Ivanka Trump, peasant-whisperer, does not believe Americans want a living wage

55. Munich Security Conference

Ivanka Trump has never worked for anyone other than her father or herself. Even her own brand is build on the Trump name, with the money and connections she has from being Donald Trump’s daughter. Even when she was collecting a paycheck from NBC, she was still just working for Daddy Dearest. She was always going to be a Marie Antoinette figure in the Trump saga, so it’s always painful to see how blissfully and complicitly out-of-touch she really is. Ivanka thinks she can speak to working class interests, and she thinks she knows what the common peasant really wants. When asked about Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s plan to guarantee a living wage, Ivanka baby-whispered this to Fox News:

“I don’t think most Americans, in their heart, want to be given something. I’ve spent a lot of time traveling around this country over the last four years. People want to work for what they get…. This idea of a guaranteed minimum is not something most people want. They want the ability to be able to secure a job. They want the ability to live in a country where’s there’s the potential for upward mobility.”

[From Market Watch]

Americans don’t “want to be given something,” like… a fair paycheck? Does Ivanka even understand that a guaranteed living wage is not just handed out to someone for existing, they would actually have to perform a job? Of course she knows that: she operates sweatshops around the world. She knows the slaves who work for her don’t just want to be GIVEN something. Ivanka is a peasant-whisperer, how dare you suggest that this complicit bitch doesn’t understand the subject.

Meanwhile, on Monday, Donald Trump credited Ivanka for something. He said: “My daughter has created millions of jobs. I don’t know if anyone knows that, but she’s created millions of jobs.” How? Were these jobs in Asian sweatshops?

55. Munich Security Conference

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  1. OriginalLala says:

    I hate them. I know I shouldn’t keep hate in my heart,,but I hate the lot of them.

    • margie says:

      my office mate is a spiritual person (the nice kind), and she says she tries to pray for the people she hates- she prays for herself not to hate them, and for those people to have kindness instilled in them. She also tries to be nice to people who are dicks to her. I’m like good for you, gurl, but I still hate them and want them to go to jail and have terrible lives. I am not at the “blot out hate with love” stage with these fools.

      • Carol says:

        I actually went to confession on this issue and my feelings about him and his supporters, and my priest said to continue to remind myself they are children of God, but that shouldn’t stop me from fighting against everything they stand for. So you can pray for them and still want them in jail for the rest of their lives. (My penance was to listen to beautiful music whenever I get overwhelmed thinking about them – favorite priest ever!)

      • april says:

        Carol – I love what you said. Thanks for sharing. I’m a lapsed Catholic but that sounds like a very cool priest with good advice.

    • Sash says:

      I feel since this awful family goes against everything decent, it’s fine to hate them.

      • velourazure says:

        Agreed. And she’s just SO smug and condescending in her oblivious opinions. She has no business commenting on what any American wants, she’s lived in a privilege-bubble her entire life.

      • april says:

        Ivanka and Melania are both very smug and complicit.

    • lucy2 says:

      I do too. It angers me even more that they’ve gotten to me in that way, and I don’t want to be a hateful person, but it happened.

    • ClaireB says:

      I’m there as well. I’m super bitchy and judgmental and I work so hard to be a more understanding and kind person. But this family and their supporters fill me with so much rage and hate I don’t even know where to put it all.

  2. Christin says:

    Beyond clueless.

    • Elkie says:

      Oh come on, be fair – she’s had plenty of real jobs.

      Nose. Cheeks. Chin. Boobs.

      And whilst none of us could fault her for wanting to carve the Trump off of her face, it’s a shame that the one thing she’s kept her is father’s soul.

    • Va Va Kaboom says:

      Oh the hypocrisy. Ivanka sure as schtizel hasn’t said a word about the hundreds of millions of dollars she, her father, siblings, and husband were “given” by their respective parents.

      Americans don’t want to be “given” anything (like a LIVING WAGE) for their legitimate work. But her family have no problem inheriting more money than every single one of us on here will ever see… combined.

  3. Case says:

    “This idea of a guaranteed minimum is not something most people want.” On what planet does that make any sense whatsoever?

    • jay says:

      Only the worst type of person conceptualizes minimum wage as a gift bestowed on workers.

    • Va Va Kaboom says:

      Certainly not on Planet 1%. Try and tell her that there’s no guaranteed minimum on inherited wealth… see what she says then.

  4. Whitecat says:

    I cannot stand this woman and I avoid the trump posts like a plague. But seriously, she’s the one to talk about living wages? What has she ever done to ‘earn’ all her and her father’s crooked money?
    God this family.

  5. Esmom says:

    I have been angry for over two years now but Ivanka’s comment evoked more white-hot rage than I’ve felt in a long time. HOW DARE SHE? And why tf is she even given a platform to spew her ignorance?

