Michelle Williams quit her Broadway show on doctor’s orders, is she ok?

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Singer Michelle Williams is back in the headlines but this time, it’s work related – mostly. Michelle has been in the news lately because she and her sketchy-as-all-hell fiancé, Chad Johnson broke up. Before their split, Michelle spoke candidly about her depression that had been bad enough to have her entering a treatment center. Michelle had been starring in Broadway in Once On This Island but has recently announced she will be stepping down from her role as Erzulie. In the announcement made by the theater, they said she was instructed to do so on doctor’s orders.

Michelle Williams is stepping away from Broadway spotlight as she continues her journey to wellness.

The singer, 38, will be taking a leave of absence from her role as the goddess Erzulie in the Broadway production of Once On This Island.

Williams only joined the cast two weeks ago but has been advised by her doctors to step away from the Tony Award-winning show beginning Wednesday, the show announced in a statement.

“Effective immediately, Michelle T. Williams has been advised by her doctors to take a leave of absence from performing,” the statement read.

Stepping in for the former Destiny’s Child singer will be her understudy Cassondra James, who will assume the role until Dec. 26. After that, Lea Salonga will take over until the Broadway production officially closes on Jan. 6.

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I don’t want to stick my nose too far into Michelle’s business and speculate why doctors ordered her to step down. But I will say I am concerned for her. She’s been through so much this past year and it’s likely taken a huge toll on her health. However, at least she is listening to her doctors and looking after herself.

The day she announced her split from Chad, Michelle also dropped her new single, Fearless, which is doing pretty well on Spotify. The day before she did either of those things, she was promoting her reality show with Chad, Chad loves Michelle. As of yet, OWN has not cancelled the show. Since her split from Chad, the only posts to her Instagram and Twitter accounts are about her single. I hope someone is helping her run the accounts so she doesn’t have to worry about the promotion while she’s under her doctor’s orders. Mostly I just hope she’s taking care of herself and that she has a solid support network. She needs to put her health first. And I know that’s not easy to do in her profession but at least it seems like she’s trying.

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10 Responses to “Michelle Williams quit her Broadway show on doctor’s orders, is she ok?”

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  1. boredblond says:

    Broadway can be tough work..you don’t get the second takes and pampering like a film or tv shoot, and most performers admit it’s draining..I wish her well.

    • Esmom says:

      I can imagine, but I also imagine it’s not easy to quit such a high profile gig. I wish her well, too.

  2. Meowuirose says:

    Uhhh…I would argue its incredibly easy for her to set aside her career and take care of her health. She has millions probably and will always have access to career opportunities. Obviously I wish her well and its terrible to see her struggle with mental health but you know what really isnt easy, being a single mom with depression, trying to take care of yourself, your kid and keep everything together while have no access to support or health insurance. Not being able to just take time off, Drs orders. Let’s have some perspective here. And again I say for anyone who thinks I’m dogging on her, I 100% wish her well and health and recovery. She has a lot of resources MANY will never have access to.

    • Esmom says:

      Of course that’s true but at the same time performing and working is probably a big part of her identity and self-esteem so I can image it might not be easy to step aside, even if she does have the resources that many don’t. As we’ve said here before, having money doesn’t make you immune to emotional struggle.

      • Meowuirose says:

        I’m not saying having money makes you immune, I’m saying she has a world of resources at her fingertips and a relatively high enough profile that she will probably be able to find work again. I just dont have a lot of sympathy for her that she has the privilege of walking away from work to take care of herself. I do have a ton of compassion for her and am rooting for her to get well.

    • Layday says:

      I understand what you’re saying in that yes she has a ton of money and resources to take care of herself, but “perspective” is not diminishing someone else’s need for self-actualization, which could ultimately exacerbate their depression. I’ve been depressed, and while I have nowhere near the money and resources Michelle has I watched her show and saw how emotionally fragile she seemed at times trying to come out of her depression. So I do wish her well as she takes time off trying to cope with her depression.

      With that said, I also want to live in a world that is empathetic enough that those less fortunate than her can also be given the resources to take the time they need as well. It shouldn’t be a zero sums game where you only get to have a finite amount of empathy for people with depression like Michelle to the back of the line because of her money and resources. When life hits you hard because of illness, money can’t completely insulate you from experiencing and feeling suffering. In my experience, taking time away from something that gives you self-actualization (she mentions that her career does this for her), while battling an illness may actually make the depression worst. I’m sure she realizes depression is causing her to miss out on career opportunities now, regardless of what the future holds so that’s gotta hurt.

      I’d much rather have money than not, I completely agree with you there. I also feel deeply for women that don’t have the ability to take time off to get better. With that said, I’m not going to blame a woman that is doing what she needs to do to get better, I’m going to take issue and indict a society that doesn’t allow more women to have the luxury to take such time like Michelle Williams does.

      • Meowuirose says:

        Sorry for the late reply and hopefully you see this….you’re right. I should be less heartless. It’s not that I cant relate to her because I very much can. Thank you for reminding me to be kinder :)

      • Layday says:

        @Meowuirose I did read your reply. You seem plenty kind to me based on the thoughtfulness of your last response. Take care!

  3. Erin says:

    Sending her positive vibes. Mental illness doesn’t care how much talent or money or success you have.

  4. Nikki. says:

    Self Care goes first! :)