Hot Guy Hiddles: Tom Hiddleston steps out in London for a BBC Radio 2 interview

Tom Hiddleston seen leaving radio 2

This makes me so happy!! I will never stop missing the golden era of Tom Hiddleston, which for my money was pretty much everything in 2016. Well, the first Golden Era of Hiddles was when he was the only one promoting Thor: The Dark World and he went into Full Overeager Puppy Mode and he was literally dancing on command. But I still say that 2016 Hiddles was better. Since those halcyon days, Hiddles has been so quiet. We can go months without talking about him or seeing him, and it makes me sad. But today we can find some joy!! Tom Hiddleston stopped by BBC Radio 2 to make an appearance on Zoe Ball’s breakfast show. We have photos AND a new interview.

The photos are… good? I like that he’s growing out his hair, and I don’t mind a beard. I feel like he might need to groom his beard a bit, and that’s basically my only complaint. I like seeing his long-ass legs. I like seeing his smart eyeglass frames. He looks pale and pretty. As for the interview, he chats about The Night Manager (which is getting some kind of second season) and his Loki show on Disney+ streaming. Some quotes:

The second season for The Night Manager: “At the moment [the show] is in the lap of John Le Carré and his sons who run The Ink Factory, the production company which produces it.” He added that the second series may attempt to reflect contemporary events. “They are potentially conceiving how these characters might live on: what they’re doing now given the state of the world. Which is curious given that the world is in an ‘interesting’ place, shall we say. What’s Jonathan Pine doing? Where is he? He’s probably in a dark corner somewhere spying on someone. What shape or form might that take? I’m very curious to see what materialises, and that’s about as much as I can say.”

The Loki TV show: “We’re currently in the process of polishing up what it will be: the ideas, the story, the pitch. But it’s definitely happening. Disney are launching a streaming service called Disney+, and I’m not sure exactly when that will be live, but anything that’s ever been made by Disney will be on that thing. So whether it’s The Lion King or Beauty and the Beast, Star Wars and Marvel and Pixar will all be part of that. So you’ll be wanting to subscribe.”

On Avengers: Endgame: “It’s really exciting to do this series about Loki. I can’t say much, we’ve all got to get through Avengers: Endgame first.”

[From Radio Times]

I don’t really think The Night Manager needed a second season, but if John Le Carre is on board, maybe it will be interesting. Maybe Pine can come to America and root out some Russians. As for Disney+ and all of that… it’s a cynical cash grab on all sides and I’m fine with that. Bro has gotta eat.

Tom Hiddleston seen leaving radio 2

Tom Hiddleston seen leaving radio 2

Tom Hiddleston seen leaving radio 2

Photos courtesy of WENN.

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  1. Eve says:

    YAY! I missed him (and those times) so much I went through CB archive just yesterday.

    He’s looking good — would look better if there was less facial hair. Coat is great.

    • LadyMTL says:

      I missed him too, so yay for a Hiddles return!
      I like the coat, but I feel like it’s maybe one size too small? The buttons look to be pulled really tight, and in that top pic I can’t help but wonder if he can move his arms at all, hahaha.

    • smcollins says:

      lol I didn’t see your comment until after I posted mine. He really is one of the nicer and more fun celebrities to keep up with. I hope this means we’re going to be seeing more of him now.

      • Eve says:

        Ha! Yesterday I was trully missing some of the shenanigans we pulled during Tiddles. Silly fun, but fun nonetheless.

    • Anon says:

      I like this news. In these troubled times we need a bit of Hiddles.

      I’m getting Kenneth Branagh circa Much Ado About Nothing vibes from this. His hair looks lovely when not turned into rats tails with too much product. I do think the beard could use a tidy tho.

    • Lightpurple says:

      Welcome back, Eve! Missed you as much as I missed my husband Thomas.