    People don’t want to be “given” a living wage? Really?? The only people I know against this are business owners who want to keep as much money as possible in their pockets. I feel like I could drop from an aneurism. Gah.

    • Lightpurple says:

      I have started to go after the media for giving her a platform. First Daughter is not a thing. The only coverage she should receive should focus on the legality of her spending our tax money on herself and her staff and how much her lobbying and personal trips are costing us.

    • Amy Too says:

      I especially hate that she’s given a platform on this, or any, issue, but especially this. She is not an expert on polling or what the American people want. She’s not even a politician. She doesn’t have a real position within the administration. She’s not even a “media personality” who could be excused for thinking that the world needs to hear her opinion. She’s just straight up making shit up here and she is so out of touch and ridiculously wrong. Why would anyone ask her her thoughts on this? Why would anyone print those thoughts? Why would anyone believe that her thoughts are valid or need to be heard? She is a god-awful person and I absolutely loathe her and never want to hear from her again. Quit giving her a platform, quit publicizing whatever lie comes out of her mouth and pretending it’s a valid take on anything.

      • Lightpurple says:

        And why would anyone think her thoughts on pending legislation more important than those of a duly-elected congressional representative?

      • maisie says:

        But, but — Daddy’s promised her that she’ll be the first “appointed” woman president! Of course she has to start expressing her “very important opinions” now. She’s even registered all the appropriate domains: .@ivanka2024 .@ivankaforever .@IvankaForPresident etc. But she will be a very benevolent quee…er, POTUS. Suck on that, Junior.

  6. bread says:

    They’re not being “given” anything. They’ve earned it by giving a third of their life to make money for their employer.

    Fuck her.

  7. S says:

    People trying to make ends meet on one, or usually more than one, minimum wage job work harder in a single shift than Ivanka Trump and every other member of her worthless, grifter family have worked in their entire lives, combined.

    Being paid a living wage is the farthest thing on earth from “money for nothing”.

  8. Lightpurple says:

    Nagini stupidly thought that, in her make believe First Daughter role, she would put that upstart Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez inher place. It backfired and she came off as out of touch and nasty. AOC was hired by the people of New York to represent them in Congress. Nobody has ever hired Nagini for anything and her vacuous comments should get no coverage at all. First Daughter is not a thing. The deserved pushback was brutal and it has rattled Nagini. Her Twitter has been a joy to watch. Last night she tried to defend herself by saying she supports a minimum wage but she didn’t say a LIVING minimum wage nor did she say how much it should be. Then she whined about how hard she has worked for the past two years for workers. It didn’t go over well. This morning, she’s trying to distract by tweeting about Daddy and the Korean “pennisula.” UPENN must be so proud of selling a degree to a blithering idiot

    • supersoft says:

      The real problem to me is the fact that there are many people who think this as well, and say out even loud, too.
      She never had an original thought for herself so it must come from some place else.
      Which makes it even more severe imo.

  9. Cee says:

    Says the person who has been given EVERYTHING in her life. Perhaps she should be paid below the minimum wage. Better yet, she should be an unpaid intern.

    Also, she’s an idiot. She’s confusing welfare with a livable wage.

    • Lightpurple says:

      She lacks the qualifications to be a White House intern.

    • Christin says:

      She got the messages mixed up (welfare versus wages). Just like Daddy confused health insurance with life insurance.

    • Veronica S. says:

      The entire argument against “welfare” is racist and classist in this country, anyway. Nobody is “unwilling to work.” People naturally seek productivity, whether it’s in the form of taking care of children or a house or pursuing hobbies/the arts, the last of which can easily be transformed into a capitalist venture with enough time and practice. The only people sitting around doing “nothing” on the government dime are those too sick or disabled to actually work full time.

  10. Veronica S. says:

    You know this kind of shit is exactly why the French just bypassed clean revolution and went straight for the guillotine.

  11. Steff says:

    I want to know what hallucinogens she’s on.

  12. Moco says:

    Clearly she’s never watched The Price is Right. Americans DEFINITELY want to be given things.

  13. Incredulous says:

    Orange is the new orange.

  14. Aku says:

    I’m sure low-income families take pride in having to work more than one job to support their families.. I mean.. maybe you don’t actually get to spend that much time with the familiy, and maybe it’s a struggle to pay the mortgage.. but at least they haven’t been “given” anything.. Whisper-princess’ comments are beyond clueless, but at this point, I would expect no less of her.

    • Veronica S. says:

      She “clarified” that she meant universal income, but that just goes to prove what a fool she is because the majority of people who benefit from UBI are the very poor, disabled, students. and working single parents with children – in other words, people who are significantly hindered in their ability to move up the socioeconomic ladder. In the few places that have tried it, it improved quality of life across the board. She’s right that nobody wants to sit around making money for nothing, but anybody with a Psych 101 class under their belt can tell you that. But realistically, nobody f*cking does that. Most people are not going to give up their job just to sit around doing nothing (particularly if it means LESS money), and if they did, it’s because they find other ways to be productive, whether it’s attending school to change careers, caring for family, or pulling together the funds to launch a business. (How many writers/artists would kill for a year or two of UBI to get themselves started??)

