Duchess Kate repeats a teal Emilia Wickstead for a ‘surprise’ visit to the BBC

Prince William, Duke of Cambridge and Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge visit the BBC

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge were out and about again today, which means that they scheduled several events for two days in a row. Yesterday, they were in South Yorkshire for most of the day, doing a series of mental health and business-related events. Today, they made a trip to the BBC in London to “mark Anti-Bullying Week by working to combat cyber-bullying,” according to WENN. This was a “surprise visit,” according to the Daily Mail. It’s true – this event was not announced in advance. William and Kate have been doing that with more frequency the past few years, they’ll do a “surprise” visit somewhere, and surprise, all of the royal photographers are there.

For this surprise visit, Kate repeated an Emilia Wickstead dress. She repeated her look yesterday too, although I have to say… I was a bigger fan of yesterday’s Eponine repeat. This Wickstead dress is fine, and she paid enough for it originally (£1,200), so I’m glad she’s repeating it. She wore this Wickstead in New Zealand in 2014, and I wasn’t wild about it then either. I think it’s the shade of teal – it feels “off” somehow, like it should actually be a bit darker. That being said, I like when she wears brighter colors, so I’m not complaining too much. I also think this was not a straightforward retail piece – I think this was “bespoke” in the sense that Kate had the waist and the hemline raised, which is why everything looks slightly “off” with the proportions.

Also: I wonder how late they stayed at Prince Charles’ party last night? Neither of them looks hungover. I wonder if they even had some wine and really “partook.”

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge visit the BBC

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge visit the BBC

Photos courtesy of WENN.

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  1. Loretta says:

    Her style is super boring, i always seems like she’s wearing the same dress again and again. In this case the dress is a repeat but she has at least twenty dresses equals to this. Enough.
    I suppose they are trying to increase the number of their engagements ahead of the year-end count LOL

    • Lolly says:

      I know I’ve asked before, but what is so boring about this look? She’s at an event to combat bullying, what would you like her to wear? If she wore anything more flashy, people would claim she’s attention seeking.

      I think the color looks nice on her, but more for spring. I’d still wear it though, and I really like the length of her hair.

      • Annie. says:

        Kate has developed an uniform. Fitted coat dresses and dresses, jeans and stripped t-shits or blazers for more sporty events. It is not supposed to be fashion forward, uniforms almost never are.

      • Ashby says:

        Lolly…I would love to see her in a classic pant suit, not something skin tight, just something nicely hugging her body, in navy or charcoal grey.
        A simple pantsuit with a silk blouse and a pair of black pumps that are better quality than what she mostly seems to wear.
        These items she could repeat over and over again, the pants with a cashmere twin set, other silk blouses, dress shirts or blazers.
        The blazer from the suit could worn with another pair of pants or skirt or with a nice pair of dark denim that is not skin tight and so on…

      • BigGirl says:

        I really wish she’d take fashion pointers from Queen Letizia (no, she doesn’t always get it right) or Victoria who can mix it up and be modern even though they are over 40. Kate’s younger than me and her fashion bores me to tears.

      • emerson says:

        “what would you like her to wear? If she wore anything more flashy, people would claim she’s attention seeking.”
        I think a nice pantsuit. Thanks for asking.

      • JANE says:

        I really don’t understand…is there nothing between flashy and dowdy?

        How about this, just for a little change from Kate’s usual, coat dresses, dresses like the one in the above picture and her trusted nude pumps :

        a skirt similar to what Meghan wore in Ireland, not necessarily in green, but maybe black or a pencil skirt a silk blouse and a pair black slingbacks or even in nude color, but suede not the cheapy leather pair

        Really not a rocket science, not flashy, not inappropriate, not breaking the bank and can be worn again, separates are great for that.

      • lsb says:

        A pant suit would be more appropriate?

        Hillary Clinton got skewered for wearing those things, and she’s a 70 year old lady. Kate wouldn’t get much better treatment.

