Kim Kardashian was rolling on ecstasy when she got married for the first time

Sexy Kim Kardashian matches her hair to her Neon Green Lamborghini

For as long as I’ve been paying attention to Kim Kardashian, she’s always maintained that she’s not much of a partier, at least in the sense that she’s never really drunkenly fallen out of clubs or obviously been drugged out, coked out, whatever. For years, she’s barely touched alcohol, and she just seems too control-freaky to actually do drugs. Apparently though, there was a time when Kim did ecstasy. Twice. And both times, she did some crazy sh-t, like elope and make a sex tape.

Kim Kardashian West is dropping bombs. On Sunday’s episode of Keeping Up with the Kardashians, the mother of three reflected on her “wild” years during a conversation with Scott Disick and Kendall Jenner, who kicked things off by mentioning that she’d “heard stories” about Kardashian West.

“You went to Disney and you were all high or something — or Six Flags,” said Disick, 35.

“I didn’t know you got high,” said Jenner, 23.

“I got married on ecstasy. The first time,” Kardashian West, 38, said of her wedding to music producer Damon Thomas in 2000. “I did ecstasy once and I got married,” she continued. “I did it again, I made a sex tape. Like, everything bad would happen.”

Disick and Jenner were shocked. “You were high on ecstasy when you made that sex tape?” Disick asked of the 2003 sex tape Kardashian West starred in with Ray J, which went public in 2007 and catapulted her into fame.

“Absolutely. Everyone knows it,” Kardashian West responded. “Like, my jaw was shaking the whole time.”

Kardashian West also recalled a time when she and Paris Hilton traveled to Ibiza together, leaving a foam party at 7 a.m. and deciding to sleep on interlocked rafts in the ocean.

“I just can’t believe that that was you,” Jenner marveled.

“I still can do crazy things,” Kardashian West insisted. “Kendall, honestly, has no clue,” she added later. “I definitely went through a wild phase, I would say in my late teens. I’m not like that anymore. But I still have fun — don’t get it twisted, I’m always the life of the party.”

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I laughed. I laughed at “I did ecstasy once and I got married. I did it again, I made a sex tape. Like, everything bad would happen.” It’s insane that she did ecstasy one time and ended up eloping with her first husband, and then she did ecstasy again! If I got married while I was rolling on ex, I would never touch that sh-t again. Once, I dropped acid and I went on a 12-hour trip and I begged my friends to take me to the hospital (they declined) and after that, I never touched the stuff again. But Kim kept doing it.

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  1. Jessica says:

    This is the same Kim who would never touch alcohol?

    • me says:

      Yeah until a company paid her to promote it !

    • BchyYogi says:

      I don’t believe this family, ever. No wonder they associate w the trump thing. Strategic lies for revisionist history. So now that sex tape was because of ecstasy. Uh. No. This was made and released on purpose to put the pinocchio butts on the map. Ugh.

      • AnnaKist says:

        I had the same feeling, BchyYogi, but you expressed it much better than I’d have done. They’ll sling the punters any old schïtt, if it brings them money and fame.

    • bup says:

      I agree that she’s full of shit- but in all fairness, I very rarely drink and love LSD. Just because alcohol doesn’t interest someone/work well with their constitution doesn’t mean they don’t like other stuff.

      • bup says:

        Also, X is insane. I’ve tried pretty much everything save for the really dirty stuff (heroin, meth, etc.) and X was definitely the most mind-altering. I couldn’t really process anything. You’re basically just reduced to instinct and impulse. Your internal monologue and capacity for rational thought is completely gone. I don’t think I would do it again because of that and the brutal comedown. You feel so invincible and deliriously happy and then you sink into a deep depression for a couple days. It’s a crazy drug. I did some very out-of-character stuff while I was on it.

  2. Nancy says:

    It took her a mighty long time to come up with her excuse for her first marriage and entry video for her tv show. Don’t believe her. *I just had a recollection of a show they did in the beginning. It was about Kim’s lying…haha!*

    • jwoolman says:

      Yes, Kim has never before claimed she was under the influence of any drug when she ran off to get married or when she did the sex tape. This is just a new lie she is trying out.

