“Diane Kruger served up some looks at the Berlin Film Festival” links

69th Berlin International Film Festival

Diane Kruger wore some “looks” at the Berlin Film Festival. These are Givenchy (above) and Giambattista Valli (below). [GoFugYourself]
I appreciate Diana Ross’s whole deal, but good lord, her bit at the Grammys was so friggin’ random, right? [LaineyGossip]
Footage of Cardi B giving birth, if you need that. [Dlisted]
Ellen Page isn’t done with Chris Pratt. She’ll tell you when she’s done. [OMG Blog]
One of the Duggar wives had a miscarriage. Poor woman. [Starcasm]
Regina King wore Versace to the BAFTAs. [Tom & Lorenzo]
At this point, Skynet might be our only hope. [Pajiba]
Dean Cain, can we not?? [Seriously OMG]
WTF is Esquire doing with this cover story?!?! [Jezebel]

69th Berlin International Film Festival - The Golden Glove - Premiere

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  1. Incredulous says:

    Bird Box cosplay or hurricane fence chic?

  2. Erinn says:

    I hate the first dress, kind of like the second one. Still not the greatest gown, but it’s definitely better than the first.

    While I can’t stand the Duggars, I do feel bad for anyone going through a miscarriage. I think it’s so important for people to think it through before asking a couple if they’re expecting, or when they’re having kids. It’s not the same thing, because I’ve never lost a baby, but we’re currently going through the realization that we may just not be able to have kids. And it’s such a horrible, lonely kind of feeling, and you end up feeling selfish for feeling sorry for yourself, or for feeling so much rage when someone asks you when you’re going to ‘finally’ have a baby. So I can’t even imagine how much more hurtful it is to actually BE pregnant and lose the baby shortly after. Regardless of how excited YOU are for a couple in your life to maybe have kids – you need to think of the possibility that they might be going through something difficult in regards to becoming parents and really really take that to heart. Just little things like asking “Are you hoping to have kids one day” as opposed to “when are you having a baby? You’ve been married ___ years”. I’m waiting for one of my husbands friends (who’s an asshat) to turn it around shortly after hearing our other friends are pregnant and ask us – he’s someone who’s blunt in a bad way. But I get so much anxiety about it knowing I’ve spent the last few weeks crying off an on in relation to what we’re dealing with and the idea I might never be able to get pregnant. My husband gets asked almost weekly “Do you have kids? When are you going to have kids? If you wait until you’re ready you’ll be OLD” and I get it every time we’re at family functions or baby showers, or hell, if I’m just holding my neice or nephew.

    • SK says:

      Oh Erinn… I completely agree and I’m sorry about what you are going through.

    • historybuff says:

      I’m sorry to hear you’re going through that. My cousin and I both experienced a couple of miscarriages at roughly the same time so we could commisserate with each other and draw strength from our shared experience to handle the comments. She ended up adopting foster babies and I, while considering that approach, managed to carry a child to term.

      If your family is religious, saying something about waiting on God’s Will usually shuts up the gossips.

    • Mia4s says:

      Well said @Erinn and I wish you peace of mind however it all goes.

      Also if anyone needs any assistance reminding people that they need to shut the f**k up rather than ask people about these things? Point them to this post.

    • Spicecake38 says:

      Erinn,that has to be so hard to put up with.I wish you and your husband the best.Sorry for anyone who has to go through this.

  3. Lilly (with the double-L) says:

    Wow! Regina King’s look is flawless, a quality dress on an extraordinary woman. Versace knows lines and cut and how to apply it, granted they had a lot to work with.

    • Kitten says:

      Oh my god she looks A-MAZING. I absolutely LOVE that dress! It is so rare that I see a dress that I would actually love for myself but this is one of those times. Although, after seeing Regina rock the hell out of it, I’m not sure I could do it justice!

      Love the color, the fabric, the cut, the fit. Perfection.

    • Jadedone says:

      Regina king is so under-rated in every sense. She looks amazing and I really hope she wins the Oscar

  4. Mia4s says:

    So Esquire magazine kills the Bryan Singer sex abuse story (despite their lawyers clearing it) and THIS is how they show their “concern” for teen boys?


  5. Skipper says:

    She is so beautiful. Lovely clothes too. Wishing her every happiness.

  6. Enormous Coat says:

    My friend sent me a screenshot of that cover and I hoped it was a joke. Women – and particularly women of color – men of color, lgbtq people – so many have been stigmatized, marginalized, and brutalized for centuries or longer and this, this is the focus of their sympathy and concern? How f**king dare they. Any gd time people step up to demand their rights, demand equal opportunity and access, the sob story about white men and boys comes out. Disgusting. F**k the Boohoo brigade and their vile attempts to subvert, distort, and distract from real issues and real problems.

  7. Anare says:

    The trailer for the sex-robots movie is icky. It left me feeling queasy. All thumbs down. 😒