Did Lady Gaga quietly break up with her fiance Christian Carino a few weeks ago?

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I haven’t paid too much attention to Lady Gaga’s engagement to Christian Carino. It’s not that I think they’re a bad couple or a weird couple, I just thought they were a low-key couple. I believed that Gaga probably liked the stability that Carino offered – he’s not a celebrity, he’s a talent agent. He hasn’t even been walking red carpets with Gaga, although he comes out to support her at most of her events. He’s supportive behind the scenes and that’s good for her right now. I thought the whole relationship showed Gaga’s maturity. Well…maybe Gaga missed the drama? Because there are rumors that they’ve ended their engagement.

Lady Gaga and Christian Carino may have called it quits four months after revealing their engagement. A source tells E! News the A Star Is Born star and her fiancé split up last week and that Christian is “desperately trying to get back together” with her.

Two separate sources, however, says the two are still together. Fans speculated the pair broke up when Carino didn’t attend the 2019 Grammys with the “Shallow” singer. In fact, Gaga didn’t wear her $400,000 engagement ring to the star-studded event.

“She just wasn’t wearing her ring due to performing,” one source shared with us. “They have put all their wedding plans on hold until after Gaga’s busy season, but still plan to get married this year.”

But at the Grammy Awards, fans also thought it was weird the 32-year-old star didn’t mention her soon-to-be husband during her acceptance speech when she won Best Pop Duo/Group Performance for “Shallow.”

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My belief is that no one – not even Leonardo DiCaprio – breaks up with someone in the middle of the awards season. Leo will break up with a girlfriend just before the awards season or right after. But not in the middle of it, not weeks before the Oscars. For a century, celebrities have toughed it out through awards seasons with spouses or partners they hate. They do it out of a sense of obligation, for a need to project a certain kind of image, and all that. So no, I don’t think Christian and Gaga broke up. But if they quietly announced the end of their engagement in MARCH, I would not be surprised.

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  1. xdanix says:

    Oh god, if they really have broken up or are on the verge of it, then I will feel so sad for her. She said in the past that every time she experienced huge success professionally, she lost someone personally- 2 huge albums albums her relationships broke down, she signed on to do her movie and around that time her engagement to Taylor Kinney broke up. If the story is true then this will only add to her feeling of being cursed to a sort of career soars/heart breaks pattern. And what a shame if this period which has seemed so magical for her will now be marred with heartbreak.

  2. Case says:

    I’m pretty sure she claimed in her documentary that every time she experiences success she loses her relationship (probably bc, although talented, we’ve seen that she acts like a bit of an a-hole when particularly successful). So yeah, I believe this. And I think it’s good because he looks like a greasier version of Johnny Depp.

  3. Idiotsgalore says:

    I secretly think she’s in love with B. Coop. Maybe that’s just be holding on to ASIB. Hahaha they just look at each other so lovingly.

    • leskat says:

      I think she’s doing a very excellent job of pretending she’s in love with him because she thinks it will sway Oscar voters if the love story is “real”. But it’s not.

      • Div says:

        She seems pretty aware that it’s going to Glenn. Glenn was interviewed on Colbert a few weeks ago and said she was tight with Gaga’s mom of all people, so I doubt she’s bitter about losing in the acting category. She’s just extra—she was the same way in her interviews with Tony Bennet as she is with Bradley Cooper—and while I definitely think she wants that Best Song Oscar I think she would be hitting up the awards campaign circuit more if she wanted to sway voters that badly.

        TBH speaking of swaying awards voters, I still can’t get over that Rami Malek’s gross speeches about Freddie Mercury ghost are seen as charming (luckily not on here, tho) but some folks were annoyed about Anne Hathaway being somewhat cloying. There’s such a weird, gender standard where women are either seen as not wanting it enough, or wanting it too much.

    • broodytrudy says:

      I would be zero percent surprised if they hooked up. I heard they were in talks for an Anthony and Cleopatra movie.

    • whatWHAT? says:

      I think they’re secretly in love with each other.

      yeah, yeah, I know they want to win awards, but I don’t think either of them are THAT GOOD at acting. the way they look at each other and talk about each other…yeah, I could buy that they’re in love.

    • joro says:

      Totally agree with this. She seems like the type to love being the muse to a man with a vision. Like the love story from ASIB is totally Lady Gaga’s jam relationship wise.

      I don’t know is Bradley likes her in that way but he definitely seems bored with whatever relationship he has with Irina.

  4. Div says:

    He’s 50, she’s 32. Not a shocker. She’s got multiple reasons to try and keep a break up, if they did break up, low key for the next few months—awards seasons, tabs trying to link her with Bradley Cooper, etc.

    Also, for someone so extra and over the top she’s always seemed to keep her love life very low key. You never really seem to hear gossip about her partners like Ariana, Taylor, Katy, Pink, and I suspect she probably works hard to try and keep it that way. I think she’ll go the JLaw route and date a low key man again.

  5. Mickey44 says:

    Less you than two weeks ago they were in Vegas together having dinner after her show.

  6. Riley says:

    I wonder if Bcoop has something to do with this too. Him and girlfriend seem to be going through the motions. Still think he’s not totally straight, but him and Gaga do make a cute couple!

  7. sequinedheart says:

    Please make she and b-radley a thing! I kind of think she and BC would make a real life, honest to god decent hollywood couple. different strands creatively but so good working together. He seems to gel with her vibe and let her be while she makes him look less shallow (pardon the musical pun) because she’s beautiful AND talented.
    Fingers and toes are crossed for this to be a reality.

  8. CK says:

    Meh, I think that Gaga and B Coop have come to terms with the fact that the only oscar for the film is going to be Best Original Song. I wouldn’t be shocked if she bucked the trend and split during an awards season. The second she didn’t attend the BAFTAs to go to the Grammys pretty much sealed my belief that the focus was on song and maybe Bradley’s performance now Rami Malek’s Eddie Redmayne act implodes down the stretch.

    The moral of that story is to never be the Oscar Frontrunner so “early” in the race.

  9. Anare says:

    “Shallow” is a great song but TBH I am rooting for “All the Stars” to win best song. I think Cooper deserves his Best Actor nomination but Gaga was pretty much playing Gaga in ASIB. I don’t get her nomination at all. She was fine, just not fabulous.