Us Weekly: Brad Pitt made a ‘desperate plea’ to Angelina to stop the custody hearing

Brad Pitt and Leonardo DiCaprio back in their car on the set of 'Once Upon a Time in Hollywood'

Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie’s custody trial/hearing is due to begin in about two weeks, in December. We’ve already heard from “sources” that Angelina and Brad’s lawyers have been meeting and negotiating, and there’s some talk about how they both might want to come to a settlement on custody before the trial begins. That mutual negotiation has become the jumping off point for Brad’s people to go on and on about how Brad is super-worried about Mean, Bitter Angelina’s custody war and how it affects the kids. Nevermind that Jolie insisted that they kids go into therapy following Brad’s drunken violence on the plane in 2016 – now Team Brad would have you believe that he’s the only parent concerned about the welfare of the kids. Well, Us Weekly has a new story about just that:

Brad Pitt wants the war to end. The actor made a desperate plea to his estranged wife, Angelina Jolie, for them to settle their custody battle out of court, a source reveals exclusively in the new issue of Us Weekly.

“He reached out hoping to persuade Angie that the hearing will cause lasting psychological damage to their children,” the insider tells Us, referencing Maddox, 17, Pax, 14, Zahara, 13, Shiloh, 12, and twins Knox and Vivienne, 10. “There will be no winners, no matter what the judge decides.”

While a source close to Jolie insists that both parties are “working together to reach a settlement outside of court,” the first insider tells Us that the Maleficent star is “not backing down.”

Pitt, 54, and Jolie, 43, are set to appear in court on December 4 to hash out their custody issues.

[From Us Weekly]

Am I the only one thinking that Brad’s biggest concern isn’t the “lasting psychological damage” to the kids? I think someone’s lawyers have started to prepare him for the idea that the custody hearing/trial will not go his way. At least, that seems to be Team Pitt’s biggest fear at the moment. Because if they’re trying to convince us that Brad cares so much about the psychological well-being of his kids, then maybe he shouldn’t have been behaved the way he has for the past two-plus years, including the utter smearing of his children’s mother. It’s almost like Angelina’s new lawyer has put the fear of God into Team Pitt.

Brad Pitt is seen taking a break from filming "Once Upon A Time In Hollywood"

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  1. Sash says:

    Brad is absolutely scared of Angelina and her lawyer.

    • Maya says:

      Oh yeah – Laura was a wuss and wanted to be in the white male club so she didn’t fully represent Angelina & the children.

      Samantha is pretty brilliant and has put the children’s welfare as top priority from the beginning.

      • Hmmm says:

        I think Laura was okay pretending everything was okay so give him custody and pretend everything is okay? That’s not how Angelina works. She really wants him to be okay for their kids. She expects him to follow through with the visits. That’s what I believe. Her new lawyer is not about fakenews and games.

      • Lilly says:

        Yes @Sash and @Maya and I hate seeing when a parent keeps digging themselves even further protecting their ego instead of the kids. I feel like that comment re. Laura is spot on. Gotta thank Kaiser for using that lead photo of Brad – it cracks me up each time.

      • ..... says:

        Yep and he’s scared of those kids more than anything. Out of the mouths of babes as they say. And people with narcissistic personality disorder are nightmares to live with. Raging and crazy.

      • MyBlackCat says:

        I don’t get Brad’s narcissistic personality disordered- more “checked out” or emotionally stunted. And BTW, the children won’t “go to court”, most Likely a court evaluator will interview everyone in the family plus relevant caregivers. That is all nerve wracking, time consuming & pricey. I doubt Brad will prevail and documents will be forever in print. My bet is on a settlement w Angie’s terms.

  2. Cee says:

    He needed the fear to be put in him. Slamming Angie gets old. Plus he is in Bejing so it looks like Thanksgiving might mean another island vacation for him.

  3. Jag says:

    I think that Brad is worried that what he did will be on record and could be leaked to the media. I don’t think he’d have a problem with Angelina having full custody, even though she’s not asking for it anyway.

    Brad’s team has been playing this badly since the beginning. I’m glad because I didn’t realize what a jerk he is and now I can avoid everything he’s in from now on.

    • Melly says:

      This! You said everything I was thinking.

    • Maya says:

      Completely agree – he is petrified that the truth will come out during the hearing.

