Paris Hilton will keep her tacky engagement ring because Chris Zylka didn’t pay for it

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Basically, the only part of Paris Hilton’s most recent breakup that I care about is the drama over the tacky, pear-shaped engagement ring. Paris Hilton and Chris Zylka split recently – sources claim it probably happened towards the end of October. The split was no big surprise, considering that Paris kept pushing back the wedding date, and especially considering the fact that she didn’t even seem that into Chris. She was probably the dumper, and we discussed my belief that “the dumper” should never keep the engagement ring. It’s a complicated issue, for sure, but just as a general rule – if a guy dumps his fiancee, he should just let her keep the ring. If a lady dumps her fiance, she should give back the ring. If Paris dumped Chris, then of course she should give him the ring. But what if he didn’t really pay for it?

Reports claim that Paris Hilton’s ex-fiancé wants their $2 million engagement ring back. But Page Six is told that it was never his in the first place — and that Chris Zylka certainly isn’t getting his hands on the massive 20-carat sparkler now. We hear the socialite will be keeping the bauble, which, a source says, was given to her for free from a friend of hers, celebrity jeweler Michael Greene.

“The ring is hers,” says a source close to the couple. “The Leftovers” star proposed to Hilton with the teardrop-shaped rock in January in Aspen, Colo., but they split this week. While Hilton is estimated to have a net worth of about $300 million, Zylka — a model and actor who has appeared in “The Amazing Spider-Man,” “Shark Night 3D,” “The People I’ve Slept With” and “Piranha 3DD” — is reported to have around $4 million to his name. As soon as they were engaged, eyebrows were raised about the origin of the pricey stone.

Quizzed on where Zylka came up with the cash for the ring, a spokesperson for the couple told The Post in January that Zylka had taken up art and was making pieces that had “become very valuable and lucrative. He has very high-end clients from all over the world who continuously seek out his work.”

Meanwhile, friends of the socialite are not surprised about the breakup.

“She hasn’t been happy in a while,” says the source. “She always paid for everything . . . Most of her friends thought she would realize at some point that she was too good for him.” The source added: “They came from two different worlds.” Zylka was raised in Ohio, and Hilton spent her childhood in both New York and Beverly Hills.

A rep for the actor tells us that our “info on the ring is wrong” and that “Chris has his own money. Do your homework.”

[From Page Six]

So the story is – LMAO – that Chris has been an undercover artist with high-end clientele who pay for his art, and that’s how he paid for the ring? My goodness, that’s quite a cover story for “Paris Hilton met a guy who didn’t have that much money and she paid for everything, including the ring.” Besides all of that, I just can’t believe that they’re fighting this much over that absolutely awful ring. It would be one thing if this was about some famous piece of jewelry, something with provenance, or even just a really pretty ring from, like, Harry Winston. But this sh-t is so fug. Lordy.

Incidentally, Paris was seen a few days ago and she wasn’t wearing the tacky ass ring.

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  1. SamC says:

    Eh, part of me thinks Paris Hilton is the one putting it out there he wants the ring back as it’s the only thing keeping this breakup story, and her, in the news.

  2. Snowflake says:

    I think if you dont get married, the ring should be returned. I think that’s how it is legally as well. At least according my extensive legal knowledge from watching judge judy

    • SK says:

      That is only the case if the person it would be “returned” to paid for or provided the ring (eg: a family heirloom). If the person who “received” the ring paid for that ring or it was theirs prior to the ring being utilised as an engagement ring (eg: their own family heirloom or a pre-owned ring or stones), then they keep it.

    • KidV says:

      An engagement ring is a contract. If the giver breaks the contract the receiver keeps the ring. If the receiver breaks the contract the giver gets it back. Unless it’s an heirloom, as stated by SK.

    • AppleTarin says:

      From what I understand never get engaged on Christmas or her birthday. If you get engaged on a gift giving holiday the girl can keep the ring as a gift. A friend of mine wanted to get engaged on a holiday badly. The guy asked her to marry him on Halloween. So in case they broke up he could get the ring back. But they are still married, at least it worked out.

    • IMUCU says:

      @Snowflake, I thought of Judge Judy too, lol.

  3. anniefannie says:

    I don’t think it’s about the ring or
    “ provenance “ it’s about the rings worth. I wouldn’t be caught dead wearing it but I’d bet there’s a lot of tacky asssed people who would and while it won’t probably fetch 2 million it’ll come close and that’s nothing to sneeze at…

    • Erinn says:

      The funny thing is – it’s not even an absolutely horrible ring design. I think the real issue is the scale of it. You swap it out to a plain band, and reduce the size and it’d be quite pretty. I used to love pear cuts, but they’re just not as reflective as some other cuts and I have a magpie kind of sparkle obsession. She could probably turn it into a pretty pendant necklace, honestly.

