Brad Pitt ‘got what he wanted,’ which is ‘less than 50% custody’ of the kids

Brad Pitt

Last Friday, Angelina Jolie’s lawyer Samantha Bley DeJean issued a statement about her client’s custodial battle with Brad Pitt. DeJean said that Pitt and Jolie had come to an out-of-court agreement, but the specific terms of the custody agreement were confidential. The fact that it was not a joint statement was… interesting. It also sounded like both Angelina and Brad had given up some things just so they wouldn’t have to go through an exhaustive custody hearing/trial.

I kept waiting for the other shoe to drop – what would Team Pitt leak about Angelina, or what would they leak about the deal? For days, nothing much happened. Well, Us Weekly has an exclusive story, which boils down to this: Brad Pitt “got what he wanted” in his custody battle with Angelina Jolie. That’s according to a “source,” who also says “Angelina agreed to a deal that gives Brad joint physical and legal custody of the children.” Again, no one has any information on the specifics of the deal. But The Blast is trying too:

Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie officially filed their temporary custody agreement with the court on Tuesday and we’re told the arrangement will see Pitt gain more and more custody over time. The specifics of the deal are confidential but according to our sources, Pitt gets less than 50% custody of the couple’s six children. We’re told Pitt will see an increase in his custodial time with the kids but it will come in stages.

Our sources say Pitt is angling for a 50/50 split when things are all said and done but that requires an agreement on the financial details as well. The documents filed on Tuesday specifically says the court is “reserving jurisdiction over termination of marital or domestic partnership status and financial issues.”

There are hundreds of millions of dollars in money and property that must be combed through to hash out a complete settlement and finalize the divorce. Jolie recently handed over her financial information to Pitt’s legal team as the stars continue to negotiate.

[From The Blast]

Less than 50% custody… with only the five youngest kids, although I seriously doubt Pax is all about spending time with Brad either – reportedly, Pax is on Team Maddox, and Maddox has no interest in seeing his dad, and Maddox is old enough to not be included in the custody stuff. So, Brad and Angelina’s deal is mostly about the four youngest kids, and Brad isn’t getting 50-50 custody until he and Angelina make a deal on alimony, child support and their full financial and real estate holdings. Is that what Brad wanted? *shrug*

I do think the lack of leaks is pretty interesting though – it feels like Angelina’s lawyer put the fear of God into Brad’s legal team with all of their leaking.


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  1. hmmm says:

    I used to really like both of them, but they have both kind of come across as dicks in this whole thing.

    • Maya says:

      Angelina is protecting her children, Brad is protecting his image…

      • Jojo says:

        Yes! This. T H A N K Y O U ! It’s boggled my mind how Brad has gone through his whole career without any of his shit sticking to him. Angie may not be everyone’s cup of tea, but she has been a fantastic mother from the get go, yet somehow as soon as they break up she suddenly becomes the junkie fuck up the media painted her as pre-Brad. I hope he gets his comeuppance.

      • Go Figure! says:

        This is what he fought 2+ years for? To have “less than 50/50 custody”? What a waste of time and money, when all he had to do was follow the guidelines set up by the courts and everyone involved. He got what he wanted. He should put his big man panties on and move on!

      • charo says:

        Please don’t tell me what kind of mother “Angie” is because you don’t know.

        People project a lot onto famous people. But they don’t know.

      • Carol says:

        Please don’t tell me what kind of mother Jolie isn’t because you don’t know.

        People can project a lot onto famous people based on what they see or hear from them.

        So far, Pitt is all about trying to protect his image as a great father and not an abusive one despite the facts that all his visitations with the children are being monitored by professional folks up to this minute. As for Jolie, no monitored visitations, in fact, she seems to have sole custody of them. I don’t see them out and about with Pitt in the last 2 years, do you? And please don’t tell me that he’s all about being private and doesn’t want to parade the kids in the public. That’s all lies since they got together in 2005. He didn’t mind being seen with Madd frolicking on Kenya beach when they first started so why being evasive now? So if one parent has to be monitored and one is not, you can bet that one isn’t up to no good and the type of parent one can be.

