Marvel finally drops the trailer & title for the fourth Avengers film, ‘Avengers: Endgame’

Jason Momoa inside for AOL Build Series...

Avengers: Infinity War grossed over $2 billion worldwide. It was an enormous hit and Marvel fans were traumatized by all of the deaths of beloved characters. But… of course it won’t stay that way. The deaths, I mean. Everyone knew that the “survivors” of Infinity War would fight back and that of course certain characters would have to survive, because those actors have contracts for multiple films and/or their franchises are just getting started (coughChadwickBosemancough). So, behold, the first trailer for… what is this being called? Infinity War II? Avengers 4? The trailer calls it Avengers: Endgame, but is that the final title? Here’s the trailer:

Tagline: “Part of the journey is the end.” This is definitely, 100% Robert Downey Jr’s last Marvel outing, right? His contract is finally up and Marvel is sick of paying him the most. The rumor was that this is Chris Evans’ last Captain America outing too, but in the past few months, he’s sounded more open to possibly returning to the role. I don’t know how that will shake out for this film though.

Also: Marvel had previously saved May 3rd as the release date, but this trailer says it will be released in April 2019. So… fans will get to see it earlier, good.

Jason Momoa inside for AOL Build Series...

Photos courtesy of Marvel.

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  1. Amelie says:

    I still haven’t seen part 3 yet… I spoiled myself because I did not feel like seeing it in theaters. I’ll get around to it eventually but I’m not a die hard fan, these movies entertain me but I’ve never been invested in the storyline.

  2. Lala11_7 says:

    Marvel has ALWAYS know how to humanize their characters…to mine the depths of pathos and to deploy it either on the page….or the movie spin all of that emotion and wizardry into something solid…and magnificent…

    This trailer continues that tradition….

    • SlightlyAnonny says:

      Thank you for putting this into words. I couldn’t figure out why I liked DC TV but hated the new batch of DC Movies and vice versa with Marvel. DC TV (not counting the mess of Arrow) does that mining work but DC Movie doesn’t. I was a MarvelGirl growing up, mainly the X-Books, so the Avengers were newish to me but after delaying starting to watch them*, I fell in love starting with the Winter Soldier which is just a good, solid movie. Marvel movies are good movies. Enough geeking out.

      *I cannot watch the X-movies anymore and haven’t even started Deadpool because they were such my faves that I would cringe in my seat when they got something (everything) wrong.

  3. Marty says:

    …too much Tony Stark, to be honest.

  4. Ivy says:

    I honestly almost passed out watching this thing. I’m such a huge fan and I’m so excited yet so overwhelmed by seeing it!! Like I still can’t get over how devastated Tony must be but like why is he alone in a space ship?? Wasn’t he with a bunch of the others when the snap happened? Anyway, I knew the title was Endgame because an idiot staffer a few months ago put Avengers: Endgame on their IMDB page as their experience. What’s interesting is that rumor started but nothing came to fruition by it, which suggests it was legit. Anyway, I’m insanely excited and I can’t believe May is so far away UGH

    • Lightpurple says:

      He was with Nebula. Everyone else had turned to dust. I suspect he is either alone in the Guardians’s ship or whatever Nebula used to arrive. But where is Nebula?

      • BeeCee says:

        Nebula shows up for a quick second at the 1:25 mark!

        I cannot WAIT to see this. Definitely got a bit misty eyed when watching the trailer this morning.
        I was actually excited to see Scott on the videophone at the end, and I’m wondering how they’re going to bring back the characters that are still under contract, without it feeling like a last minute idea.

    • Diana B says:

      I can’t freaking wait!!! Got AND Avengers 4 on my Birthday month? yeah, April can’t come fast enough.

    • Darla says:

      Me too Ivy!

  5. LadyMTL says:

    I’m excited for this because I am curious to see who they “resurrect” so to speak. I mean, some will probably be obvious – like Black Panther, as was mentioned in the post – but I’m hoping for a few surprises too.

    Also: Cap should have kept the beard. :P

  6. Nene says:

    So excited to see it. Bucky, Peter Parker, Groot and Tchalla’s ‘deaths’ still haunt me.
    And what happened to Cap’s beard? It was iconic.
    After all the secrecy around the title, ‘Endgame’ seems like a dull title.

    April 2019 cant come soon enough

  7. Kay Hendricks says:

    Not a surprising title, since Dr. Strange said that’s what it was. Speaking of which, better see some Dr. Strange in the new one or I’m done with Marvel. Also, I agree, too much Tony Stark. But there always is.

  8. Lizzie says:

    so i didn’t watch the last one but what happened to black widow’s red hair?

    • Lightpurple says:

      They had been living in hiding for two years after Civil War so had to disguise themselves so, Cap’s beard, her hair color, Vision taking human form were some of the changes they made.

  9. Jegede says:

    Avengers ran from Pikachu! :) )

  10. Moco says:

    Hawkeye is back! But maybe not a good guy any more? Did he lose his family in the snap and go renegade?

    • Josie says:

      That seems like what they want us to think, anyway.

      No one knows what’s going to happen to the OG Avengers for sure, but the consensus actually seems to be that Tony will retire but not die — and be available for little cameos, which now that Stan Lee has died, might be even more attractive to the Studio.

      There is so much this trailer doesn’t even touch on. But at least it shows us something, and apparently confirms that some significant period of time has passed.

      It’s going to be a long wait until April.

    • Dara says:

      Finding out what happened to Hawkeye might be the only reason I have for seeing this on opening weekend.

    • Veronica S. says:

      I am oddly excited about Hawkeye – mostly to see Black Widow’s reaction to him. It’s clear from the previous films that she deeply admires him and holds him as a personal hero. Seeing her deal with him going rogue and having a moral and emotional breakdown could be some good stuff. He’s such a nothingburger of a character otherwise that it would be a good change.

      • Jellybean says:

        Based on interviews I think this was the intended role for Clint from the start, except that losing his family was supposed to have happened before the first Avengers. Although it meant wasting Renner’s acting talents on a role that anyone could play, and made his character disjointed and difficult to relate to, it might ultimately pay off. This includes his relationship with Widow, who keeps telling us how they feel about each other, without much on screen to back it up – especially when they focus so much on her relationships with other characters.

  11. Veronica S. says:

    The first movie pretty much foreshadowed that they’d be coming back, even if it wasn’t obvious that Black Panther wasn’t going anywhere after his movie became such a smash hit. I do, however, suspect that Downey and Evans are on their way out. And I feel like it makes sense for them to sent off at this point, passing the story to the younger generation of heroes? After the fight in Civil War, having them go out together again as friends would be powerful closure.

  12. Pulplove says:

    Just seeing the Marvel Studios logo turn into that very same dust that made the beloved characters disappear in “Infinity War” gave me goosebumps (as well as seeing gorgeous Chris Evans).
    My personal most anticipated movie of 2019!

  13. Wood Dragon says:

    Counting down the months till this!!!!