      If he really cared about the children he wouldn’t have verbally & physically abused them, spent the last 2 years ignoring their wishes, thrown them out of their house, and created a vicious smear campaign against their mother.

      This is 2018 and pathetic men like him will be exposed…

    • Sidewithkids says:

      Totally agree Jag. He’s disgusting to me now too. But is this not the same articles he keeps putting out, just worded a different way? It’s not a good look on his part. Angie’s lawyer has a lot on him. I feel like Angie was keeping notes of other things including the plane incident. But, the way he has treated the kids especially Maddox is horrible. The smear campaign is what I can’t believe. Just b/c she left his old boring self. Lol. Have y’all noticed the things he goes to now seem unexciting and boring, compared to the stuff she goes to. Guess the best invites go to her and he was her plus 1. Lol. Notice too, he’s always leaning and looking for a camera looking back at him, ugh. He did this when they were together too. She never did that and still doesn’t.

      I honestly think the kids want and prefer to be w/ their Mom full time and see him on the side. That’s the big issue really for him. He hasn’t been able to get them on his side. But he may have more luck if he didn’t lie so much and didn’t smear the mother of his children. Why smear a woman that continued to clearly lie for you, enable you and support you while you were being a wino and an a-hole to her and her kids. That’s the only reason I can think he’s scared b/c the look the other way, HW community enables him still and his stans are delusional so they’ll believe anything he and his team lies about. I think it’s the kids holding things up for him and good for them knowing what they want.

    • lucy2 says:

      I think that as well. I can’t see how they’d have a hearing and it wouldn’t be spoken about, and he’s worried about that going public. As he should be.
      While I don’t think it’d be a good thing for the kids to have all the dirt spilled publicly, he’s definitely more worried about himself and his image.

    • Rebecca says:

      I agree. I don’t think it’s just the incident on the plane and at the airport that he’s worried about. I think there are also other things about him that will be exposed. Something’s just not right about him and how he and his team are handling this.

  4. Gaby says:

    So, someone is feeling that he’s gonna lose this right? And wants to make it seem like it was his choice for the sake of those kids.

    • Hmm says:

      Boom. I hope Angie eventually has the same guts that Vanessa marcil does… Telling the truth about deadbeats.

    • Lady D says:

      Yup, time for another story to cover his ass at the expense of his ex-wife and children.

      • ..... says:

        It’s in the dm. It’s shows aerial photos side ny side of their home and brads….and tells you how he just erected a bouncy house for them ….and look how lame Angie’s yard is.

        It’s just the strangest pr tactic. Very manipulative and planned out. He’s lost custody so he puts a bunch of kids toys in his backyard, has photos taken and puts it out there in the tabloids. That’s Psycho.

      • Gaby says:

        A bouncy house for “teenagers”? His youngest kids are 10 years old, the others are 13 and above. That is a kid’s toy, I doubt they would spend more than 20 minutes inside it. I wonder if he is either that desperate to look like the fun dad or that he is so out of touch with the kids that he actually has no idea of what their interests really are.

      • CairinaCat says:

        He used a bouncy house because that’s easily viewable from the air.
        The media wouldn’t be able to see what a awesome dad he is if he actually got them things they’d be interested in

    • minx says:


    • ..... says:

      Yep. As long as it’s never settled he can keep playing the he said she said thing in the press…and pretend that he sees the kids. The world is about to know they want nothing to do w him, and haven’t been seeing him. He’s about to lose custody and be proven a liar.

  5. Kaye says:

    I love how you always use that pic of Brad looking absolutely unhinged.

    • Thirsty Hirsty says:

      I know, right? Sometimes I think we’re being a little petty, then I remember he is consciously and purposefully hurting CHILDREN and I’m all okay again with the pics. I do wonder though if these were ‘real life’ shots or if they are ‘i’m in character’ shots….and then I think…who cares?

    • ..... says:

      He always had a very eager look to him when he saw paps too. He is always looking and posing. That’s why his pr tactics are the way they are. He LIVES for this. Image is what it’s all about to that guy…..and nothing more.

    • Madame says:

      I love to give this picture the finger.




  6. Togetherness says:

    He is all about his image. He couldn’t care less about those kids.