    • Lucia says:

      Well yeah. While Ange has pulled some dick moves in this, Brad just looks like the worst ever in trying to turn everyone against Angelina. It’s typical abusive behavior that a lot of men are able to get away with.

    • Jessica says:

      They both are. Her fans don’t want to accept it.

      • Booie says:

        Her fans accept her faults, but protecting her children from the person who traumatized them and leaked confidential details regarding their therapy and visitation arrangements to the blast is not one of them.

    • Luna Lovegood says:

      Hmmm- agreed. after two years of reunification counseling, it was a judge that had to say, let Pitt have the children’s phone number. These counselors must be entirely ineffectual if literally nothing happened in two years to indeed reunite them. Pitt should have pushed the process in court much sooner instead of ruining her reputation in the press. Both sides caused harm to those poor kids.

      • Sidewithkids says:

        @Hmmm and Luna, Brad only is doing this for his image. He really doesn’t want those kids. Angie does. Now I believe Brad loves them but he isn’t hanging around them. He prob loves the deal b/c the kids will come and go. He’s just telling the public something else. How do I know this, well, b/c for a good year he was never at home. Missing the kids bdays and other milestones.

        Now, Angie, while not perfect, no human being is was at home taking care of her babies. She’s also listening to them and she’s doing what they want. That’s why she won this. The therapists and judges see that. It’s over two years b/c Brad still wanted to play games. Angie said no, not this time. That’s basically it. You can’t blame trained professionals for seeing the truth and Brad for what he is and what he isn’t.

      • Lady D says:

        If literally nothing happened in two years to reunite them, then perhaps it was Brad preferring his drug of choice over being with his children? Perhaps it was his actions that were the reason for the two year delay, not the incompetence of the court-appointed councilors?

    • lucy2 says:

      I think she was a bit too public with it all in the beginning, but after the first time the courts told them both to stop, she did.
      He’s been messy since day 1.
      I hope they get this all resolved fast, because my Lord, those kids have been through enough.

      • Kebbie says:

        I agree with this. I didn’t like her approach initially, and there was a lot of insinuations and smearing on TMZ, but she’s been above board for a long time now. She doesn’t have a bunch of sources leaking to different tabloids like he does. I like that her lawyer puts her name on her statements and that’s it, no nameless dirty snide comments.

  2. Maya says:

    So tired of Brad & his team’s constant lying and sugarcoating.

    Brad did not get 50/50 in a state where even criminals get 50/50.

    He is still only allowed to see the children under supervision.

    Therapists & Court ordered evaluator has not recommended to give Brad 50/50.

    After 2 years, supervised visits, therapists and still Brad has to be eased into 50/50 is a major red alert.

    Angelina did not ask for full custody, she asked for full physical & joint legal custody.
    That is what 90% of the parents ask for where one parent has the full physical custody.

    • Kebbie says:

      I bet he could have gotten 50/50 if he went to trial, but he was too afraid of the airplane story coming out so he backed off. She called his bluff.

      He can’t be some abusive monster if he’s got some custody, so it came down to him putting his image before joint custody of his children. That is sad.

      • Maya says:

        I think he was abusive but managed to redeem something.

        But his horrible smear campaign towards Angelina probably ruined his relationships with the children more than healing.

    • Yvette says:

      The first line in the statement says this was filed as a ‘temporary’ custody agreement. Reads and sounds like the Judge still has to make a final determination. It seems to me that this temporary custody agreement, finally agreed upon, was a sticking point that prevented both Angie and Brad from moving ahead with the divorce. Now that both are happy with how much Time Brad will get to spend with the kids while they finalize the divorce, they can finally ‘finalize’ the divorce. Brad is still asking for 50/50 on both physical and legal, but we won’t know what he gets until the Judge rules.

      • Sidewithkids says:

        Brad said that. Not Angie’s lawyer. He wants to make it seem temporary but it isn’t.

        Also, it’s from the Blast which is he and his team has been using. A tabloid page/blog/whatever you want to call it. This is Brad’s team talking.

        Again, I would believe a true professional, a lawyer over Brad and his team but that’s just me. Lol.