        And at the risk of editorialising – er, yuck! I don’t think it is a look for any of the royals. To show up looking like a politician or a middle aged manager?
        As for Meghan’s Ireland skirt – that was one of her outfits I properly disliked. I don’t think either one ofthem should ever wear that one again. Ever.

        Goes to show – taste is a funny thing.

      • Nic919 says:

        Women wearing pantsuits is normal and it’s what millions of women everyday from ages 20 to 80 actually wear to their jobs. Hillary was attacked for wearing a pantsuit because people are misogynists and repeating that line of thought is dangerous for all women. Besides being associated with an intelligent woman like Hillary Clinton is a good thing not a bad thing. You are still a woman even if you choose not to wear a skirt or a dress. It doesn’t make you a manager or a politician if you wear them. After all Sophie and Anne have worn them all the time and they are the hardest working royal women outside of the Queen. Women should stop trying to look like fashion ornaments. It’s not the point of the monarchy at all, especially when doing engagements. It’s about the work.

      • lsb says:

        Women aren’t confined to wearing pantsuits in order to wear trousers. It isn’t a good look – even if “everyone does it”. And no, not every woman does it. It is to be avoided at all costs, as some will say LOL. Kate appears to prefer dresses to trousers, well, vive la difference and all that.

        What do you think Kate or any of these ladies do that requires them to look so … er, workman-like? She’s here to give a talk about a cause that is important to her, not sign off on contracts or bang a few heads together (sorry. I really couldn’t resist!)

      • lol says:

        Some women prefer dresses and skirts over trousers & trouser suits. Kate clearly prefers the former – what’s the big deal?

    • Eliza says:

      She’s back from maternity leave. I wont begrudge her not being active this year, even with her history. Maternity leave is fine.

      At first i was annoyed by her boring style compared to her off-duty country looks, but i think i get it now. QEII is consistent. You’re never surprised often by her. Kate’s going the same path. Boring is safe, predictable, steadfast…. reasons many people love the Queen. Now that she is back to work, I hope she takes the Queen’s work ethic as a model too. That’s the most important thing – duty.

      • Rosie says:

        Yes that’s it. It’s not her job to be fashionable. It’s meant to be about the people/place they are visiting and the cause. They need to look like they have made an effort to look their best and are appropriate for the event. The Queen changes it up with the colour but half the time it’s the same shapes. Chasing after fashion is expensive. You either need to be wealthy or happy to shop on the high street (not good for the environment). A lot of Kate’s clothes could be worn in 5-10 years time as they have a vintage look. If she started wearing latest trends non stop I’d be unhappy at the cost.

      • Barcelona says:

        I love that Kate repeats her outfits, that’s great, kudos to her, all of the BRF should be doing it and no BRF member should be a fashionista, it’s not their purpose.
        Fashionistas should be actors and models.
        Meghan needs to start repeating outfits already.
        I don’t see why a really good quality pair of leather black, navy, grey shoes and olive green and beige shoes only in SUEDE, beige looks so cheap in regular leather (I loved Meghan’s olive green pair from the Royal Tour) should not be repeated as much as possible.
        Hopefully Kate stops wearing those 3-4-5 inch wedge hoofs and gets some more delicate wedges.
        I don’t like these type of dresses and also her coat dresses, but it’s her uniform, I just would like to see her in a nicely tailored light weight wool dress pants with a cashmere twin set or blouse or a dressier shirt.
        I know, small change, but I think it would be so refreshing from these ugly “older woman ” dresses she favors so much.

      • BigGirl says:

        QEII is predictable but her use of color and jewelry always add panache! Kate lacks that.. She has a bot like approach.

      • Lady D says:

        Kate’s had 17 years to build a wardrobe. Meghan has had 6-8 months. How about we give her a chance to build a wardrobe, and then start the call for repeats/recycles?