    • Lindy79 says:

      EVE!! Welcome back! x

    • antipodean says:

      Eve, hurrah, hurrah, so nice to see you again, you have been sorely missed! Hope all is well with you these days! I rarely comment nowadays, but I lurk a lot, and am so pleased to see you back. As for Hiddles, it seems his hey day is over, and he is settling for being a quiet thessy in London. Much more his speed I think, and a lot more productive than when he was the dish du jour!

      • Eve says:

        @ Antipodean:

        Oh, yesterday I especially looked at our exchanges.

        Won’t comment on my present situation because I don’t want to depress anyone nor accidentally make the thread about myself.

        I missed you too, dear.

    • Elise says:

      So did I! *g*

      • Tulip says:

        Another vote (from a longtime standoff-ish reader) for how nice it is to see familiar faces while also reading some kick-*ss new posters in all of the threads. Good to see everybody!

    • Escaped Convent says:

      EVE! EVE!!! OMG, it’s you! I’ve missed you terribly.🌛

      • Eve says:

        Dear EsCon, I missed you too — dearly. Was going to write T. Fanty and ask where were you (but I’m super lazy to e-mail anyone and, since 2018 is a contender for worst year of my life, was afraid to not receive good news).

        It’s really nice being welcomed by you guys — both the familiar ones and the new.

        😘 to all.

        P.S.: Now we need a Cumberbatch post so I can apologize for all the shanking. And to theorize why in the name of everything that is sacred I once found that man attractive.

  2. so cool says:

    The main reason why he was in BBC was to promote his new play – Betrayal in Pinter Theater (with Charlie Cox). It starts in march and could be a hit. It is a most popular Pinters play, tickets are selling really good (one of the best selling show now in London), cast is great. Can’t wait to see it. Theater Hiddles is the best Hiddles.

  3. Ninette says:

    Hopefully we will see him more in 2019. Also I want him to lose to the beard and the glasses!

  4. smcollins says:

    TH actually popped into my head last night making me wonder where he’s been, and then poof! Here he is on CB! Thanks for making my morning a little nicer 😉

    • Erinn says:

      Me too!

      I finally got around to watching the Thor movies recently. And I finally fully get it. He’s incredibly charming. I already had liked him based on his silly interviews, but I am full stop a Hiddles fan now. And I like his hair longer. I think the jacket would look better about a half size larger though.

      • Lindy79 says:

        Watch his panels from the recent ACE Comic Cons. Especially the recent one in Arizona, it was a great interview and he’s utterly charming.

      • smcollins says:

        Seeing him in the first Thor movie immediately sealed the deal on my fondness of him. I was like “Chris who? I want more of the *other* guy!” And it’s only grown over the years with every movie he does (good or bad).

      • Erinn says:

        Most of those guys have realllyyy grown on me in the last year or so. Mark Ruffalo was the first one though, reading his interviews a while back had sold me despite me having zero interest in the Hulk. Seeing Chemsworth outtakes on movies also won me over because I’m a sucker for a silly/funny guy. Still don’t like Capt. America, or Hawkeye, but I do love some of his tweets, so he’s growing on me too.

        Hiddles though, is just such a dweeb in the best kind of way. I really think he’s as goofy and ridiculous and loves his job more than most people in his position, and it’s really endearing.

    • spidee!!! says:

      @ Erinn – Hemsworth’s late no shows at cons have put me right off him as a person, although his muscles never did it for me anyway.

  5. JaneEyreApparent says:

    I like the rumpled professor look

  6. Beth says:

    He looks so adorable when he’s scruffy like he just rolled out of bed

  7. Cara says:

    There’s a hot guy in this post? Where?

  8. saba says:

    I always think he looks like he should be selling homemade ale and cheese at bougie artisan farmers’ markets. Maybe he does so on the sly on his days off. Living the dream, tbh.

    • jammypants says:

      Hahaha! This description made me laugh so much 😂 thanks for that. In other words, he looks like a hipster.