    • dietcokehead says:

      Maya, this again? No, 90% of all divorces do not end with one parent having full physical custody. It’s incredibly common (and was even common when I was growing up in the 80s and 90s) for parents to share physical custody. Children may spend more time with one parent than the other as no division can be 100% equitable. Most parents request joint legal AND joint physical custody as a relationship with both parents is *usually* in the best interests of the child.

      • skipper says:

        Maya is obsessed with Angie so of course she’s going to go off!

        @Maya, I mean no offense by saying that you’re obsessed. I’m sure we can both agree that you are. You’re passionate about this and I get it. I do worry for you a bit though. ;)

      • Oliphant says:

        LOL don’t bother trying to bring facts to a Pitt Jolie thread, the stans won’t have it :)

      • Maya says:

        @Skipper: don’t worry I didn’t get offended😁

        On Jennifer Aniston thread, I read your story and how you suffered because of your parents.

        So I know you won’t intentionally hurt anyone.

      • skipper says:

        @Maya, thank you for being so cool about it. I would never intentionally hurt anyone and if I did hurt someone I would take full responsibility and apologize for it. I wish you all the best, babe!

  3. gingersnaps says:

    Oh Brat, this is all on you. The way that they have been waging a war on Angie is never going to end well but he still has his fans who will forever keep repeating that he is the best or some of them will acknowledge that he is a douche and then also drag Angelina into it. Geez.

  4. Capepopsie says:

    She turned out to be a devoted MOTHER.
    He turned out to be a toddler.

  5. Lucia says:

    I wouldn’t be surprised if none of the kids over the age of 12 want to see Brad. I mean he has passive aggressively making their mother into the enemy. They aren’t stupid. After 2 years and he can’t get joint custody, what is up with that? He must have really messed those kids up with his alcoholism and Ange must have some evidence of abuse for it to be this way.

    • Carmen says:

      What is this “over time” stuff? Zahara will be 14 in less than a month and will be able to say for herself if she wants to see Brad or not. This decision is going to end up applicable only to Shiloh and the twins.

  6. Erinn says:

    I think it’s pretty typical for custody to not be perfectly 50/50. Not defending anyone here AT ALL – but I know some people at work who are within the 60/40 kind of range based on the jobs that both parents do and the age of the kids. I mean – sometimes 50/50 really does work out but it really depends on a lot of factors. A friend of mine is going through a horrible battle right now and his ex has a new boyfriend who’s super sketchy and potentially abusive to the kids based on what the toddler told him. And it’s just such a mess, and such a heartbreaking thing. But the mother works hospital shift work, so there’s times where she genuinely needs to let him have the kids more often than other times.

  7. skipper says:

    To be fair, when there is a divorce, one parent usually gets less time with the kids than the other parent. Typically, the mother gets more custody than the father. He will also get more custody over time and I think that’s great. To me, this specific issue doesn’t reflect poorly on Brad and I’m not on either one of their teams here. I just want the best for the kids.

    • Patty says:

      The voice of reason! That’s exactly how it should be but people want to stick to the St. Angie Evil Brad script. Quite frankly, it amazes me how people can come up with these complicated narratives about who is doing what, and who is all good, who is all bad, and what children that they’ve never met want based on some crumbs that are being dropped via unreliable leaks.

      • skipper says:

        I agree completely, Patty!

      • Kebbie says:

        Lol it does make me laugh when people start discussing the Brangelina kids individually and projecting onto them which parent they want to see or don’t want to see

      • Karen says:

        I agree Patty. This was an unnecessary drag out custody battle which could have been settled earlier.

      • Booie says:

        This wasn’t a normal custody case though. The kids required therapy for some time, heck they probably still are in therapy. However, her lawyer and the therapists set up a plan to let him freely have custody within a year. But it was proven he was trying to mess with the process and has since taken longer as a result. You can’t rush the kids after they deal with a traumatic situation. And there are SIX of them. Six individual human beings who move at their own pace. Yes it may have been dragged out a bit because he was being stubborn but anyone who says they want the best for the kids needs to think about how they must’ve been feeling on that plane and the time they needed to process and understand the situation with a professional to move forward.

