Sean Combs thinks Cassie cheated on him with the trainer he was paying for

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Diddy and Cassie announced their breakup in October. I’ll admit that I never paid much attention to them as a couple, and to me, it seemed like they were always in a cycle of breaking up and making up. That cycle went on for 11 damn years. At least this time – the October breakup – it seems to be for real. They haven’t gotten back together. And perhaps that’s because Cassie is dating someone else: her new boyfriend is Cassie’s former trainer. As in, Diddy now believes that Cassie was banging this guy while Diddy was paying him for training sessions. LOL.

Diddy might want to ask for a refund from his former trainer … because sources claim the guy he hired to keep Cassie in shape was banging her on his dime … but she says his timeline is wrong. Here’s what we’re told. Diddy’s trainer, Jamal Liggin, got so busy he hired several trainers as backup, including Alex Fine. Diddy tagged Alex to train Cassie over the last year.

As we reported, Diddy and Cassie broke up several months ago after a decade-long relationship, but our sources claim Cassie and Alex hooked up before the split. We’re told what especially galls Diddy … he paid Alex to train his then-girlfriend and feels betrayed.

Cassie sure seems smitten with Alex. She has not ever publicly talked about a timeline, but we’re told Diddy is convinced there’s an overlap. Sources connected to Cassie insist she did NOT start dating Alex until after she broke up with Diddy. We reached out to Alex … so far, no word back.

Diddy has bigger issues to deal with, like raising his 3 children after the death of Kim Porter in November. Diddy was destroyed when Kim died, saying they were more than soulmates.

[From TMZ]

I mean… I bet this happens a lot. Rich man with a busy life. Rich man is used to hiring tons of people to work on all sorts of things. Rich man pays for his girlfriend’s private training sessions. Girlfriend bangs private trainer. The only thing is that if Cassie and Diddy split because she’s fallen for Alex, then lord, she’s dumb. You don’t break up with your rich man to get with the trainer.

Apparently, Alex is the guy Cassie is kissing in her IG, below:

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I love you Mommy

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  1. SamC says:

    Always cracks me up when a guy who regularly cheats on his partner is so appalled if the tables are turned.

  2. Mrs. Peel says:

    Why would you leave a “I love you mommy” post whilst snogging your personal trainer?

    • Original Jenns says:

      The top pic is of her hugging her mom. I think the bottom pic was not cropped out to send a message.

    • Sid says:

      Cassie’s mother actually called the cops on Puffy because of an incident between Cassie and Puffy. There are stories upon stories about him being physically and verbally abusive to the women he has dated. The “I love you mommy” combined with having the new guy in the photo with mom is likely sending another message on top of what Original Jenns alluded to. Oh, and the day before Puiffy did what controlling men typically do and posted pictures of Cassie on his IG whining about missing her. She shut that down real quick with her post.

      • Original Jenns says:

        THIS!! I saw that bubble bath photo of her “I Love Cassie”. I hope this isn’t a game and she is done. Make a clean break because Diddy does not play with his ego. He is a vindictive man.

        Also, he has children missing their mom! The last thing he should be doing is playing mind games with his ex.

      • Otaku fairy... says:

        Judging by that incident, it sounds like he’s the type of abusive jerk who was always getting paranoid about her cheating to begin with. Because of the way he treated her and his own track record, I don’t even judge if she did.

      • cel2495 says:

        @SID agree with all you. Glad Cassie saw the light and hope is permanent. It’s not just allegations, he is abusieve towards his partners. My mother does interior design for many people, one of her contracts was for Kim house ( RIP), Diddy was there one time she was installing and the way he talked to her was horrible. F bombs everywhere… it was pretty scary.

  3. Original Jenns says:

    He’s been dogging her their entire relationship. It’s how he treats every woman. And, regardless of what was actually happening between Diddy and Cassie, her reputation was mud with gossips and bloggers. Good for her for moving on. After 10 years of his drama, I hope she finds happiness. It’s time for her to do her thing.

    It’s really rich man finds young girl on the path to celebrity, rich man dominates young girl, rich man surrounds her with the trappings of riches while cheating, rich man has abusive allegations floating around him that keep her close, beautiful/sweet girl finally finds someone to make that break permanent. I say, if Alex is the rebound that sets her free, go girl. And if he’s something real, even better.

  4. BigGirl says:

    Mr. Fine is fine and kudos to Cassie. What took her so long? Glad she’s no signing on to me stepmom now that K. Porter passed away. Sorry no sympathy for Diddy, let him find a younger replacement who sue him when they are finished.

  5. meh says:

    Diddy has overlapped baby mothers.
    FOH with this “overlap in relationship” mess

    • Dani says:

      Yesssss!! Agreed! And seriously all the ‘Kim Porter was the only love of my life’ posts on Insta. Good for Cassie. Alex sure is Fine.

  6. Kashmir says:

    Cassie’s far from dumb, I think she wasted 10-11 years of her life probably led on by false promises of a music career or wife/kids by Diddy who only claimed her when it was convient for him. Of course she got to enjoy the lifestyle as well but I guess being with a rich man isn’t all that’s cracked up to be. Also you really think he was faithful that entire time?…side note cdan stongly implies he’s secretly gay and when they invite other males into the bedroom the female gets ignored👀 I believe it🤷🏽‍♀️ Good for Cassie it looks like she finally stopped falling in love with potential and is putting herself first.

