Chris Hemsworth ‘cranked his back for weeks’ during a 100-meter dads’ race

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I know it’s just a combination of “weird angle” and “Photoshop,” but Men’s Health really did a number on Chris Hemsworth’s arms on this cover, right? They give him little T-Rex arms. They made his left arm shockingly out of proportion with the rest of his body too. Maybe it’s all some kind of high-level scheme to make Chris Hemsworth more relatable. Who knows? I do actually find Chris Hemsworth to be somewhat relatable – not that I think he could be my neighbor or anything, but I genuinely buy that he’s just this really big Aussie bro who just wants to hang out with his other bros. After a tricky couple of years where Chris seemed to want to avoid being typecast and stereotyped, he seems to have learned to lean into that “big Aussie bro” image more and more. He’s doing it a lot in this interview (you can read the full Men’s Health piece here):

Why he’s on the cover of Men’s Health: His new app, Centr ($20 per month;, App Store), which has video workouts, meal plans, meditation techniques, and more from an all-star team of experts.

Why he created the app: “That was kind of the genesis of this whole Centr app—things I learned along the way from meeting people who are leading experts in their fields, in mindfulness, nutrition, and training. For me to do a great job and not to implode from the anxiety, I’ve got to find that center. So I thought about it and I talked to my wife about it and I was like, “We could put together a team in about five minutes.” It ended up being a two-year journey! I’m always getting asked, “What’s the secret formula?” There’s no single answer, but it’s about staying open to advice and learning and constantly growing.

Whether he’ll still be an action star in his 50s: “On certain days where I’ve had a few injuries, especially during Thor, I’m like,“This is starting to become a drag.” Then really over the last year or so, I changed up a lot of my training and nutrition program and it’s the best I’ve ever felt. It’s about whether the story interests me, to be totally honest. I grew up watching the Tom Cruise model of films that are fun, entertaining, and then squeezing in a few themes that speak to different parts of yourself, your personality, or your soul.

The pressure to maintain his body: “It comes hand in hand with the roles I play, but look, occasionally you’ll see paparazzi poking out of the bushes and you’re like, “How’s my rig look? Am I on point, or have I slacked off lately?” [Laughs] Also, I maintain my fitness because it makes me feel better.

What he misses about his 20s from a physical standpoint: “I used to be able to get up and sprint, and I’ve found that after lifting weights for such a long time and not getting in touch with your fast-twitch fibers, there’s such a snappiness that your body had back then. There’s ways around that: training differently, reminding your body to do those things. The dads’ race at my kids’ school last year: I hadn’t sprinted in about five years, and then boom, you go and do a hundred-meter sprint at full pelt and my back was cranked for weeks. I guess this is part of me avoiding this question because I don’t want to admit that there are things in my 20s that I can’t do now. I’m careful not to plant that in my psyche that I’m getting older and falling apart.”

[From Men’s Health]

Chris Hemsworth is only 35! But I felt him on the whole “my back was cranked for weeks.” He’ll know he’s truly getting too old for this sh-t when he throws out his back and he doesn’t even know how he did it! That happened to me two winters ago – I had been working out like normal, sleeping like normal, not lifting anything crazy, not doing anything out of the ordinary and suddenly my back was spasming like crazy for a full week. What did I do? I still have no idea. I guess it was just a “haha, you’re getting older, bitch” moment from my body.

As for his app.. I mean, fitness AND mindfulness AND nutrition? Somewhere, Gwyneth Paltrow just had a very icy Big O.

Damn it, I really enjoyed watching him work out!!

Cover & Instagram courtesy of Men’s Health.

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  1. Fluffy Princess says:

    I want to like Chris Hemsworth more than I do. I do not dislike him, and I think he’s “fine/pleasant” in movies, he was cute in Ghostbusters, but every time I see him, I just go, “Meeeeeh.” He seems like a good dude, and I feel like I should have more “Wow” about him, but he’s just a Meeeeh for me.

    Although, better than Pratt. So much better than Pratt.

    • Char says:

      Pratt is a low parameter.

    • Mia4s says:

      “fine/pleasant” is a great way to describe him. He’s inoffensive, but not a super exciting or versitile performer. I think realizing his future lies in broad action/comedy was probably a huge help. He will thrive there…for a few years at least.

      Can’t stand his and his wife’s constant pimping out of their family life on Instagram though. I find that so obnoxious. They complained about the paparazzi and now do their job for them. But hey, I guess the bills have to get paid.

    • Cindy says:

      I think he’s alright, but he just doesn’t have “it”. I don’t think he has the charisma to pull off action/comedy films (he’s good at it, just not great) and he’s obviously not the best dramatic actor.

      I think he’s desperate to seem more relatable and have his name stick around in people’s heads, because he knows he doesn’t have much without Thor. His track record is… really poor, tbh. Other than Avengers, his films are mostly flops. Thor’s a success, but it’s the least succesful of the Marvel films. And outside of that his filmography is full of critical and commercial failures.

    • BooRadley says:

      Couldn’t disagree more, he’s funny, charming as hell in interviews, sexy as all get out and he could probably lift me, which Is no small feat. he’s right there with the Rock for me.
      Also did you see Bad Times at El Royale, he can get it, even as a sadistic cult leader. yes please!

  2. lubbylou says:

    Must have been due to attend anther comic con? :lol:

  3. Lightpurple says:

    He has been starting to embrace his comic side in the roles he chooses and i think that’s where his future really lies. He has impeccable comic timing. He was also really good in Rush”

    I find it interesting that he listed mindfulness first. My doctors have been emphasizing that lately and, while I initially found it awkward and weird, I now find it really helpful in coping with daily stresses, focusing on the tasks I need to get done, and perhaps most importantly, lowering my blood pressure.

  4. Lucy says:

    I find him to be a pretty solid comedy actor, which is not easy at all. And yeah, he also seems like a decent human being.

  5. sammiches says:

    Kaiser, I threw my back out a year ago by bending over to pick up a carryon bag. Not from lifting it, just by bending over to get it! It was in the airport security line as I was ready to leave on vacation and I had to sit on the plane for 6 hours with my back all effed up. I’m in my early 30s but I felt about 87 when that happened.

  6. SK says:

    I like him!

  7. SJR says:

    Oh you have be careful once you have a touchy back, in my experience.

    Going along, all good, nothing new…and then I was reaching across to put clean sheets on the bed….pulled/did something wrong. Back pain that brought tears to my eyes, lasted a few days. Ice, rest, gentle stretching, lots of OTC pain relief later.

    It sometimes doesn’t take much to bring the pain.

    CH, I can take him or leave him.
    I do think he’s done some good comedy work.
    Hollywood needs to turn out a couple of actually funny comedies, any day now.

  8. Laly says:

    Lol @ the lukewarm comment… He should be bigger! Hollywood is giving him one blokbuster after another but he just don’t have IT.