  7. hezzer19 says:

    Oh Bradley. You wanker. You’re the one that caused lasting psychological damage to your children when you raised a drunken hand to your son.

  8. Yvette says:

    I have a question, and this is just a question, not a pronouncement. If Angie doesn’t and has never wanted full custody of the kids, why are they going to court for a custody battle? I mean, wouldn’t it then be just a matter of both lawyers checking that off their lists as 50/50 custody so they could all move on to the financial stuff?

    • Sidewithkids says:

      She wants sole physical custody Yvette. Split legal custody.

    • Togetherness says:

      She is seeking sole physical custody whereby the kids will live with her full time. Personally, I think that’s what the kids want too.
      She is not seeking sole legal custody which strips Pitt all his rights.

      • Booie says:

        The way he’s been treating them, should he even have legal rights? He’s only going to continue smearing her, hurting the kids in the process, and deflecting the pain he causes them. It doesn’t sound like he has their best interest and could make joint decisions with her.

    • Yvette says:

      But, if she wants sole physical custody, doesn’t that mean she’s fighting joint/shared custody? Does that mean that she would be able to prevent Brad (and Brad’s parents too, because they haven’t seen the kids in over 2-years either) from seeing/spending time with the kids?

      • Lady D says:

        How do you know his parents haven’t seen their grandchildren in over two years? Have the grandparents said something?

      • Yvette says:

        I don’t know, but if the goal is sole physical custody wouldn’t that mean a full break from not just Brad but his family as well? But you’re right, for all I know there can be constant dialogue between the grandparents and the kids, and maybe even Angie herself.

      • CairinaCat says:

        He and the parents would still see the kids , her having sole physical custody does not mean he won’t have generous visitation

  9. Nancy says:

    If getting a marriage license was as unnerving and ugly as divorces and custody battles, maybe we wouldn’t have so many messy scenarios such as this. Here’s hoping the kids remember happier times and aren’t scarred by the nastiness of the last couple of years. Someone called him Bradley, when actually his name is William Bradley. Just in case anybody cares!

    • 2bounce4u says:

      It’s ironic that you can marry or have a child “anytime”, but you need a license to drive a car.

  10. Miss Gloss says:

    Not a fan. Parents acting like dicks and screwing over children in the divorce is so cliche. And painful. And the kids will live with this forever.

    • Sidewithkids says:

      But that’s just it. The kids are fine. Think they had it worse when he was drunk and angry to them and Angie. Brad wants people to believe they aren’t fine b/c that helps him and his delusions of grandeur but the kids are fine.

      • Lady D says:

        Far better a one-parent home, than a home with a parent and a resident alcoholic. I’m sure those children felt an immense weight off their shoulders.

      • Sidewithkids says:

        Plus, this is personal but my Dad was abusive to my Mom and he would go off all the time when I was kid. They’re still married and he’s still verbally and emotionally abusive to us all. A while back, My Mom had a brain aneryusm and two strokes. She’s still alive, Thank God. I believe tho had my Mom left my Dad when I was a kid, she wouldn’t have been so stressed and had the aneryusm and strokes. He was the cause of it. (Kinda of like Angie dealing through her illnesses). How I wished my Mom would leave him so we could have a better peaceful life. But here’s the kicker, I wished that for him too. Me seeing his rage and hurting my Mom just made me hate him more and more. I was tired of him and his bs. Plus, no kid should see any type of abuse especially in their home. Your home should be a sanctuary to go for peace. Plus, when I was younger thinking of my parents separating, I still wanted to see him but if a judge/lawyer asked me who I would want to live w/, I wouldn’t have flinched and said my Mom before they got the question out and honestly this wasn’t b/c I loved her more, it was just b/c I felt my father’s anger and bitterness more. Being w/ my Mom was more serene and loving. Had they separated too, I would maybe love him more now. I only love him b/c he’s my Dad and that’s what you’re suppose to do but I don’t like him at all and we don’t really share an emotional connection at all much now that I’m older. I think this is how these kids feel as well. Most kids just want peace and happiness any way they can get it.

      • PlainJane says:

        @Sidewithkids – Thank you for sharing your story! I am sorry that happened to you when you were growing up. I experienced something similar, except my dad was the loving parent, and my mom was the rager. They also stayed married, and I agree that living with that kind of stress lead to some of my dad’s long term illnesses. I used to wish they would split, just so I could have some peace and happiness, like you said. I also wished my dad could find a loving partner, he really deserved one.