  7. BigGirl says:

    Reports say they broke up last year April. There were pics of Diddy with another model on a date

  8. Christina says:

    She was stupid for staying with the rich guy. Her soul was dying. Look at how different she looks in pictures now. It’s dumb to stay for money, IMHO. Better to have your soul.

    • Katie Keen says:

      THIS. When you’re lonely and sad in a mansion, you’re still lonely and sad. Money makes life easier, but it does not = emotional fulfillment.

    • BorderMollie says:

      Indeed. Don’t stay in an awful situation for material possessions. There’s absolutely nothing material that can make up for losing your freedom and joy. Get your stuff in order, make sure you’re safe, and then leave.

  9. Ifeoma says:

    I think it’s perfectly okay to leave the rich man for the trainer if the relationship is toxic. Money isn’t everything.

  10. jules says:

    Don’t leave a rich man for someone that might treat you better? What’s wrong with that comment??? A whole damned lot if you ask me. He’s been an A$$ to her for years. Good on you girl. Get out, stay away and take it from someone who’s gone from rich and miserable, to just comfortable and happy. Money can’t buy happiness. Sooooo long Diddy.

    • Christina says:

      Exactly, Jules.

    • Tw says:

      Yeah, I’m confused by the comment, too. Seems to contradict the feminist vibe of this blog.

    • Veronica S. says:

      Now to mention that if the guy is a high-end celebrity trainer, he’s probably not broke by any means. He may not be a millionaire, but he’s probably comfortable. I doubt she’s totally without funds, herself. She’ll be fine. Money can’t be everything.

      • Erinn says:

        Yes. It’s a downgrade in lifestyle, but it’s not like they’d be broke together. And if she’s happy with this guy, that’s really all that matters.

      • Dani says:

        Alex is far from broke. He’s a very well known trainer and a professional bull rider. He also has some sort of life style thing going on with juices or protein bars or something that does well. It’s all over his insta. He holds his own. They won’t be broke – alone or together.

    • paranormalgirl says:

      Yeah, it’s not dumb to leave a crappy relationship with someone (rich or poor) for a relationship that fills all your other needs and makes you happy.

    • jessamine says:

      I took it as tongue-in-cheek…

  11. Lala11_7 says:



    He was dipping off with somebody that looked like Cassie’s younger sister…even BEFORE they officially broke up…


    You mad? Here’s a cape…NOW YOU CAN BE SUPERMAD!

    • Veronica S. says:

      Supermad, lol. I’m dying over here.

    • me says:

      HAHA im stealing that supermad / cape comment

      Diddy cheated on her all the time for 10 years and strung her along and never gave her any commitment. Now he wants to act butt hurt because she finally wised up and moved on? Whatever Diddy, you snooze you lose.

    • Original Jenns says:

      Hahahaha – that is AMAZING! SUPERMAD!

  12. Nina Simone says:

    Sounds like Diddy is being spiteful as usual. He hates when he can’t control women with his money, power or threats. I’m actually a bit worried for Cassie and this new guy. Diddy is very vindictive and **allegedly beat up and threatened guys Kim Porter tried to move on with. One even died….I hope they can stay far away from his influence right now. Meanwhile he needs to be focusing on raising he and Kim’s kids right now. That should be his priority not smearing Cassie’s name. Gosh! He’s so infuriating.

  13. Veronica S. says:

    Even if she wasn’t sleeping with him yet, if she started dating him afterwards, the sparks were there from the start. So at the least, it’s a sign she was already considering her options. It happens. Maybe she just realized all that money wasn’t worth it after years of unsatisfactory cohabitation. Not like Diddy is in any position to complain considering he’s been unfaithful from the start. You get what you give into a relationship. Who cares if he has money? She’s not his whore.

  14. Murphy says:

    Judge Judy would say no dice. You paid him for a service and he provided that service so why should he get his money back?

  15. Rituxie says:

    Cassie had a great song out several years ago but getting with Diddy basically caused her music career to disappear. I’ve heard that was by his request, but I don’t know them personally, just internet rumors.

    • Otaku fairy... says:

      A friend of mine says she performed at her old middle school once several years ago.

    • ByTheSea says:

      She wasn’t a good live singer; her studio stuff was good and, of course, she’s beautiful. I remember a radio interview with her where she freaked out cause they asked her to sing a few bars of a new song. But Taylor Swift and JLo were the same way and they grew. If Diddy hadn’t snatched her up and fed her insecurities (that’s what abusive men do), she might’ve had a bigger career.

      • SK says:

        That is so true. She had some great songs Circa 2005. Me and You is still great!
        And she’s insanely beautiful.
        J.Lo still sounds the same to me but I really have noticed Taylor Swifts improvemyhs as a vocalist. Cassie not being good at singing live could definitely been handled and not limit her. Diddy presumably could have helped her career a lot but didn’t?

  16. Agent007 says:

    This guy is a douche. Let me tell you a secret: the friend of mine Anna (she looks like a VS model) had been shagging Diddy hard in the United Kingdom around 2010. They’d hooked up in his hotel suite, right after a meet &greet session following Diddy’s concert. Sorry for letting you know, but this little tale just stuck under my skin. Imaging Puffy shagging an eastern european groupie on his tour. Hairy!

  17. lobbit says:

    This is a man that had two women pregnant at the very SAME TIME. He’s got such gall, playing the victim now.

  18. Cachina king says:

    I am a firm believer you don’t stay with a man because he is rich or what he can do for you. I heard too many stories about Diddy being controlling and abusive to Cassie. She made a clean break, I hope she doesn’t go back.