Queen Elizabeth could shut down Parliament over Brexit & tell everybody to go home

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A symbolic figurehead, they said. No real power in the parliamentary realpolitik, they said. Well Queen Elizabeth II will bury them all. Because of the ongoing parliamentary shenanigans over the Brexit deal – which everybody hates and didn’t pass Parliament – it’s possible that the Queen could literally ride up to Parliament on a bejeweled horse and tell all of the MPs to go home, and that they weren’t in charge of jacksh-t anymore. DO IT KWEEN.

The Queen could be forced to intervene to ensure Brexit happens, Jacob Rees-Mogg suggested today. The hard-right Tory made the over-the-top claim at a packed meeting in Westminster – adding it’d be a “constitutional crisis”. Mr Rees-Mogg spoke over reports the Queen could be dragged in to the current Parliamentary battle over Brexit.

MPs are planning to tear up precedent and put forward their own laws to delay the 29 March date of Brexit. So experts have claimed Theresa May could use a “constitutional veto” – by asking the Queen not to give those Bills Royal Assent. Today Mr Rees-Mogg had another suggestion: that the Queen might be asked to break up Parliament early.

‘Proroguing’ the Commons would mean MPs were physically unable to pass any more laws and No Deal would happen by default. Speaking to the hard-right Conservative Bruges Group The Tory Leaver said: “I hope it will not be necessary for Her Majesty’s stay at Sandringham to be interrupted for her in person to prorogue Parliament. We do not want that sort of constitutional crisis, we want to observe the constitutional norms.”

[From The Daily Mirror]

I read “proroguing” as “progging” and “porro-guing”. I assume it’s PRO-roguing? That’s what Google says, so now I’m going to be saying that word to myself all day. What are you doing? PROROGUING. Prorogue that bitch. Basically, proroguing is just as they explained above – it’s where the monarch just shuts down Parliament and tells them they can’t legislate anymore. Apparently, Queen Elizabeth I did it 26 times. It was quite common in the Tudor era. It wouldn’t even be the first time QEII did it either. Huh.

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  1. Alissa says:

    I’ve tried to follow it, but I will admit that I’m just extremely confused by this whole brexit business.

  2. Wha1ever says:

    She should have done this ages ago, like two years ago when we all knew the Brexit was going to be a shambles.

    • Galangal says:

      She won’t.
      She won’t do anything.
      Left-leaning people have developed a bizarre theory the Queen is woke, pro-democracy, pro-poor people, etc. She ain’t.

      Look at it this way: we don’t like Trump, right? Remember when people were pretending the Queen didn’t and was unhappy about meeting him? Insanity. You know how she’s protected her son Andy, the paedo rapist, and by virtue of that protected Jeffrey Epstein? Thereby allowing more girls to be victimised? In doing so, she’s protected the other men associated with that. Like Clinton. Like Trump.

      The Queen is no one’s saviour; her concerns are her family and her money. If you want to believe otherwise, ask yourself why protecting her creepy paedo son was worth more than all the children being victimised.

      • Maddie says:


      • Clare says:

        100% Galangal

        She has also, for year, cleaned up messes made by her racist, cheating husband.

        The main reason the Queen won’t intervene now is because it would likely spell the start of the end of the monarchy -

  3. Steff says:

    Do it.

  4. Incredulous says:

    While it would be hilarious, it ain’t gonna end well for the royals and Jacob Rees-Mogg (The gentleman for the 19th century) just wants to make money using his vulture capitalism firm.

  5. minx says:

    Would she do it, though….?

  6. Anna says:

    I think she should do it. The entire BREXIT is nothing but a freakin’ mess. It was started by racial xenophobic men looking to rile up those xenophobic communities across England. The majority of people now regret their choice. So yeah she should do it.

    • lana86 says:

      The article doesn’t talk about canceling Brexit, but about accelerating it.

    • Kerfuffle says:

      That’s not how that works. The British people voted to pass Brexit. It’s done. The Queen intervening would be to actually force Brexit with no deal, which would be bad.

  7. Anna says:

    Jacob Rees-Mogg wants her to enforce Brexit like that without any deal. Of course, he doesn’t want to her to take a stand to have the UK remain in the EU…

  8. Pequitas says:

    It’s happened in Canada in the past (we follow a similar parliamentary system). I believe it would only happen if the Prime Minister requests that the Crown (in our case, the Crown’s representative, the governor general) prorogue parliament, which is what happened in our case.

    PM met with the GG, laid out an argument for why it was in the best interest to prorogue, and the GG followed through. I’m not 100% sure of procedure, but I don’t believe the Queen would make this move without a request from Parliament.

    • Dr Mrs The Monarch says:

      You got it right. The Queen respects the system and generally stays out of political issues. No matter what she may think privately, the people made a decision by voting for Brexit and she will go along with the wishes of Parliament.

      The only way she would end Brexit would be if PM May lost a confidence vote and then opposition members formed a majority alliance and asked her assent to form a new government.

      • SarSte says:

        Love that the media tries to make drama where there is none, as if she’s SWOOPING TO SORT BREXIT… Just procedure.

  9. CommentingBunny says:

    It’s a rare tactic but still sometimes employed. In Canada, the right-wing Harper government used it when the opposition parties threatened to hold a no-confidence vote and bring down the government. The Liberals did it in Ontario when they were engulfed in scandal and wanted to change leaders. I don’t think it’s ever done at the Queen’s instigation … and it’s always controversial for the government asking for it. But if she or her reps are asked to prorogue by an elected government, I think it would be scandalous to refuse so she would grant it and let the government bear the scandal fallout.

  10. Elvie says:

    This is common in Canada, as a constitutional monarchy. We have our Governor General (representative of the Queen) who opens parliament and can prorogue it. I can’t speak to the UK, but in Canada, the Governor General, as a ceremonial position never ever makes this decision. The Prime Minister as to ask them to prorogue it and they decide if they will or not (they usually do).

    It’s a frustrating part of the Westminster system of government and the main impact is that all outstanding bills and business dies.

    • Emily says:

      The Canadian Governor General once prorogued parliament when the Liberals and the NDP wanted to form a coalition government because apparently Canadians didn’t understand their own parliamentary system. …then a few years later the UK government had a coalition government.

  11. Eleonor says:

    I WOULD totally love this.
    QEII in full QUEEN drag crown, diamonds and all that stuff sending athose clowns home: “come back after you’ve put your sh@! together”.

  12. Heather says:

    She absolutely could not. Complete tabloid BS.

  13. noway says:

    Too bad she can’t do it for us over here with Trump. Sorry this quasi democracy where if you live in Iowa your vote means more than California is just ridiculous and needs someone to stop it and say it’s not working.

  14. Kurtz says:

    Yep in Australia the Governor General (Monarch’s representative) sacked our Prime Minister in 1975, put the opposing party in power and then called a general election. He would have had to notify the Queen before doing it and she would have had to agree. Extraordinary powers.

  15. Jen says:

    Have they even started stockpiling medicines yet? Just in case?

  16. Malak says:

    I wish for both Brexit and the monarchy to be cancelled!!! It’s clear that many regret not voting and I believe the majority actually wants to remain in the EU, but many were too lazy to vote, and now regret it, AND the monarchy is obsolete. The ‘firm’ (RF) is way too big now. The only members who matter are the Q, Charles and William. Oh, and George.

  17. Sass says:

    No. Do NOT do it. Brexit is bad. No YAS QUEEN here