      • NYCTYPE says:

        Yes, but Kate is not a 92 year old Queen of England.
        No BRF should be a fashionista, but Kate could look less like a 55 year old woman or wannabe Camilla when she is not even 40 years old yet.
        There is a lot of room between Fashionista and an elderly female of BRF.
        A simple pair of dress pants in light wool and a slik blouse, or dressier type of shirt or even a cashmere crew neck sweater or cashmere twin set would be a lovelier and refreshing choice over this
        “older lady dress in such a harsh color”.
        But kudos for repeating clothes, even though they are not pretty.

    • Digital Unicorn says:

      These type of ‘secret’ (read: last min) engagements are the norm for the DoLittles at this time of year as yes, they need to get their numbers up. This is a pattern they have done from the beginning before they had children.

    • minx says:

      IMO she looks pretty here, she has developed a style she prefers and it works for her. As long as she stays simple and streamlined with no fussy old lady details I would call it a win. My complaint is always about her posture.

      • Agenbiter says:

        I sympathize with Kate’s conflicted feelings about being tall. But she was standing up so straight on the Remembrance Day that one DF commenter wrote “Kate has such lovely posture” (lol). Whatever was going through her mind then was working!

      • minx says:

        I’m 5’ 11” and it’s difficult but I really try to stand up straight. Clothes looks better.

      • Agenbiter says:

        Agreed. You look much better and you feel much better when you own your height. Kudos to those who can keep it up – if I’m not conscious of it a tendency to hunch takes over that I must have learned when I was 12 and a head taller than the boys in class.

    • Vava says:

      You’re right, it’s a snooze fest. She could change this look up with some more interesting accessories, but she doesn’t. (I’d add a scarf with an interesting print, wear some tights and some amazing shoes.)

      She looks tired. The poor snowflake was up past her bedtime and had an engagement today!

    • Layla says:

      She has no style, I love that she is repeating the outfit, but how about some different tights and maybe a silk scarf?
      Small things like that can make a real difference in the whole outfit.

    • FuefinaWG says:

      This dress is fabulous … if you’re 70.
      I have a friend who refuses to buy anything that is “trendy” and she leans to the conservative side, but she always looks fabulous and never, never boring. (She has a tailor on speed-dial.) KM always looks BORING. Even if she’s wearing a great design, there’s always, always something off about it. And she has no shoe game.
      Someone who knows nothing about fashion should not be re-designing clothing: raising hems, raising waistlines, and yet, doing nothing about the sleeves that are dropping below her shoulder.
      This woman is a mess.
      They also look tired a f*#k.
      And, Kaiser, you’re right. If this was a surprise visit, why were the photogs there and why are the barriers up?

      • LoveBug says:

        Exactly, I have two girlfriends that refuse, absolutely refuse to buy into any trend,
        but always look amazing.

        They wear classic pieces that are very well made in black, navy, charcoal grey, light grey, olive green and many different shades of nude colors.

        She is mostly dressed like Camilla in training.

        They mix and match and always look wonderful, quality over quantity.

        And Kate really has no shoe game, a pair of suede slingbacks would look great in black, nude and olive green with many, many different outfits.

      • wha1ever says:


        The event was at the BBC. The barriers were up so that staff working in the building and visitors could see them. The usual royal photogs were probably informed in advance but were told not to tell anyone about the event because of the embargo.

  2. Kittycat says:

    I really hope there are more repeat outfits.
    No need to only wear things once.

  3. Elena says:

    I definitely think all of the Harry/Meghan is making the Cambridges step up their appearances game, but that’s not a bad thing. It doesn’t have to be a competition. Kate and Meghan are different and that’s fine!

  4. lobbit says:

    They both look a bit tired – I think they “partook.”

    • Millenial says:

      I sincerely doubt Kate gets OTT with alcohol. They might have stayed out late, but I generally don’t see her drinking more than a couple glasses of wine, at least not anymore (and yes, it’s because I think she watches her weight/calories). If she looks tired, my guess is they were up late and then she was with the kids the following morning (though I’m sure the nanny allowed her sleep in).