      • smcollins says:

        @patty come sit by me because we are 100% on the same page. I started avoiding these threads because the narrative some try to push was just getting ridiculous. I’m glad things are getting finalized so they can move forward (instead of hanging in custody limbo) and continue to rebuild their relationships as best they can.

      • Yvette says:

        Not to mention the fact that this is still only a temporary agreement. The final custody agreement won’t be determined until the divorce is final and the Judge has ruled, or at least that’s how I read the statement.

    • Sidewithkids says:

      @Erinn and Skipper, There y’all go again believing Brad and his team. Angie got want she wanted which is physical custody and 50/50 legal custody. That means she has them and he gets visitation and some say on the kids. He didn’t get 50/50, if he’s saying he will get more along the way, right now it must be 70/30 or 80/20.

      @Carmen, Lol, you so right, people keep talking about them as kids but they aren’t really anymore. She’s gonna have four teens and the twins who are younger.

      Which btw they may have seen Brad and the smear campaign he was doing against Angie and didn’t like it, this may also be the reason Angie fired Laura Wasser, b/c the kids told her to. They may have been more upset w/ it than Angie. Y’all have to remember Angie is very close to those kids and if upset, she’s gonna try and make it better. Just saying.

      • skipper says:

        I’m just responding to what I just read. Like I said, I’m not taking sides here at all. It was just my assessment of the topic at hand.

  8. Wickbaby says:

    So she’s holding the children for ransom? If he gives her the money and property she demands, he can have 50/50 custody? Gross.

    • Lucia says:

      Or Brad hasn’t been cooperative in the slightest so the judge won’t give him 50/50 until he starts being more cooperative with his finances.

    • Maya says:

      Lol – the judge, therapists & court appointed evaluator recommended to not give Brad 50/50.

      Plus the abuser hasn’t paid any child support for 2 years.

    • Kebbie says:

      Some lawyers will have to weigh in but I’ve never heard of anything like that happening. She wouldn’t have that power. Maybe if he hasn’t paid any support or something the judge would require it before seeing them, but I doubt that’s the case. It sounds like he’s just using that as an excuse for why he doesn’t have 50/50 yet.

    • Shannon says:

      Whoa. That’s not what I got from this at all, but okay.

    • Sidewithkids says:

      This statement is from The Blast. Read the statement her lawyer said. Not a tabloid. Which btw is the one Brad and his team is using. The one they use to constantly smear Angie and lie.

    • Sidewithkids says:

      Angie has NEVER asked for alimony or palimony. Another LIE his team wants you to believe. She just wants support for the kids. Rightfully so.

      This is on legal docs when she first filed for the divorce. Nothing has changed from what she’s asking.

    • Nothingelse says:

      She turned out to be the posterchild of PA – all about her and her revenge. She does not care, if she hurt the kids. She is a vindictive woman, who is now trying to get as much money out of him as possible. IMO

      • anp says:

        I support Angelina hoping her lawyer will Expedite the divorce from this loser. Angelina deserves better than a weak spineless so called man.

      • Sparkly says:

        Have you been reading the same stories as the rest of us?

  9. Kebbie says:

    Why would the financial stuff hold up custody? Is that a thing that happens?

    If she is agreeing to eventually give him 50% custody in stages then she’s done exactly what she said she would. She said she wanted them to have a relationship with their father and he cried alienation.

  10. Beth says:

    None of my divorced friends have 50/50 custody. The kids are usually with their mothers most of the time, and spend weekends, sometimes just every other weekend with the father

    • Kebbie says:

      That is so sad. Do the fathers just not want more time with them? I’d rather have an ex fighting me tooth and nail for more time with them than one that doesn’t care.

      • Beth says:

        It’s not always that the fathers don’t care, it’s that the parents don’t always live in the same town or state, and kids need to go to school. If the parents are still married and living together, it wouldn’t matter what their work schedule is, but when they’re divorced, the schedule might be another reason they can’t have 50/50 custody. If my parents had been divorced, I’d rather see my father on weekends while he was home, not see them in vicious fights about custody when my father would be working not at home to be with me anyway

      • Zazz says:

        I think, in every single society, there is a ‘human’ component as to why women get to have more time with their children in case of separation or divorce.

