Travis Scott didn’t propose to Kylie Jenner live at the Super Bowl, just FYI

Super Bowl LIII halftime

There were several big questions heading into last night’s Super Bowl. Would Tom Brady win his sixth Super Bowl ring? Would Maroon 5 suck? Would there be any reference to Colin Kaepernick? And would Travis Scott propose to Kylie Jenner live, in the middle of the Halftime show? That question about Travis Scott didn’t come out of thin air – he had made references to the idea that he wanted to propose to Kylie in some big, major way. Many assumed that if he was going to do it, it would be during the Halftime show. It didn’t happen. What happened is that Travis came out in a circle of flames and… performed a very strange version of “Sicko Mode.” And that’s it.

Now, it did seem like Kylie and baby Stormi were there, in Atlanta, for Travis’s performance. Kylie posted this Instagram video of Stormi watching Travis on stage. I think Kylie and Stormi were probably in some kind of backstage green room at the Super Bowl, don’t you? Apparently, Kylie was the only one from the Kardashian-Jenners to go to Atlanta to support Travis. I wonder why none of the other sisters went? Do you think they were boycotting because of Colin Kaepernick too? Hm. Anyway, People Magazine points out that Kylie did seem to be wearing a diamond ring, so maybe Travis did propose, he just didn’t do it on-stage.

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  1. Erinn says:

    I was sort of disappointed that didn’t happen, honestly. I don’t care about football, but I scanned the news this morning to see what happened.

    I don’t know. I think they have a weirdly decent relationship. I know nothing in this family can pass as normal, but I think they found something that works for them. And that baby is just darling.

    • Dee says:

      That baby watching her own father seemingly on fire was very disturbing.

      • CharliePenn says:

        Dee are you for real? Is that a joke? She’s one year old she doesn’t know about being on fire… she seemed to recognize her father and gave out a sweet little laugh.

      • Olive says:

        babies don’t recognize fire or the danger in it. you’re concern trolling, and not very well.

    • Dee says:

      Whatever you say. I’m only a mother of several babies.

      • Wow says:

        Well, so am I none of them would have thought he was on fire, nor would have been concerned about their father being on fire while hes singing and dancing around.

        You seem like you just have to be mad about something.

      • CharliePenn says:

        Dee so am I! Two little ones here.
        I think you’re out to complain about this young family. They seem like a sweet family and Kylie was doing nothing wrong to let her little daughter watch her father’s talents and accomplishments.

    • Alissa says:

      Erinn I agree completely!

  2. PhillyGal says:

    Who cares???

  3. RBC says:

    Will he be preforming at the Grammys? The Grammys are coming up shortly. Maybe there is something planned for around that time

  4. OCE says:

    I think the Kardashians were smart to avoid Atlanta- it’s home to many of the most talented Black women in the entertainment industry. I can’t see the Kardashians being popular with that crowd, ever, what with them profiting off of cultural appropriation…

    • Char says:

      Travis is not high level as Kanye inside the koven. If it was Kanye, all of them definetely would be there. Travis seem detached from the sisters, which is good for him.

      • Olive says:

        yeah, travis loves kylie but isn’t enmeshed into the whole family like kanye is, of course kanye was always more vulnerable to that after losing his mom.
        i also don’t hear the sisters talking up travis like they do kanye, even though he’s clearly got the hotter career right now. hmmm.

    • Clare says:

      Eh, like it or not, the Kards are pretty popular within the entertainment industry – including black folks. Just look at the people who turn up to their Christmas party year after year…I don’t get it either, but even Serena Williams is personally pals with Kimmy. Shrug.

    • Wow says:

      Lots of black women like them or at very least just simply don’t care. Believe it or not us black women don’t carry around as much of a chip on our shoulders about the Kardashians as the media would have you believe. The have a lot of media influence, i would imagine black female celebrities would be polite in person if not actually genuinely nice if they met her.

      She’s annoying, but so are a lot of people. Kim at least has recently at least made strides to help the community she has been profiting off of.

  5. LORENA says:

    It seems to be that Kylie and Travis are relatively private, at least compared to the rest of the family. I dont think this was ever going to happen

    • LadyLaw says:

      I agree that it was never going to happen but I do think Kylie teased it might so that it would increase viewership of his little 1 song he played. She always releases stuff about their relationship whenever he has something to promote (Nicki Minaj rather saltily complained about this when he beat her out for #1 debut). It’s actually quite nice of her since he does not appear to do the same.

  6. Nev says:

    Travis should’ve skipped the event.

  7. RoyalBlue says:

    I didn’t think it was going to happen and read it as pure hype to boost viewership as they are wont to do.

  8. sara says:

    The funniest part was when he fell off the stage. Why is no one mentioning it!?!

    • lobstah says:

      Wait – for real? I watched and totally missed that!!! lol

    • Original Jenns says:

      Do you mean at the end of his performance? I thought that was on purpose – kind of like a backwards stage fall? Or was there one later that was not on purpose? I wandered in and out during the performance and missed some of it :)

    • Olive says:

      because it wasn’t an accident and was just a lazier version of stage diving?

  9. Jen says:

    I kept thinking the NFL probably would have been pissed about that when I kept hearing people suggesting that he might do it. They’re so weird and fussy about things, I feel like they would have been unhappy to have anyone pull focus or disrupt the sacred event that was the boring Brady Bowl and Maroon 5’s equally boring performance. I wouldn’t be surprised if performers have to really run everythingggg by the league ever since Janet or MIA flipping the bird (the horror.)

  10. BlueSky says:

    Eh, don’t really care. (Black woman here)Kardashians are nothing more than stunt queens who’ve made millions off cultural appropriation, then hide behind their boyfriends/hubby/kids if anyone criticizes them.

    This was just another stunt to get people to go to her and his’ IG page to generate interest in his performance.

  11. lobstah says:

    I’m not very familiar with Travis Scott, but when he came on stage last night, my husband and I were like, “Okay at least SOMEONE brought some energy!” Meanwhile Adam Levine was moving to the pace of elevator music, doing weird hip gyrations and taking his clothes off.

  12. VeryVeryTerryJerry says:

    This is probably off-topic but is Kylie’s nose disappearing from too much rhinoplasty? It’s not looking good at all.

  13. Ang says:

    “Got a light-skinned friend, look like Michael Jackson” -Kanye West
    15 years ago he was rapping about this look, now they are all headed down this road.

  14. me says:

    I think they are already married

  15. missskitttin says:

    Wow he’s very not good looking! He’s also not a good singer. He must have a terrific personality and intellect.