      • lobbit says:

        I…didn’t mean to imply that she got black out drunk. I just meant they had a few drinks and stayed up late dancing, enjoying themselves.

    • L84Tea says:

      I was coming to say this. I think Kate definitely looks a bit tired.

    • Amelie says:

      Yeah especially Kate lol. She looks tired.

    • NotSoSocialButterfly says:

      LOL, my first thought was that Kate looked quite tired…but I remember how early young children wake up. Late nights can be exhausting, even without alcohol.

  5. anna says:

    I like this look

    • Bettyrose says:

      I do too, and it’s figure flattering.

    • NotSoSocialButterfly says:

      I think the waist makes her look a wee bit long-torsoed. Her physique is well- proportioned, so the cut of the dress seems a bit weird. I think it is the semi-empire waist combined with the high-ish hemline.

  6. Annie. says:

    It is not a “surprise” visit, but an embargoed one. It means that the photographs were told, but not the public. This is done in order not to stop the normal activities of the place the royals visit.

    Kate & William look tired lol. I like her outfit. It is not a favorite of mine, but she looks fine.

    I wish people would get that Kate’s clothes are boring (in some people’s opinion) because they are an uniform for her.

    • LoveBug says:

      @Annie :
      I don’t understand why she can’t throw in a classic, simply cut pantsuit in say charcoal grey in a very good quality light weight wool and a silk blouse with leather pair of black slingback heels and a lovely ponytail.
      It would be professional, she could wear it again and again, the pants with a little cashmere set and another time with a black blazer, the silk blouse could be repeated many times with various skirts and pants and the shoes also.
      She has a uniform and that’s fine, these dresses are not my thing, but it’s her thing I guess, but why not do such simple sprucing up here and there?

      • Franny Days says:

        I wonder if she doesn’t wear pantsuits because the queen doesn’t? I agree they would look great on her.

      • LizB says:

        Kate can’t do “professional” or classic suit because she never was professional or actually worked in the professional world.

        Her style of dress is closer to the Queen and Camilla than the other European royal women in her age group.

      • Rosie says:

        Lovebug, that’s probably what you’d look beautiful in but it’s just not Kate’s clothing personality. Some women (Romantics) have to have sparkles, heels with a bit of cleavage or leg or they don’t feel their best (eg Princess Diana). on another woman that would just look like they were trying too hard to be sexy. One person’s beautiful bodycon dress is another person’s straight jacket. Doesn’t matter what someone else likes it’s how the individual feels. Kate is probably part ingenue, hence the girly length dresses, buttons and lace. She’s happy and looks presentable even if we wouldn’t wear it ourselves.

        Meghan is probably part Natural as she doesn’t seem to like tight clothes that much, she often chooses a loose fit/bigger size. Meghan needs time to find her own look, what she enjoys wearing, not what her BFF or other people think she should wear. I think she’s such a petite person she probably also part elfin/gamine personality shape (imagine a shorter Audrey Hepburn). She’ll get there. I can’t tell you how much money I’ve wasted over the years. Luckily her beauty distracts from any clothing disasters, I’m not quite as blessed.

      • JANE says:

        Exactly, LoveBug.
        We all have styles that we feel most comfortable in and we naturally gravitate towards that style when dressing and shopping.
        But many women also experiment a bit here and there, Kate just seems to like this “dowdy 58 year old want to be like Camilla look with the girlish part”.
        The coat dresses are so not appealing to me and this dress is okay, but the proportions are wrong and color is harsh.
        I don’t know why Kate can’t seem to get it right after 7 years being married into the BRF.
        I admit, I love my skinny jeans, but they are not painted on, which Kate seems to love.
        Subtle things can make all the difference.
        The hoof wedges with the 4 inch heels, she could switch those with more delicate wedges, just small changes and it could make a real difference.

    • Bosandi says:

      That makes perfect sense Annie. This is a job and that’s her uniform…yawn.
      I only wish is that she’d stand up straight.