  9. Lightpurple says:

    I listened to the interview before I got up this morning. It was lovely to listen to that fabulous voice while I was still in a sleepy haze. There’s recordings of it all over Twitter. He has a brief overlap with Saoirse Ronan. So wish I could go to London to see Betrayal.

    ETA, oh yes, the veranda is open. We have heaters. Colin is pouring hot chocolate, tea, and coffee.

    • Kitty Von SaucyMinx says:

      @LightPurple I am new and have read wonderful things about your beautiful veranda and unparalleled hospitality. May I join on the veranda? Would it be too much trouble for a hot chocolate with a spot of Malibu coconut rum?

      • Lightpurple says:

        The veranda is open to all. Your drink is on the way.

      • antipodean says:

        I can’t believe the veranda is still open for refreshments while we ogle our old Hiddles crush. Lovely to see that Colin is still providing sterling service, is Mark still around, and (cough,cough) “available”? I might have to treat myself to a swift Harvey Wallbanger, if I may.

    • Cranberry says:

      Hello veranda peeps. Here for the silky Hiddles voice and some hot tea on the old veranda. I feel so civilized here. Thank you LP.

  10. Lala11_7 says:

    I wanna take a fabric shaver and sit down and have a long and deeply intimate connection with his coat…..while he’s wearing it….

    Of course…

  11. diana says:

    I like Tom and want to see more of him in 2019.

  12. Bettyrose says:

    Hiddles in glasses and a peacoat? On a Friday? Today is a very good day.

  13. OriginalLala says:

    floppy hair and reddish beards are so yum to me….

  14. Case says:

    My favorite human to read about. He’s just the loveliest guy and there sadly aren’t too many of those around. I’ll take this Tom over 2016 Tom any day. His antics were all good-natured and he was just excited about his career, but I just jive better with older, wiser Tom.

    I love Loki as a character even beyond Tom, so I’m pretty freaking excited about the Disney + situation, even if it’s a cash grab. It’ll be fun.

    • ClaireB says:

      I’m excited about the Loki series, too! He’s consistently been one of my faves in the MCU, mostly because Hiddles is a good actor and gave him way more depth than he was written with. Of course we haven’t seen Endgame yet, but I don’t feel like they’ve given his story the fullness it could have.

      I feel sad that we had to have an older, wiser Tom, just because his innocent joy made me feel better about the world, being an old curmudgeon myself. But I would happy take any current Tom offered to me.

      • virginfangirl says:

        I miss the old Tom too a bit, but still love him. And I suppose he’s still his old self among friends.

  15. Grace says:

    I got tickets to see Betrayal in March. I am so happy! :) :) :)

  16. Booie says:

    Not feeling the long hair or beard but what a man.

  17. Ninette says:

    I want more Hiddles in 2019. Photos, stories, gossip, new projects, new roles, more Loki, maybe even new clothes. I even want pap pics of Tom with his new GF. Who ever that may be. Nothing/no one cringey please. Something nice and classy. Like him holding hands with somebody lovely. Sitting at a cafe or restaurant together. Sharing a kiss… not on a beach.

    • Justme says:

      I do think he’s “back”. He seemed to have taken 2018 off in a way. Did the promo for Early Man and IW and that was about it until the autumn when he started to appear in one shot shows like the Dickens vs Tolstoy and the Pinter one. Maybe bought a house in Hampshire (it appears that he did). Grew his hair! Maybe he needed that break for some reason. He seems more relaxed than in 2017, when the HS and GG blowback were still fresh. Some of his fans even feared he would leave acting, but that seemed unlikely — he loves his job too much. I hope we’ll see some new movies on the horizon, but the whole industry seems very “off” these days. I do think he’ll be doing even more theatre soon. It would be lovely if he has a happy private life as well (besides just his charming dog Bobby that is). But I think he’ll be careful to keep anything like that under wraps.

      • Ane says:

        Could be more to do with him having an iffy set rep (in the US at least).