        Technically speaking, a woman will have a more ‘finite’ number of children in her lifetime, usually with her first husband/partner. Whereas, a man can have children with any single of his partner during his own life.

        This aspect, put men in a more advantage than us women.

        That’s why, time and time again, divorced men tend to shorten even more/or not care spending shorter time with their children of a previous partner, especially when they begin to produce other children with a new one.

        This is not the case with women who are more possessive with their children, knowing that they will produce a more ‘finite’ number of children during a shorter time of their adulthood.

        I think psychologically and unconsciously, societies all over the world and men in general are prone to have less time with their children because they are not the primal caregivers and know they can start having children all over again with someone else during their entire lifetime.

        Reversely, women tend to be more possessive with their children as they know they wont have the same chance of producing others with a future partner.

        Societies then, function around that fundamental difference and will tend to not deprive a woman of her children over a man’s , knowing that they will end up being the only children she may ever have unlike her former partner.

      • MSat says:

        In my case, the father didn’t care. I offered him 50/50 and even three years after the divorce I offered him more time with our daughter. He said no, every time. Too busy with his new wife/family to be bothered.

      • BorderMollie says:

        It’s usually that the fathers don’t want equal custody. As I understand, fathers that ask for split custody usually get it. It’s something of a myth that mothers are prioritized by courts for custody, when actually it’s just that they willingly take on more.

      • wtf says:


        I live and practice law in Alabama. I don’t do family law, but I handled a case for a family member once and it was shocking. The Court referee (can make decisions but has to have them signed off on by a judge) actually said in open court – well we can’t let him keep the baby overnight. She’s a girl. What is he going to do when he has to give her a bath? As if fathers don’t bathe daughters all the time.
        They even used to have a stupid law called the “tender years doctrine” that basically said that during the ‘tender years’ the children should be with their mother.
        I swear the south is in a time lock.

      • Mikell says:

        In the state I live standard visitation for fathers is every other weekend and split holidays. That’s it if the court decides.

    • Errr says:

      In the state of California, 50/50 is what is normally granted and he said he wanted 50/50 previously so the fact that he didn’t get it isn’t that it’s just normal thing it’s the fact that he didn’t get what he’s been saying he wants (and telling everyone he could get more cause Angie is evil and alienating) and is now trying to make it seem like it was the plan all along.

    • Sidewithkids says:

      @Beth, But that’s just it. Angie filed for physical custody and 50/50 legal custody b/c she (the mother) was always w/ the kids. While he (the father) usually came in and out.

      Angie filed this way not to hurt him but b/c that’s the way things were w/ them. I believe Angie was the one blindsided by all of this. She thought it would be easy b/c she knows Brad, the kids and she also knows she’s the main one w/ the kids anyway.

      Brad held up things b/c I believe he wanted to get back in the fold w/ her and the kids. She denied him this and it made him angry. Plus, Brad never thought she would leave so he became angry about her leaving him too.

  11. Elisabeth says:

    I like seeing Karma working so diligently

  12. anp says:

    Realty check: He and his lying tabloid media are at again to distract from the Truth. Question how do the lying tabloids know what is in those concealed documents.

    Some of his Stans truly want to believe the tabloids.

  13. Thirsty Hirsty says:

    okay…semantics…..Could we not use the word ‘leaking’ because Pitt’s team isn’t ‘leaking’…that would imply that what is being ‘leaked’ is true. Unfortunately, what the Pitt team seems to be doing is more along the lines of ‘trolling’ or maybe just out and out lying, isn’t it? Because all of the ‘leaks’ are not factual, (maybe one out of twelve has some kernel of fact?) how can that be a leak? I find the language confusing because we’re all using the same words for different things. What’s it called when a story with no factual basis is ‘leaked’. Gas-lighting? If your sink leaks….water comes out (cause and effect). So if your PR ‘leaks’ then where is the ‘water’? ie: real facts? This is why I don’t understand Pitt’s team play. Is he even using professionals?