  4. skipper says:

    Well, if he didn’t pay for it then she should keep it unless Paris feels that he needs the money from it. Of course, that would be something she would need to do out of the kindness of her heart which I seriously doubt would happen. I see her as the type that would keep it just for the sake of keeping a two million dollar ring. With that being said, I love her ring! My ring has a pear shaped diamond but it’s only a small fraction in size compared to hers. I hate that pear shaped diamonds get a bad rap. I love them!

  5. Char says:

    To think one day she was more famous than Kim and now needs to milk a break-up after a fake engagement…

  6. Louise177 says:

    Chris’ net worth is more than likely $400,000. Nobody believes he’s worth $4 million. No matter how tacky the ring is, it’s still worth a lot. I would want the $1-2 million ring back too. Also Paris didn’t buy the ring either. The jeweler gave it to them for publicity.

    • WingKingdom says:

      I truly can’t understand how Paris Hilton is worth 2 MILLION dollars of publicity. She’s not much of an influencer, and that’s just a lot of dang money for a jeweler to give away.

      My suspicion is that she paid for it herself.

    • dietcokehead says:

      If neither of them purchased the ring, wouldn’t the decent thing be to return it to the jeweler? There may not be a market to sell this exact ring (it’s tacky as hell and far too large for those of us trying to get things done), but it could be reset and sold.

  7. Huckle says:

    It looks like Cardi-b’s engagement ring.

  8. Meghan says:

    When my fiance cheated on me and got another girl pregnant I tried to pawn my ring but, surprise surprise, it was fake. So I just ended up throwing it in the trash.

    It was actually a nice feeling!

    • Vernie says:

      Holy hell, Meghan. What an awful experience! Glad you dodged that bullet. Hope you set the trash can on fire.

  9. Parigo says:

    I really doubt she broke it off, I bet it was him.

    Also the quoted story is terrible. She’s too good for him because he doesn’t have as much money and was brought up in Ohio.

    • Starkiller says:

      That bit rankled me as well. I know people from Ohio, and they’re all able to eat with utensils and speak in complete sentences.

    • La says:

      That part really irked me. So he grew up somewhere more modest than Beverly Hills and worked toward his dreams. Oh the horror.

      Ohio isn’t THAT bad. There are plenty of days I think about moving to a more progressive place but there are certainly worse places to live. At least for the most part people are genuinely friendly and considerate.

      Born and raised (and still in) Ohio

    • heygal45 says:

      Yeah, we Ohioans are not terrible people. Also a People article said he grew up poor… no. He went to my high school and was upper-middle class. But everyone in Ohio is poor compared to Paris Hilton, of course. We’re just backwoods people. LOL

  10. Beth says:

    Those tacky lace gloves make that ginormous diamond ring look like nothing but cheap junk jewelry. If she paid for it, she can keep it, but I’d think she’d want to sell it instead of just keeping the reminder of a failed relationship

    • Darla says:

      Agree! Everyone is going on about the ring but I can’t even see past those gloves. And a french manicure? Oh dear.

    • Phat girl says:

      I know! And one of the nails are poking right through those tacky ass lace gloves! I had a pair just like them (in 1987 when they were cool!).

  11. BANANIE says:

    I don’t understand this idea that the fiancée would keep the engagement ring after the engagement was called off. It’s yours to wear as a symbol of your marriage!

    Why would you even want it after the break-up — to sell it? That strikes me as extremely tacky.

    I believe you should return it. If my husband and I were to split up, I would 100% return my ring even though I adore it. To each their own. But I know I would feel selfish keeping it.

  12. BBeauty says:

    Honestly I think the ring is fake. The ex fiancee may have believed it is real but I believe Paris and the jeweler have known all along it is not a real diamond. And it is ugly! As for her popularity, she is still quite big in Asia I believe where her hand bags etc sell big. She may be a joke over here but business is booming for her elsewhere in the world. There was blinds that this was a fake engagement anyway and that is why the date for the wedding was pushed back and she never did any wedding planning. On a side note, I found one of her makeup brushes at Marshalls for 5 bucks and it is great LOL. It was sparkly so I picked it p and to my surprise it works well.

  13. Passthepopcorn says:

    I don’t think she ended it, I think he did. I think she’s desperate to get married but once the man of the moment realizes how vapid and awful she actually is, they bail. She’s approaching 40 and all of her friends are married. This kind of twit thinks her self worth is wrapped up in how many guys want her and whether she has a husband or not. She can’t seem to be satisfied with just being single. So she pushes to get engaged, the guy realizes she’s not in love with HIM, she just wants to be married and she really is just a shallow idiot. He bounces, she has her team spin it to claim she was the one that did the dumping. I think he did put it out that he wanted the ring back – because he thought #1) she would be too embarrassed to admit she bought her own ring and #2) she would give it back and he’d walk away from this dumpster fire with an asset worth $2 million. He didn’t bank on the fact that she has no shame and would admit she bought her own ring…or that she “got it for free” not sure which is worse there.