        Before everyone tells me no, I saw a Twitter convo a year or two back where a sound guy said crew who worked with Hiddleston on Ragnarok found him to be a major asshole. Guy’s got no reason to lie, didn’t tag it for attention and was clearly disappointed by it. This wasn’t the first time I’d heard that, either, but only in regard to crew and not from coworkers.

        Maybe it’s totally off base, but it’s worth keeping in mind that some public figures are more persona than others.

      • So cool says:

        “guy have no reason to lie” good one :) and sexist. Because you know only women can be mean, jealous and lie. Guys would never be like that to other guy. :)

        Well I read twitts from crew and they loved him. A lot of people and from different movie sets. Even from Thor Ragnarok.
        And I don’t think it was on Twitter (as you said). There was few blin gossips made up by ex fans, who claims that he is horrible, no one likes him and Lizzie Olsen can’t stand him. And few days later Olsen was so happy and hugy next to him. And is talking about him even if no one ask her :)
        But hey, if you want to believe in this BI. :)

      • Ane says:

        Absolutely never said or implied men in general don’t lie. “Guy” has no reason to lie, not “guys.” As in this particular male whose name I do not know did not appear to have any motivation to lie in this specific instance. Hell, he was sad about it, loved him in the Thor series.

        And yes, it was on Twitter. You can still find it. Not a fan of blind items.

        Atlanta Pap person (covers shoots for Marvel) also remarked Hiddleston was the “opposite of nice” but no idea what they saw on set.

        Again, it only seems to be crew, his coworkers do appear to love him for the most part. Maybe he hit a rough patch, I don’t know.

      • so cool says:

        In your post, based on few tweets, you made a general statement that he is horrible on set, crews hates him, so he can’t find work in US. And it isn’t true.

        I don’t know how many tweets from crew you saw, but there are plenty of guys and women who worked with him on set, who said (on twitter, insta etc.) that it was so great to work with him, that he is always polite, eat with a crew, isn’t diva (like Tom Hardy for example) and is very normal. When he wrap up movie, he also give a crew goodbye gifts, thank you notes etc. After one he bought a crew a day in a spa (it was in theater I think).
        But he is also very serious about his work, so if someone for example isn’t doing his job right or is lazy, I can see him being mad.

        Everything isn’t just black and white. All of us have min. one person who doesn’t like us. :)

      • Ane says:

        Actually, all my wording is conditional, ie. “could,” “maybe it’s off base”, etc. because I don’t know for sure, just like you don’t know for sure none it is true. I’ve seen it multiple times over the last few years.

        Crew gifts don’t necessary mean anything (Hardy, for example, gives them out too). I’m confused about the “lazy” thing though-if a crew member was being lazy on set, it would not be an actor’s place to get into it with them. They are not the boss of the crew.

        You’re right that there is always people who won’t like you, and maybe he’s just rubbed some people the wrong way. But it does seem odd that Hiddleston hasn’t been doing much work outside of US cons and smaller UK projects. No UK cons, but my guess is he sticks to the US ones because they pay two to three times as much. I know that doesn’t mesh with his public image either, but as I said, I think it’s entirely possible his public image is more on the superficial side.

      • so cool says:

        He didn’t work in US (and in UK) last 2 years, bcs he has a break. He only made some promo for movies he wrap up before (KSI, TR, IW). He made 0 new movies and very few public appearances.
        And now it is obvious that he gets back to work. Till may he will do play in Pinter theater and next I assume will filming Loki series. What next? TNM2? Some indie movie? There was rumors about 2-3 projects in development, so we will see.

    • so cool says:

      new clothes? Honey, this won’t happen. He loves his uniform and will wear it till this blue sweater fall apart on him. :) :)

    • Bee says:

      I only want pictures of him and his doggo.

  18. NYC_girl says:

    I would climb him like a tree. Immediately.

  19. GenTer says:

    Anyone else think he stole Duchess Button’s coat in these pics, size and all? :)