Lady Gaga broke off her engagement to Christian Carino: ‘It just didn’t work out’

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Last week, E! News had an interesting rumor about Lady Gaga and her fiance, Christian Carino. They theorized that Christian’s absence from the Grammys meant something, and that something was that Christian and Gaga had ended their engagement. I theorized that NO ONE has a break up or ends an engagement in the final weeks of an Oscar campaign. It just isn’t done – people dump their spouses/partners just after the Oscars, not before. But I wa wrong. Gaga did just that: she dumped her fiance in the middle of Oscar season. Drama!

Lady Gaga and her fiancé Christian Carino have split, her rep confirms to PEOPLE exclusively.

“It just didn’t work out. Relationships sometimes end,” a source tells PEOPLE. “There’s no long dramatic story.”

Speculation began that the couple was taking time apart when eagle-eyed fans noticed that Gaga, 32, was not wearing her engagement ring at the Grammy Awards on Feb. 10. Gaga also did not thank Carino in her acceptance speech after her song “Shallow” won the best pop duo or group performance prize. Carino did not attend the Grammys, even though Gaga has brought her former fiancé as her date to other events this awards season, including the Screen Actors Guild Awards and the Golden Globes, as she’s made the rounds accepting trophies for A Star Is Born.

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Christian is part of her management team, correct? Gaga has lots of people, so it’s not like he was her one Svengali or whatever, but it’s still going to be sort of messy when it comes to her career. As for the reasons for the breakup… I mean, I think at the start of this, she was just in the mood to settle down and be in a more stable, structured relationship. She got that and maybe she was sort of bored. I agree that there was probably no big issue, no big fight, no big scandal. I really do believe that she outgrew him or just realized she wanted something else.

I’m sure there will be people who want to believe that this means Gaga and Bradley Cooper are having a secret affair. LOL, no. They’re not. I don’t think B-Coop is a stranger to secret affairs, but Gaga ain’t it.

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  1. xdanix says:

    Poor thing. Really sad that this has happened right in the middle of such a wonderful period for her- I hope it won’t impact the memories of it too much.

    I saw on twitter- and obviously, have NO idea if it’s true, because yeah, twitter- that he may have cheated on her, or something?! Again, no clue if it’s true. But IF it is, it fits with E!’s original story that he was desperately trying to convince her to take him back, and would explain why they went from fine to over so fast. But I dunno. Whatever the reason, I hope she’s doing ok.

    • Millennial says:

      I heard that too – seen having a romantic dinner with a brunette. They may have already been broken up but planned to announce after the Oscars but then he was indiscreet. Who knows.

      • xdanix says:

        If they were broken up, that’s a LITTLE better, but not much- it could have only been for a few days at that point! He was still with her and everything was apparently fine just a couple days before that, which I think is where the theory that he may have cheated has come from- that it was INCREDIBLY fast for him to have moved on, you know? Either way, I feel really bad for her.

    • MMRB says:

      i think she’s still very much in love with taylor kinney

      • Kitten says:

        I would be too. Kinney is hot AF.

        If you believe in the body language thing, it’s pretty obvious that she’s checked out in these pics. If I were to guess I’d say that it was probably more a case of “She’s not that into you”.

  2. WingKingdom says:

    Maybe he started being a pain in the ass about all of her success. I know he should have been used to her being in the spotlight, but sometimes our partners resent us when they aren’t our #1 for a while.

    • Eleonor says:

      I think Madonna knows a thing or two about men who can’t handle a successful woman.

    • Mia4s says:

      This is one of the rare occasions where that would surprise me. He’s her agent at CAA so 10% of that “success” goes to him. LOL!

      To be honest it always seemed a bit of an awkward conflict of interest. Plus she started up with him very soon after getting out of a long relationship. Sometimes people are trying to replace something, rather than truly moving on to something new. All in all, probably for the best.

      • billypilgrim says:

        Yes, Christian and Gaga’s faux romance was arranged to help her save face after Kinney dropped her like a hot meat dress.

  3. Ramona Q. says:

    This guy looks like a creep. It’s the long greasy hair, for one.

  4. Kealeen says:

    I still think the only person B-Coop has been in love with (other than himself) is Jennifer Lawrence, but it never even crossed her mind to consider him as a romantic partner.

    • Alissa says:

      most of the rumors about Bradley Cooper are that he’s closeted, I’m pretty sure that’s what the end of this article is referring to.

      • Kealeen says:

        I know there have been rumors about him for years, but I just don’t get that vibe from him. I think he definitely has issues, but being closeted isn’t one of them.