    • Sidewithkids says:

      He has a bad team or should I say, his team thought Angie was gonna give him what he wanted. Lol. Actually Angie was letting up but when that alienation lie of a story hit, Angie was like nah, boo. Also, speaking of that, seems like that was totally bs since a JUDGE gave her custody. Never in those docs did it say alienation b/c she wasn’t doing that. She was actually helping him prior to that but when that came out Angie went SUPERMOM on him. Lol. She got her babies, y’all. God Bless a woman w/ passion in her bones and truth on her side.

  14. Other Renee says:

    When I met my husband, he had 80% physical custody and 50% legal custody of his child. That means that the mom had to be included in all educational and medical decisions. Eventually he got 100% legal custody. His best friend had full custody of all of his kids. My previous boyfriend had full custody of his teenage son. I know other men who have primary custody of their kids.

    Times have changed since my mom had full custody of her kids when we were little. Many men are stepping up to the plate and doing what is best for their kids. In all the above cases, the father was by far the better and more qualified parent. All of the moms walked away from their kids. Men are no longer willing to walk away like they used to.

    • Booie says:

      Good for THOSE men. We need more of them in the world.

      Unfortunately, no real comparison here, cause there is no way anyone can say Angie has ever walked away from her kids.
      And the circumstances are different here, he can’t just be given custody of his kids, they needed therapists and evaluators approval. Guessing your husband, ex boyfriend and his best friend didn’t have substance abuse issues and had a disturbing argument with their mom on a plane while drunk and having the kids witness it.

      • Other Renee says:

        Booie, we don’t know what kind of substance abuse issues either of these people has at this point.

        I was responding really to comments such as Beth made above about mothers having primary custody. It’s just not a given any longer.

      • anp says:

        The only one tested for drugs was him not Angelina. Face it he is still a lowlife.

      • Sidewithkids says:

        Lol. I find it funny Brad stans are trying to change it up and go along w/ Brad’s narrative of this is what I wanted all along. It’s not, plenty of material out there from him and his team saying he was gonna fight tooth and nail and get those kids. Y’all being like he’s gonna get them. He’s a good father. BS basically. We see that now. Y’all too funny. Calling Angie all kinds of names and proclaiming he will get his kids away from her. Lol. Now, y’all looking like CLOWNS, b/c the Angie told the truth, had the truth on her side and stayed in the truth the whole time.

        @patty, I don’t know why it’s so hard to believe Brad is a bad father. There are plenty of bad fathers out there. Just b/c he is handsome doesn’t make him a good guy or a good father. He did everything in the book to make the public believe this was all Angie’s fault and she is evil. She is not and it is not. It was him who was drunk and anger and did something horrible to his child to make that said child not want to see him ever again. Also, sane people, saw what Brad was doing and start calling him pathetic for doing it. Angie’s lawyer called him out for it. If it was me, I would have sued but Angie’s nice. Lol.

        Also, there is plenty of material on this stuff, real quotes from him and her and legal docs. It was he’s team that said the boys are the ones having a hard time seeing him. His lawyer said this, so, yeah, that facts from his lawyer. Unless you think his lawyer is lying which I can totally understand since Brad is lying most of the time. Lol.

      • Booie says:

        Other Renee:
        Except we do. She hasn’t taken drugs since her younger days but she has always acknowledged that she has many times because she isn’t afraid of hiding it. Her skeletons are out in the open.

        He on the other hand was tested for drugs and alcohol on a regular basis as the kids were in monitored visitations with him. The court wouldn’t have ordered it if it weren’t a problem. He also he admitted to smoking pot and drinking while Angie was pregnant with the twins and having his kids seeing him drink too much. And if you don’t think that’s an issue, it clearly was to his kids. He lost it in front of them. If that’s not substance abuse I don’t know what is.

        You’re right it is no longer common that women get full or that men don’t step up, it’s just not applicable here.

      • BorderMollie says:

        We do know he’s had quite a few problems lately, and you can physically see in the rare photos of him snapped since the divorce that’s he’s not all there.

      • Lady D says:

        @Other Renee, “we don’t know what kind of substance abuse issues either of these people has”
        All of a sudden, Angelina has substance abuse issues too? Where did that come from? Two years into the divorce and suddenly she’s abusing narcotics too? Are you trying to start ugly rumours?

