Tom Hiddleston celebrated his 38th b-day by doing a lot of BAFTA events

Barbara Broccoli Pre Bafta Dinner Arrivals

This weekend was BAFTA weekend in London, and there seemed to be tons of parties and events ahead of tonight’s BAFTAs. Which reminds me – Harvey Weinstein used to host a big pre-BAFTA party and it used to be one of the biggest events of the London social calendar. Weinstein isn’t doing that anymore, for obvious reasons. So there was a vacuum in the BAFTA social scene, and this year that vacuum was filled by… James Bond-franchise producer Barbara Broccoli. She hosted a big pre-BAFTA party on Thursday night and tons of celebrities came out for it, like Rami Malek, Florence Welch, Mark Strong, Andrew Garfield, Helena Bonham Carter, Ron Howard and… Tom Hiddleston. In the photo above, Tom is seen outside the party. Is he still on the “Bond shortlist”? Eh.

Tom also came out on Friday night in London for the Film Gala, which helps raise money to benefit actors trying to break into the industry. This year’s honorees/attendees were Eddie Redmayne, Patrick Stewart, Michelle Yeoh, Jeremy Irons, Anna Friel and… Tom Hiddleston. Tom spoke to the Hollywood Reporter at the event and he memorialized Albert Finney – you can read what Tom had to say here. Tom also talked up BAFTA’s work, saying they do “so much work, often unsung work, about leveling the playing field for everyone, keeping the doors open for everyone no matter where you’re from, whatever background. If you have a story to tell, BAFTA want to hear from you.

Tom also turned 38 years old on Saturday. I hope he spent the day doing everything he wanted – going for a run, maybe, and hopefully eating a good piece of cake. I would assume that Tom will attend tonight’s BAFTAs, especially considering how active he’s been all weekend. How much would I love it if he chose to debut a new girlfriend at the BAFTAs? I would die.

The blonde in these photos is Kelly Barel di Sant’Albano, and she’s listed as a “supporter” of BAFTA. I would assume she’s a socialite/fundraiser type. I would also assume that Tom is not banging her.

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  1. xdanix says:

    Oh man, it’s really lovely that we’re finally getting pictures of Tom out and about again, but I’m sorry, I WISH he’d cut his hair and shave. I wish it SO MUCH. I think I’m probably the only one on the planet who might feel that way, looking at plenty of the comments about it, but this look on him just doesn’t do it for me, not at all.

    (Of course if he likes the look himself that’s the main thing, I know! It’s just a selfish wish!)

    • Lightpurple says:

      I think the hair and beard are with us through the duration of Betrayal.

      • xdanix says:

        Oh groan. I hadn’t even thought of that, but you’re probably right. I REALLY hoped this was just his “me-time” look while he was taking a break, and then once he was back to work he’d pay a visit to the barber. Sighhhh.

    • I kind of like the long hair and scruff…which is a surprise to me. I usually don’t go for that.

      • xdanix says:

        I really think it depends on the person. It does for me, anyway. Like, I loved the look on Chris Hemsworth when he was rocking it for Thor, and more recently on Bradley Cooper in ASIB. But for me it just doesn’t work on Tom at all. I’ve tried and tried to like it and I just really, really don’t. But that’s just a personal thing! I’ve read way more comments that would agree with you rather than me :)

    • K says:

      I like him with a bit of ginger scruff and think he’s got nice facial features and a graceful build. But I rarely like his hair. Being tall and lanky, high/sweeping long hair just exacerbates the very vertical, all-forehead look (spoken by one fivehead about another.) The Loki hair also grossed me out. Just cut it short and let us concentrate on your pretty face, TOM!

  2. AJ says:

    I feel like he looks so much healthier (? Rested? Not sure) than he did in late 2016 and 2017. Compare these pics with the Emmys – you don’t notice at the time but the difference is striking. I hope his time off did him some good.

  3. Lightpurple says:

    We are serving champagne and an assortment of birthday cakes in the music room as it is too windy on the veranda today.

    My husband Tom begins rehearsals on Betrayal this week. He has a play to promote so expect to see more of him over the next month.

  4. Chef Grace says:

    He needs to shave and cut the hair.
    On a side note. What was up with the Russo brothers Twitter BD wish for TH?
    Maybe it was all in fun but that aged pic of TH was not flattering. Hope it was an inside joke between bros. If not it was mean.

    • Lightpurple says:

      I think they were picking up on Mark Ruffalo’s birthday joke about 50 being Hell. Yes, I think it’s an inside joke.

  5. Ninette says:

    Great to see Tom out and about. But I would also love new girlfriend debut. Hopefully we will at least get a story that he flirted or danced with somebody interesting all night.

    • so cool says:

      I think we will see one day with wife and kids, than official debut of a GF. He now gives 0 information aboout his private life. Dude didn’t want to talk about his dog – you think he will show up with a GF? He knows how will media reacted. And there is also a bunch of crazy fans, who hate and slutshaming every women he is seen. They now even spreed hate about Zawe Ashton bcs she dare to be in the same play as Hiddles.

      • Cranberry says:

        This. I wouldn’t want to expose anyone I was interested in either to the vicious gossip hounds that just want to make $ at his expense.

  6. Elisa says:

    I never got the hype around him but I have to admit he looks yummy in these pics. :)

    • Justwastingtime says:

      Interesting. I have never seen him in anything but noted that he looks like a nervous rodent in the pic.. different strokes.

  7. Nanea says:

    Good to see Hiddles in non-pap or Con-related pics, looking much better than he has in a while!

    I was a little surprised though when I read that he had been to Brokkoli’s pre-BAFTA party – after she called him “too smug” years ago. Has Tom changed, or has she changed her opinion of him?

