Kit Harington’s rep flatly denied Olga Vlasova’s claim of her affair with Kit

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As we discussed last week, a Russian model went on social media and seemingly spilled some major tea about Kit Harington. The Russian model is named Olga Vlasova, and she posted photos of Kit and claimed that they had a month-long affair earlier this year, before he married Rose Leslie, and that Kit was all kinds of messy. Messy with alcohol and drugs, messy with sex, and a lot more. Some of Olga’s story didn’t make much sense – she apparently claimed that Kit offered to get her an American visa, but… he’s a British citizen, so how would that work? As it turns out, Kit’s publicist latched onto some of Olga’s inconsistencies and denied the whole thing:

Newlyweds Kit Harington and Rose Leslie were just married this summer but some shocking new allegations are bubbling around the internet that the “Game of Thrones” star has already been unfaithful to his wife of five months. According to a Russian magazine, Olga Vlasova (star of Russian TV series “Doma-2”) claims that she met Harington, 31, in Luxembourg, where they hit it off and wound up in bed together.

To shed some light, ET Canada reached out to Harington’s rep, who denies Vlasova’s claims.

“The allegations in this story are completely false,” said the rep. “[Harington] has never even been to Luxembourg nor has he ever met Olga Vlasova.”

[From ET Canada]

Does this flat denial help him? Judging from the photos – I only looked at one of them, honestly – it did seem like Olga had slept with him once, at least, and that they had obviously met at some point. But she probably was lying about some of it, if not most of it. But what in the world is Kit telling Rose? Is he flatly denying it with her too?

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26 Responses to “Kit Harington’s rep flatly denied Olga Vlasova’s claim of her affair with Kit”

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  1. Tiffany says:

    Wow, it does look like he in on the verge of tears in every photo.

    • Mabs A'Mabbin says:

      Brooding. It’s his claim to fame. He’d be a good vampire, although he doesn’t really have the shovel face part lol.

  2. Nikki says:

    I wonder how he explained the pictures.

  3. Sayrah says:

    I still think it’s him in the photos but they could be from a different time than she’s saying.

  4. Mela says:

    He is a cheater everyone knows it and he got busted. F people that cheat lie and hurt romantic partnerslike this

  5. Jenns says:

    Is she in any of the photos? My understand is that she wasn’t. And after what was described, I didn’t feeling comfortable looking at the pictures.

    I’m just wondering if they possibly came from another source.

    • Erinn says:

      I didn’t look either. I think it’s awful no matter what happened – if he cheated that’s terrible, and completely disrespectful to Rose. But cheating doesn’t give someone the right to take naked photos of someone – let alone spread them over the internet. It’s just disgusting.

      Is it at all possible that someone who looks very much like him was impersonating him to make a move on this woman? I mean – it’s definitely not likely, but I could see some sketchy dudes out there attempting that, and it would explain the nonsensical visa promise.

      I don’t know. The whole things super sketchy.The thing is – if she did have an affair with him, she didn’t NEED to lie about anything. It’d be a big enough deal on it’s own and there’s no need to embellish.

      • Nikki says:

        I didn’t look either!

      • bek says:

        I saw the photo with his bits blurred out. It’s a strange photo, who knows if it’s Kit with photoshop these days. Passed out lying across a bed, on top of the bed, nude, while holding a laptop. No woman in site, or any sign that a female has been there (eg no womens clothes.)

        This story sound sketchy to me.

  6. Digital Unicorn says:

    I think it is him in the photo’s and it might have been a one night stand and of course she is gonna make sh!t up and milk it for all its worth.

    Some of the fan theories are hilarious – someone even suggested that his death face from that GoT episode was photoshopped over someone else’s body. The refuse to accept that Jon Hoe is a drunk/coke headed cheater. It’s been long rumoured that both he and Richard Madden like to party and put it around.

  7. MCV says:

    There are a lot of stories of him cheating on her way before their marriage so she probably knows about his ways. Maybe he promised that he would change but it’s very clear that he did not.
    He needs to go to rehab tho.