  7. harla says:

    thanks for pointing this out Kaiser, if it’s a surprise visit, an unannounced visit then how did the public and press know to be there?

    • Lexa says:

      The event was embargoed, most likely because of security reasons and not wanting big crowds to gather—similar to the embargoed “surprise” events that Meghan and Harry had on their recent tour. I’m guessing the people there are employees or work in the offices nearby?

  8. Becks1 says:

    She looks nice but boring. But I’ll take boring lol with the continued appearances.

  9. Guest says:

    and she paid enough for it originally (£1,200).

    Why does everyone always bring up the “exact” cost of her clothes but for Meghan the costs are never brought up. If they are, people get offended when others point out that she is spending a loottt of ££££ and a hundred excuses are made up on the spot Lol!

    • MeghanNotMarkle says:

      You must be new here. We do criticize Meghan for her spending. We also criticize her for not promoting British fashion. Or, in the case of their recent tour, Australian fashion. She wears a lot of American and Canadian brands, and overpriced, ill-fitting Givenchy.

      I like Meghan but her spending is also out of control like Kate’s. It feels like Kate’s reverting back to the Thrifty Kate narrative because of criticism being lobbed on Meghan about her spending. So this proves Kate has a massive closet and could have re-worn and/or re-worked dozens of outfits instead of constantly buying nearly identical pieces. Meghan will be held to the same standard if we see this down the road.

    • LizB says:

      Are you serious? The cost of Meghan’s clothes is ALWAYS brought up and criticized.

      • cate says:

        I’ve been reading this site for a while and whenever someone criticizes Meghan’s spending, people jump all over that person. So no, I don’t think her spending is talked about in a rational way here. For instance, this site hasn’t covered the total cost of Meghan’s tour wardrobe, but have done it for most, if not all, of Kate’s tours.

  10. Franny Days says:

    I kind of relate to Kate’s style. I have the go to “uniform” I wear to work and it’s pretty modest and boring but no chance of distracting or offending anyone. I’m more relaxed on the weekends but nothing too crazy.

  11. Billie Bee says:

    Two more inches at the knees and I would love this.

  12. C-Shell says:

    It’s fine, but, yes — too short, throwing off the proportions. Two more inches would be enough, IMO, and still flatter her legs (which are fantastic and I wish I had).

  13. Starryfish29 says:

    Someone has discovered a new passion for fashion recycling. I think we’ve seen more repeats in the last month than we have in the previous 3-4 years. Interesting timing, given the royal press pack’s recent obsession with the cost of Meghan establishing her royal wardrobe. Someone in Will’s PR office has apparently made some time to sift through the press clippings.

    • Beach Dreams says:

      Yes, I’ve never seen Kate wear so many repeat outfits in such a small window of time. She and her team certainly know how to capitalize on the tabloid headlines…

      • mynameispearl says:

        Not really, she’s pretty much always repeated outfits. The press used to make a big deal about it (which is stupid because its a normal thing to do) but they’re used to it now.

        I’m sure Meghan will do the same in a year or so when she’s worn her things once ans built a wardrobe up, the repeats are always a year or so later! I’m guessing they have a royal dresser who maybe notes when an outfit was last worn etc?

  14. Amelie says:

    This dress is fine but nothing special. I don’t like it as much as the dress she wore yesterday. I think she has a pink dress exactly like this one that we’ve seen a few times. She and William definitely look like they were out late the night before haha.

  15. Leah says:

    I was thinking the same thing!! She is definitely on a recycling upswing lately. I don’t mind it at all, but its more noticeable lately.

  16. LizB says:

    I like this dress better than yesterdays.

  17. Beth says:

    Pretty color, and the style fits her well. These black heels look so much better than her millions of pairs of basic nude pumps.
    They both look tired, but they’ve been busy this week, and most parents with young children tend to be a little worn out and tired

    • Bailie says:

      I think that Kate’s nude pumps would look much, much better, if they were in suede leather.
      It wouldn’t look so basic and cheap.
      I love my nude suede pumps, they look a lot more expensive than they really were.
      The suede seems to elevate the quality of the shoes somehow.
      I would really like to find olive green suede pumps, similar to Meghan’s worn during her recent Royal Tour.
      They would look amazing with my black and grey pantsuits.

