Disney confirms: Tom Hiddleston will star in a Loki-centric miniseries

'Thor: Ragnarok' Film Premiere

Back in September, Disney announced that they were launching their own direct-to-consumer streaming service, like an in-house Netflix/Hulu with just Disney content. Of course Disney has thousands of hours of original content already, stuff that’s currently in production, and everything in their archives. But they also said they wanted to create original content for their streaming service, and one of their first projects would be a miniseries – done by Disney and Marvel – about Loki. There was some confusion about whether this miniseries would actually star Tom Hiddleston, or whether it would fit within the existing Marvel Comic Universe or what. Well, here’s your answer?

The Walt Disney Company’s new direct-to-consumer streaming service will be called Disney+. Disney Chairman and CEO Bob Iger revealed the service’s name today during a live audio webcast of Disney’s fiscal full year and fourth quarter 2018 financial results. Disney+ is scheduled to launch in the U.S. in late 2019.

Disney+ is also assembling a live-action series centered around a fan-favorite character from the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Iger today confirmed that Marvel Studios is developing a series based on Loki, the god of mischief, to star Tom Hiddleston.

[From Disney]

It hit me when Tom Hiddleston promoted Thor: The Dark World – he was a “company man,” in the sense that Tom will enthusiastically work himself down to the nub for the company. He traveled the world promoting that movie, he did dozens of interviews, he danced like a maniac, and he recited sonnets to swans. My point? Disney and Marvel LOVE Tom and he’s been very loyal. This is good for both parties, Disney and Tom. Because I don’t think Tom has a lot going on in his career right now, and I’m not sure that lack of activity is entirely his choice.

The larger point of the press release was the announcement that Diego Luna would be returning to his Rogue One character, Andor, in a full-fledged series. The series will be a sort of prequel to his Rogue One adventures. Eh, I would probably watch that, maybe.

"Thor: Ragnarok" Film Premiere

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  1. Lightpurple says:

    Disney+ sign me up! I look forward to the series for both Loki and Andor with great anticipation. And if we could possibly have a Loki & Andor Asgard Star Wars crossover, all the more betterer!

  2. Ninette says:

    Yeah! the Loki show!

    • Cranberry says:

      haah haah. Love it.

      All Marvel seriousness aside, I can see a Loki sitcom or maybe a Loki talk show. He’d be the host and when he gets tired of listening to his guests he’ll just zap-gag them. He’ll have something like Graham Norton’s red chair, but it will flip unwitting participants to an other solar system. He and the audience will then watch them remotely on the monitor trying to figure out where they are. Kind of a take on the “Survivor” reality show.

  3. Grant says:

    I’d rather see that Scarlet Witch miniseries, honestly. Loki is so overrated.

    • Eliza says:

      Not for me with Elizabeth Olsen.

      Between her inconsistent accent, flat acting and the fact that Marvel keeps her powers seemingly limited (compared to source material) just wouldn’t hook me. Disappointing they don’t make stronger female characters.

      The Wasp was a founding member of Avengers and done dirty maybe they could give her solo adventures but then Ant Man would probably tag along boo.

      • Lilly says:

        I’d like to see Loki, but I understand why others don’t feel that way – I just love Tom. Also, I’m so with you Eliza on Elizabeth Olsen, there’s something about her that’s always annoyed me. I have to see her in the Avenger movies, because I love them.

    • Cranberry says:

      What?? Olsen in the Marvel universe is a poor fit in any role aside from maybe a very minor human role. She has NO charisma.

      As to Loki overrated, well this is Marvel – It’s all overrated. Disney’s Marvel franchise strategy was to use popular, established, (mostly American) actors to insure audience recognition as oppose to using lesser known, better character actors that can theatrically engage the character more fully.
      In fact, Loki was a much better fantasy character portrayal than most other Marvel lead portrayals. Most actors playing major roles like RDJ, Evans, Ruffalo and Scarlet, are not convincing character actors especially fantasy superhero characters.
      RDJ made the IM role work for him regardless that he’s not convincing as a fantasy hero. He plays Stark as a sort of sarcastic antihero which is how RDJ plays all his roles. Audiences accepted this more light and humorous treatment and it sold as the smart-ass, rich American “sort-of-hero ” trope. A very overdone and overrated trope.
      Ruffalo is pretty much acting like himself too, and there’s nothing challenging in his scenes aside from having to act in front of a green-screen in a checkered suit. Not even going to talk about Scarlet’s character acting abilities (nil). Evans took Cap role more serious, and the movie was made as period piece with lesser known actors like Hayley Atwell to make it not seem kitchy.