      She very likely is also lying about the alleged frequency of her drug use when younger. But she really was doing paid appearances in clubs much later without drinking alcohol. She ate the food but seemed to honestly avoid routine use of alcohol at least in public. I haven’t noticed any reports of drunken antics about her.

    • me says:

      She still makes money off that tape. Maybe sales had slowed down so she needed to get a younger generation interested in purchasing her tape? Now people will want to see it or see it again just to look for signs of her being high. This family will do anything for money ! LIes…all lies.

  3. Marigold says:

    Gosh, what a badass…🙄

  4. Mabs A'Mabbin says:

    X just made me dance till sunrise and drink gallons of ice water so essentially it was very healthy for me. :D

  5. hkk says:

    I’m 36 (same generation as Kim), I did ecstasy almost every weekend of my senior year. We had no clue what we were doing. It wasn’t coke, it wasn’t heroin, we just knew it was fun. I’m glad I got it out of my system when I was young. I still do weird things that are either leftover from that or the 10 yrs straight of being high on mj daily. I just tell me kids, you can’t undo drugs. Someday they may have more questions…

    • ichsi says:

      “you can’t undo drugs” Very wise words.
      Also I HIGHLY doubt she only took ecstasy twice. Urgh, why is this brain-rotting stuff so common?

    • Olive says:

      the effects ecstasy can have on the brain long term are scary. i’m glad i never really got into it – turns out it’s pointless to take ecstasy when you’re on an SSRI as your serotonin is already being messed with, so ecstasy just doesn’t work. at most, i felt like i was on a bit of coke, but i really just didn’t feel any change at all, except i wasted $$

      my brother was HEAVY into it though and i’m sure he’s done irreparable damage to his brain

    • Kiki says:

      How does it still affect you today? Just curious. I don’t know much about drugs. Is it an acid flashback type of thing?

      • bup says:

        I’m not entirely sure if acid flashbacks are actually a real thing (aside from when the person has HPPD). I’ve done LSD probably a hundred times, and I’ve never had any effects more than two days post-high (which is around the time it leaves the system). Nobody I partied with back in those days ever had flashbacks either, and I know people who regularly do heroic doses (1000ug or 10 regular-dose tabs). That’s all anecdotal, though.

      • bup says:

        The big issue with X is that many people experience a severe depressive state when they come off the drug, which can trigger things like a long-term depressive state or psychosis. Generally, coming off acid after a normal trip leaves a person tired but not depressed. When they wake up, they usually feel refreshed and normal. X affects your serotonin levels in a very different way, and the comedown leaves many people feeling depressed and listless. Some people’s brains can’t recover from the trauma. Persistent X use is hard on the brain and makes a full recovery more difficult and less likely. But like acid, some people can handle it and some can’t. I feel comfortable using LSD frequently because I know I can handle it. I know I definitely couldn’t handle using X more than once or twice. I’m pretty sure I would end up in the hospital during the comedown if I ever did it again.

        PSA: If you’ve ever had mental health issues, ecstacy is NOT the drug for you.

  6. K says:

    mmmm I call bullshit. Wouldn’t this have come out earlier?

  7. mela says:

    she is so tiny!

  8. sommolierlady says:

    She’s a compulsive liar.

  9. Ann says:

    I haven’t seen the her tape but the jittering jaw happens to me when I do it. I always jew lots of gum and drink a lot of water. It does make you feel in love with everything so I guess I can see where it lead to both her things. Funny she doesn’t mention how much is sucks to come off of it though. I wasn’t prepared at all fore the come down. Like opium withdrawal mixed with PMS, not good times. The come down makes it a special occasion drug only, and you gotta be prepared for it afterwards, cause it sucks.

    • Nancy says:

      I laughed at the jittering jaw. Back then, she could still move her facial features. Nothing on her face will move now, drugs or not. I think her jaw was jittering for another reason with no connection to drugs!!

    • CJ says:

      Total ditto with the jaw/gurning – i always used to chew my bottom lip so much I’d have swollen pouty lips for days – not a recommendation for getting that look!