  18. Natalie S says:

    I don’t like the quality of most of the Emilia Wicksteads we’ve seen and this one is no exception. I think I’ve only liked the lavender dress. There’s a boxiness to the bodice that is unflattering on Kate when paired with the full pleated skirt. I think it would be better with a more fitted look for the skirt. And Kate looks more mature now so it would be great to see her move away from this silhouette and try something different.

    But yay for more appearances!

  19. Annie. says:

    William’s speech was fantastic. Strong, to the point… It took me by surprise just how good it was.

  20. vexa says:

    This is just a personal peeve of mine, but I really hate when people pair ‘primary coloured’ clothes/dresses – like bright red or bright yellow, or this teal – with black shoes. It really is… basic. Like even those nude pumps she loves would look better, and I want to burn those nude pumps in a cleansing fire.

  21. manta says:

    I’d think people would be overjoyed wit the the lack of buttons since that’s a clothing item (at leatst on her) that nearly triggers seizures everytime she sports any.
    On the other hand it tottally spoils the pleasure of typing “Our duchess of buttons” the second her face pops on the screen.

    • Ainsley7 says:

      This one bothers me because it doesn’t have buttons. There is a stitch where the enclosures are sewn on that show on the front of the dress and it makes it look like something is missing. Maybe it could be fixed with something other than buttons, but those little stitches bug the crap out of me.

  22. Sojaschnitzel says:

    Looooove the colour. And the cut/fit of the skirt. Very beautiful. The top part seems like it doesn’t fit properly but that’s just details. She’s really killing it lately with the dresses.

  23. Mumbles says:

    I get as a member of the Royals she wears a bit of a uniform, which makes it easy to pick out outfits. I just have fond memories of Diana always surprising us with her outfits. Looking back some of it was tragically 80s but at least they were interesting. And she had a nice habit of wearing a sweatshirt or cap in her more casual mode that promoted a charity she was working with. She knew the resulting photo would result in a lot of free publicity for the group.

  24. Rosie says:

    I’m not keen on this colour on her, it seems a bit harsh. It’s not one of my favourites, I’m not that keen on much of the Emilia Wickstead stuff, the fabrics always seem a little too heavy.

    • Lisbon says:

      I find Kate outfit choices beyond boring, but she seems more happy after her third child, her skin looks great and she seems more comfortable somehow.
      Although, I love that she repeats her outfits.
      I wish Kate would sometimes wear a little cashmere twin set with a pair of not painted on pants or skirt like Meghan did in Ireland, that green skirt was interesting, but not some over the top fashion.
      I don’t want any BRF member to be a fashionista, but a little imagination, a silk scarf here and there, a nice pair of slingbacks or booties for more casual events.
      Why is Kate dressing like a 55 year old in coat dresses?

      • Rosie says:

        She really likes the girly stuff. She’d probably feel like she was 55 in a pencil skirt and a silk blouse.

        What bugs me is that they both insist on wearing such high heels all the time. Kate’s posture is probably a result of the heels and Meghan looks to have already had one foot op. Why have a bunion removed and then get straight back into high heels. Madness.

  25. Kitty says:

    Still surprised that the crowds are not as large as they used to be.

  26. Barce says:

    The dress is dowdy and girlish at the same time, the color is too harsh and the proportions are all wrong as usual.
    She could borrow ideas from Meghan’s shoe collection, her slingbacks are lovely.

  27. Mego says:

    I enjoyed this post. I like the sardonic touch at the end of the first paragraph.

  28. SpillDatT says:

    I actually don’t mind the colour, but the dress should have been longer. The black pumps are meh-h, she could have worn a clashing colour like fuchsia or gone with a navy which would have been much better with this colour.