    • SK says:

      I’m sorry, but I have a real problem with this. Do you know that he is an addict? If not, it is none of your business to say that he needs to go to rehab. Believe it or not, there are millions of young people (and some older) who party, who imbibe alcohol, and who take party drugs and the vast majority of them are NOT addicts and do NOT need to go to rehab. This puritanical view that any young person who takes party drugs on occasion or goes clubbing needs rehab is ridiculous, out of touch and unhelpful. It is also totally unrealistic. If someone admits they have a problem or is clearly an absolute mess (like Amy Winehouse or Lindsay Lohan once upon a time), THEN comments like that are okay, otherwise they are 🙄🙄🙄.

  8. Gigi La Moore says:

    Whether we believe him or not, Rose Leslie knows the deal.

  9. Sassy says:

    Where are these pictures? I can’t find them.

  10. SM says:

    The cheating story is not the main story here. The main story here is that someone distributed photos of a naked person without their consent. I am sure everyone would be yelling out here if the sexes were reversed. Also the fact that his publicist is not focusing on this fact just probably proves that soemthing fishy going on in terms of cheating but yet again, that is besides the point with this hot mess, it’s the pictures of what seems to be a drunk, passed out naked person

    • Killjoy says:

      A lot of us, including me, have chosen not to look at these photos. That many are giving him any consideration — considering what he’s likely up to — should tell you that while we may not be “yelling about consent”, we’re on the same page as you.

  11. Margo Smith says:

    How else would she get a photo of a passed out kit? Plus he’s a rich kid from Britain, so likely into drugs and drinking.

  12. BBeauty says:

    Of course he is going to deny it. He is supposed to be this brooding romantic prince type. Lainey Gossip had a good point–this woman may be sitting on plenty more stuff to release, more photos. The American VISA thing is not necessarily a hole in the story. Lying cheaters promise the moon. She may have believed him that he could connect her to people in the States who can get her a visa. She sounds angry and pissed off and yes, she took the low road by releasing the photos but who knows what really went on here. Either way, this man has been in many many blind items and stories of cheating that clearly indicate he cannot stay faithful. Again, Lainey talks about a montreal film shoot where he very much acted like a single man when he was with Rose. Soooo…. yeah. Defending him comes across as very hollow.

    • Some chick says:

      Defending revenge pron is also not a good look.

      The photos may or may not be legit, but releasing them is really wrong either way.

  13. Tictactoe says:

    He could easily help her get a visa by helping her demonstrate she’s got enough funds to cover her trip or getting industry connections to guarantee she’s travelling for some type of work in the field. Immigration in any country is usually most worried, for short trips, about people not having enough funds (which could result in crime to cover costs) or real purpose of trip (relates to whether they intend to stay on illegally).

  14. enike says:

    They should take legal action against the released pictures, isnt it a crime somehow?

    if he cheated or not is irrelevant, its his thing with Rose to solve

  15. LaBlah says:

    We long passed the point where you can uncritically believe a photo. We’re now at tipping point of unbelievable video as well. Photos and videos have been able to be manipulated for a long time but now you don’t even need skill or exy equipment. I called bullshit on this one when I saw the visa claim. It was so absurd that I’m happy to dismiss the rest.

  16. FF says:

    Can’t say I’m buying it. He must have a real problem to embarrass his wife like this – they’ve practically only just gotten married.

    Hope he knows you can only pull this trick once. Any future hookups will know better (because I doubt he’ll change if he thinks he got away with it, and messy seems to be his MO). So let’s hope the next set of receipts don’t require child support.

    Though I guess denial works for the GOT final season promo about to kick off. He’ll probably get another awards push at the end of it.

  17. KeiraKi says:

    I doubt this story a lot: this model participated in the trashiest Russian reality TV-show called Dom 2 (House 2) comparing to which Jersey Shore is classy; her IG handle in Russian reads “kind bitch”, and she isn’t that successful as a model really. So I totally see this being an attention grab with 0 truth to it. Even a hacked photo. Or a drunken mishap.