    • Kebbie says:

      You know some good men. I do too, that’s why it’s so shocking to me when I hear about or see dads that just don’t care. Why have kids at all?

      • Maya says:

        Same – I am surrounded by good men and gets shocked every time I hear about fathers neglecting their children.

  15. anp says:

    His stans believe the tabloids that it is a temporary custody. Did they read Angelina’s lawyer’s statement.

    The documents are sealed yet some people want to believe that the tabloids know what is in the documents. They really are desperate to believe Brats side.

    • Sidewithkids says:

      He went to USWeekly and said, he got what he wanted. 50/50 split.

      But then he must have told The Blast that he didn’t get 50/50 split and this is just a temporary agreement and he’ll get more time w/ kids as they move forward.

      LOL. Which one is it? He keeps lying. Y’all have to admit this. Brad Stans, why he keep lying or moreover why one story then another story back to back? Does he not think people can read and dechipher information. It’s not the first time he’s done this either. Why has he put out all this on tabloids for the past two years, trying to confuse people?

      One thing we have to agree on is Angie never changes her story. It has been the same since she asked for a divorce. “Irreconcilable Differences. There was some drinking and anger issues involved. She’s looking out for her kids. Doing the necessary steps for the healing of her family”. Then she goes about her business as usual. I don’t understand why people act like they can’t see this.

  16. Everley says:

    So this is all coming from Brad’s mouthpieces? Why should we believe them? Dude lost custody and is trying to save face now.

  17. Sidewithkids says:

    @booie, Thank You. We know this b/c he said it too. If you have not read his awful, I say awful b/c the man did a photo shoot and an interview while this started to come out and to save his image he did this, lame bs. He didn’t go after his wife or kids after the plane incident, he did this. Is that not an outstanding man or what? (Sarcasm)

    Anyway, the GQ article is where he says it, he messed up, he can drink any Russian under the table, he was not always there for the kids. That’s from Brad himself.

  18. anp says:

    That photo of him in the car says Not all there. He is Doofus.

  19. Zut alors says:

    So, after the reunification process and the seven day hearings, the evaluator still recommended less than 50% custody?! Dude has serious issues. In the order that leaked earlier in the summer, there was something about Angelina supposedly losing custody if she didn’t do something or another. How the heck would custody have been transferred to someone who after all the hearings and evaluations still has less than 50 % according to his favorite tabloid enablers? ! I believe her rep who stated at the time certain portions of the order had been leaked selectively to paint a more favorable picture for someone. Deplorable indeed!

    • Kebbie says:

      Her rep didn’t realize that the order wasn’t sealed. CNN and a bunch of other publications were able to get it and put the whole thing online.

      • truth hurts says:

        Hence the exit of Wasser who went crying to TMZ that Angie was out for blood and she just had to quit. Truth was she got fired. She did a piss poor job in court and failed to make sure those documents were sealed. To top it off the media in turn twisted the orders and made it seem Angelina was alienating the kids and was in danger of losing all of her custody rights when that wasn’t the case.

      • Carol says:

        From the very beginning, it looked like Wasser was pussy footing around the custody battle and who seemingly wanted to cater to Pitt and his team of lawyers with embarrassingly pleading and begging for them to work with her and Jolie toward the reunification. But on the other hand, Pitt’s bulldog of a lawyer was very condescending toward Jolie by refusing to even mention Jolie by name via emails i.e your client said this or did that etc… I believe Wasser was whipped and scared at the start of this divorce by buying into TMZ’s b.s of Pitt being THE most famous biggest celebrity in HW and it’s a man world in the eyes of the public court. Jolie must have had enough of the b.s after 2 years of back and forth negotiations going nowhere, especially when that alienation charge came out from Pitt team. She rightfully fired Wasser but to save her rep they put out that statement about having a new lawyer for the new phase in the divorce process. Jolie is a headstrong woman who once makes up her mind about something will stick to her gun. Pitt knows this about her and has made a comment on this in past interviews. He dropped all pretenses of playing a nice guy and went after her with the constant smearing knowing there was no going back with Jolie after the initial pleadings and crying in the tabloid stories when the plane incident leaked.