      Realistically, the only reason to be against UBI is if you’re somebody who benefits from the current social capitalist model of exploitation. Businesses hate it because UBI would force them to increase wages to attract people. Capitalist politicians hate it because it would suddenly free up people’s time from the business of surviving to being able to contribute more meaningfully to the sociopolitical landscape. Why do you think the argument is always framed in a way that incites racial prejudices or classist rhetoric?

  15. Beth says:

    According to her brother Eric, Ivanka has done more for American women than anyone else ever in DC. Get real, Eric. She’s done nothing.
    Ugh, that fake voice is so annoying! If she loses her ‘job’ in the WH, she could probably work as a phone sex operator.

    • maisie says:

      Well, Ivanka *has* accepted a lot of money from various foreign governments ($100M from Saudi Arabia alone) for “women’s empowerment” and she undoubtedly has used it to empower herself. What, that’s not what it was for? What else, then? A getaway plan for when the circle closes in? YES. Very empowering.

  16. lower case lila says:

    These days I escape into reading non fiction and binge watching tv shows. So this made me think, that everything about Ivanka Trump makes her seem like a villain straight out of Gossip Girl.

  17. mycomment says:

    princess complicit has her bargain bin knockoffs (stolen designs) produced in china, Bangladesh and gaawd knows what other desperately poor countries. of course, she’d rather have them made in duh-merica by $2 a month employees. with no worries about labor laws or environmental concerns… things daddy dotard is eager to dismantle.
    although I have very low expectations from today’s hearing, her name supposedly is to come up in the testimony. I guess that’s something. but she’ll just stomp along in her 5in heels and pretend she’s immune.

  18. Hildog says:

    “People don’t want to be just given something” – a woman who has just been given everything

  19. minx says:

    I didn’t think I could loathe her any more…silly me.

  20. AnnaKist says:

    She is a vile, entitled, hate-worthy moron. People, American or not, DO want to be given something. They want to be given the respect and dignity o being paid a FAIR wage for the worrk they do to make money for their mployers. They want to be given the opportunity of being able to live a decent life, to have one job that can sustain them and their families. They want to be given the chance to afford decent food and housing, and maybe put a bit aside for the future. . What they don’t want or need is this clueless rich-bitch lecturing them about what they want or need. Her statements say so much about her, such as, ‘’I don’t want to be made to pay my slaves anything, much less a minimum wage.’’ I’m sorry you can’t all live down here, where we do have set minimum wages, and where, for the most part, workers’ rights are protected, enacted in law. I hate this woman. I detest the lot of them. Young children excepted.

  21. adastraperaspera says:

    I want to see her in prison. Now!! I am sick to death of her being allowed to crash serious international meetings and make Americans look like idiots. Not to mention that she just goes to these events to caucus with Putin’s minions and get orders. I bet anything she is selling our state secrets as well! She is a clear and present danger to our national security.

    • adastraperaspera says:

      Also, the Trumps are all masters at saying outrageous things to fill the air with arguments. This verbal chaos then masks their next dastardly moves.

  22. Lightpurple says:

    Cohen just admitted he broke the law to protect Nagini.

  23. Arpeggi says:

    “This idea of a guaranteed minimum is not something most people want.”

    Says the girl who was born with a trust fund thanks to her (despicable) granddad’s hard work

  24. Sunnee says:

    She’s an IDIOT. It’s an inherited trait.
    So let me get this straight, Her “four years traveling the country” has taught her that no one wants a guaranteed decent wage? They want to work for less. We are to believe that average Americans are like “ No, no, bossman, you keep your money. I’ll just be over here working and struggling to pay my bills and keep a roof over my head. I love the challenge.”
    Hate is too nice a word for what I feel towards that family of bloodsuckers.

  25. Digital Unicorn says:

    Girl gotta hustle to pay for the plastic face and tits to keep daddy’s attention. Nagini has altered herself to look like the kind of women Daddy likes – blonde, big breasted playboy types with a little girl voice. Its long been said that the 3 eldest children fight amongst themselves for his attention, praise and the largest chunk of inheritance.

  26. jay says:

    There’s a tacit threat in her words; if you have a safety net, nobody will sink too low but nobody will climb too high either. The right is very successful at perpetuating the subtle idea that it takes many people losing in order for others to win. Very neoliberal, zero sum, untrue, and plain sad.

  27. Helen says:

    i don’t know if i’m going to survive keeping up with the news for the next two years, but at the same time, it’s completely irresponsible and borderline complicit to check out. these people are soulless.