      When it came to making Thor, Brahagh had more creative influence on casting lead Asgard characters with more physically and statured actors that could be convincing playing non-human, other worldly gods. The main, big name actors in Thor were Natalie Porter and Anthony Hopkins. If you’re comparing Loki to other villains like DC comics, that’s like comparing apples to oranges. Marvel has taken a different approach to their comic book franchise. More improv-personality and comedy and less darkness, (slightly less) graphic violence and stoicism. Within the Marvel universe I don’t think Loki is overrated when you compare him to those lead characters and performances.

  4. Lala11_7 says:

    MY GAWD…Disney streaming…IS NOT PLAYING A’TALL!!!!!

    D.C. Universe streaming service is gonna have to…UP THEIR GAME!

  5. So cool says:

    6 hours of Hiddles in leather pants? Disney know how to sell it. I’m soooo in :)

    • Melly says:

      I’m all in on Loki. This is the good news I needed today!

    • Cranberry says:

      Oh yeah. Legs in leather is a site to behold.

      That alone is worth watching Hollow Crown Henry V again. The whole series is worth watching but the added treat is Hiddles’ leather trousers. :)

  6. Beth says:

    Awesome! Love me some Loki

  7. Mia4s says:

    Good lord Disney is going to alter the whole industry again. They are not playing and they are spending SERIOUS money. I admit I’m more interested in the Star Wars series (mmmmmm, Diego) …but let’s face it; We will be watching all of it!

    • Dara says:

      They really are. I saw the rumored budget for the Star Wars series and choked on my coffee.

      If you think about the content they will have access to, it boggles the mind. The entire Disney catalog, including Pixar, and all the Marvel product. That’s not including the new productions they have commissioned, or what will be available when the 21st Century Fox acquisition goes through.

    • jammypants says:

      Yea I read that Disney is treating these limited series as big as studio film productions. Theyre spending that kind of money on each. They’re like 6-8 hour movies split up in chapters.

  8. Nanea says:

    As much as I like Tom as Loki, I have no idea why Disney would want to do this now. Or why Tom would want to sign on. Loki has only ever been good when he was sparring with Thor.

    This comes a few years too late, because Loki is dead now. Not only that, the way the character and Tom have been treated for the AIW promotion was beyond the pale. Loki didn’t get any magazine covers, not even in any of the groups, he was not on the posters, neither on the DVD/BluRay covers, but Tom was expected to do and did much of the heavy lifting by travelling the globe and doing countless interviews. Unlike Chris, who couldn’t be bothered – and cancelled things at the last minute.

    Even if Tom isn’t doing anything right now, other than raking in hundreds of thousands by appearing at those fake Cons very few weeks, he isn’t really doing himself any favors by signing on to those Disney projects. I won’t believe he hasn’t had offers to do theatre or anything else, but by taking up Loki again, he’s manoeuvering himself into a niche.

    • Darla says:

      Well, this news makes me thing Loki will be revived along with most of the rest of the cast, in Avengers 4, no?

      • Dara says:

        That’s the million dollar question, isn’t it? As much as I’d like to think Loki features prominently in A4, I would be very surprised if he actually does. I would wager two or three scenes at the most, and they will be some sort of flashback or do-over from the time of the first Avengers movie. Happy to be wrong, however.

    • Lala11_7 says:

      Loki is one of the most beloved characters in the Marvel Universe…he took a second-tier character and placed him right alongside the first tier ones…simply based on his artistic talent….and we don’t know if Loki is “dead…dead”…so this makes PERFECT SENSE…it’s a character that he’s invested a LOT of time and energy into…and it paid off…I and millions of others find Loki’s character compelling no matter WHO he’s filming with…heck, his most prolific sense was the one he had with Black Widow’s character…

      Now…I would LOVE to see those two hook up in the series….cause…SHE OWES HIM…BIG TIME!!!!