        Like I said in previous posts, his stans will keep buying his lies as long as he put them out. They all cling to that illusion that because he’s a handsome looking man he can’t do no wrong. That’s on them. We can only point out the facts and if they choose to ignore them then it’s their loss.

  20. Lolafalana says:

    Can I just tell you how much I’m enjoying that you keep using that picture of Brad Pitt? Classic.

  21. Sidewithkids says:

    @maya and skipper, So glad both of you can agree and disagree calmly and neither hold grudges against each other. This is how debate or resonable interactions btw people should be. Lol. Y’all should go to Congress and show them how to do it. Bless you both.

  22. CatWomen says:

    The story is right now Brad has less then 50 percent, for the past two years monitored visits and much less accesss. If they are able to agree for Brad to get more access this is what Angie wanted, she has said from day one this is all about healing her family. She finally sees Brad being able to take more responsibility for 2019 after giving him two years to get himself back together. This is a win for the family. Once the financial is settled they can finalize it. This can be spun to someone winning, but that’s how Trump etc thinks, ‘winning etc’. In her heart AJ doesn’t think like that it’s not about her winning or Brad losing. She is trying to do what best for her family this is what she claimed when they split .

    • Kebbie says:

      I said something similar. If he ends up with 50% physical custody over time then she was completely true to her word.

      • LadyT says:

        I would agree but she initially said 6-12 months for reunification. Starting the process at 2 years is absurd to me. Dad immediately got sober and participated in therapy. They witnessed an ugly fight between father and son. It happens. It’s wrong but it happens. And it does not take years to mend.
        I don’t know if the blame goes to Jolie or lawyers or therapists or the judge or the court system in general but I do not think this was handled well. Brad started the mess clearly, I am NOT letting him off the hook for his part in this, but it has CONTINUED tooooo long. Two separate problems- how it started and how the break up has been handled/prolonged since.

  23. holly says:

    Hooray, the photo that keeps on giving

  24. Meg says:

    Payer 549477 Dr Regina Hendrix

    I cannot imagine having kids with someone, then choosing to not see them as much as possible especially in their formative years. They have 6 kids together, that is a huge, huge amount for someone who didn’t sign up to be a single mother to that many kids. brad is choosing to do this. I honestly think this proves my theory that he liked the novelty of cute cubby babies and once the novelty wore off he was out. How disgusting

    • Kebbie says:

      They went from one kid to six in THREE years. I don’t think he had any idea what he was in for. I think they both kind of rushed to create this family and she was just better at being flexible and adjusting to their new life.

      She seems a lot more chill and more the type to love the crazy chaos that comes with six kids. Not everyone is like that, but he should have known it wasn’t for him and not just gone blindly into it without considering what life would be like. I think he thought he wanted it until he had it and it was too stressful. That’s my take, I could be wrong though.

      And he’s asking for 50% physical custody, so she could just let him take them 50 percent of the time if she felt she wasn’t up to it. I think she’d be perfectly happy to be a single mom to all six of them though. She seems to really shine as a mom.

      • Hmmm says:

        Yawn. He didn’t get 50/50 in a state that usually awards jointcustody.
        It’s not about them going from 1-6 kids Ina. Short amount of time. Brad Pitt is an old man and those kids deserve better from him.

      • HappyFeetGladFeet says:

        Brad was the one who wanted ‘a football team’ of kids. Angelina initially didn’t even want any biological kids, and was happy with just Maddox.

  25. Pisa says:

    Very glad Brad wins custody. great example for all the fathers in the world. Fight for your kids.

  26. Hmmm says:

    Brad Pitt is a loser and dating a woman who is also an idiot because she’s friends with Sharon Osborne. Dummy,

  27. Sidewithkids says:

    @Pisa and Julia, Lol. Y’all late but he didn’t win 50/50. He keeps lying and he loves to do it to US Weekly. He still only seeing the kids (prob not Maddox) less than she does and this will continue.

    Please no father should be like him. Drunk, no, angry, no, selfish, no, hitting his kids, no. No man should be like this/like him.

  28. HappyFeetGladFeet says:

    So you’re Team Abuser? I am Team stable and committed mom.