        Kids need love and kindness, and home should be, “a soft place to land.” Life is hard enough.

    • Booie says:

      She’s being a dick by protecting her kids from their alcoholic father who got into a drunken rage in front of his children on a small plane?

    • ..... says:

      Those kids will be fine. Angie stayed as long as she could, for years. The kids got to know the real Brad. Brad got to be an absentee dad for years before the split. Nature took its course.
      The kids and Angie moved on years ago too. It’s been gradually ending a long time….the kids don’t want to see him based on their knowing him very well for over a decade.

      He isn’t what he is trying to tell you he is. The kids know it and have known so they will be fine. It seems to be Brad that’s not wanting to accept his new unfiltered public image. We’ve madeup our own minds about who he is……based on his very embarrassing public actions. He doesn’t get to spin and tell people who he is anymore.

      Cat out of bag.

      And I don’t support this type of person. Period. Too many good hearted people in the world that deserve a chance. This arrogant fool doesn’t deserve another.

  11. Helen says:

    another reason i won’t be having kids is…custody battles

  12. Karen2 says:

    …the only Brad Pitt movie I have seen is the one written by the guy who wrote Friends of Edie Coyle…this Pitt movie referenced Obama but was clearly set in the 70s…it was full of guys talking endlessly & featured almost no women & amazingly Brad at about 40yo was clearly the youngest star on the payroll…I still have absolutely no idea why anyone wanted to make that movie..they were all good actors tho…there an essay about Pitt that doesnt feature inane speculation about divorce & custody…I thank you…

  13. Original Jens says:

    I haven’t read the post yet. I just had to say that I love that every Brad post comes with that insane-eyed picture. It gives me life!

  14. Myrtle says:

    Brad’s little douche-a-thon… will it ever end? If you are really oh so worried about the effect of all this on the kids, Brad, give in. Let Angelina have the full physical custody that everyone involved but you seems to be happy with. Take as much visitation as your filming and travel schedule allows. Pay the child support, that you easily can afford, for the next 10 or 13 years (or however long it is in California until the twins are of age) and STFU. BE A MAN.

    • Sidewithkids says:

      @PlainJane, Thanks for sharing your story as well. I want to add that too, I wanted my Dad to be happier and at peace b/c I could see he was in pain and hurting as well. Most who abuse are really. We all needed healing, heck, still do b/c I too deal w/ a lot of issues stemming from what I saw when I was younger. Parents have to be responsible. When one is behaving badly to the point of any level of abuse, the other needs to react quickly and get the children help so they don’t see it or have to be apart of it.

      I feel like Angie’s doing that now. She may be more upset w/ herself for not doing it sooner so this is her way of telling the kids she’s sorry but she gonna find a way to make things better for all. It just they are in the public eye so we see it but parents are dealing w/ this same senario all over and all I can say is side with the kids.

  15. Lucky Charm says:

    When I divorced my husband, my kids basically told me “It’s about time, mom. We don’t know why you didn’t do it years ago!” So yeah, sometimes getting divorced for the kids sake is the right thing to do. I asked for, and got, sole custody. He also rarely saw the kids, either and they were fine with that. Probably because of all the years they lived through the drama and wishing I’d leave him because they saw him for what he was. Brad needs to just step back and look at things from his children’s perspective and admit he’s in the wrong here.

  16. Meg says:

    how bad will that look if he doesn’t get custody? what will that do to the image of ’90s heartthrob good Midwestern guy Pitt’? I don’t know how you can recover.

    • ..... says:

      That’s why he’s been dragging it out….trying to delay the inevitable. He’ll never ever ever recover from this….and his behavior the past three years post split has shown his true colors.

      Dude is toast.

  17. Louise177 says:

    The thing that gets me with all of the coverage is that it’s never mentioned that after two years Brad still has supervised visitation and the kids are still in therapy. Although the Angelina haters will say she’s manipulating the system, it takes a lot to fool so many people over so much time. I have a hard time believing that Brad is the victim.

  18. ..... says:

    He’s a weird weird guy. Kinda like a K@nye w.est at this point. he’s the only one who doesn’t see the glaring problems he has. Delusional for sure. Obviously mentally ill.