    • jammypants says:

      Eh every career has its ups and downs. In his own time I’m sure Tom will be back in the game.

    • Cranberry says:

      If done right, meaning really good writing and directing and production budget, then it’s definitely worth it. Previously on CB it had been discussed as a limited series for Disney’s streaming service. I don’t see Disney doing an extended series or a stand alone Loki movie so it’s not something that would hurt him or box him into any niche.

      The trouble with Tom’s success with Loki is most the mainstream outside of Marvel doesn’t recognize Tom from playing Loki. If Tom naturally had straight, long, black hair, more people would recognized him as the actor that plays Loki from Avengers. Loki has been a blessing and a curse on Tom’s ability to transition into US movie industry. He’s certainly played major roles in the most successful and massively viewed movies of all times, but it’s not fair he hasn’t gained the recognition you’d expect from the positive reception of his character and his performance.

      I also think the Disney streaming gig could be beneficial for Tom to make some good connections in HW network. I hope he gets a better agent/agency. He needs quality roles, even if they’re small, in excellent, high profile productions that would help him build his acting range and allow him to work with talented directors. Even if he’s not wanting to transplant to US/HW, the same applies to his networking in UK or UK/US partnerships.

      • Cranberry says:

        note: Note just small movie roles but also premium tv (high production value) shows is where a lot of good acting parts are happening for a lot of British actors. He needs to go small & quality and build his prime film/tv industry cv not just Shakespeare stage in UK.

  9. Pulplove says:

    I’m loving it! Andor was an interesting character and there’s something about Diego Luna I really like. And I love Tom as Loki, this will be so much fun.

  10. jammypants says:

    I read they’re spending billions to produce a whole bunch of new content. They’re definitely not playing around. They really want to knock Netflix off the top haha. Netflix has been blowing me away though. I’ve loved so much of their stuff this year. Guess we shall see how Disney does.

  11. Mabs A'Mabbin says:

    Loki is the last character that needs a movie. It’s insane! Not only is he dead, he’s a major douche by anyone’s standard.

    • Rita says:

      Yes. He’s a cold evil killer, then he’s a doe -eyed sympathetic brother, then back to killer, back to sympathetic, and so on and so on. Unless he breaks out to be one or the other (I’d vote for evil sadistic villain) it’s getting old and unbelievable.

  12. Olive says:

    Tom Hiddleston is way overexposed

    • So cool says:


      • Olive says:

        he’s so obnoxious and desperate to be liked in any interviews or promotional tour that it feels like he’s overexposed – especially after his taylor swift fiasco. Now he’s going to be starring as his most over the top, campy role. it’s A Lot

    • jammypants says:

      He’s been literally under the radar for two years and a half…

    • Justme says:

      He is hardly seen at all except during promos for the movies he was in like Kong Skull Island, Early Man, Thor Ragnarok, Avengers IW — really until the last month, when he has been out and around (attending the Ralph Lauren party, taking part in some theatre events in London, and doing a Comic Con) However he has been very very low key in all these recent promos – no dancing or impressions for instance) And he had not been interviewed in a real sense at all since the GQ interview in March 2017.

      • Olive says:

        I guess he’s done enough in all his past promotional tours that it’s added up to him feeling overexposed to me. the old Family Guy meme – “That’s enough, John Mayer” – but replaced with Tom Hiddleston’s name.

      • mamasita says:

        Olive, this is the part of his job to promote the movies he’s in . He can’t say ‘no’.

  13. Case says:

    Can’t wait. I definitely don’t think it’s true that Loki is only interesting when paired with Thor — independent from Marvel, he’s by far the most fun and interesting Norse mythology character. The opportunities for where this story can go are endless.

  14. Mimi says:

    Nice. Loki’s is the only character that interest me in marvel cause Tom. I’ll definitely watch it. The naysayers can go fork themselves.

    • so cool says:

      “fork themselves” :) I can’t wait to see it. Hiddles just tweet about Loki and people are going crazy.

