out because their mom was able to make something good out of something that is usually seen as embarrassing.

        tbh, there are so many better reality shows out there, and there are wonderful developments too (most recent – BTS, a Kpop group, reaching almost Michael Jackson level of fame globally, and they sing their impactful lyrics in KOREAN (as opposed to them trying to fit in to Western music industry by singing mainly in English)! how cool is that!!).

  11. Shannon Malcom says:

    Kanye. lol. Yeah, dude, I’m sure Jordyn and Tristan will be losing sleep over not talking to you again *eye roll*

  12. AnnaKist says:

    Eeek . Those lips. I wonder what it feels like, for both parties, when they have a good old pash…?

  13. Lightpurple says:

    Tristan made commitments to Khloe? What exactly were those commitments? He was with another woman when they started. How long did she even know him before she even decided to have a baby with him? She’s lucky all she got out of this was a baby and not some disease for having unprotected sex with a guy who clearly was having unprotected sex with other women immediately before her. Whatever “relationship” he had with her ended long before that baby was gone.

    • BaronSamedi says:

      Yup. Honestly, do we even know if Tristan himself ever really considered himself in a ‘relationship’ with Khloe. I am honestly asking. That man pretty much behaved like he was single from day one. And Khloe just took it as long as she could get him to pose for pictures. Too bad he wasn’t even interested in acting like he gave a damn about her…

      I feel like everyone involved in this mess is a damn fool. Tristan for being the asshole he is, Khloe for having a child with this man and Jordyn for being 21 and dumb.

      • Lightpurple says:

        I think he made it very clear from the start that he was not in any sort of a committed relationship with anyone. It isn’t cheating if you are not exclusive.

    • Melody says:

      Right ? At this point I’m pretty convinced that Tristan actually dumped Khloé a while ago. That’s why he was in his own house. He came on Valentine’s day to visit his daughter, not his ex girlfriend. That’s why he felt especially cool about partying with whoever. I also believe that the arrangements about True’s custody are made already (he’s showing up once in a while). That’s why he is not afraid of anything, Khloé have no leverage any more.
      But Khloé can’t take it and she kept it secret so far, so she can keep on play Instagram perfect family and pretending. She was embarrassed and probably hurt, and in denial that she made up and built this “love story” which was existing only on her side.
      In the rumor she heard after The Betrayal Kiss, she saw a perfect opportunity to make the breakup public, and take back control of the narrative in the same move. She can blame Jordyn and Tristan, be the dumper, and be the brave strong good girl with the great heart and the perfect image..
      I wouldn’t be surprised that she asked for this parenting visit to be on Valentine’s Day so she could pretend it was a romantic surprise from Tristan.
      Little Jordyn made a dumb move, Tristan is a selfish guy who never wanted to be in a relationship but doesn’t mind having kids with random girls, but the manipulative monster here is Khloé.
      The smiths’s move was unexpected and from there all their shenanigans blow up in her face. Well done..

      • Bubble bee says:

        In her interview Jordyn referred to Tristian as “her ex” and one of the twins who are friends with khloe, Masika confirmed on Twitter that khloe and Tristian were broken up but that it hadn’t been made public at the time. That with the fact that he has his own house in la and he and khloe haven’t been spending time together makes me think they’ve been broken up for a while and khloe has been delusional about the situation.

  14. Miffy says:

    Kim’s denim outfit looks like the trashy version of Britney’s denim prom dress.

    Let that settle.

    The trashy version of a denim prom dress.

    At this point Tristan is only half the problem. He’s a cheater and doesn’t care. Khloe is setting her own reputation on fire at this stage, he cheated but she doubled down on her own humiliation by blaming his side pieces instead of protecting her self worth.

    Why are these women so traditional? Girl, you’re a millionaire, why do they expend so much energy on these nobodys and then whack these losers surnames on their children no less?

    • mtam says:

      Honest question… At what point do the random girls Tristan tries to get with stop being considered “side pieces?” It’s clear from this story Tristan and Khloe were living apart and not communicating (Khloe had to hear about the party through other sources, instead of directly from Tristan). It’s clear Tristan didn’t reach out to Khloe privately when the story first hit. So again, if you have no communication, and are living separately from someone you claim is your partner, wouldn’t that make Khloe more of the side piece in this whole thing?

      Or perhaps no one is a “side piece” since Tristan is clearly a single guy.

    • Snowflake says:

      I don’t get it either. They’re rich and famous and Tristan isn’t the only man on the planet. But Khloe acts like he is. Why so determined to stay w an obvious player?

  15. Thaisajs says:

    - Khloe was an idiot for staying with this guy for so long.
    - He was an idiot for getting with her in the first place and not owning up to the fact he wanted to move on. Also, rampant cheating on Khloe and the woman he cheated on before Khloe.
    - Jordyn is an idiot for peeing in her own swimming pool. She’s 21, she made a bad life choice.