  28. Pandy says:

    Shame on the shows for giving this fool airtime …

  29. Lyla says:

    So in addition to not knowing the definition of complicit, she also doesn’t know irony or hypocrisy? Lol. UPenn must be so proud of their alumni. I actually know someone who was a classmate of her there and she has stories to tell…

  30. Valerie says:

    How the fck would she know? That family has never had the common touch, nor a lick of common sense. It’s disgusting to see him remain in power.

  31. april says:

    I just can’t with her. She’s such a liar about everything. Her chant a few years ago was “I work 16 hour days.” She’s a BS’er like her dad. She and her father work as little as possible. Can’t wait for this family to get their due comeuppance.

  32. Sheri Trowell-Young says:

    I am NOT a Trump person…but i do agree with her…i, for one, do not think that we, as humans, should be handed anything. There is nothing wrong with working for your wage. Otherwise we’ve entire country of slugs, waiting for a handout.

    • Veronica S. says:

      Cool story, Sheri. I’m sure the impoverished and disabled working classes find your first year philosophy 101 ethics discussion just riveting.

    • This argument is completely disingenuous. The conversation is about being paid a living wage. Nagini’s comments are literally about being paid a living wage for working, not welfare!

    • april says:

      And you think that Trump’s bankruptcies, corruption, not showing his taxes, lying, cheating, etc., is worthy of the money that he has achieved???? Please, he’s received more handouts than anyone. Before you judge someone as a slug, first look at our current President who is a slug, and then try walking in someone’s shoes that has been ill and not been able to work for ethical reasons. Some of the worst offenders of getting handouts are Trump supporters, because I personally know some who do.

    • Erinn says:

      Sheri, if you’re going to make such dumb comments on the internet, you might want to start thinking about a screen name. I will never understand why anyone comments with their full name on any forum.

    • Melanie says:

      Tell that to the mom cleaning hotel rooms, who then has a shift at a diner later that night, all while paying for a babysitter. If you are forced to work part-time, (because your employer won’t allow it), and you only make minimum wage, with no yearly salary increments, you need a second job, which would also be part-time. Which means no health care, few to zero sick days and no vacation. So when your kid is home sick, you lose an entire day of wages. You keep staying in your bubble of privilege. You may as well support Trump because you sound just like his daughter.

      • Arpeggi says:

        And the same goes for all the stay-at-home partners/parents who’s unpaid work will help the other partner focus on their job/goal. I wouldn’t say that taking care of young children, cleaning the house, preparing food and doing the groceries equals being a slug and yet, you don’t get paid nor are you waiting for a handout. And let’s be real: with the lack of paid mat leave and affordable daycare in the US (combined to how difficult it’s becoming for women to end unwanted pregnancies), it’s not just rich housewives that are stay at home parents. A universal wage means that unpaid labour would be recognized, that artists could work on their projects instead of having to work 9-5 in a job they don’t like to pay the bills and would help those who desire it go back to school to learn a new skill. Few able people want to stay idle and do nothing.

        The biggest slug the US spends most of his time watching FoxNews and calls it “executive time”, he’s been given handouts much more often than most people currently on welfare

    • anon says:

      Shut up and go away, Ivanka!

    • jay says:

      Brain washed – and conditioned! The idea you have to earn the right to be alive, including healthcare, is a collective insanity exclusive to America. And if you think welfare is anything more than some help so you don’t die while you look for another job, you’re a complete and total idiot. People don’t aspire to welfare omfg it doesn’t make people lazy. This is such a propaganda point I can’t stand it.

  33. april says:

    The only reason she’s making this lying statement is so that her family can get more money by not paying employees a livable wage. Yes, Ivanka, the less we are paid is more money in your pocket.

  34. Melanie says:

    A living wage would allow those of us with two, three or more jobs to live like semi sane people. I can’t imagine juggling several work schedules, and if you have kids on top of it, it’s impossible to have even a moment of peace for yourself. The privilege is dropping off her. She has no concept that millions of Americans have more than one job. Her comment is sickening and if hating her and her family makes me a bad person, so be it. I’ll save her a warm seat in Hell.

  35. HeyThere! says:

    This is the craziest thing I have ever read. Wow. Americans don’t want a living wage!? Insane. No words.

  36. Baltimom says:

    Duh! Of course Americans want to earn money for their work. The part she fails to understand is that Americans are tired of being paid peanuts to do the heavy lifting while the CEOs take in millions or billions of dollars as a result of that work. Bezos just gave 2 billion to charity. He still has 137 billion. Wonder what Amazon workers’ quality of life would like if he narrowed the gap between what he makes and the lowest paid worker (contract and full time employees). I think Americans would prefer to earn that money rather than have to beg for it from some charity.

  37. Jag says:

    Can she please just be put in jail already?