  19. ..... says:

    How creepy is that dm article….he’s putting up bouncy houses and doing side by side aerial views of the kids home and his home……I’d be getting a side of restraining order with that divorce if I were Angie. Those poor kids! He’s a nutter.

  20. ..... says:

    He hopes it’s settled out of court so he can keep lying and pretending the kids are visiting him…..he doesn’t want the public to know the evaluators recommended no visitation no custody…and if they agree in private he can pretend yeah he sees them….and he can put up kids toys in the backyard and pretend some more. Very weird tactic btw.

    He’s pushing sixty and acting weirder and weirder and weirder……………………………red flag anyone?

  21. Poppy says:

    Ugh this man 😒

  22. anp says:

    I do not understand why most of the public does not see that he is Rotten to the Core. Please Angelina hurry and get your divorce from this evil man.

    • ..... says:

      I think they do……in the real world I know no one who is a Brad Pitt fan. Seriously.

      He never had a male fan base….and I don’t know any woman who likes him anymore either. His brand was being the boyfriend or fiancé etc to the popular actress. He was never the main attraction.

      And now no one will buy that schtick anymore…..I don’t see whose left other than his parents to like him. Maybe the people on his payroll, for now.

      I think his pr people need you to think he has fans, but really I don’t think he does. I think his partners and people who feed off of him for money are nervous and planning their exit strategy if they didn’t bail already.

  23. ..... says:

    Seriously though….it’s very weird that there is a dm article talking about all the things Brad just put up in his yard for the kids, one being an inflatable bouncy house……..and there are accompanying aerial photos To prove it. there is no way that his yard is papped from a helicopter daily and they catch any little movement. He obviously hired a photographer and staged this……..(if these are indeed new photos. They are passing them off as recent anyway) and if they are old and pretending to be recent that’s just more proof of his detachment from reality.

    for a guy who is supposedly about to receive judgment his behavior is shocking……..his media manipulation screams angry and already lost. Not I’m on good behavior and I care. (His DM article actually compares an aerial photo of the Jolie’s home, and disses the yard. Lol.)

    And the twins are ten……who is the bouncy house for. Those are for three year olds.

  24. Sidewithkids says:

    Reading about all this, makes me pretty sure the people around Brad aren’t helping him. They say they are but it’s very telling now they’re not. Most of them helped Weinstein get away w/ what he did. That’s sad. I think Angie knew this and tried to steer him away from all of them yet he picked them over his family so Angie had to cut him loose b/c she can’t deal w/ all their fakeness. That’s why that crowd doesn’t like her, they want her to be like them but she’s says no thank you, I’m good being myself. That’s why I like her. She’s comfortable in her own skin. Brad isn’t. He’s clearly acting all the time now which is sad. Much sadder for the kids tho b/c they’re getting an imitation father and not the real thing.

    @….., I went to DM and saw his backyard. I think that is for the kids. Lol. He would really have to be some kinda nut to plant that there. I’m not putting it pass him since we have found out he’s a bit douchey. But, I don’t think Angie’s goal is to cut him out of the kids life completely, that’s what he wants people to believe but no she wants him to have a relationship w/ them but she wants him to be there completely not just 25% of the time. It hurts the kids if he’s not. She’ll get physical custody and he’ll get some form of visitation, maybe every other weekend or something like that.

    • ..... says:

      If the backyard setup was truly for the kids, there wouldn’t be aerial photos w an article putting down the kids main home in a pro Brad tabloid that his pr is known to work with.

      If the kids were happily visiting him, etc…and everyone was happily coparenting….he wouldn’t be smearing her.(esp since Aug) in the media.

      It doesn’t add up for a reason.

  25. SJhere says:

    Why doesn’t Brad just accept that he’s no longer “Mr. Heartthrob Movie Star” and grow up?
    BP has more money than he will ever be able to spend in his lifetime.
    He should focus on behind the scenes work, leave the public eye, work on getting his act together as a Father. What a self centered Peter Pan tool he has turned out to be.
    Done with him.

    I will completely be buying the “Daddy Dearest” book you just know those kids will one day write. Ugh.

  26. Ophelia says:

    Interesting to note: Angelina looking healthier and happier and less on death’s door without him.