  8. Goneblank says:

    Does anyone else reckon Tom has just kind of blown it?

    • Mia4s says:

      I’m not really a fan of his, but I really don’t think so. It depends on what he wanted I suppose. I think there was a minute there where he was trying to level up on the stardom scale (which didn’t work out). But while I doubt he and his team are happy about that, he works, and Disney is spending crazy cash money on their streaming series like the Loki one (CRAZY money). Sure I imagine he’d like to move past Loki, but NEVER knock those franchise dollars!

      And in fairness he certainly hasn’t shown himself to be as crazy THIRSTY as Chris Hemsworth, who seems utterly desperate for a new blockbuster franchise and seems to have personal paparazzi following him around his small Australian town. Hiddleston will be better off sticking to prestige work and plays and letting the anything else happen organically. That’s a recipe for a longer and healthier career.

      • so cool says:

        Chris and Elsa are so thirsty. They sell their family and private life like crazy.
        Elsa and her “oh so private” photo session in bikini. What next, session from colonoscopy? If he won’t find another franchise, they will have a family reality show in next 10 years. And he is desperate for a franchise – and I think Men in black will be a bomb. It funny how people see him as a succesful actor, but outside MCU he had only bombs (in BO and critics).

    • spidee!!! says:

      If something as harmless as that summer has blown his career that is pathetic given all the real evil that other people’s careers survive

    • AJ says:

      Well, for someone who’s blown it he seems to be getting invites to industry events like these just fine. And these are actual “serious” events, not “anyone desperate can go for their 5.minutes” events.

      • so cool says:

        As I said he is an official BAFTA and BFI ambassador, so he is on main guest list for all this events. This is why he was in few private events in Kensington palace with Will and Charles. He is really involved in this “ambassador thing” .

    • Cranberry says:

      Not sure about “blown it” per se, but I think he has re-evaluated his priorities now that he’s had a real taste of Hollywood film industry. I really think he wants to have a family. He gave his career top priority and tried to make the most of opportunities that opened up for him.

      I don’t think he’s willing to sacrifice as much time and distance now. He wants to have a serious relationship, marriage and kids too. If that means he needs to work more local in UK and not be in the career fast-lane in order to form those personal and professional relationships, then so be it.

  9. Mia4s says:

    I don’t click on Daily Fail links but I did notice that they titled their story on him attending one of these events: “Taylor Swift’s Ex Tom Hiddleston….”.

    I can’t even laugh, that’s just mean.

    • so cool says:

      I’m really convinced that DM is Tay Tay go to gossip rag in UK. First it was the Sun, but now every pap strolls are exclusive for DM. And they put her name in every article about every person who had even tiny connection with her.
      Kardashians are paying DM, Tay Tay can to. They report her evey tiny fart, even US media aren’t so crazy.
      Besides DM hates Hiddles, as every “posh luvvie actor”. Their commenters are Brexit and Trum lovers, who think Liam Neeson is cool and it is ok to kill some black bastard. So yeaah they will be mean to him forever.

      • jammypants says:

        The DM used to be pretty nice towards him. Just look at any article pre-HS. I do agree that they’re pro-Swift though. Pretty much everyone predicted she would turn on him after the breakup. And she definitely did.

  10. so cool says:

    Hiddles is an official BAFTA ambassador, so he needs to be on all this events. Even when he was on his break he went on BAFTAs.

  11. Harla says:

    I’m sorry to say that Tom won’t be able to debut his new girlfriend as I’m at home spending the weekend with my sister :) Well that and it would help if Tom knew I existed :) :)

  12. Nala says:

    I don’t see happiness in his eyes.
    He looks rather sad actually.

    • Cranberry says:

      I think so too. He’s also probably apprehensive of being scorned as a “try-hard” and “thirsty” in the gossip-tabloid rags. If he looks at all happy or that his star is rising, without fail he’ll be scorned as a fame whore. He doesn’t trust media anymore. He doesn’t want to be the punching bag of celebrity gossip. He probably figures best way to recover his public image is to only be serious now. No more jolly, carefree, dancing Tommy. He’ll only be mocked.

      Also he’s getting older, (although that doesn’t mean people should stop dancing) and the world (especially UK ) has become (becoming ?) very frightening.

  13. virginfangirls says:

    I think you have to go for smart, passionate, kind, playful nerds in order to fall for him.

  14. Other Renee says:

    Every time I see his pic, I see the Taymerica T-shirt and those awful underwear ads. It was just all so thirsty and contrived and unsexy. I just can’t unsee all of that. I’m sure he wishes he could erase the entire episode from his life. He’s a good actor. He’ll probably meet someone and go the Benedict Cumberbatch route of wife and kids. Oh and I like his look here.

  15. PutnamPrincess says:

    I feel like he does look sad in these pictures. He doesn’t have much in the works beyond the play. I’m not sure his time off was just him getting a rest, I think he just hasn’t had much to do. This is sad because I think that he is very talented. I hope he can rebound at some point and we will start to see him work again soon.

    • virginfangirls says:

      Disney+, a new subscription channel coming in the near future, is developing these 6 part series for marvel characters. And Loki is one, starring Tom. So he at least has that. He seems a bit pissed at the press I think, and he seems pissed when professional autograph sellers are vying for his autographs too. But he smiles in some places, for example always when in any Asian countries.

      • Nanny to the rescue says:

        But him being Loki in the TV show isn’t official yet?

        It would make sense they’d cast him and he doesn’t seem to have a lot of other things listed but we still don’t really know. Keeping fingers crossed, tho.

  16. Lila says:

    What’s a lovely, lovely man. I do hope once the Loki miniseries rolls around, he keeps his hair and just dyes it black. His own hair is much nicer than any of the wigs they’ve put him in.