    The only one totally not to blame here is the baby, who I’m increasingly feeling sorry for.

  16. Lynne says:

    I don’t think the family cares if it is good publicity or bad publicity as long as people click the links. They are selling a new shoe season atm.
    And I believe Jordyn is getting paid to be part of this publicity. They will welcome her back and build her back up at some point.

  17. me says:

    Kim’s such a liar. What about that video Kim and Malika did driving in the car with Nivea’s song “Don’t mess with my man” playing? They put that out ONE DAY after the story broke. Also this family milked this story for attention. They can’t stand not being in the news. Kim, I think, loves it when her sisters’ lives aren’t going well. It’s like she gloats about it. If the public had been on Khloe’s side and trashed Jordyn a long with the family, Kim would be all “omg Jordyn is such a homewrecker”. The fact Tristan was living in his own home and having parties while Khloe has her own place tells it all. They aren’t even together.

    • mtam says:

      I completely agree she’s trying to save face in light of seeing how badly Khloe came off in all this. It’s interesting to see how willing Kim is to throw her own sister under the bus for save her own ass. She saw how black twitter called Khloe out for having a history of sleeping with her friends’ men, and Kim is known to have done similar things, so now she’s trying to escape criticism by pretending she’s been on Jordyn’s side all along. Every person in that family is a lying, self-serving hypocrite. Every single one of them.

    • Snowflake says:

      Yeah, Kim always spins it to the way the wind of opinion is blowing. Or should I say Kris?

  18. elimaeby says:

    I’ll say something nice: Kim’s face has been looking pretty good recently.

  19. cannibell says:

    I’ll say something snotty: When it comes to this particular mess, they’re all behaving like idiots.

  20. Lynnie says:

    Tristian should have just listened to his parents smh

  21. BuddyJack says:

    Lord help me, but WTF is the drama? The “kiss” happened at a house party in LA….HIS house…..not at the house with Khloé and True.

    These two haven’t been together since that baby was born. This is scripted Kartrashian BS for the show. Both Tristan and Jordyn took a pay day ….Tristan to try and keep his shit private for the new season reveal of it all……and Jordyn to play the villainess. Whoops!

  22. jaylee says:

    I was grossed out by the Kardashian hangers on. Khloe’s bf & Larissa Pippen, two messy ass women btw, commenting publicly & escalating the situation. Malika was a married man’s side chick. Larissa cheated on her husband with Future. What’s good enough for the goose is good enough for the gander. The Smith’s are a force to be reckoned with. I’m happy they were able to help publicly shift the narrative.

  23. lboogi says:

    So when exactly did Kim start blaming Tristan? Was it before or after she was in the car sending subliminal threats to Jordyn while sing don’t mess with my man?

  24. Alyse says:

    Lol sorry Yeezy, will all know PMK is the Godfather of that family!

  25. Flying Fish says:

    What is “Black Twitter?”

  26. ikki says:

    I am so sick of the Kardashians. We are in an age where many of us are more or less marketing ourselves. So of course shenanigans like this, especially obvious PR damage control articles, will irk us because it’s disingenuous.
    They overplayed their hand. Now msg to Kardashians: stfu, no one really cares about your lives. I surely don’t.
    But I did tune in for this narrative because it felt/looked like a vulture gang was swarming, about to descend on Jordyn. I am glad Jordyn learned from this (lesson 1: choose well who you hang around with), but I’m even more glad to see that the Smiths took her under their wings when it otherwise would have been brutal reputation smear campaign led by these hags against a 21yr old that they tried to silence with an NDA.

  27. A says:

    So it’s interesting that the whole interview with Jada Pinkett-Smith wound up working well for Jordyn. I knew that it would, because it never seemed to me like the public was ever on Khloe’s side about this at all. Everyone loves to hate on the Kardashians, and for long enough, they’ve made their money on that because all attention is good attention. And now that their hypocrisy came out in full swing, they changed their tune. It’s not a good look when Kim is trying to get wrongfully imprisoned women released from jail, while her sister is out here putting the blame for her serial cheater husband’s cheating on a 21 year old family friend. It’s an incongruous message to send out about girl power, and if there’s one thing that the KJ’s care about, it’s their branding.

  28. Shannon Malcom says:

    Yes! I was up reeeaaalllyyy late Saturday night studying, basically into Sunday morning lol, and Black Twitter had me lmao with their hashtags. I’m rarely on Twitter, so it was fascinating for me to finally see a trending hashtag play out. It was amazing, I was in awe. And next thing you know, Khloe did a 180 LOL. She didn’t have a “come to Jesus” moment, she just had her ass handed to her on Twitter is all.