      Haven’t touched the stuff in years, since I came back from Glastonbury and hallucinated ants everywhere for about three days.
      It did make me love everything and everyone, and very suggestible, so I could see how Kim could end up in those situations whilst rolling…

  10. Chingona says:

    O please Kim, she made those decisions and now wants to say she has high, yeah right. She used the first husband for plastic surgery and his connections in the black community. She then used Ray J and the sex tape to become famous. Stop trying to make yourself the victim or playing the defenseless damsel, every single thing she has done has been a calculated move by her and her mother.

    • Nancy says:

      All of this is true. The tape was awful and wouldn’t turn a lonely head these days. What Miss K is, is lucky. She made tons of cash, along with her talentless family from the tape. Had her mother and Seacrest never got it out, we would not know about these people. Poor Ray J really got the raw end of this deal. He didn’t even appear to enjoy her “company” on the tape. Ha!

  11. CheckThatPrivilege says:

    good lord, she looks so fake and plastic-like in these photos. She was so naturally pretty before she went down this road. I hate what an outsized influence she and her family are on impressionable young (and not-so-young) people. Ugh.

  12. me says:

    I watched last night and as soon as that scene was over I thought “oh that’s gonna get her some attention this week” !

    I wonder if what she’s saying is even true. She said “everyone knew, it wasn’t a secret”…yet NO ONE knew. This girl will do anything for attention. Why bring this up now…when you have kids who will see/hear about this one day?

  13. Lenn says:

    She is lying. If this was true, why didn’t she tell earlier on?

    • me says:

      I’m surprised Ray-J didn’t spill the beans either. Hmmm does make you think she’s lying. Also, I remember her talking about her first marriage. She said she wanted to get married because she didn’t know what else to do with her life (at 19). Now she’s saying drugs made her do it lol…ok couldn’t she have gotten an annulment then? I mean her dad was alive at the time and a lawyer so…

      • Nancy says:

        She, like a lot of these morons….i.e. trump, forget there are tapes, interviews, etc. from their past. She has said on the show, early years, that her father said she would be disinherited if she married this guy and she did anyway. This chick isn’t one to be alone. When she splits with Kanye, another will soon follow. Khloe is the same way, but has a more difficult time getting the prey in the trap.

      • me says:

        Yeah I remember her saying her dad didn’t speak to her for a while after finding out she eloped. She said her dad wanted her to marry an Armenian. I don’t know what to believe, this family lies way too much.

      • jwoolman says:

        Me- Ray J didn’t spill the beans because there were no beans to spill. Nobody has ever said this allegedly commonly known thing before. Nobody among the huge numbers of people who watched her sex tape have ever said anything about a jittering jaw.

        And she has always said she got married for entirely different reasons than being on ecstasy…. She just thinks the drug excuse will help her respectability factor. She was with Paris Hilton and that crowd for years. Nobody would assume she was the only person in that group not using drugs and alcohol. She doesn’t need to lie about such things.

  14. Lynne says:

    I dont believe anything she says on that show, it’s scripted dialog.

  15. Nev says:

    Had some amazing cosmic moments dancing on E in the 90’s early 2000’s. My 70’s moment. Wasn’t strong enough to get married on it or do a sex tape though. Hahahaha

  16. Trashaddict says:

    It’s the “over 50″ crowd’s turn for revenge: Kimmie Mommie is trying to stay relevant.

  17. Anna says:

    That’s funny. I seem to remember Kim on Ellen or some show way back when claiming that’s she’s “never” done drugs. She even went on to say that she believed that the closeness of her family is what had always prevented her from ever being tempted. I guess she assumes no one remembers

    • AnnaKist says:

      Eh, she’s had nothing going on of late, and she gets anxious and plunges into a very dark place when she’s not getting any attention, so… 👖 🔥

    • me says:

      TMZ just ran a story stating Ray-J is calling Kim out for lying. He said she smoked pot out of a penis shaped bong before filming the tape but NOT ecstasy. He said she was a willing participate before, and during the whole tape. I believe him more than her. This is a new low for Kim…lying about taking hardcore drugs just to get attention. So pathetic.