    Also interesting to note: Angelina dressing in jeans/tshirt/not black flowy Victorian mourning gowns all the time.

    • Hmmm says:

      Yeah but his fans still screaming eat a burger at her photos.

      She looks good and like she’s actually ate a few burgers. He looks weird.

      And you’re right … She looks less like a mourning widow without him. Goth Angie is always cool in my book tho. Lol

  27. SuperStef says:

    I can see both sides as a former custodial stepmother to two alpha teens after their mom ran off. Different situation, of course, but being a step parent can be absolute hell.

    I’m not making excuses for Bradley, and think it’s great the kids are staying with the more reliable parent. Fact is, we don’t know what happened, only they do. I’m curious to see what comes out of this Court battle…

  28. AD says:

    I wonder why she doesn’t want to share 50-50 physical custody with their father, she seems very firm with her decision & why is BP pressurising her not to go to court. It is puzzling. What will she do if at the end the court decides 50-50? There must be some serious matter that is not out in the media yet. If they can’t agree on anything I would have thought the only solution for their battle is to go to court end of story.

    • Sidewithkids says:

      @…..I understand that DM is used by him along w/ others. He may have set this up, if he did that’s cray. But he may also be seeing them time to time. If they are still going by that last schedule then he is seeing them.

      Let me just add, the trial is private. Brad is making it seem like it’s gonna be televised but it’s not. It will be behind closed doors. If Brad wins, the documents will be leaked for sure. If she wins then they prob won’t be even though I think she should leak them. But I’m prob being petty, Lol. It does seem like he is nervous about what Angie and her team has on him, that’s for sure. Also, if for any reason the judge says 50/50 custody, Angie will abide by that. She will have to. Just like he will have to if Angie gets sole physical custody. I guess, they could both still appeal the decision but my goodness, both should want to move on by now. It’s been so long, they should both be ready to start their new lives even though both like the idea of still being attached b/c they did care/love each other at one point. (I honestly think Brad wants to get back w/ her). That prob never goes away but yeah, it’s time to be done w/ the marriage and custody.

    • Sidewithkids says:

      @AD, Angie wants sole physical custody for two reasons. From everything that I’ve seen, read and even he acknowledged in his infamous GQ interview, (his stans like to forget he did this interview, Angie should use this in court against him), he wasn’t always there for the kids. Meaning, he leaves them. Like for instance, if Zahara and Shiloh are over his house and Angie called and asked where Brad was, Zahara may say, “Oh he hasn’t been there since Saturday.” Angie then would say, but it’s Tuesday.” Lol. That’s the impression I get. Angie wants to know where and who her kids are w/. Brad hangs out a lot (his choice), but you can’t do that all the time if you are being a father. He felt he could do that w/ Angie b/c she was there and she allowed it too (which she should have nipped in the bud). But he can’t now b/c they want be together. Secondly, Angie knows Brad isn’t really doing this b/c he wants to be there w/ his kids, he’s doing it for public/his image. I believe he loves them but his actions show me he loves himself more. He’s a big child himself and Angie knows this so for her it’s best not to have to worry about the kids whereabouts or health, so let the kids live w/ her. He sees them every other weekend or so.

      Let me also add, all this is for appearances, after this is settled no matter what they come up w/ those kids are always gonna be w/ Angie. Just don’t see Brad being there for them that much.

  29. Coool? says:

    How about you tell her to have a little consideration that Brad doesn’t have to live with her to share custody.
    If he werent a duh, he wouldn’t be here. if he were learn a thing or two from Jennys breakup, he would never wait again until things come in to exausting end to say bye bye..and would’ve saved himself from all the mess and drama this time at least.
    Even been afleck shares custody. I think
    It’s a life style, and a means for her. She and jg are the same most of it is NOT about what the kids needs but what the mother needs from the father and the mothers needs in her image and carrier wise etc…They are same but in different ways and different needs.imo

  30. AD says:

    The kids are definitely seeing their father as per court order either reluctantly & lots of encouragement & persuasion or randomly that’s why he has to built those toddlers stuff in his house yard, wondering why now, guessing, to bribe them . If the bond was there he doesn’t need to do anything. Far too late, AJ said their formative years are very important & she was right, nothing can break her bond with her children, well done Angelina. Be yourself