    • Dee Kay says:

      I think it’s the reverse. JLaw fell for BCoop hard, but BCoop friendzoned her pronto. She was too young and loud for him to think of romantically. He said that the instant he met her he knew exactly how their relationship was going to be (friends only). There was a video of a semi-drunk JLaw and a sober BCoop after a screening of their Serena movie when JLaw said to the dude with the camera, “I would date him [BCoop] but he won’t date me!” and Cooper turned to the camera and said, twice, “She’s kidding” with a dead serious face. He did *not* want those rumors to start up at. all.

  5. Case says:

    I always got a weird vibe from him, not sure why. Maybe it was the age difference — something felt amiss.

  6. Dtab says:

    “They’re not. I don’t think B-Coop is a stranger to secret affairs, but Gaga ain’t it”

    Are we having an eclipse right now….cause the amount of shade is out of control

  7. Latoya says:

    I can definitely see Bradley Coop being into Gága, he has a huge ego and would associate her with the biggest success of his career. Plus she’s very successful and famous. I think they both have chemistry though. I haven’t watch that movie but I’ve seen clips of them here and there and can see the flicker… And I’m pretty good at calling the Co stars who go on to date called it with Ryan and Rachel and Rob and Kristen!

    We will see. Only qualm I have is I think they both might want to but know its a disaster long term lol

    • Spicecake38 says:

      Just watched ASIB last night,the movie was not spectacular,but I thought it was really good.I remember a bit of speculation about the two of them possibly being into each other,it was about her (then potential) broken engagement and his zero chemistry with Irina.
      My husband ,who couldn’t care less just looked at me and said he thought they seemed really into each other,especially him being into her,when the movie was almost over.
      IDK,they had great on screen chemistry,she seemed very vulnerable with him,and he seemed to just look at her in a certain way…Probably just two people doing their best to play their part,and campaign for whatever Oscar wins are still possible.
      @Latoya,watch the movie and see what you think-

    • Yes Doubtful says:

      Nah, he only dates models.

  8. Loretta says:

    Poor Lady Gaga, she seemed very happy with him.

  9. Mara says:

    I suppose she knows she’s not going to win Best Actress and she’ll almost certainly win best song – so why wait?

  10. Laura says:

    yea rumours are he’s closeted and Irina a beard ( even tho they have child)
    and that Gaga’s ex was purely business because her other ex moved on so quickly.
    She wanted to look desirable but he started breaking rules by openly dating.
    Who knows….its what Enty been reporting for awhile.

  11. huncamunca says:

    I watched “Five Foot Two” a couple of months ago (it made me a Gaga fan, actually), and there’s a pretty climactic moment when she names the boyfriends/partners who have left her at the same time she’s hit career milestones. She’s essentially wailing. She–at least then–seemed extremely concerned that she’ll never be able to share her success with another person, and while we have no idea why they split or how she’s handling it, I can’t stop thinking about what she said, and it makes me feel terrible.

  12. Lala11_7 says:

    He was the rebound relationship after coming out of a long-term thing…

    It’s not surprising….

  13. Other Renee says:

    Did anyone ever feel that there was the slightest bit of chemistry between these two? I never for a minute believed they were a real couple.

    I’d like to know why there are so many fake relationships in Hollywood. It can’t all be bearding. Can’t anyone be single for more than five minutes?

    • Case says:

      I agree. I never understood this pairing and was hoping this wasn’t who she’d end up with.

    • Tiffany :) says:

      When I heard about Gaga and Christian, it DID make sense to me because he reminds me of her father. Not implying anything gross, but I know she’s been very close with her dad and Christian seemed like the same type.

  14. anp says:

    Question was this a Real relationship with them.

  15. Dee Kay says:

    I didn’t become a Gaga fan until her Superbowl performance a couple of years ago, so I only ever saw her talk about Taylor Kinney, whoever tf that is, for like 2 seconds in interviews before then, and even I can tell that the way she talked about Kinney and the way she talked about this guy was totally different. I don’t think passion is the sole determinant of how much love there is between two ppl, but she just never really seemed hot for this guy (the [ex-]fiancé) even a little bit.

  16. Dani says:

    I thought I read somewhere that he’s actually gay and this is all just a business thing. I think it was on one of those accounts on Insta.

  17. Pandy says:

    He looks like a photo prop to me. Those pictures of her receiving his kiss of benediction while trying to show her profile a la Streisand. I laugh every time.

  18. Yes Doubtful says:

    I’m glad…he was greasy and desperate. His entire IG is about her. I hope she and Taylor can find their way back together. I felt like that was never really over in her eyes.

  19. outoftheshadows says:

    God bless… she’s immensely powerful, and it’s going to be incredibly hard for her to find a man who isn’t threatened by that or leeching off of her. When I try to think of someone for her, I really can’t imagine who it would be, but it’s clear she needs a lot of love. I hope she finds it.

  20. Veronica S. says:

    Sucks that she’s had such a bad run with love, but I’ll credit her with being smart enough to catch a failing relationship before it becomes legally binding. She’s got exes behind her but not the drama of ex-husbands.