Busy Philipps has Michelle Williams’ Golden Globe but she wants it back

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Busy Philipps hosted a live version of her talk show, Busy Tonight, following the Golden Globes. Her guests were comedian Whitney Cummings, writer Ira Madison III, actor Tommy Lenk, comic Rhea Butcher and the bunnies from The Favourite, who mainly just wanted to talk about what it was like to work with Emma Stone.

Busy was wearing the lovely black and white polka dot dress that she wore to the 2011 Golden Globes when she’d accompanied her best friend, Michelle Williams. That year, Michelle won for her portrayal of Marilyn Monroe in My Week with Marilyn. The actual award, however, never made it back to New York with Michelle. Instead, it resides on Busy’s bookshelf here in California. That is, it will, until Michelle can wrest it back from Busy.

I love Busy, I really do, and I’d be happy if her talk show became a success, but she has got to 1) stop relying on the teleprompter so heavily and 2) stop playing with her hair. As far as the GG statue, Michelle will need to order a dupe, Busy isn’t giving it back. Look at how she’s clutching it. At the 5:35 mark, Whitney takes it and Busy barely lets it go, only to reclaim it eight second later. No one else gets to touch it after that. Busy’s ownership was cemented when Michelle neglected to get the plaque made for it. If it had Michelle’s name, people would ask Busy why she still had it but without that, you know Busy has passed that off as hers. I would have, “Oh, that? I can’t believe you even saw that on the center shelf with the pin light directly on it. I don’t know, I think one reviewer referred to me as ‘transcendent.’ Whatever – tea?” And how many acceptance speeches has Busy given to her hall mirror with that trophy? I’d bogart that thing so bad, it would take the authorities to get it back. Busy knows what’s up.

And I agree with Tommy, I’ll bet Michelle has enough awards that she probably forgets about it all the time. Michelle might need room for more if her Fosse/Verdon movie is as good as the teaser released Monday. Michelle plays the dancer Gwen Verdon, who was married to Bob Fosse. I kind of wish Michelle would play something other than a beleaguered wife, but Verdon was a brilliant, complex artist, as was Fosse, so I am here for this. Plus, there’s the Sam Rockwell bonus:

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15 Responses to “Busy Philipps has Michelle Williams’ Golden Globe but she wants it back”

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  1. Meowuirose says:

    Tacky and cringy. You didnt earn it and ya look desperate holding it hostage like that lol.

  2. Sash says:

    I find their friendship so cute.

  3. YesImHere says:

    How Busy Phillips manages to keep this much of a public profile, I’ll never understand. I still don’t have a clue as to what she does for a living.

  4. kellybean says:

    Seeing yellow dresses on the red carpet at the GG reminded me once again that Michelle William’s canary yellow dress at one of the award shows in 2006 is my favorite red carpet look of all time. Everything was flawless including the hair and makeup. I think she’s even more gorgeous with the haircut she’s had for a while and is one of the most talented actresses among the group that started their career’s in the late 90s/early 2000s.

  5. Jen says:

    I haven’t watched her show since the first couple but I remember the playing with the hair and the “like” or “um” after every word…come on Busy!

    • Clare says:

      Yea, I tried to watch the show but I found her manner really irritating – too many, umm, ah, and ‘likes’, for my liking. At points it was like she was channeling Cher from Clueless.

  6. Jess says:

    I’ve been meaning to watch the show but I’m not big on talk shows. I’m making my way through her book, though, and really enjoying that.

  7. Enn says:

    Ugh, she grates so badly.

  8. LL says:

    I just can’t get beyond the thirst with this one.

  9. Case says:

    Their friendship reminds me a lot of my past friendships (me being the quieter Michelle in the scenario). Louder, more aggressive “friends” will just walk all over you if you let them. I have no doubt they’ve been good friends for a long time and have a lot of love for each other, but a good friendship? Meh. Busy seems like she’d exhaust a more introverted person like Michelle.

  10. Nancy says:

    Michelle looks like she’s stuck in some sort of time warp. 21 forever. Never saw a hairband in a pixie cut before. She likes the floral printed dresses. Born too late. Would have made a good flower child…..not hippie. ✌

  11. Marianne says:

    Or maybe Michelle doesnt care because its a Golden Globe and not something with more prestige like an Oscar.

  12. Blueskies says:

    I loved Busy as Kim Kelly on Freaks & Geeks but find her annoying otherwise. I have had a Busy type friend before (I was definitely the more quiet, less demonstrative Michelle type in the relationship) and I had to end the friendship, I was in danger of having about five years shaved off my life, lol, just too much all the time. Maybe Busy isn’t always full on or Michelle has a large amount of patience or a side to match Busy’s when needed.