Victoria Beckham: Our family has ‘always been a pro-female household’

Back in the ‘90s, the Spice Girls invented “girl power.” It was a difficult time, and when I look back on it now… it all seemed so harmless and sweet. The Spice Girls really were just putting positivity out there, and they were promoting a bargain-basement version of commercialized feminism. And it was fine. It’s weird to think about the Spice Girls coming out after years of Angry Woman Rock though, right? Anyway, commercial “girl power” gave way to actual feminism at some point, and Victoria Beckham is now talking about how she and David have always raised their sons with feminist ideals.

Victoria Beckham admits she is actively raising her children to embrace the current cultural climate by celebrating womanhood, feminism and the growing demand for equality within 21st century society. The 44-year old raises three boys and one girl with her husband, former footballer David Beckham, 43, at their comfortable home in west London while juggling a hugely successful career as a fashion designer.

And in a household dominated by males she believes it is essential that sons Brooklyn, 19, Romeo, 16, and Cruz, 13, are instilled with the same values as daughter Harper, seven, regarding womanhood, particularly in a cultural landscape dramatically changed by the rise of Me Too.

‘David and I have always communicated that message with the boys, too – that’s always been very important to us,’ she told the latest issue of Grazia.

‘It’s always been a pro-female household, even when we were outnumbered. And now we have two female dogs, we’re evening things out a little.’

[From The Daily Mail]

I believe it? I don’t think David and Victoria were, like, reading feminist treatises to their sons for bedtime stories, but I believe that David and Victoria always raised their sons to respect women and treat women as equals. The boys – Brooklyn, Cruz, Romeo – all seem to worship both their parents and despite my concerns about nepotism, they seem to be good kids in general. Say what you will about the state of the Beckhams’ marriage, but I genuinely believe they’re great parents.

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  1. me says:

    Shouldn’t everyone teach these things to their sons? Yes, treat women with respect, in fact treat EVERYONE with respect. We also need to teach girls the same thing, treat other women with respect and men as well.

    • SarSte says:

      I mean yeah but… If people were actually doing any of those things, would we really be dealing with the current state of global affairs? Equality in general is a relatively new concept. Even if you’re teaching those things to your children, society and institutionalized sexism is often reinforcing the opposite.

  2. Mo’ Comments Mo’ Problems says:

    Hmm not sure about Brooklyn but he’s an adult so whatever.

    And that dog comment took me tf out. 🤦🏻‍♂️

    • Scylla74 says:

      I call my my two tomcats “the boys”. Probably they call them “girls”. I do think it is a little bit tongue in cheek…

  3. minx says:

    I think they love their kids and are good parents. I don’t know what the children know about their cheating father. That doesn’t send a good message to children, either male or female, if you father cheats and your mother turns a blind eye.

  4. Mrs.Krabapple says:

    Yeah, I’ve heard that David really likes women. Like, a lot.

  5. xavier says:

    Great parents my a$$. Oldest kid in a school he isn’t fit for. Younger ones pushed into modeling and what not. Great parents?

    • Molly says:

      Well, yeah. Good parents. Until one of them goes Conrad Hilton on a plane and drunkenly screams that he owns all the f*cking peasants before he threatens to kill people AND gets away with it all because Daddy swoops in the fix it, they get the benefit of the doubt to me. They seem like close, relatively normal, wealthy English kids.

  6. BANANIE says:

    I don’t get why she commented on the female dogs. How is that relevant to human gender? I guess some people have really strong preferences of wanting a girl dog vs a boy dog or vice versa, but I really don’t get it unless you’re trying to breed them or something.

    • Alyse says:

      If you have dogs you always include them!
      Growing up with Mum, Dad, Sister & a boy dog (I’m a girl), we always used to say that we had a boy dog to even things out for my Dad. (Actually Luka was bought before my sister & i were born)
      It was a joke, but it was also because our dog was a proper part of our family.

  7. Mrs. Peel says:

    Love Victoria’s dress – it’s gorgeous.

  8. CelestialBeing says:

    You cant be good parents when youre living a lie. David has been eyeing up every pretty face from the beginning of their marriage, witnessed It for myself. Treating women well starts with how Dad treats Mum. Otherwise its just words.