      • Justme says:

        Yeah – he just tweeted and put out an instagram of the same message. First social media posting from him since March, 2017 (cause he’s so thirsty y’know /s ) People going nuts!

      • so cool says:

        Yeah :) Rather people are thirsty for TH. Dude just made big Promo for DIsney+ with one post on insta.

    • Tigerlily says:

      Agree totally Mimi! Only reason I saw the first Thor/Avengers movie (don’t even remember the title) was because hubby wanted to see it. I’d never seen Tom Hiddleston in anything before then. I was mesmerized by his performance and wondered WTF he was doing in some cartoon movie. Then I saw The Hollow Crown series and was sold on him.

      I’ve seen most of the rest of the Avengers/Thor series but only due to Tom/Loki. Not a big fan of Chris Hemsworth & while I do like other assorted cast members Loki is king.

      Just my humble opinion.

      • mimi says:

        Same, I’m not into other marvel characters bores the crap out of me. But Loki is something else. Tom’s magic I guess. And lol I’m loving how people losing their minds over his post. Disney is clever to use him. His did a massive promo for them. Loki is trending around the world.

  15. hkk says:

    I’m in if they are going to Oso for my little one.

  16. Lila says:

    Count me in. Worth the cost, right there. Love me some Loki.

  17. so cool says:

    I assume that they will start filming soon. It is officially confirmed (Scarlet Witch isn’t yet), Hiddles post about it. It looks like one of the first shows on they service.

    • Steff Wolf says:

      Ich denke die Dreharbeiten können nicht vor Juni 2019 beginnen. Tom spielt in London das Stück Betrayal von Harold Pinter. Vom 5.3.2019 für 12 Wochen. Leider fällt es genau in die Premiere von A4. Ich denke Loki spielt eine Schlüsselrolle um Thanos zu besiegen. Loki ist so wichtig für die Geschichte.
      Schade, wenn Tom bei der Promotour nicht dabei ist. Es gibt ja hier Leute die behaupten Tom wäre Karrieregeil, dabei liegt es in seiner natur freundlich und lustig zu sein. In seiner Jugend hat er schon versucht Menschen zum Lachen zu bringen. Diese Promotouren sind die beste Möglichkeit mit seinen Fans in Kontackt zukommen. Neider und Dummschwätzer gibt es ja leider überall.
      Ich hoffe die Lokiserie wird für Tom ein voller Erfolg. Hoffentlich verheizt Marvel/ Disney ihn und Loki nicht für ihren neuen Streamingdienst. Und ich wünsche Tom noch tolle Rollen, weg von Loki, damit er nicht nur über ihn identifiziert wird. Er hat schon so viele tolle Rollen gespielt, sollte niemand vergessen. Übrigend, wer braucht schon James Bond? Jonathan Pine ist viel cooler und Tom tritt nicht nur in irgendeine ausgetretene Fußspur. Alles gutr für Tom Hiddleston.

    • Steff Wolf says:

      Ok, i try it again, the translation dosen’t work.
      I think we must wait for the series since 2020. Tom is playing Berayal in London from march 2019 for 12 weeks. This play is at the same time like the promo tour for A4. We don’t see him at the primiere or promo tour. Sad! I think Loki is the key to defead Thanos and its sad that he is not there to promote the fim.
      By the way, for all people who says, Tom is thirsty, it is in his nature to be friendly and joyfull. He never whants to be unfriendly or stupid arogant to his fans. He loves to meet the people, promo is the best way to do this and it is in hin contract.
      I hope Tom do the right thing to come back as Loki, and i hope Marvel dosen’t crucify him.
      I wish Tom more god roles, so that he not only moticed as Loki. And who needs Tom as James Bond? He is the one and only Jonathan Pine and don’t need to step into old foodprints. I hope anybody can understand what i mean and wrote down. Sorry for my bad english. But you are a nice couple of people, so i have to say what i think.

  18. uhoh says:

    Im pretty sure Tumblr has just collapsed…

  19. virginfangirl says:

    I’m so excited. And what a great character for the writers to create a cool story around.