    A pearl or diamond necklace/brooch would have given the outfit a point of interest and still kept it in her comfort zone, but not as humdrum as this. Actually, she could have those big worn pearl earrings she has been favouring recently, or even the Givenchy pair she’s worn before, and a strand of pearls. Or her sapphire earrings and matched it with navy pumps. I understand she has her own preferences, but she can easily add accessories to liven up similar looking dresses.

    • Rosie says:

      Yes she’s def not getting her look spot on every time. I agree the dress lengths would look so much better being longer, just at that sweet spot just on or below the knee. It’s quite funny that she was in the accessory dept at Jigsaw. That dress today really needed some help.

      • SpillDatT says:


        I am not sure what and how much work she did at Jigsaw. Also she has help! Someone can easily help her get things right with accessories. I understand not everyone is super fashionable or wants to be trendy, but given her position & that she can well afford to hire a stylist of sorts, it seems weird that she doesn’t dress as well as she could.

      • Rosie says:

        @SpillDatT I was just thinking that both duchesses could do with recruiting a couple of stylists from HERE!! 😄 . They both look good because they are naturally gorgeous and slim but style wise I think Camilla usually outshines them. I know TQ works closely with Angela Kelly and I think she started designing her clothes after a while (is that right?) . That’s what they both need.

  29. Elizabeth Rose says:

    From the first pic, I thought she was wearing a red pillbox hat, and was suddenly thinking that she was stepping outside her comfort zone. I was obsessed with pillbox hats when I was considering getting married with an older late 30s, early 40s themed wedding. But alas, it was just the way the image was captured and someone behind her was wearing red. That would have been an interesting colour combo with the dress.

  30. Kari Kounkel says:

    An embargoed event is reported to the media shortly before it begins but they aren’t allowed to report it publicly. It’s done as a kindness to the business and traffic in the area. You would think someone reporting on celebrity and royal events would know that.

  31. Monique says:

    I wish her and Meghan would dress more there age and loosen up a bit and maybe I’m seeing wrong but she does look tired

    • Sam says:

      Meghan usually dresses her age, even though she had a few missteps, like the too long pants she dragged on the ground.
      I didn’t like the olive green dress with those large lapels when she gave a speech at the Invictus Games in Australia.
      I would have cut off the pom-poms on the fun and colorful dress on the Royal Tour in Fiji, it was too much.
      Sometimes she wears stilletto like shoes to sporting events, which I don’t think looks good, even though she is not participating in any particular sport.
      I really disliked that messy, stripped dress Meghan wore with the buttony blazer thrown over her shoulders with the cross body bag before her marriage to Harry.
      Also the see through dress on the beach in Australia wasn’t right, because when she was meeting with kids and the slit was way too high.
      That kind dress would be excellent for their private vacation on the beach.
      Kate just dresses like a 56 year old women, those coat dresses are not good…

  32. In the Know says:

    I am expecting them to announce Kate is pregnant ANY moment now. She ‘works’ a lot before the pregnancy announcements.

    Also, I cannot un-see Will’s camel toe in the first pic. It’s not bad, but I’d like to un see it.

  33. JayneBirkinB says:

    I like teal, I like the dress, I like the hair, and I like dress recycling. I’m glad she’s getting back out in public, Louis is 6 months old now, so the timing feels “right” and I think Meghan will do fewer appearances as her due date approaches. I suspect she’s about 5 months along, with the bairn due around March 15. So as Kate increases quantity, Meghan will reduce, and probably also go quiet for the baby’s first 6 months. I genuinely don’t understand any criticism of this. We should all get 6 months of maternity leave, and I believe in paternity leave too!

  34. Cranberry says:

    I love the dress and color too. It’s conservative but not too much. It’s a good blend of propriety and fashion.

  35. KB says:

    Just wanted to note that it is somewhat difficult to dress a long torso flatteringly in pants. With dresses and skirts, you have plausible deniability about where your legs begin, plus the height in the heels helps. Would love to see Kate in some pencil skirt looks.